Notes: Hello if you decded to Skim this, Still need to completly finish my Personal OCs for My Hero Universe, but hope you enjoy

Name: Pacifica Ventura

Status: Alive

First-Year UA student Hero Class

Class 2-A

Quirk: Crystalize

Alignment: Good

Ability: Can harden (or cover) her face and body into hardened crystal (specifically Blue) and wear it as a second skin of armor. She can also form spikes to morph out of her crystal skin with her mind power. Pacifica can concentrate her determination into molding her crystal body into an even tougher form.

And can even create weapons and inanimate objects out of her crystalized form

Age: 16 ( First-year)

Gender: Female

Weight: 110lbs

Height: 5'7 ft

Hair Color: Platinum Blonde

Eye color: Light Blue

Likes: Fighting, Mall shopping, Polar Bears,

Dislikes: Cold weather