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Prehistoric Times (Unknown BCE - 1,000,000,000 BCE)

Unknown BCE

The Leviathans dominate the galaxy, enthralling every new sapient race they encounter and protecting them in return for tribute. The Leviathans consider themselves the galaxy's first and only apex race.

After observing that their subservient races create synthetic races who consistently and violently rebel, the Leviathans create an Intelligence to seek a way to permanently preserve organic life. The Intelligence constructs an army of "pawns" to gather genetic information throughout the galaxy.

The Intelligence betrays the Leviathans, using its pawns to slaughter them for their genetic material to create Harbinger, the first Reaper. Thus begins the cyclical harvest of the galaxy's intelligent organic life by the Reapers, part of a vast experiment conducted by the Intelligence to fulfill its mandate.

Before going into hiding the leviathans in a last ditch effort to one day return and destroy the reapers, they use the primitive race named Alivian that they saw as a potential war asset in the future, before the reapers came into. the leviathans implanted the races of Alivian with mutations cells that would evolve as they do over time and build a small empire for the leviathans return.

The Intelligence builds the mass relay network to increase the efficiency of the cycles, allowing galactic civilizations to develop faster and more consistently between harvests.

Pre-Prothean Times (1,000,000,000 BCE - 68,000 BCE)

1,000,000,000 BCE

The Leviathan of Dis, a Reaper, is killed by the Leviathans. Its corpse comes to rest on the planet Jartar and remains undisturbed for nearly one billion years.

37,000,000 BCE

An unknown spacefaring race fires a mass accelerator round at a Reaper near the planet Mnemosyne. The round penetrates the Reaper, disabling it, and continues moving through space, eventually striking the planet Klendagon and creating the geological feature there known as the Great Rift Valley.

298,000 BCE

The ancient arthenn race flourished in the Zelene system, living on the planet Helyme until being destroyed in an unknown event that wiped out all complex life on the planet. They also maintained a presence on other planets in the system including Epho, which bears the scars of an ancient orbital bombardment, and Gaelon, which may have been mined for helium-3.

125,000 BCE

Ancient space faring races called the thoi'han and inusannon fight over the planet Eingana, littering the planet with the debris of hundreds of starships. Refined element zero scattered by a broken drive cores contaminates the environment, causing many native species to go extinct and those that survive to show a tendency to develop biotic powers.

Pre-Council Times (68,000 BCE - 500 BCE)

68,000 BCE

The Protheans achieve spaceflight and discover mass effect technology from the ruins of the extinct inusannon. They go on to establish a galaxy-wide civilization linked by the mass relay network with the Citadel as their capital.

At some point, the Protheans encountered a hostile race of machine intelligences that endanger their existence. To combat this threat, the Protheans aggressively assimilate many other spacefaring organic races into their empire. The Prothean Empire is able to fend off the machines in a conflict known as the "Metacon War".

48,000 BCE: Fall of the Protheans

The Prothean Empire collapses with the arrival of the Reapers through the Citadel. Although the Protheans had learned of the Reapers' existence from studying the ruins of previous civilizations and had begun to prepare, they were nonetheless caught off-guard. Over the next several centuries, the Protheans fight the Reapers system by system, world by world, and city by city. In the end, it is not enough. The Reapers methodically wipe out the remaining Protheans, as well as other contemporary races, and depart the galaxy to await the next cycle.

13,000 BCE

The xionans, an insectoid, mammalian race of the planet Alivian, a planet with above average gravity and many large creatures and an unstable ecosystem. They had 6 arms, 5 eyes, reverse joint legs, with a set of 6 wings and a tail and thanks to their seemingly magical abilities survived and started to create a civilization.

7,100 BCE

The xionans began they're steps onto the galactic stage. they became an imperialistic and heavily militaristic race with the strong belief in survival of the fittest because of their planet's very harsh environment and highly dangerous wildlife.

The turians of Palaven begin to develop civilization around this time.

