Chapter 1

Well this is a story that's been up in my mind for awhile now. Not sure why it was, but it stayed enough that I wrote a chapter or two of this. If enough people like this, I may continue this story along with the others I have.

In a rather luscious home, a teenage girl was combing her hair in preparation for her dinner meet up with her boyfriend. The girl was quite attractive for her age, her hair was a lovely black color and her blue eyes were like oceans, clear and glean brightly if looked at the right way. To many, she was simply a girl that had rich parents, but unknown to most, this girl was a super, a group of gifted humans that were born with super human abilities such as flight and super strength. Her power was the ability to go invisible and create force fields. And her name was Violet Parr, daughter to the famous Mr. Incredible and Elastigirl, some of the best superheroes in their time. And as stated before, she was getting ready for her dinner meetup with her boyfriend, Tony Ryder, a non-super. They've been dating for some time now and her parents have decided it was time to see Tony for themselves, see if he's right for their daughter. So, they asked Violet to invite Tony over for dinner tonight, something she agreed to. Despite already having a good opinion on him already, due to calling in some favors from the government, they wanted to get to know him more personally. When she told him about it, Tony was onboard and told her that he'll see her tonight.

Violet was humming to herself as she combed her hair, wanting to look as best as possible for tonight. Once she was satisfied with how her hair looked, she left the bathroom and walked to the kitchen, where her mother was cooking while her dad was helping Dash, her younger brother who had the power of super speed, with his homework while her other brother, a baby by the name of Jack-Jack, who had a myriad of powers, a rare trait, played with his food.

"So, you guys won't threaten him or anything, right mom?" Violet asked, not wanting a repeat of last time. Her mother, Helen Parr, also known as Elastigirl in her superhero persona, just shook her head at that.

"Relax, Violet. We're not going to do that." Helen said as she cooked. "He seems like a good person and a good boyfriend. Even Bob approves of him." Hearing the conversation, Bob, aka Mr. Incredible, gave a nod of agreement before going back to work with Dash, who snickered as he remembered that day. Giving her little brother a glare for that, she looked back at her mom.

"Okay good." Violet said. "I just want this to go well. He means a lot to me, mom." Shaking her head a bit at that, Helen put the food in the stove before looking at her daughter.

"Don't worry about us, sweetie." Helen said, giving her daughter a small smile. "It'll go well, I promise." Smiling gratefully, Violet was about to say thank you when the door bell rang. Believing it was Tony, Violet went to the door. Opening it, she saw it was indeed Tony, patiently waiting for her. His kind brown eyes giving her reassurance that this will all go well.

"Hey Violet." Tony said with a smile. "Sorry, if I'm a bit early. My parents decided to close early today. Something about my dad having to do something."

"Its okay." Violet said with a smile, letting him in. "Dinner is almost ready. We can talk with my parents while its cooking." Tony nodded in agreement.

"Sure. The purpose of this dinner is to meet your parents and get their approval. So, might as well do it now." With that, the two went to the living room and started with Bob, who had finished with Dash and his homework.

"Good to see you again, Mr. Parr." Tony said, bringing out his hand, which Bob took and shook with respect.

"Same to you." Bob said with a small smile, liking the boy's attitude so far. "I trust that you're taking care of my daughter well."

"Of course. She's pretty cool." Tony said. Bob nodded at that, satisfied. "I hope that I could gain your approval. As well as your wife's." Bob just chuckled a bit at that.

"Don't worry. We already have a good opinion on you. I'm sure you won't ruin it." Relief filled Tony when he heard that.

"I won't let you down sir." Bob nodded again and excused himself to help Helen with the food. Once they were alone, he spoke to his wife.

"He's a nice boy. Violet chose well." Helen let out a snort upon hearing that.

"Oh? Finally decided to approve of him?" Helen teased as she brought out the food. "Last I checked, you were thinking of way to intimidate him and hurt him if he ever hurt Violet." Bob just smirked at this, knowing that she was telling the truth.

