Chapter 5


In some tall building somewhere, people were going about their business, talking with each other or handing each other documents. As this was happening, a white circle began to form on the fifth highest floor of the building. From it came Eygon and he was in a hurry. Once he was fully materialized, he began running towards the stairs, pushing away people, who gasped out in surprise, not at the sight of the man in old armor, but because he was in a hurry.

"Out of my way!" Yelled Eygon as he barreled past people as they moved away from the knight. "Get me that bloody half breed god! My friends and wife are in danger!" Finding the stairs, Eygon barreled through them and reached the very top of the building. Barreling through the door, Eygon entered the top floor, moving towards a particular room on the floor. As he was barreling through, he prayed that he could get help before it was too late.


Happy platter

"Who shall I kill first?" Asked the woman as she examined her blade before looking at the Parrs and Ryders. Walking towards them, she ignored the glares given to her by Bob, Helen, and Karla. Looking at all of them, the woman looked at the baby, who was crying for his parents as he was being held by one of the men with old armor. "Perhaps the baby first? What do you think?" She then placed her blade on Jak-Jak's neck, causing Bob to glare and everyone else to look at her in horror.

"You do that, and I'll tear you to pieces!" Yelled Bob, hiding his fear at her harming his son. The woman just chuckled at that.

"You try to show anger at me, but I can see through it." Said the woman as she momentarily pulled her blade away. "You're afraid of me killing your child. As any father worth a damn should." She then looked at Tony. "What about your father, boy? He's not here and he's the main event. Perhaps we should give him some incentive to show himself and to see if he's an actual man worthy of being a parent or not." She then walked over to Tony, where the men holding him lifted him up, allowing her to aim her blade's tip at his throat. Seeing this Violet begged the woman to stop.

"Please stop!" Yelled Violet, tears forming in her face. "Don't do this! Have a heart!"

"A heart?" Asked the woman as she prepared to thrust her sword at Tony's throat, the boy scared for his life and was hyperventilating. "I lost it when this boy's father killed my sisters and nearly drove my church to extinction!" With that, she was about to thrust the sword at the boy's throat when a gunshot rang out in everyone's ears. The woman scream out in pain as she was hit in the arm holding her sword, forcing her to drop it from the sudden pain. Several more gunshots rang out and men holding Karla, Helen, and Bob fell down, holes in their heads.

"You leave them all alone!" Yelled out as a man came through the open door way leading to the Happy Platter's kitchen. To the Parrs' and Tony's shock, he wore ancient knight armor with a red cape. In his hand was a sniper rifle. And he was holding it like it was an assault rifle. On his back was a giant sword. Firing again, the knight fired on the knight holding Tony, deafening everyone's ears with the gunshot, before reloading and firing the one holding Dash, all in three seconds. Tossing the gun away, the knight then brought out a large, two-handed, rusty sword, and charged at the remaining men, who all charged at the knight.

"Argh!" Yelled the woman as she looked at her bleeding arm before bringing out a orange flask and drinking it with her helmet on. Once she drank it, her bleeding arm, to the shock of the Parrs' and Tony, healed up completely, closing up until no evidence of a gunshot was there. Grabbing her sword, the woman was about to swing at the nearest person near her, Violet, when Bob tackled her, sending her flying towards a booth, crashing into it.

"That's for threatening my son!" Yelled Bob before looking at the men fighting the knight. To his amazement, despite being outnumbered by about ten, the knight was holding his own, killing one of the men in white church garb and two of the men in strange armor. Yet it was clear that he was growing tired fighting so many at once. If he didn't get any help soon, he'll die. Biting his lip, Bob looked at Helen and nodded. Looking at the floor, Helen realized that Bob had the right idea. They had to use their powers now or else no one will get out of this alive. Although it might ruin Violet's chances with Tony, unless he and his family can keep a secret, they had no choice. This was a do or die situation.

With that in mind, Helen stretched her arms around the last man in church garb, wrapping them around him, before pulling him away from the knight. She then flung him through a window, sending him flying towards the parking lot for the Happy Platter. Bob then grabbed a nearby table, ripped it off the ground, and threw it at two men that were trying to outflank the knight, sending them crashing towards the floor.

"Violet!" Yelled Helen as she and Bob stood between their family and the Ryders from the men in dark armor, some of which turned towards them, giving out load moans as they raised their left arms and emitted some sort of red shield from them. They then started to advance towards them, swords at the ready. "Put up a force field and go!" Upon hearing that, Violet looked at her mother in shock.

"But!" Started Violet before an arrow embedded itself near her hand, causing her to yelp. On instinct, she put up a barrier around her, Dash, Jak-Jak, and the Ryders. Just in time as a volley of arrows hit her barrier. They would have skewered them all if she hadn't raised it in time.

"Kill them all!" Yelled the woman with the dress as she recovered from being tackled by Bob. Around her, were reinforcements in the form of four more men in white church garbs. "Disable their powers first. They'll be easy prey then!" Acting on those orders, two of the four men, brought out small church bells and placed them near their mouths. A dark purple shield then formed around the men before they exploded into several purple circles that spread throughout the whole restaurant. As soon as they hit Violet's barrier, it dissipated, much to her shock.

