Codex: xionans

Description: the Xionan are a humanoid insectoid race that have special abilities similar to bioticss but on a much greater scale and don't come from eezo. They're home planet Alivian is on the very edge of the terminas system

They are an imperialistic and very militaristic society and have a survival of the fittest mentality because of how harsh they're world is being filled with hundreds of dangerous predators with some having abilities that are similar to their own and some few reaching as tall as 50 meter.

But since they're mastery of they're powers and advances in technology, they learned to control them through cloning and harsh training to use them as both attack scouts to test out an enemy planets defense and war beast to push into heavily fortified areas.

It's also shown that Xionan machinery ranging from basic armor to weapons, vehicles, aircraft, and ships have been able to slowly self repair themselves.

Humans have been known to call them kaiju because they follow the description to an almost T and have spread throughout CC space and became the new name for them with other races see how much the description matches the monsters

Xionan Height: can reach 8 to 9.5 ft

Life span: original 120, 540 with enhancements

Gender: male, female

Homeworld: Alivian

Years as a space faring space: 2840

E.B-cells(energies blood cells):

as the name implies, blood cells embeaud with energy, allowing any with e.b-cells to be able to do numerous abilities.

Abilities ranging from enhancing the bodies natural abilities, hardening the e.b-cells to make constructs, overcharging the e.b-cells into a sphere and launching them in a ball of energy, charged cells focus into a beam, flying by either surrounding oneself in e.b-cells which can also act as a shield or even make e.b-cells into crystals to be used as resources similar to how the council races use eezo but e.b-cells can be harvested from other lifeforms to either extra fuel or empower vehicles, weapons or other xionans. all life on Alivian has some form of e.b-cells but only living creatures can actually use them it

It should also be known that pure eezo exposed to e.b-cells is shown to absorb it to strengthen its properties and vice versa with e.b-cell crystals absorbing eezo dust.

Area under control: most of the terminas system and a few outside of relay network


Juveniles: the main grunt force, created from cloning to handle any and all purposes ranging from riflemen, combat engineers, guardsmen and suicide bombers but can't use e.b-cells as effective as the originals.

the ranking system follows:

Juvenile: youth, minor, major, assault, legion, decan

Elders: the originals from which the clones come from but are much more dangerous because they can use the full extent of e.b-cells and fall into two categories:

Patriarch: male xionans that use e.b-cells in deadly middle and close range attack that tear through anything with ease, short of a CC spectre and valkyries.

Matriarch: female xionans that use e.b-cells long-range attacks, that makes them more dangerous than any tank, gunship or artillery piece and harder to kill because they rarely come in close.

The ranking system:

Sage: low level e.b-cell users meant for mass clone production

Bishop: medium level of e.b-cell control, meant to lead sages and juveniles

apostle: higher e.b-cell wealder meant to be shock troops

arc-elder: special forces and hand picked export e.b-cell users, are expected to change the course of the battle

hierarch: leader of Xionan race and masters over e.b-cells, and are able to single handedly take control of a battle

Kaiju: the deadly beast that come in many large sizes and also live on the xionans world and since the xionans rise. By adding cybernetics they were able to gain control over them and have been part of they're military in different styles:

Attack scout: smaller and faster then average kaiju these beasts are used to both gather information on enemy defense's but to also test them out and see their mix capabilities and their size ranges from 16 to 25 metres with some being able to fly and come in 3 classes.

First, caverns class: made especially for either mining digging underground areas for base or breaching under heavily fortified basses.

Second, assault class: these were made to be to scouts and cannon fodder.

Third, wyvern class: this kaijus were made similar to assaults but with the added ability of flight.

Wall breaker: some of the larger class of the Kaiju that are used for heavy assault on Capitol plants to break through heavily defended areas and ranging from 30 44 meters. These come in 2 classes:

First, brute class: kaiju made for pure strength to tear apart defenses.

Second, blaster class: made to be living heavy artillery pieces

Elder leviathans: were created from only the largest kaijus with regenerative abilities to take most of the enemies attention and have them function as one unit cannon fodder and also go berserk when taking too much damage. Size ranges to 45 to 50 metres. Elders don't have any classes because each one is made different.

Like xionans, kaiju have e.b-cells and are able to use them in the form of a blast from their mouths or coating and hardening the e.b-cells on their claws and tail to do more damage which also acts as extra armor.

Vehicles: ground

The Lancer: a haver bike armed with dual pulsars, shields and a booster to both ram enemies and fast recon.

The roamer: light armored transport, no weapons only shields

The bulwark: heavy transport reinforced armor, 4 light arm pulsars 2 each side and shields

The talon: light armored vehicle, armed with 3 medium arm pulsars and 1 auto pulse gun and shields

The rook: medium armored vehicle, armed with 2 auto pulse guns, 4 heavy pulsars, 1 pulse cannon and shields

The great sword: the main battle tank of the xionans, heavily armor plated, 2 missile pods, 4 auto pulse guns, dual pulse cannons.