"Oh come on." Bob said, playing along. "Every parent would do that. You even helped brainstorm some of them." Shaking her head at that, she continued.

"Yeah, but I stopped after the third date. You only stopped two days ago." She then began filling the plates up with food. "Hope he likes chicken breast with rice."

"Don't worry honey, I'm sure he'll find it appetizing." Bob then began to carry the plates of food to the dinner table. Once that was all done, he called everyone to the dinner table. Once everyone was at the table and began eating, Bob and Helen began to speak to Tony.

"So, what do you think of the food Tony?" Helen asked. Tony just sampled her food again before giving his verdict.

"Its great, Miss Parr. About as good as my own mothers'." Tony said. Helen just smiled at this, happy that he liked her cooking.

"Come now, Tony. You didn't need to say that I'm as good as your mothers."

"Oh no, miss Parr. My mom wouldn't be offended. In fact, she admitted she never cooked until she had me. If you ask me, you could give her some pointers." Helen, surprised at this a bit, just smiled.

"Well, I'll be more than happy to meet her someday." Tony just chuckled at that.

"About that, Miss Parr. One of the reasons I came is to invite you over to the Happy Platter next week this Sunday. Your entire family in fact." Everyone stopped eating and looked at Tony. Seeing that he had their attention, he explained.

"You see, my parents decided it was time that we all get to know each other better. So, they asked me to extend an invite to you guys for a family dinner at the Happy Platter next Saturday. Is that fine?" Bob and Helen just looked at each other and shrugged. They didn't have much to do that day. Plus, it'll be nice to get to know their potentially future-in-laws.

"Why not?" Said Bob with a smile. "We'd love to come and attend. It'll be nice to see your parents." Tony just smiled at that, pleased, before saying they'll be happy to hear that. With that, everyone resumed eating their food. Once they finished up, Tony spent some time with Violet, going over some homework that they needed to finish for a class they both held.

"You sure?" Asked Violet as she read his report. It was a paper about the D-Day landing. "This seems a little too detailed. Not that there's anything wrong with that." Tony just smiled as he scratched his head.

"I'll admit, my granddad helped with this a bit. He participated in it, after all." Violet just nodded in understanding upon hearing that.

"Well, that gives you an unfair advantage. You okay if I take a couple of notes? I won't copy or anything." Tony just shook his head.

"I got no problem with it. Its just some pointers after all. Besides, you're a smart girl. You'll figure out a way." Nodding gratefully, Violet took some notes for her own paper. Once she was done, the two decided to look out the window of the house that the Parrs are staying in. It was the same house that Winston Deavor had given them during their time working with them. After the whole incident with his sister, Winston gave them the house as an apology as well as covering costs to repair the house after the scuffle with the mind-controlled heroes. They still kept in contact with him, albeit limited, and the man still seemed guilty about what happened, though they insisted that it wasn't his fault, but his sisters'. Nowadays, aside from running his company and helping heroes whenever he can, Winston keeps an eye on his sister, making sure she serves her full time and can't bribe anyone for an early release.

"Quite a beautiful house, you got here." Commented Tony as they watched the moon in its full glory. Violet just nodded as she put her head on his shoulder. "But not as beautiful as you." Violet just rolled her eyes at that.

"Cheesy lines like that won't work on me, Tony." Tony just chuckled at that.

"Yeah, I know. I just wanted to say it." The two starred at the moon for a few more minutes before Tony decided that he needed to leave. "Well, I got to go. Don't want my mom to get worried now." With that, Violet escorted her boyfriend to the door with the rest of her families waiting there. After saying his good byes, Tony put a kiss on Violet's cheek before leaving. With him out of the way, Bob let out a sigh.

"He's a good boy." Said Bob as he looked at his daughter, proudly. "You picked a good one, Violet. I hope you both get married and live a good life." Violet just blushed before nodding her head. Helen then spoke to her.