Attempting to do it again, Violet couldn't summon her powers again. As she attempted again, Tony cried out for Violet to watch out. Looking up, Violet saw one of those men with skull-like masks charging at her, one of its hands lit up with light. Too close for her to dodge, Violet could just watch as its hand came bearing down towards her. Just before it could grab her face, a loud gunshot was heard and the man came crashing down at his side, a hole in his head.

"You!" Yelled the knight as he pointed at Karla. "Get the kids out of here!" He then tossed the rifle in his hand away as another man with a skull mask charged at him, sword eager for blood. Rolling out of the way of a sword swing, the knight grabbed the sword on his back and parried a blow from the man. As he did so, he suddenly got a jab in his torso from another man wearing a skull mask, his sword finding a chick in his segmented torso armor. Yelling out in pain, the knight slammed his free hand into the one that stabbed him, dazing him a bit before headbutting his sword locked opponent, dazing them too. He then sliced the head off of his first opponent before jabbing his giant sword at his 2nd opponent's heart, killing them both. Seeing this, Karla grabbed Tony and Jak-Jak, whom cried as she did so.

"Come children!" Yelled Karla, heart churning for the knight, knowing who he was. Beckoning Dash and Violet to follow her, the two tried to protest when Bob yelled out. "We must leave for safety."

"Do it!" Yelled Bob as he locked horns with another man in ancient armor and a skull mask. He disarmed the man before and was now locking arms with him. To his great surprise, the man was able to match his super strength with ease. "Get out of here!" So distracted with looking at his kids as he said this, Bob was left vulnerable to an man in church garb bringing out a crossbow and aiming a cross bolt at his head. He was about to fire when Helen kicked him in the head and wrapped her arms around it like a snake. She then tossed him out a window and out of the fight for a moment.

Looking at their parents in concern, the two children nonetheless left with Karla, Tony, and Jak-Jak, leaving their parents and the knight to face off all the men and that woman, who watched them leave. Clinking her tongue, the woman looked at the knight, bleeding from his torso as he fought two more men with skull masks.

"Revenge will be mine today." Thought the woman as she charged at the knight, eager for blood.


Back entrance of the Happy Platter

"We should stay and help them!" Yelled Dash as the kids and Karla made out of the restaurant via the back entrance. Upon hearing that, Karla glared at the boy.

"And do what exactly, young man?" Questioned Karla as she let go of her son, who just laid on the ground, completely stunned at what he all just witnessed. Namely his near-death experience, the fact that his girlfriend was a super, and that a knight in armor came to save them all. Violet, seeing this, knelt before him and laid a hand on his shoulder. Feeling this, he looked at Violet and smiled weakly at her, who also smiled weakly back. "Those men are more than twice your height and weight. They'll toss you around like a twig." Dash just glared at Karla, who glared back.

"It'd be better than running away like babies!" Yelled Dash, wanting to go back and help their parents to fight those guys. Sighing in irritation at Dash, Karla tried her best to hold Jak-Jak as he cried, scared and wanting his mommy.

"Sometimes running away is the best option, boy." Said Karla as she tried to comfort Jak-Jak, knowing what to do to comfort babies. But no matter what she did, the boy still cried, obviously for his own mother and her safety, something that Karla understood. "To live to fight another day, we have to run away from our enemies. No matter how distasteful it may sound." Dash, despite that wisdom, just continued to glare.

"I'm going back to help them." Declared Dash. Before Karla could react, Dash then quickly left them in a flash. And quite literally a flash. One moment he was there and the next he was gone, a gush of wind blowing through Karla's and Violet's hair.

"That insufferable brat." Said Karla, glaring at the door that Dash used to go back into the fight. Sighing, she then walked over to Violet and gave her Jak-Jak. "I need to get Irina out of there along with your brother. Can I trust you to run away and get help?" Violet, widening her eyes at that, along with Tony, shook her head.

"Mrs. Ryder. You can't leave us." Said Violet as she held Jak-Jak. "Who knows how many of those guys are waiting around the perimeter!" Karla just sighed at that, knowing that she was right.

"Then hide in the meat locker." Said Karla. "They most likely won't suspect you to be there." She then looked at her son and placed hand on his cheek. "I know this is hard, my boy, but this needs to be done. Don't worry about me. I can take care of myself." Tony, knowing that his mother can take care of herself, still protested. She never fought to his knowledge and he didn't want to lose her.

"Please don't go." Said Tony, tearing up. "I don't want to lose you." It broke Karla's heart to see her boy tearing up. She wanted to take him into her arms and comfort him, but she knew that it had to be done. Besides, she was more than capable of dealing with Darkwraiths and those fools that woman brought. Perhaps it was time to reveal her secret.

"Don't worry about me." Said Karla as she put a hand on Tony's face. "There's a lot of things you don't know about me, son. Things that I had to keep from you." She then let go and was about to head inside when she sensed something behind them. Pushing the children aside, Karla was then immediately impaled at the chest by a large sword. The same sword that the Darkwraiths used.