6000 BCE

Seeking to escape the imminent explosion of their sun, an alien race constructs an AI-managed starship equipped with supercomputers containing a virtual world, into which some one billion of the aliens transfer their consciousnesses. The starship begins a journey throughout the galaxy which lasts for the next 8,000 years.

1900 BCE

Tuchanka, the krogan homeworld, enters the nuclear age. In a global conflict, weapons of mass destruction are released, triggering a nuclear winter. In the resulting devastation, krogan society devolves into a collection of warring clans.

1800 BCE

A supernova propels the Mu Relay, the only point of access to the remote Pangaea Expanse, out of position. Concealed somewhere in the dense nebula formed by the supernova, the relay's position is effectively lost for centuries. Later, the rachni rediscovered the relay.

1600 BCE

In the Andromeda galaxy, the angara are created and seeded across multiple worlds in the Heleus Cluster by the Jardaa

500 BCE

Mining on one of xionans owned planets in their home system revealed the ancient ruins of a very advance species called the leviathans and while most of the data they found was corrupted do to time, they learned that the leviathans used to be the top apex race that controlled a galaxy spanning empire that ruled over dozens of other races, but came to an end of some unknown great cataclysm.

This information strengthens their resolve to create their own empire so that they can be the next apex race and to combat the great cataclysm the ended the leviathans.

After developing faster-than-light spacefaring capabilities based upon Prothean technology, the asari begin to explore the mass relay network, and eventually discover the huge Citadel space station at a hub of many mass relays.

520 BCE

The salarians discover the Citadel and open diplomatic relations with the asari.

550 BCE

After more intensive study of the ruins the Xionans discovered that their abilities weren't some kind of magical blessing of God's but the results of genetic manipulation by the leviathans but the reasons are still unknown and like the discovery of the leviathans this again strengthens they're belief of being the next apex species of the galaxy.

Council Era - Formation (500 BCE - 1 CE)

500 BCE: Founding of the Citadel Council

The Citadel Council is formed. The asari and salarians together colonize the Citadel and establish it as a center of the galactic community, led by the Council. This year is also known as 0 GS, the beginning of the Galactic Standard (GS) timeline.

As a gesture of openness with their new asari allies, the Salarian Union opens the records of the League of One. Under threat, the League responds by assassinating every member of the Union's inner cabinet; Special Tasks Group operatives then hunt down and eliminate the League.

300 BCE

The volus begins exploring and colonizing the stars shortly after discovering FTL.

First contact is made with the volus. Eventually, the Citadel Council commissions the volus to draw up the Unified Banking Act, which establishes a standard galactic currency known as the credit and links all galactic economies.

The turian Unification War occurs. The increasingly isolated and xenophobic colonies on the frontiers of turian space go to war with each other. After years of fighting, the Turian Hierarchy sweeps in and pacifies the remaining factions. Animosity between turian colonies continues for decades.

The Council grants the volus the honor of being the first non-Council species with an embassy at the Citadel, rather than a Council seat.

First contact is made with the batarians. They are granted an embassy a century later.

The asari discover the elcor home system and help the elcor locate and activate their nearest mass relay. "Within one elcor lifetime" they establish a regular trade route to the Citadel and are granted an embassy.

First contact is made with the hanar and the quarians. Both races are later granted embassies.

Council Era - the two great wars (1 CE - 900 CE)

CE: The Rachni Wars

The rachni, a species of highly intelligent hive-minded insects, are discovered when a Citadel expedition opens a dormant mass relay leading to their star systems. The rachni prove to be hostile and begin a war with the rest of the galaxy. Negotiation with the rachni queens is impossible because they cannot be contacted in their underground nests on the toxic rachni worlds.

80 CE

The Rachni Wars continue. The salarians make first contact with and uplift the primitive krogan, manipulating them into acting as soldiers for the Citadel Council. The krogan prove able to survive the harsh environments of the rachni worlds and pursue the rachni into their nests, systematically eradicating queens and eggs.

300 CE

The rachni are declared extinct. In gratitude for their aid during the Rachni Wars, the Council rewards the krogan a new homeworld. Free of the harsh environment of Tuchanka, the krogan population explodes.

