No Guarantees - The Nobodys

Max knelt at her brother's grave. It had been three months, but it still hurt like Hell. Lucas had been wonderful, but she knew he didn't quite understand. Sighing, she brushed her fingertips against head headstone that Neil was still bitching about paying for. She felt her chest ache, remembering that night at the mall. Nobody would ever talk about what happened...nobody would ever know the truth or how he scarified his life for El.

She missed him so badly...

She lowered her head as tears fell from her face. She loved him...she loved him so much and was so sorry. She hoped if there was a Heaven, God would have forgiven Billy, knowing he wasn't responsible, and let him be with July. She hoped they were together... Sighing, she lowered her head, hating that she very well might be...the only person that mourned Billy Hargrove.

The End

A very special thanks to everyone who read my story and reviewed it! Loved Billy this season! Would love to do a story about him and Steve soon!

- Thecricketsarecalling