For the rest of the afternoon and night, Hiccup worked on a dragon sized saddle for him to used on Will so he could fly with him.

The next night, after dinner, Hiccup went straight to the forest and waited by the hole.

As before Hiccup tapped his foot to get the Whispering Death's attention, and then stopped tapping his foot and began tapping the saddle, meaning Will paid more attention to that until he got an idea on what it was in his head.

Eventually Hiccup got the saddle onto the big grey snake like dragon and they were flying together over the pond in the cove a bit further on along the path in case they fell, so they wouldn't get hurt too bad.

All seemed to be going well until an unknown sound startled Will making him stop suddenly, throwing Hiccup off and burrowed into the ground.


The next day, after Training and taking the saddle back for some improvements, and thinking up some ideas, Hiccup came up with the idea of a hook and loop connector which joined to a belt he would wear while flying, and made a full-mask helmet to protect his face if they went under ground so nothing got in his eyes or mouth.

Once that was finished they only had the space between sunset and just before dinner to see if the 'improvements' worked.

They were just about to head back to the hole, when Hiccup saw a field of long grass down below and dragons of all kinds rolling around in it big smiles on their faces.

After guiding Will to hand a bit away from the field so not to disturmb them, Hiccup took off his helmet and slowly went up to them surprised that they didn't do anything and were still just rolling around trying to get it all over themselves.

Carefully Hiccup picked a few blades and sniffed it to see what was so amazing about it but found nothing. But if these dragons were acting like this it had to of been something good. Picking some more and slowly walking away so not to grab their attention Hiccup went back to Will and they left.

In the arena the next day it was another go with the Gronkle, who was buzzing around and bashing into everyone.

When she saw Hiccup, she accelerated towards him to knock him over as well, but then he held out the grass and looked away.

The Gronkle stopped almost in mid air when she caught the sent of the grass, her eyes growing wide.

Looking back to see that the grass worked on the Gronkle, Hiccup made it roll over dropping the grass to the ground.

Up around the banisters, Gothi was paying very good attention to Hiccup and the skills he showed.

After the Gronkle was back in it's cage, and the class was dismissed, Hiccup rushed out saying he had stuff to do, but was caught by the other teens on the bridge each asking how did he do that.

"Oh... I left my axe back in the ring..." Hiccup said giving a goofy smile and backing away from the others.
"You... You guys go on ahead, I'll catch up with you..." he said nearly bashing into Astrid running off towards the ring but then when he was out of sight of the others headed to the cove.

"Hey Will..." he called coming into his friend's tunnels and into the main one where it all began.

"Hey, I thought you could do with a bath today buddy, so just lie down and I'll get started... K? Nothing bad just this..." he said gently stroking the brush over the Whispering Deaths scales, over and over again until he got the feel of it.

Loving the feeling, Will lied as stilll as he could letting his friend brush him.

Hiccup smiled, slightly amazed that this worked thinking that since the Whispering Death was a Boulder Class dragon it wouldn't like this.


After a while, Hiccup found a piece of grime and dirt that wouldn't come off. Not wanting to hurt his friend, Hiccup chose to use his fingers to get it off scratching at it with all his might and the next thing he knew Will was knocked out.

Stunned Hiccup looked at his hands in wonder.

Whipping out his note book he quickly noted this down along with the fact about the grass he dubbed 'Dragon Nip'.

After the rest of the scrub down and he had once again changed the bandages letting some now come free, Hiccup stayed the rest of the afternoon in the tunnel, using the time and candle light to think up some more improvements for the saddle.

As the the candle was nearing the end of itself, Will began to wake up.

The first thing he did was send out sound waves finding a curled up Hiccup sleeping right next to him, something in his arms, but he didn't care about that.

Getting up, Will stretched a bit before going over to wake the small human to tell him it was time for him to go.

He might not know why Hiccup needed to go or where he went or anything, but Will had learnt that as his tunnels began to get darker, Hiccup had to leave.

"5 more minutes dad..." Hiccup mumbled pushing Will away and turned the other way.

Looking unimpressed, Will got closer and breathed a large cloud of smoke into the boy's face.

"AGGGHHH!" Hiccup screamed jumping up in shock looking around to see what had awoken him expecting to see either the Twins or Snotlout, somehow calming down when he saw it was only Will who was playing with his spines looking to the boy.

"Ugh... What you do that for Will?" he asked getting up and rubbing the sleep from his eyes.