300 - 700 CE

The krogan began to expand exponentially, colonizing many new worlds. Growing concerns about their expansion lead to the founding of the Special Tactics and Reconnaissance branch of the Citadel.

693 CE

Beelo Gurji, a salarian operative, is appointed the first Spectre by the Citadel Council.

700 CE: The Xionan war (this is where history changes)

Some of the krogan warlords were planning to annex other council race planets because of overpopulation but before they're plans could be executed, multiple krogan planets were invaded by hundreds of unknown warships far stronger, larger and more advanced than even the asari. While few were barely able to push back the invaders the others either fell or were destroyed by orbital bombarding the surface until there's nothing left, sparking the fires of war.

For a month and a half the Citadel Council have noticed the krogan controlled areas have been going dark and that they have been pulling their forces back to their territory. The salarians think they might build up for a rebellion but when STG ships started venturing into krogan controlled territories expecting to find them building up an army, but instead they really found were aftermaths of space battles and planets turned into burned deserts. When they found a world with a badly damaged fleet, they contacted the fleet and found out the krogan were being attacked by a highly advanced race known as the Xionans. When the STG returned and informed the CC about this, they couldn't believe someone was crazy enough to not only attack the krogan but are actually pushing them back, to make matters worse, at the of the discovery, time multiple calls about dozens of council planets were attacked and it was then the Citadel Council realized it wasn't just the krogan that were being attacked but so were citadel species as well.


During the beginning of xionans war it became obvious the Xionans had the upper hand in that they not only didn't rely on eezo base tech as it shown by there own FTL that works just as well as the relays but only needing the coordinates. Their use of AI's have made it almost impossible to hack into their computer, but the same can not be said for them as they can hack with relative ease and their ships made anything the CC had pail in comparison, not only with size but firepower and Shields. These facts have shown that any victories can only be won with overwhelming numbers and high casualties, the same can be said with ground warfare.

The xionans war beast that seemed at first to be impractical, had tore through many fortifications and while that seemed to they're main objective it was actually to test and soften up any strongholds for the main army during planetary invasions

The Xionan elders that lead the army's, are considered just as dangerous, if not more so than the beast because of their strange abilities that were similar if not superior to biotics, that not even the strongest asari matriarch or biotic krogan battlemaster can match them.

All these factors genuinely scared the CC, which resulted in them bringing back the use of nuclear weapons which mostly helps the ground fight to at least take out the war beast and elders, but not as much as they'd hoped in the space battles because of how many nukes it took to bring down their ships shields if their not shot down by the ship defenses."

709CE/Jan,23: The CC learn the Xionans are also fighting a race called the turians and aid them when one of their colonies is attacked by a Xionan fleet in the hopes of recruiting them to the war. The combined CC and turian fleet were able to destroy most of the fleet and push back the rest, the turians joined the CC so they could fight the Xionans together.

711CE/Oct,11: Studying some salvaged Xionan tech they were able to acquire, they learn that the abilities of the Xionans comes from their blood cells that seem to release high amounts of energy, it also discovered that the now named e.b-cells (energies blood cells) they come from not only Xionan but the war beast blood as well. It's also shown that the properties of eezo when exposed to e.b-cells crystals found in scavenged ships in a dust form are enhanced.

Realizing this the CC had no choice but to start harvesting the e.b-cells from the dead or captured war beast and raid any supplies and put their best scientists to figure out ways to improve their own technology.

716CE/april,30: Surprisingly the Krogans are the first to show results with the introduction of the E.M.A.C (electromagnetic mass accelerator cannon) defense platforms. They've shown to yield more than twice the force of a dreadnought spinal mount, but also twice the decrease in fire rate.

Dec,5: Studying the Xionan shielding tech the salarians were able to adapt kinetic barriers somewhat to energy base shielding and while it doesn't completely stop Xionan D.E.W's (direct energy weapons) it weakens the beams to more survivable levels.

