Japari Park, a massive zoo built on the Japari Archipelego, a series of islands that to a human outsider would resemble Japan. It was once inhabited by humans and animals alike but the former have all but abandoned the islands while the latter...they changed.

It all started with the discovery of phenomena that turned animals into fully sapient and sentient humanoid forms that were 'born' with the features of the animal they once were. It was all because of a substance coming out of the volcanoes that saturated the surface of the islands that was later dubbed 'Sandstar'. This miraculous substance became a subject of research along with the newly-named 'friends' that were formerly animals on the islands. They were taken out of captivity by the zookeepers and released onto the islands while work was done to re-purpose much of the infrastructure of the park to accommodate not only humans themselves but the friends as well.

At first the park became a smashing success in terms of science and tourism, eventually becoming a home to more permanent residents that developed their own culture. However, this wasn't to last...

One of the other phenomena on the island was a substance called 'Cellium' that came from the underwater volcanoes around the Japari Archipelego and it was found that when exposed to certain inanimate objects it created the mysterious creatures known as Celliens (Also known as Ceruleans). These mindless creatures attack humans and animals alike with the intent to absorb them and their Sandstar. Such an act could kill a human being but for a friend it merely reverted them back to their animal form, causing them to lose their memories and intelligence from when they were a friend. However, this was often reversed by the Sandstar that would occasionally saturate the landscapes of the islands. Originally, the Ceruleans were led by a Cerulean Queen that coordinated their efforts to overwhelm the populice. Terrified, a majority of the humans on the island fled from the threat while the friends were left to fend for themselves. Hope came one day though, when one of the original guides on the island and a unnamed individual helped lead the effort to deal with the Cerulean threat, ending it by defeating the queen.

This would lead to short pause that allowed both humans and friends to rebuild and eventually re-open Japari Park with hopes for a better and brighter future from that point forward. Unfortunately, the Ceruleans returned and the battles that followed would lead to the rest of the humans on the island to flee or disappear entirely as the monsters were pushed back.

Presently, in the absence of humanity, the friends have flourished and enjoyed their simple lives without the need for advanced technology or weapons. Occasionally, there would be smaller outbreaks of Ceruleans compared to the ones that ravaged the entirety of the park in past but they would be dealt with by the hunters; friends who chose to hunt down and destroy any Ceruleans in their path. Meanwhile new friends would emerge, as Sandstar could turn fossilized remains of dead animals into new friends while creatures considered to be subjects of urban myths, folklore, or even legend would slowly migrate to the archipelago and after exposure to sandstar would also become new friends as well.

Today, would herald the birth of one of these new friends as well as the adventures that would follow.

Hello Everyone.

I've wanted to write a Kemono Friends-related fanfic for a while now but I haven't had that many ideas for one. This however was one of the few that I've been able to keep locked up in my head until I finally decided to start writing. Anyway, this fanfic is a novelization (if I can even call it that) of Kishida Shiki's Fan-Comic of the same name that I discovered over a year ago and while it ended in December of 2018, it's still one of my favorite fan-comics out there. Originally, it was posted on Pixiv but the pages eventually made their way over to Danbooru, where they were put into a collection and then translated by some of the users.

If you want to check out the original comic, Google up 'Shingoji-chan Danbooru' and you'll find the collection with all of the pages including the translations.

I hope you enjoyed reading this short prologue, if not I can guarantee that the chapters that follow will be significantly longer.