Chapter 2. Ian and Alexander

Warnings: Cursing

Notes: Relationships are complicated. Let me know what your favorite part was/is!

Alura was already fed up with Summer School. Their first assignment in Dworgyn's class was to fill out an ice-breaker worksheet based around questions about them. Their main school, interests, favorite food, why they are failures, and who are their closest friends. What could have made this unnecessary invasion of privacy worse? She got paired with Alexander Ash who was currently yapping in her ear.

Alexander Ash was well known around school for his good looks, PVP skills, and that he is an idiot. He was like a golden retriever puppy with his shiny blonde hair and overexcited attitude. Though he got on her nerves, Alura could not deny that he was handsome. He had beautiful baby blue eyes that stood out against his sun-kissed skin and his blinding white smile. Alexander's parents had to be rich, they just had to be. He was always dressed in the newest fashion and not to mention he took summer school like 70 times which is very expensive itself. Since he was just an adorable golden retriever, everyone in the school liked him even if he was sorta annoying. Like how he was talking about how much he loves ninjas for the last ten minutes.

Instead of listening to Alexander, Alura's eyes wandered to the other side of the classroom. Stupid Deidre got paired up with stupid Fallon Flower! Don't they already know each other?! That's not fair! The scowl on her face only got deeper when they started to laugh together. Since when was Deidre best pals with Fallon Flower?

"You know Valkoor's my best friend!" Alexander chirped into her ear. "And I don't get jealous when he hangs out with other people." He finished with a giant smile.

Oh? So maybe the idiot is not so much of an idiot after all? Well, he should have minded his own business!

It is no secret among the students of Ravenwood that Alexander Ash and Ian IceEyes are mortal enemies. They used to be the best of friends until the beginning of last semester when Ian threw his lunch all over Alexander in the middle of the Commons. Now, they can't even be in the same room as each other without glaring daggers. Alexander now claims that he is best friends with Valkoor, but Alura knows that he is Alex's backup friend.

"I thought you were best friends with Ian? What happened to that?" Alura smirked. Ok, yes she might be just a little bit of a bitch! Oh well, he asked for it! Seeing Alexander's permanent smile drop for just a second was satisfying but also made her heart drop. Then, that idiot had to go and open his mouth.

"Well….I'm friends with everyone, really! We should be friends too! Y'know I failed the Summoning Minions course too! Professor Drake wouldn't even let me within 5 feet of the Myth school!" Alexander shouted out for everyone to hear.

Alura knows that Alexander probably didn't mean to reveal her deep dark secret to everyone. And she was probably asking for it after bringing up his ex-friend. But, by the Spiral does she want to strangle the life out of him!

"Aren't Myth wizard's supposed to be good at summoning minions? Isn't that like, the whole point?" The mocking voice of the one and only Anna RoseDust filled the room. Laughter followed shortly after that as Alura received a pity stare from her best friend, Deidre. It was never any fun being on the receiving end of Anna's tongue lashings as they were famous for making even the strongest of wizards cry.

For a life wizard, Anna was anything but friendly. She was the anti-Fallon. At first glance, one would assume she was a Death wizard with her long black hair, dark eyes and permanent scowl. She was tall and lanky, wearing too much jewelry, and no one is sure that she knows how to heal. The only reason that she got stuck in summer school in the first place was her failure to work as a teammate. Which is teacher language for saying she is a total brat who needs a reality check.

On the left side of Anna was her new lackey Ian IceEyes. Since ending his friendship with Alex, Ian has converted over to the dark side. Everyone and their mother thought that Ian was better off hanging out with literally anyone besides Anna. But birds of the same feather flock together. Ian must have just been good at hiding his secret bitchy side. He too was very tall and lanky but had a charming white smile and beautiful silver eyes. Paired with very short black hair, a deep dark skin tone, and a soft-spoken voice. Yes, Ian was very handsome, but now he's on Alura's 'hate list' for laughing at her.

"Do you know what a Satyr even is?" Deidre stepped in before Anna had the chance to continue her tongue lashing. Bless Bartleby for Deidre's existence. While Deidre and Anna began to hash it out Alex leaned forward towards Alura with sad puppy eyes.

"I'm sorry Alura, I didn't know it was a secret."

"It's okay you didn't mean wrong you big lug." Alura sighed before making awkward eye contact with Ian who looked like he was ready to murder her. She then started to think that maybe Alex wasn't as happy as he pretended to be and maybe he didn't have that many friends. She took a final glance at Deidre and Fallon before deciding that she was in the same boat. "So, you say you like ninjas?"

After two torturous hours of Dworgyn's meaningless lecture, it's finally lunchtime. Alura, Deidre and unfortunately Fallon gathered in The Commons with their lunch.

"Do you have to bring her everywhere?" Alura seethed, she truly could not stand Fallon's yapping any longer.

"Stop insulting her." Deidre snapped shocking Alura who was going to respond but was cut off by an even more annoying sound.

"LURA!" A loud call came from the one and only Alexander Ash who jogged his way over to their group.

"You know, if you feed it, it will never leave," Deidre smirked behind her hand while Alura rethought her life choices.

"Hey, Lura! You wanna meet my friends?"

"Why would she want to even hang out with you? You're a moron." The bratty comments just couldn't stop coming from Deidre. This comment, in particular, pissed Alura off. How could Deidre say something like that to Alex? She barely knows him! And who is she to say who she could and could not hang out with.

"I'd rather hang out with this moron than that moron if I'm truthfully honest." Alura snapped at Deidre who had her mouth hanging open in disbelief. "Let's go pup." Alura grabbed an oblivious Alex by the arm as they stormed off.

"You'll love my friends, they are just so kind and funny and smart and-VALKOOR!"

"ALEXANDER!" The two idiots shouted at each other from across the pound before Alex pulled Alura along to reunite with his one brain cell holder. Alura was beginning to rethink her life choices for the second time today.

Valkoor is the heartthrob of Ravenwood and there is no arguing with that! Tall and charismatic beauty that made everyone blush. Everyone. He was always smiling, laughing and being an accidental flirt. Blemish free tan skin with stunning brown eyes and a mop of curly hair on his head. He may be a little loose in the noggin and a storm wizard but those are his only bad qualities. He is perfect and his unofficial fan club would agree.

Alura was suddenly distracted by a black blob moving to stand up. Oh by the Spiral it's Kane Wraith. Abort mission abort! Before Alura could even think about running away Alexander began to introduce her to his odd friends.

"Ok, guys, this is Alura, Alura this is Valkoor and Kane."