723CE/June,22: Realizing the CC forces are starting to put up more of a fight the Xionan decided to weaken their main source of ground forces, the krogan, and create a biological weapon later called (by the salarians) the genophage that cuts the krogans fast reproductive to less than half making the CC lose their main supply for ground forces, but this also greatly enrages the krogans prompting them to fight much harder.

735CE/May,14: The quarians introduce the geth, VI control synthetic's as a way for expendable troops to help give the other CC ground forces some breathing room and as a cheaper labor force, while most the CC were weary at the idea of working along side synthetic's, with the krogan losing their ability to quickly restore their numbers and Xionan force making advances into citadel territory, they reluctantly agreed to their use.

741CE/Jan29:in the hopes of more headway into the war, the asari republic, turians hierarchy, and krogan empire each reveal a new class of warships:

For the asari is their new flagship the destiny ascension a super dreadnought with the fire power to match almost 3 dreads put together.

For the turians it was a ship larger than a dreadnought called carrier's, the idea came from the combat data on some Xionan warships that while not as armed as their fellow ships made up for it in bringing army's of fighter, bombers and transports. Seeing how effective they were the hierarchy wanted their own armies carriers, but they also added the ability to also bring supplies in large quantities.

For the krogan it was the juggernauts class battleship. While it was slow, it had more armor and shielding than even a dreadnought and armed with a number of mass accelerator batteries instead of a spinal cannon,it was meant to take most of the punishment and give it back will allow other ships to go in and attack.

750CE/Aug,6: STG stealth ship's have discovered a large Xionan stronghold in the form of a citadel size space station in the terminas system. Seeing this as a chance to possibly deal a critical blow to the Xionans the CC gathered it's best fleets to take the take station and hopefully the system as well.

Each main race donated 2 fleets and went through the relay with the first 3 turian carriers commanding the charge. When the fleets made it to the now named Omega station the CC were greeted with the Xionans true power, a ship more than 7km long and armed to the teeth, claws, fangs, spikes and whatever predatory appendages you can think of and could no doubt take any kind of punishment. The later named Mothership was the height of the Xionans technological power and showed that by taking on the CC fleets first and started eating away at anything in it path and it took the combined and focused firepower of all the fleets to take it down and even then it took two and half fleets with it.

Despite not having numerical advantage of 3 to 1, now 2 to 1 and damaged, the rest of the fleet charged on. Luckily the carriers were still intact since they stayed in the the fleet, so they along with other ships launched dozens of fighter, bombers, interceptors, and dropships.

When the most of the dropships that made it through the CC released it's own trump card. It was an asari and salarian science team that combined their best eezo tech and the understood xion tech to create the first line of power armor that can greatly enhance the user performance and their biotics if they had any, to match and even out pace low leveled e.b-cell xionans. but at the moment because of how advanced and costly they are to create, they are only given to use by new spectres.

After hours of non-stop fighting CC forces made it to the space station's controls and turned its defenses on the xionan defense fleet and with the rest of the CC fleet, destroyed the remaining xionan ships. Though it took a day and a half to completely take the station.

768CE/Sep,20: The asari homeworld, Thessia was suddenly attacked by a large Xionan fleet led by another Mothership. The asari defense fleet was hard, losing 20% of its defending ships before retaliating against the invasion fleet.

Sep,25: Another combined fleet arrived to find all asari ships destroyed and immediately fired on the xionans fleet, the difference is the Mothership was leading the Xionan fleet from the middle of the fleet formation, but again unlike last time the CC had their own surprise, the salarians had introduced VI controled stealth corvettes loaded with EMB bombs and nuclear missiles for suicide runs on hit the stronger of Xionan ships and 5 were currently making their way to said Mothership and detonated when close enough disabling and damaging the large flagship and some of the closer smaller ships, both sides opened fire on each other after almost an hour the citadel fleet came out on top but again not with losing a good portion of the combined fleet was destroyed and remaining was damaged but they still sent ground forces to help the asari military.

Sep,30: after a week of searching with the geth being used to make none stop scouts and stationary guard's, any remaining xion ground forces were either killed or captured.

