(Gobber's POV)

The next day, down on the docks, Gobber was making his way to the remains of the only bashed up half destroyed Viking warship that had come back from Stoick's 'Nest-Hunting-Expedition' or as Gobber had worked out pretty early on, 'Getting-Away-From-Hiccup-For-A-Few-Days-Excuse'.

"Well..." he said as the Chief came off the boat an annoyed look on his face "I trust you found the nest at least?"

"Not even close."

"Ah... Excellent," the blacksmith said sarcastically.

"I hope you had a little more success than me," Stoick said giving his friend his bag and heading up the ramps.

"Well if by 'Success' you mean that you're parenting troubles are over with then... yes," Gobber said happily.

Before Stoick could ask his friend what he meant, the villagers who had spotted the boat returning and were coming to help unload it came up to him all cheerful and congratulating him on Hiccup's success.

"Congratulations Stoick," a woman said happily "Everyone is SO relieved."

"Out with the old and in with the new. Right?" a black haired man said coming up next.

"No one will miss that old nuisance."

"The village is throwing a party to celebrate."

With that everyone was gone, off to help the people who went to find the nest get back on their feet.

Quickly Stoick looked to his friend and asked shocked, amazed that he has grown so attached to the boy that's not even his "He's gone?"

"Err... Yeah, Most afternoons," Gobber said continuing to the village. "But really who can blame him? I mean the life of a celebrity is very rough. He can barley go through the village with out being swarmed by his new fans."

"Hiccup?" Stoick asked to be sure they were talking about the same person.

"Who would of thought it ay?" Gobber asked grinning a bit "He has this... Way with the beasts..." he said smirking as he saw Stoick's face as they continued to the village.

Earlier that day just as the sun was rising, and since it was cloudy, after Will some baskets of fish (no eels) for breakfast, he and Hiccup spent the rest of the morning in the cove, that was a bit further on into the woods, after changing the bandages around Will's neck again, the other scars were nearly finished healing, and checking and double, and triple checking that everything was alright for when they would be going to try their first real sky high flight later that day.

"Ok bud," Hiccup said after climbing onto his friend's back, and placing his helmet on "You ready?"

Giving a nod Will spread his wings and took off.

Feeling a genital pat on the right of his head from Hiccup, Will followed the request and went that way.

"Ok it's go time," Hiccup said to himself "It's go time..."

Leaning forward, Hiccup led the two of them to the sea stacks.

"Come on buddy, come on buddy."

As they were going under an arch in the stacks, Will looked up, hearing some sea-birds, which got Hiccup to do so too, and spotted them flying around the roof of it.

"Yes it worked," Hiccup said too joyful to see to be paying attention to what was in front of him, meaning they bashed into a different stack and went right through it.

"Sorry," the boy said after he got a growl from the dragon he was riding, because even though Whispering Deaths did things like this anyway it was still a bit of a shock, as they set off again on a calmer flight.

But that was short lived as they bashed into another stack.

"That's my fault."

Getting annoyed that his boy kept making them crash into rocks Will shook his head violent in annoyance towards the boy.

"Yeah yeah I'm on it," Hiccup said slightly annoyed regaining focus.

Shifting the tail again Hiccup pulled back getting Will to begin to climb into the sky while staying under the cover of the clouds.

"YEAH!" Hiccup cried "Oh... this is amazing the wind in my... safety-line STOP!" he cried trying to reset it.

But he was already falling by the moment he realized.

Will was getting worried he couldn't feel the boy on his back anymore and he was hearing him screaming for help.

Looking down, he played with his frills to look for the kid and found him falling. Quickly Will dived after him hoping he would get there before the boy hit the ground.

After a few failed attempts, Hiccup managed to get back into the saddle, strap himself in, slid his feet into the stirrups and pulled as hard as he could telling the dragon to pull back which he did just in time, one more second and they would of crashed into a whole forest of trees.

Seeing fog covered stacks up ahead that could not be diverted, Hiccup bit his lip and decided to trust his instincts.

After a few minutes of flying through the fog covered stacks, they were out, free, alive, and in Hiccup's case - curtsy of Will - being burnt to a crisp.


They went back to the cove, picked up the second basket of fish Hiccup 'borrowed' that morning and went to enjoy it at one of the out of sight beaches Berk had to offer.

While the Viking was roasting his fish, he went over what was to happen when the dragon training was over.

His thoughts were lost when he heard Will coughing up something.

Will, sensing Hiccup was worried about something and not eating anything, decided to see if it was because he wasn't having his fish right and coughed up some for him.

"Err... No thanks. I'm good," the boy said holding up his fish.

Suddenly there were screams from Terrible Terrors who had seen all the fish the two of them were having, landing in front of them.

'Get away from our dinner you rats-with-wings,' Will thought his fins going like crazy and curling around his fish a bit more.

Since Will was paying attention to the green and orange one who went for the piece he had just coughed up for Hiccup, he didn't notice the Terror that had snuck under the pile, right under his nose until one fish started to move.

Grabbing it with his teeth right away he started to try and pull and reclaim the fish winning it in the end, making the Terror fall back on his butt.

After eating the fish right before the Terror, Will began to laugh at how this small dragon thought he could outsmart a Whispering Death.

Slowly the Terror narrowed his eyes and began scratching at the ground standing up on his back legs getting ready to blat it's fire at Will.

But before he could, Will, after finding the target, shot a small blast into it's big mouth causing the fire to back fire and leave the Terror feeling a bit dissy.

"Huh? Not so fireproof on the inside are you?" Hiccup asked amazed taking his fish off the rod and throwing it to the Terror.

"Here you go."

The Terror gasped for joy tucking into it before anyone could steel it.

After he had downed the fish he turned his attention to the thing that gave it to him and saw it was one of those mean things that live here that are always trying to kill the Dragons... But there was something... Different about him.

With each thought the Terror got closer and eventually decided he liked this thing and curled up beside him to have his after-food-nap.

Slowly placing his hand onto the Terror, Hiccup began to gently rub the small dragon's back.

"Everything we know about you guys..." he said speaking to all Dragons "Is wrong."


Staying there for a bit longer Hiccup and Will, once they had finished their dinner and said goodbye to the Terror, made it back to the hole and from there, Hiccup to the Village leaving Will there again.