"You ready to meet his parents, Violet?" Asked Helen. Violet just nodded.

"It couldn't be hard, right?" Asked Violet with a smile. "It's just two parents. What could go wrong?"


Tony's house

"Mom! Dad! I'm home!" Yelled Tony as he closed the door to his home. "Sorry that it took so long. I wanted to spend more time with Violet." After he put his jacket on a hook near the door, he walked over to the living room, where he spotted his mother reading an old book, carefully maintained to keep some semblance of readability. Once he entered the living room, his mother looked up at him.

If Tony wasn't so used to seeing her, he would have been taken aback by his mother's beauty. It seemed age hadn't taken away from it at all. She still looked the same as when she had him. Her pale skin, along with her dark brown eyes, gave her an allure of mystery that not a lot of women Tony knew can pull off. Her short black hair was neatly combed and framed her face, ending just below her shoulders on one side and above on the other. All that, combined with a slender figure that most ladies will kill for, made a lot of people scratching their heads on how such a beautiful woman was a mother to a middle schooler, especially since she looked to be in her twenties still. Tony got those questions a lot at school, along with questions on how she was his mother since they look nothing alike. He usually just shrugged and answered as best he could. To be honest, he was wondering how his mother was so beautiful as well.

"Maybe she's a super." Thought Tony as his mother spoke.

"Its alright, Tony." Said his mother as she put her book away and placed her hands on her lap. "Its good for you to spend time with your girlfriend. She might be your future wife, you know." Tony just blushed at that. Though he wasn't against the idea of being Violet's husband.

"Yeah. She isn't like the other girls, mom." Said Tony as he sat on a chair next to the one his mom was using. "She's passionate, caring, and a genuine nice person. I feel like she loves me for who I am, not what I have." His mom nodded at that.

"I have a feeling that is true. And that's a good thing." Said his mom with a small smile. "I'd rather not have a talk with her parents, like the last few." Tony just chuckled nervously when he heard that along with the slight threating tone she used when she said it. "Anyway, I'm looking forward to seeing her and her family next Saturday." Tony smiled at that.

"That's great, mom. Is dad going to be there?" His mother just pursed her lips at that, slightly hesitant on answering, before speaking.

"He'll try and be there." Tony, upon hearing that, sighed, slightly disappointed at the answer. Trying to cheer her son up, his mother promised to speak to his father about it. "I'll talk to him later tonight. It won't be much, but I'll try and make him go that day."

"Thanks mom." Said Tony. "I just wanted the Parrs to know both of you at the same time. Your nice people and they should know it." His mother smiled at that.

"They will." She said before getting up. "Alright, time to do your homework, young man. After that, you have sometime to do whatever you're comfortable with." Tony just smiled before leaving for his room. Once he was out of her sights, his mother sighed before going over to her and her husband's room. After she closed the door, she went to her bed and looked underneath.

"I need to speak to that man now."Thought Tony's mother before she found what she was looking for, an orb the shape of an eye that was the color of ashes. Slightly squeezing it, she was surrounded by a circle of light and she disappeared.


In a dark, secluded part of a forest, a man was fighting two other men. But these combatants seemed out of place. For one, they all wore knight armor that was nothing like those from the history books. Two combatants had strange, but very intimidating, armor that had a skeletal design for the chest and legs. The mask they wore was in the shape of a human skull, permanently in a sneer, as if the wearer was looking down at their opponent, thinking them weak. The last one wore a more traditional looking set of armor yet was very different. For one, the all the metal plating was segmented and had golden lining and marking all over in it in a delicate fashion. It was as if the person who designed this armor was going for looks as well as functionality. Lastly the armor came with a blood red cape that had a golden dragon on it.

