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"Alex, are you ready yet."

"It's ok Clear I'm nearly ready I'm just putting my rubber shoes on."

"Alex, we haven't been threatened by Death in three months don't you think it's about time you relaxed."

"Clear, Carter died a year after the accident ok, Death is out there waiting for us to slip up, but I'm not going to, oh no, he's not gonna catch me out."

"Whatever, can we go otherwise we'll be late for the cinema."

"What's playing again?"

"I don't know some slasher film, where some dumb blonde always goes down into the basement when she should know full well the killer's down there."

"Wouldn't you rather see a nice Disney film."

"No, those things are lifeless nowadays, only suitable for little kids and dumb Blonde cheerleaders."

"You, really have something against blondes don't you."

"If, someone is going to dye their hair a colour known for representing stupid people they deserve everything they get."

"Ok, lets go."

* * * * A couple of hours later * * * *

"Well, that was."

"You hated it."

"Well, if there's never going to be anything original in them, the genre becomes pointless."

"Maybe, they should make a film about what happened after we got off the plane."

"Yeah, they could call it."