The terrorformer: a 4 legged mobile assault platforms, armed to the teeth with pulse cannons, anti air pulsars, air to ground missiles, carry a small garrison in itself. Not only does it have ship grade armor and shields but a e.b-cell beam cannon that will melt through anything short of its own level of armor.


Hierophant dropship: can carry 12 troops and 2 vehicles arm an energy launcher and Shields

Arterius heavy

Serpent gunships: mainstream gunship meant for easy production and deployment armed with dual heavy pulse guns and 1 pulse cannon and shielded

Reaper fighters: fast air to air combat plains and can make for quick light bombing armed with a pulse gatling gun and various missiles.

Rathies bomber: a more heavily armed version of the reaper that also has anti ship missiles and bombs.

Fleet size: 26,588 (before war) 7,265 (after war), 10,382 (beginning of ME1 timeline)


All xionan ship have an onboard AI

Corvette size: 329 meters

Arms: 10 dual heavy pulse cannons, 20 e.b-cell missile pods 28

Defenses: very light armor and shields but has cloaking abilities. Also e.b-cell enhanced beam systems.

numbers: 4327

Frigate size: 697 meters

Arms: 2 light e.b-cell beam cannons, 14 dual heavy pulse cannons, 32 e.b-cell missile pods, 10 nuclear missiles, 10 e.b-cell torpedoes, 32

Defense's: light armor and shields, cloak and e.b-cell enhanced beam system.

Complement: two fight wings

numbers: 5439

Heavy frigate size: 785 meters 3 light e.b-cell beam cannons. 16 dual heavy pulse cannons, 38 e.b-cell missile pods, 12 nuclear missiles, 12 e.b-cell torpedoes, 46

Defense's: above light armor and shields e.b-cell enhanced beam system,

complement: 3 fighter wings

numbers: 3013

Light Cruiser Size: 1557 meters

Arms: 1 medium e.b-cell beam cannon, 14 dual heavy pulse cannons, 6 triple heavy pulse cannons, 50 e.b-cell missile pod, 20 nuclear missiles 28 e.b-cell torpedoes 58

Defense's: medium armor and Shields, e.b-cell enhanced beam system

Complement: 4 fighter wings, 2 bomber wings

Numbers: 4382

Cruiser size: 1786 meters

Arms:2 medium e.b-cell beam cannons, 16 dual heavy pulse cannons, 8 triple heavy pulse cannons, 60 e.b-cell missile pods, 28 nuclear missiles, 32 e.b-cell torpedoes 64 gatling pulse guns

Defense's: medium armor, above medium shields, e.b-cell enhanced beam system

Complement: 4 fighter wings, 2 bomber wings

numbers: 2769

Heavy cruise size: 2251 meters

Arms: 2 medium e.b-cell beam cannons, 20 triple heavy pulse cannons, 60 e.b-cell missile, 34 nuclear missiles, 40 e.b-cell torpedoes, 88 gatling pulse guns

Defense's: above medium armor and shields, e.b-cell enhanced beam system,

Complement: 5 fighter wings, 3 bomber wings

numbers: 1396

Carrie size: 4085 meters

Arms:20 dual heavy pulse cannons, 88 e.b-cell missile pods, 42 nuclear missiles, 62 e.b-cell torpedoes, 120 gatling pulse guns

Defense's: above light armor, above medium shields, e.b-cell enhanced beam system

Complement:11,000 crew, 1250 fighters, 560 bombers, 1300 drone interceptor, 320 vehicles, 110 dropships

Numbers: 457

Supercarrier size: 5521 meters

Arms 36 dual heavy pulse cannons, 8 triple heavy pulse cannons,120 e.b-cell missile pods, 58 nuclear missiles, 70 e.b-cell torpedoes, 202 gatling pulse guns

Defense's: Medium armor, heavy shields, e.b-cell enhanced guardian system

Complement:16,320 crew, 1560 fighters, 700 bomers, 1700 drone interceptors, 410 vehicles, 150 dropships

Numbers: 343

Dreadnought size: 3162 meters

Arms: 2 heavy e.b-cell beam cannons 34 dual heavy pulse cannons, 22 triple heavy pulse cannons, 82 e.b-cell missile, 64 e.b-cell torpedoes,104 pulse gatling guns

Defense's: heavy armor and shields, e.b-cell enhanced beam system

Complement: 450 fighters, 260 bombers, 600 drone interceptors

Number: 124

Mothership size: 7592 meters

Arms. 6 e.b-cell heavy beam cannons, 10 e.b-cell beam cannons, 50 heavy pulse cannon,38 triple heavy pulse cannons,124 e.b-cell missile pods, 70 fusion missiles, 82 e.b-cell torpedoes, 292 pulse gatling guns

Defense's: Above heavy armor and shields, e.b-cell enhanced beam system

Complement: 17,970 crew, 1565 fighters, 823 bombers, 1820 drone interceptors, vehicles 579, 230 dropships

numbers: 10