All Will did was look around the cave showing how dark it was getting.

"Oh snap I need to go!" Hiccup said collecting his things screaming a thank you to Will as he left.

The next day in the arena it was the Nadder again.

After Astrid flung her weapon at it but nothing happened the dragon rushed forward to attack, causing the blonde to roll out of the way.

Quickly Hiccup, who had been standing behind Astrid, dropped his mace and held up his hands to show he was defenseless.

Confused, the Nadder stopped right in front of the boy her head slightly turned so she could see him, her nose detecting for some reason two different scents on him.

Suddenly a scream from across the fighting area from Astrid made the Nadder's frills stick up as she looked to her.

Quickly Hiccup began scratching the Nadder's neck and chin trying to find the 'knock-out-spot' finding it just in time before Astrid reached them and hurt this most beautiful creature.


That night after coming back once again from the tunnel, to again thank Will for showing him these ticks, Hiccup decided to have dinner in the Great Hall.

What he didn't expect was as soon as he sat down, everyone who saw him come rushing over to sit next to him.

The next day Hiccup went into the forest with his tools and flying outfit working to make it better and more resistant to the dirt because it kept managing to find it's way in.

Up in the trees there was a Terrible Terror washing herself when she saw something on the ground shining.

Squeaking for joy at it, she jumped out of the tree landed ontop of Hiccup and then landed on top of the dot of light.

Trying to work out what just happened, Hiccup looked up and saw the Terror following the dot of light.

Quickly making a note about this in his diary, Hiccup returned to playing 'Hunt-The-Light' with the little dragon, forgetting why he came there enjoying it as much as the dragon, only stopping when a cloud blotted out the sun making the spell shut off and making him look up and saw the sun was too far across the sky.

After a quick goodbye, Hiccup left and put his new, new found dragon tricks to the test for that afternoon's Dragon Training.


"Meet the Terrible Terror..." Gobber said to the class everyone expecting a dragon with that sort of name to be a huge ferocious beast with razor sharp fangs, sharp claws and...

Not that puny little green thing that came out a cat flap sized door.

"Ha it's like the size of my..." Tuffnut said grinning a mad grin which was cut off when the Terror jumped at him biting it's teeth into the boys big fat nose. "AGHH GET IT OFF!"

Quickly Hiccup used his shield to catch the light and shone it into the small dragons eye making it release the boy and follow it, blocking everything else out it's only focus that puny speck of light.

"OH I AM HURT," Tuff said holding his nose and getting away from the beast "I AM VERY MUCH HURT!"

Everyone was stunned as they saw Hiccup somehow leading the Terror back to it's cage.

"Wow he's better than you ever were," Tuffnut said to Astrid who was the most shock and annoyed that the Useless is beating her at Dragon Training.

(Astrid's POV)

Astrid was in the woods letting her anger out towards Hiccup by imagining all the trees have his stupid face on them and was hurling her axe at them.

After the tenth one she pulled it out did a forward roll to get to the next clump of trees to practice on something different, was about to throw her weapon of choice and...

There was Hiccup... carrying something in his arms and having a 'So... busted...' look on his face.

Not saying anything, shocked that Astrid had stopped throwing her axe for a whole ten seconds, Hiccup moved on deeper into the woods leading her away from the tunnel in case she followed him.

(Astrid's POV)

Bringing down her axe confused, Astrid began to follow Hiccup for a bit to try and work out where he was going.

Seeing him go behind a big rock, she went to look over it expecting to see the heir of this stupid island but saw nothing but vegetation.

Fist pumping the boulder, Astrid left.

Just below the top of the boulder Hiccup was as close as he could be flat to it, trying not to show anything.

Waiting ten seconds after she left just to be sure, he stepped out and continued his trek to the tunnel.


In the tunnel Hiccup had brought his friend another basket of fish to keep him busy while he worked on the bandaged and saddle again.

While Will had no idea what the was doing, playing with all this stuff, he said to himself 'As long as I'll get to fly again, and keep getting fish, he can do anything to me...'

Later that evening, Hiccup and Will were in the air again while Hiccup tried to work out if his got the saddle right.

After successfully noting that the 'in the air flying' was alright Hiccup clampped down his helmet and suggested they tried tunneling.

Nodding in undrstanding, Will waited for the signal to tell him that the boy was ready and got straight to work when it came.

After five minutes they came back up and Hiccup made to get off the dragon.

"Oh... Great," Hiccup said mockingly tugging at his 'safety-line'.