But during clean up, it was discovered that the asari were in possession of a large prothean archive in the ruined temple of Athame. This leads to a political nightmare for the asari, mostly with salarians because they've been their allies the longest and the many accusations being thrown around by other races aren't helping, so a meeting was called to discuss how to deal with breach in trust.

Sep,37: When the meeting of the CC races to talk about asari were about to begin, the Xionans launched another surprised attack on the citadel itself, with large fleet like the one against thessia but this time with two Motherships and like the asari's defense fleet, the citadel defense fleet suffered the same fate but unlike then the citadel was also defended by the Destiny Ascension and a number of e.m.a.c defense platforms which have proven very effective at destroying smaller Xionan ships and weakening the larger classes. With extra defense the C.D.F (citadel defense fleet) were able to hold out long enough for reinforcements to arrive and push back to rest of the xion fleet even severely damage one of the Motherships moderately damage the other. While the tension from thessian beacon hadn't dissipated, the fact the Xionans were able to launch an assault at such opportune times was a little more worrying.


The STG learned that the hegemony was secretly helping the Xionans giving them any useful information in exchange for slaves, credit and tech, this leads to the bartarians being annexed from CC space. In an act of revenge the hegemony attempts to fully side with the xionans but are then caught completely by surprise by multiple fleet attacking not only their homeworld and also supply and ship construction yards, showing that the Xionans seem to have a love for surprise attacks, this being able to practically crippling the hegemony and taking more than 55% percent of batarians territory with the rest of them barely holding on. Batarians that were planning to leave the hegemony along with former slaves turning to the Citadel Council for refuge as the Free batarian league.

800 CE

The Xionans in a surprising move call for a ceasefire because for the past 30 years the war has halted to barley changing stalemate with both sides already exhausting most of their resources almost reaching the point of collapse and the council reluctantly agrees because they are suffering the same problem, and so the Xionan war ends in a fragile ceasefire.

The turians and krogans fill the military and peacekeeping force and to look for any remaining Xionans forces in CC space.

The Citadel Conventions are drawn up in the wake of the conflict to keep the use of WMD's under strict control.

Council Era - Expansion (900 CE - 2157 CE)

900 CE

The turians and krogans are granted a seat on the Citadel Council in recognition for their service in the Xionan war. The asari were forced to share any technology they got from the destroyed temple as well as leave the destiny ascension as a permanent part of the C.D.F as punishment for not following their own laws.

1400 CE

Extensive and unchecked industrial expansion on the drell homeworld Rakhana begins taking a significant toll on the planet's environment.

1600 CE

The first sightings of the Collectors are reported in the Terminus Systems. In Citadel space, the claims are dismissed but not forgotten as it is considered a possible trick from the Xionans.

(Estimated date) In the Andromeda galaxy, the Jardaan begin deploying Remnant machines to the Heleus Cluster to terraform barren planets into life-supporting worlds.

1755 CE

Samara's three daughters are diagnosed as Ardat-Yakshi. Rila and Falere accept moving to a secured world, but Morinth flees. Samara takes the oaths of the asari justicars and pursues her errant daughter for the next 430 years.

1880 CE

humanity at this time discovered the prothean ruins, studied and combined with some of their own tech, began expanding into stars.


Aria T'Loak arrives on Omega, Aria is hired by the station's C-sec captain as an enforcer and quickly becomes one of more well known lieutenants, but is secretly planning to take the station for herself.

1895 CE: The quarian rebellion

The geth start showing small signs of self awareness and other species are worried about it, salarians scientists say it because of their developing hive connection and the more geth program created the more aware they'll become. The quarians know about this and didn't tell anyone because that gave them the edge against Xionan AI.

Fearing a possible geth uprising, the Citadel Council called for them to be deactivated and dismantled. This caused a division in quarian people with 40% wanting to protect the geth and the other 60% wanting to do as the council says.