Another thing was that, in an age of guns, only one was using a gun while the others were just using swords, though it should be noted that a sword was strapped on the back of the one using a gun along with a shield. The last thing of note was that the ones without guns were zombie-like, their faces were dehydrated and slightly decomposed. Despite that, they were still capable swordsmen as they swung their swords with skills that only experience and training can give, growling as they did so. The third combatant was stoic as he dodges a swing from one before aiming his shotgun at its face. Pulling the trigger, the shotgun round blasted a hole through its face. The body then fell due to the force of the shot. As the gun-wielding knight was about to face his other opponent, the zombie-like combatant kicked him in the chest, sending him flying to a tree. Sensing his foe was weak, the being charged in, sword in the air. Recovering from the attack, the other knight was about to block the strike when his foe was hit with a black fireball, knocking him away. The skull faced knight growled in anger and was about to get up when it was hit with another fireball. Before he could recover from the 2nd attack, he was hit once again but this time by a dark cloud of bugs, which began to chew and nibble his flesh from chinks of his armor. Yet despite that, it got up and looked for its attack, seeing that it was Tony's mother, who was preparing to throw another black fireball at him. Hissing at her, it ran up to her and was about to make a swing at her when he was stabbed through the side of his stomach with a sword that was followed up with several pistol rounds fired through his throat. Letting out a dying hiss, the knight went limp and fell to the ground. Seeing the danger gone, the last remaining knight looked at Tony's mother.

"Karla, shouldn't you be at home." Said the knight, his voice strained from fighting his opponents. The woman just rolled her eyes at that.

"None of that, dear, I came because I need to speak to you about our son." Said Karla. Hearing that, the knight looked at his wife, concern filling him as he wondered what she wanted to speak about regarding their son. Seeing that she had his attention, the woman spoke again. "Its regarding our dinner meeting with his girlfriend's family. Remember that?" Once he nodded, she continued. "Well, he would be sorely disappointed if you weren't there to meet with her parents as well as meeting her for the first time. So, can you make an effort to be there?" The knight just sighed at that, knowing that Karla wanted to make Tony happy and so did he.

"I want to be a hundred percent sure that I'll be there, Karla, but these dark wraiths." The knight began to examine the dead bodies. "They've been more active as of late. Something is provoking them to come out from whatever abyss that they've made a home out of. And they've been only coming out here, according to my contacts. I need to figure it out." Karla sighed upon hearing that.

"Can't you get Eygon or Sirris to investigate this? They're more than capable of figuring it out themselves." The knight just shook his head.

"Eygon is too busy taking care of Irina to do so and Sirris has her hands full with dealing with the mound makers. And both Anri and Siegward are busy with Rosaria's fingers to come here. So, I'm on my own. I can't ask anyone to come here. *Sighs* I'm sorry, Karla, but I might not be able to attend that dinner night." Upon hearing that, Karla let out a sight. Much as she wanted to berate her husband and throw a black fire orb at him, she knew the importance of his other job and, as much as she wanted to deny it as well, it was far more important than a dinner night with their future in laws.

"Just…make an effort to be there. He'll be disappointed that you're not there. And so will the others." The knight just nodded his head.

"I'll try." Upon finishing his examination, the man began to limp to his wife. "Take us back home. Hopefully Tony won't notice me before I go to the bonfire." Upon examining her husband, she saw that he was bleeding from his midsection and his right leg. Concerned, she went over and helped support him, bringing his right arm over her neck.

"There were more, weren't there?" The knight simply nodded before bringing out a dull green flask.

"Had to use all my estus just to stay alive. As I said, the Dark wraiths are getting more and more active. I'm not sure if I can stop them all before, they reach a populated area. And everyone else is too busy with other problems." Karla just closed her eyes at that.

"Perhaps its time to go and ask the governments and supers to help. Our numbers were never great and our ranks are slowly dwindling as more go hollow. We can't keep the secret anymore." The knight just nodded his head in agreement.

"I'll tell Yorshka as soon as I can. Hopefully she'll listen." Karla sighed at that.

"That stubborn half-breed better listen this time, Ashen one, or else she'll face an unhappy witch." With that, Karla brought out a bone and crushed it. Soon, they disappeared in a gust of wind.