"Well looks like you'll be seeing where I live tonight then bud..." Hiccup said trying to be fun about it, causing Will to give him a confused look.

"Somehow, maybe by hitting a rock or something, the hook-and-loop-device on my safety harness to be bent too much," he explained "And I can't fix it with out my tools. And since I didn't think we would need them today, they're back in the village. Oh... This can go so... wrong if anyone finds us together..." he said, that last part to himself tugging at his hair a bit.

Sensing stress, worry, panic, slight anger, and some other negative emotions from the boy Will butted his nose against Hiccup's arm telling him not to worry.

Nodding, they made it to the village, choosing to go by land with Hiccup leading.

Sneaking in between a couple of houses close to the forest, they took alleyways to keep Will hidden from the night watch men of the village.

"Hiccup," one says nodding was the two were just a short walk away from the forge.

Smiling, Hiccup waved in greetings then as soon as the man left, looked both ways checking the coast was clear, before walking out pulling Will along with him.

Will had never been in a Human village before.

He was amazed by all the new sounds he was hearing, but he tried to pay attention to where Hiccup wanted him to go.

When nothing interesting came to him he turned his head looking for the boy his spines knocking into somethings making a noise, but he wasn't scared because Hiccup was there, and he trusted Hiccup with his life.

"Ok bud," Hiccup whispered turning around with some tools in his hands "Now just hold still and I should be able to sort this out..."

"Hiccup?" Astrid's voice called out getting both boys to look up worried "Are you in there?"

Telling Will not to do anything or make any noise what-so-ever, Hiccup threw on his apron covering up his safety suit and jumped out the window immediately shutting the doors again to keep his dragon a secret.

(Astrid's POV)

Astrid had been heading home from the Hall after dinner, when she heard a noise from the forge, knowing only Gobber or Hiccup is allowed in there - you can't have inexperienced people in a forge when there's a war going on - and that Gobber was back at the Hall, Astrid called out

"Hiccup? Are you in there?"

Before she could open the doors to see, Hiccup came jumping out apron on and trying to be all 'cool'.

"Astrid hey," Hiccup said trying to be calm about this "Hi Astrid, hi Astrid, hi Astrid."

Back in the forge Will was rolling his eyes at the boy's stupidity.

That was no way to talk to a female then again...

"I normally don't care what people do but you're acting wired..." 'Astrid' said, that was no way to speak to anybody either.

But then Will's attention span ended when a 'Baa...' came from outside.

Flying towards it to get to it Will felt Hiccup pull back on the string and tried again.

"Well weirder..." the female said but she was now being ignored but both boys as Will began to go after the sheep, eventually pulling Hiccup through the window.

As soon as Hiccup was through he grabbed the tools, stuffed them into his pockets and jumped onto Wil

Circling around the building while Astrid becomes confused about where Hiccup could of gone, and flew off back to the entrance of the tunnel.


When they got there the first thing Hiccup said after jumping down was 'I thought I told you not to do anything?' getting a small wine of 'Sorry' from the dragon.

"Meh it's doesn't matter," Hiccup said a bit nicer getting back to fixing his safety line. "I doubt I could of lasted any longer anyway..."

Confused by that meaning, Will tilted his head asking Hiccup what did he mean?

"Well... Astrid's the best worrier my age group has to offer," Hiccup began letting his feelings out, beginning to blush a bit. "She's smart, she's pretty, she has these eyes that just... And her hair... And the way she beats up Snoutlout..." he continued sighing finally fixing the line.

"But the thing is I'm just the useless weakling 'Hiccup the Useless'," Hiccup said going off to sit on a rock.

"Before you came along, and yet still, I can't lift a throwing hammer," he said identifying them because you had hammers in blacksmithing and he could lift those, "I can't throw an axe, I couldn't even throw that bola."

Pulling his knees up to his chest Hiccup looked to the stars as he felt Will come sit next to him.

"Sometimes, I just feel that... that I don't belong here..." Hiccup said looking at the many stars there were and thinking where he could possibly belong.

"I'm not sure where I'm meant to be if I'm not, but I just feel... that this isn't it."

Not sure what to do, Will just stayed quiet as he sat next to the boy looking his head turned to stars too, imagining what they looked like.

After a little longer, Hiccup said he needed to head back before they came looking for him.

"I'll be back tomorrow ok?" he asked getting a nod from the Whispering Death and left.

With that Will entered his home and went to sleep, it had been a very big day.