This resulted into a small but intense conflict later known as the quarian rebellion, the geth systematically decided to fight with their creatures and allow the supporting quarians to pull back into their home system. Those who sided with the council were barred from creating colonies in citadel space, leave them only one planet in the terminas system the Migrant Fleet of 10,000 ships. Contrary to expectations, the geth and quarians do not venture outside their home systems into wider Citadel space, instead isolating themselves from the rest of the galaxy behind the Perseus Veil. As punishment for rebellion, the Citadel Council closes the quarian embassy on the Citadel.

1921 CE

The geth and with quarians approval begin construction of a mega-structure designed to house and simultaneously run every geth program in existence. Completion of the mega-structure, which would allow the geth to maximize their collective processing capacity, to hopefully better advance their society together.

1932 CE

An asari matriarch seeing that their military is the smallest of the four main races secretly begin funding a project called: the goddess apostles

1950 CE

The krogan attempt to find a cure for genophage but are met with problems, so they turn to the salarians and they take the job but take their time because they believe that if the genophage was cured the krogan would like reproducing without control.

1980, june 23 CE

Xionans, send a few fleets and one of the 3 remaining Motherships to the uncharted relay 314 to expand, gather resources and hopefully get a new slave race.

1980, July 18 CE

humanity makes violent first contact with the Xionans that leads to war that start pushing the human race back to earth in a 10 year campaign. What started the war was that the xionans wanted to enslave them to use them to create and harvest larger quantities of e.b-cells because human bodies are made mostly of liquid that can be Synthesized into a great amount of e.b-cells.

1984 CE

During the war, humanity was able to learn about e.b-cells and why the xionans started the war. Using the information and technology they created two special weapons, the valkyries and the armored cores using both of the weapons humanity was able to hold the xionans back at their home system sol. But even so the Xionans were ruthless in their assault and were slowly but surely still pushing through into sol.


While humanity was on it's last planet earth, the Xionan fleets sent to conquer the humans were on it's last leg, with only one fleet remaining. The battle for earth lasted for a month. In a last ditch effort both species planned for one final battle to end the war, humanity planning a full assault on the Xionan Mothership and the Xionans planning to use experimental mind control tech to quell humanity. During the final battle earth's last fleet and the Xionan Mothership was pushed to their utmost limits on the attack, but the Xionans Mothership was to strong and started tearing into the defense fleet but the human fleet were able to do enough damage to allow boarding parties to assault the ship from the inside resulting in a small war for the ship itself.

At the height of the battle the Xionan were in the final steps of mind control machine, but one of human forces caught wind of this and made move for the machine. In a last ditch effort the xionans diverted most of the ships power to MC machine but a Valkyrie was able reach the machine to try and take it out but was only able to get one shot at causing the machine to go haywire. In a desperate attempt the xionans activated the MC machine, but there were two problems with that.

The first is using a machine that's damaged is never a good idea, second in they're rush, they poured most of the ship remaining power into the machine making it malfunction even more and overload ,but what it worse was during this time that the push was made in that the core of the ship and it ended with the core damage and started overloading and combined with it power being rewired start a chain ration which resulted in the ship slowly breaking apart and falling towards earth.

The remaining earth force started to evacuate as many as possible while some stayed to cover them, but what neither side know was MC machine was still somewhat functional when it detonating like a nuclear bomb in earth's atmosphere and the mind control machine released a wave over half the planet but instead of having humanity servants of the Xionans it wiped their memories of the past 100 years.

2000 CE

The drell make first contact with the hanar around this time. With their homeworld Rakhana severely depleted and no spaceflight capability, the drell were poised for a massive population crash by 2025 CE. Agreeing to help, the hanar mount a large-scale rescue operation and evacuate approximately 375,000 drell to their own homeworld, Kahje, over the following decade. The remaining 11 billion drell on Rakhana gradually perish, warring over the last reserves of food and water.

2003 CE

After the war,earth was scared, many areas around the world became either ruins or deserts and from the Xionan ships that fell into the ocean some were carrying kaiju eggs that hatched years later and roam random areas of the planet, what's worse, humanity had lost it memories of the first contact war and it time in space, which led to them becoming divided into three factions while also believing that the valkyries are angels and e.b-cells are magic because nobody could explain them at the time.

