The BAD List

By: Riley

Summary- The BAD List. Beware All Douchebags List. The list that the girls of Boston spread around to warn other girls about the guys that should be avoided at all costs. If something happened, a name was added. But what happens when Zack's, Cody's, and Tapeworm's names are added to the list. Cody and Tapeworm are quickly ruled out—their reputations suffer but they're ruled out. With Zack's bad boy reputation, it isn't something he can easily talk his way out of. But is the accusation true?



Eyewitness 1: I was coming back from gym class and saw them talking to each other. She didn't seem interested in him at all, but he kept pushing her. Leaning against her locker, sort of trapping her in. You know, that move where guys press their hands to the wall and think they're so cool? That sort of thing. At first, I didn't think much of it, he does that all the time. And he gets turned down all the time, it's nothing new for him. But I guess he couldn't take it this time. He has a girlfriend though, doesn't he? What kind of guy would do that, let alone with the chance of his girlfriend finding out? What does she think of him now?

Eyewitness 2: Zack Martin has always been like that, with all the girls. I can't even remember the last time he had an actual girlfriend. Like, a serious one. But hearing this, I'm not surprised I nearly threw up. It's disgusting.

Eyewitness 3: Look, I feel bad about this. I really do. It's awful…if it's true. You have to be pretty sick to make up something like this, you know? There's so many guys that have to deal with lies like this. I mean, if it's not real. If it is…well…if you really need to do something like that, then…well…I don't know. It probably wasn't as bad as she's saying. Maybe she didn't actually say 'no'. Like, maybe she just regrets hooking up with him. That's all I'm saying.

A/N: Should I be posting another Suite Life story when I've got so many other stories I'm working on? Probably not. Especially considering one of them is the re-write to my very first Suite Life fic, I'm still working on ending my elemental series I started ages ago, I'm working on a new elementals series, and I'm also working on a story of Zack and Cody in college to go along with this AU of mine. But this idea wouldn't leave me alone. Plus, I'm moving into the end of According To You.

So, this is a very tricky story plot I'm doing, especially because of today's social climate, so I am a little worried to post. But, let me know what you think and I'll update again soon.