They all sit in silence for a while, thinking about the previous Dragon Warriors. After a few minutes of staring back and forth between Zeno and the fire Yona gathers up her courage and asks what had been on her mind since Zeno told them about the Dragon Warriors.

"Zeno, if you don't mind telling us, what was your wife like? You said you got married right?" Yona asks shyly.

Zeno's head shoots up from the ground where he was drawing a picture with a stick. "My wife?" Zeno thinks about it for a second and then decides to tell them about her.

"Her name was Kaya. She was kind of like me. Well the me of today. Back then, before I had met her, I was on my own and I was different. I just wanted to die and I didn't care about anything. She helped me change into who I am today. She made me realize how important eating and sleeping really was. She also taught me how to remember my name if I started to forget it. She had an incurable illness and died because of it." Zeno gets that same unreadable expression on his face that he had while talking about Abi. Suddenly he gets up. "Well I'm done sharing stories for today. I'm gonna go collect some more firewood."

They watch his back as he walks into the forest.

"Who would have thought that happy, chilish Zeno could have such a depressing life?" Jae-Ha says softly.

No one replies but they didn't need too. It didn't matter. All that mattered is that he was happy and smiling now and hopefully would stay that way forevermore.