Though it is ironic that they all have to share one huge metropolis which is also separated into three main areas with the center being a metropolis containing super structures called haven spheres.

The three factions:

Valkyrien republic: a matriarchy lead by the best and brightest valkyries that believe that because of they strength and abilities, they are the chosen ones that are supposed to guide humanity in prosperous future

Templar union: an imperialistic society lead by the first ever male Valkyrie which he name changed to templar and believes because is the first male to harness e.b-cells he is the true chosen lead humanity to perfection

Military guard: the guard didn't start as a faction, at first they mostly as an independent police force until they discovered some of humanity's post war tech and slowly grow in power by expanding into more of a military and add a civilian workforce that handled construction, farming, medical and are the faction who mostly focuses on expanding solidifying their territory than their influence.

2004 CE

The military guards new gain in power along with its newly acquired the technology for armored cores and how valkyries started joining after seeing how strong the MG's first and only ever Valkyrie became and especially the new area reclamation projects to start expanding around the globe, this causes a political war because the other two factions think its just them trying to take over, even when the guard has shown now signs of doing so, going so far as to share the areas they've claimed which barley calms the storm.

2006 CE

Remnant surviving Xionan forces start spawning randomly across the world and start gathering any and all available weapons, resources and kaiju and preparing to take the planet.

2010 CE

During the second political war multiple attacked around the world of aliens that control advanced weapons, the kaiju and have abilities either on par or even surpassing even the strongest valkyries and even killed the templar and most of the Republic's leaders.

2010, October 15 CE

At the height of what humanity called the 'world war' the leader of the president of the military guard was killed by the leader of the Xionan forces. His daughter and first Valkyrie of the MG witness the murder and when the elder was about to kill her, she went into a berserker rage, cousing a transformation that will later called the ,blood angel, and attack the elder with every once of said rage in a fight that leveled half a city but ended with the elder dead and the rest of the Xionan forces were routed and killed.

2011 CE

After the war humanity learned a few things first: they werr not alone, second: magic isn't real, much to the MG's relief, third: looking through old ruins of Xionan and human devices they learned that not only were they a space faring race but that the Xionans were their enemies for longer then this war, and finally that they need to be a more united force if they were to even stand a chance against an advanced alien race.

2015 CE

Around the globe Humanity has started gathering human and Xionan tech to help them return to space. To present a more unified force the military guard and the remains of the Republic and union joined together to form the United Human Government. The UHG started launching satellite probes into space to see if there are ruins of human colonies on other plants and as an early warning system.

2017 CE

UHG starts to build its set of corvettes to be launched to the planets in their space in the ot finding more human ruin to study, each corvette is given a group of scientists and a marine battalion led by one Valkyrie for the missions. Colony class ships made to help prepare planets for future expansion are into construction.

2018 CE

BepiColombo â First satellite probe arrives to Mercury, human ruins found

2022 CE

Juice â First satellite probe arrives to Jupiter, human ruins found

2030 CE

The first ever true AI is created named Eva and is shown to be completely sentient and thus AI's were introduced to the world.

2035 CE

Research into project 'asgardians' is put into fruition.

2069 CE

July 20: the Armstrong Outpost at Shackleton Crater is formally founded as the first human settlement on Luna.

2070 CE

A billionaire named Victor Manswell, wants to be part of humanities space exploration, begins funding his own private spaceflight expedition.

2075 CE

The Manswell Expedition successfully launches from Earth en route to the Alpha Centauri system with 300 colonists aboard in cryogenic stasis. Communications with the vessel are lost soon after.

2077 CE

Liara T'Soni is born.

2084 CE

50 candidates are scouted for the asgardian project

2103 CE

A UHG Space Agency's Lowell City in Eos Chasma becomes the first permanent human settlement on Mars.

2125 CE

The yahg, an intelligent pre-spaceflight race, are discovered on the planet Parnack. Ambassadors representing the Citadel Council arrive on the planet and attempt to open diplomatic contact. After the ambassadors are killed by the predatory yahg, the Council ceases all contact with the yahg and declares Parnack off-limits.

Not long after the yahg are discovered, one yahg is captured for the Shadow Broker to study. With the Broker's assistance, the yahg rapidly ascends within the Broker's organization as "Operative Kechlu". Eventually, the Broker becomes wary of "Operative Kechlu" and attempts to have him terminated, but the order is sent too late. The yahg assumes the mantle of the Shadow Broker and directs the organization for the next sixty years.

2127 CE

The asgardians (basically male valkyries) are introduced to the public, many try others to sign up for the program.

2129 CE

Alec Ryder is born.

2134 CE

Steven Hackett is born.

2137 CE

David Anderson is born.

2139 CE

Saren Arterius is born.

Kahlee Sanders is born.

2143 CE

Construction of Gagarin Station (Jump Zero) begins beyond the orbit of Pluto.

2146 CE

Thane Krios is born.

2147 CE

Trace amounts of element zero are discovered on Mars.

2148 CE: Humanity rediscovers Mass Effect Physics

Humanity discovers a small cache of advanced Prothean technology hidden deep beneath the surface of Mars in the south polar region of Promethei Planum. Combining the remnants of this long extinct race with their own, humans explore the science of mass effect fields, leading to the development of faster than light travel and beginning detailed exploration of the Sol system.

2149 CE

Following information from the translated data cache on Mars, humans discover that Charon, Pluto's moon, is actually a massive piece of dormant Prothean technology, a mass relay, encased in ice. Once activated, Jon Grissom leads the first team of explorers through the relay, which instantaneously transports them to another relay in Arcturus, 36 light-years away. The explorers discover that the mass relays are part of a vast network, making travel across the galaxy possible but also see its limited to only within the network so work into other forms of FTL as to not to rely on the relays in the future.

2150 CE

Miranda Lawson is born.

The UHG begins the first surveys for colonization prospects outside the Sol System. One of these surveys discovers the planet Terra Nova.

2151 CE

To defend its expanding territory, humanity begins constructing a massive military fleet and space station at Arcturus, the nexus of several key mass relays, even though they have yet to encounter another intelligent spacefaring race.

Using schematics for humanity's first space age to create Android's for both construction and to let AI interact better with humans and grow closer as created and created.

An accident at Singapore International Spaceport exposes hundreds of humans to dust-form element zero. Roughly 30% of the children born in Singapore after element zero exposure suffer from cancerous growths but use of new medical technology to remove the growths and obtaining a new generation with biotics potential candidates. It's also shown the thous with biotic potential can't become valkyries. After his mother is exposed during the accident, Kaidan Alenko is born later that year with biotic potential.

2152 CE

The Delta Pavonis Foundation, a major consortium based on Earth, begins settlement of humanity's first extra-solar colony world, the planet Demeter. Later that year, additional colonies are founded on Eden Prime and Terra Nova.

Thane Krios is submitted for training as an assassin under the hanar.

2154 CE

April 11: Jan and John Shepard are born. John show's potential to be an asgardian and Jan a biotic.

There is a second publicized accident involving the exposure of humans to element zero.

2155 CE

Omni gel is created.

Saren Arterius is promoted to active service in the turian military at the age of 16.

The UHG occupies completed portions of Arcturus Station, intended to become the humans headquarters.

Jeff "Joker" Moreau is born.

2156 CE

Arcturus Station is formally inaugurated.

Attempts to enhance biotic abilities are met with little results.

Kai Leng is born.

2157 CE

Pluto's orbit becomes circularized as a result of mass relay operations.

Jacob Taylor is born.

David Anderson graduates from Officer Candidate School with the rank of Second Lieutenant.

2169 CE

Construction of the leviathan class supercarrier is put into action but is kept secret until completion

Council Era - Advent of Humanity (2157 CE - 2183 CE)

2157 CE: second Contact is made

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