"Mom!" Yelled Tony out in horror as his mother was lifted off the ground by the Darkwraith, who growled as he did so. His compatriot, another Darkwraith, hissed as he spotted the children. Bringing up a hand, he then surrounded it with light and approached the children while his compatriot tossed Karla out of his sword and to a wall, freeing his blade.

Gasping out in horror as the two men approached them, Violet tried to activate her powers, only for them to now work. Whatever thing the church men used to nullify her powers were still in effect. She looked at Jak-Jak and saw that he too couldn't activate his powers, causing him to cry in confusion and fear. Seeing now way to successfully run from the two men, Violet looked at Tony and held him tightly along with Jak-Jak, completely afraid for the first time in her life. This wasn't like facing the Omni-droid or Evelyn's mind-controlled supers. Those times she had her family or had a chance to win. With her powers gone, she couldn't fend off two strong adults by herself. So, she held her boyfriend tightly as he registered her fear. Holding her tightly as well, he glared at the men they made their way towards them. If anything, it would prevent him from seeing his mother's corpse.

Lifting their glowing hands, the Darkwraiths were about to snatch them all up when several pillars of red hot magma separated them from the children. Stunned, the two Darkwraiths looked to see Karla, still bleeding from her chest, slammed a giant black sword at them, cutting them in half.

As the Darkwraiths disappeared into dust, Karla panted as she bled from her chest. Placing a hand to her wound, the hand then glowed. Soon it stopped and Karla removed her hand, revealing her wound was completely gone. All that was left was the hole that was made by the blade on her dress shirt. Sighing in relief, Karla then went over to the children as they looked at her in disbelief.

"Mom?" Asked Tony, completely stupefied that his mother was still alive. He thought she was dead from being stabbed in the chest and tossed across a wall. Yet here she was, completely fine. And had summoned a giant black sword to kill the Darkwraiths. Karla just let out a small smile as she knelt before Tony, Violet, and Jak-Jak.

"That's one of my many secrets, Tony." Said Karla before embracing them all. "Once this is all over, I'll tell you everything, but first, I have to save your girlfriend's family, my husband, and Irina." She then let go of them and snapped her fingers. Once she did, her clothes then changed right before their eyes, morphing into darker clothing that was raggedy and dirty. From the dark dress shirt and pants she wore during the dinner, Karla now wore a raggedy coat-dress hybrid with fingerless gloves with leather wrappings around them. Widening their eyes at this, the children were speechless as Karla snapped her fingers again and an old pointed witch hat appeared out of nowhere and landed on top of Karla's head.

Adjusting it, Karla then spoke to the kids.

"Like I said, I'll tell you later." Said Karla with a sad smile on her face. "But first, some people must be taught a lesson." She then went back inside to confront those that dared to hurt her family. Once she left, Tony and Violet looked at each other in stupor, completely stupefied at what they had just witnessed.

Happy platter

Ashen One

"Let go of her!" Yelled the Ashen one as he sliced the throat of a man in church garb, spilling blood all over his helmet by doing so. He then grabbed a throwing knife and threw it at a Darkwraith that tried to strangle Helen to death. The knife pierced the thin armor protecting his neck, finding it's way to dark flesh. Despite this wound, the Darkwraith continued to strangle Helen as she tried to escape it's clutches. Bob, seeing this, yelled out in concern for his wife. He tried to help her but four Darkwraiths dogpiled him and tried to stab him to death, only for their swords to break as they hit the tough skin of Mr. Incredible. Trying to break free, Bob couldn't do but watch as his wife was losing the battle to stay conscious.

As the air deprived Helen was about lose consciousness, a blur suddenly hit the legs of the Darkwraith causing it to go it's knees in shock. The blur returned, this time hitting the torso of the Darkwraith. The hits were so much that the Darkwraith eventually let go of Helen, who gasped out, greedily taking in as much air as she could possibly take.

Growling at the hits, the Darkwraith eventually braced itself as the blur continued to hit it from different angles. After one side, the blur moved around to hit another side. He kept doing this over and over until eventually the Darkwraith reached out and grabbed the source of the blur.

"Let go!" Yelled Dash as he flared around as the Darkwraith glared at him. Gathering light in his free hand, the Darkwraith was about to latch it on Dash when the Ashen one came and rammed his sword into his throat, killing him. Slamming the body into the floor, the Ashen one ripped his sword free of the body and looked at Dash, struggling to get out of the Darkwraith's grip. Just as the Ashen one was about to help Dash free, he suddenly got a sword rammed into his gut. Looking down at the sword, he felt a body, a womans', pressed on his armor and someone whispering in his ear.

"This is for my sisters." Said the woman that lead this attacked as she pulled her sword before stabbing the Ashen One again, piercing his armor like it was nothing. This stab caused the Ashen one to cough up blood, splattering his helmet with blood. "Know that it was Liliane of the Sable Church that finally killed you permanently." Before the woman can finish the Ashen one, she was blasted with a black fireball, engulfing her in black flames. Screaming out in pain and shock, the woman let go of her sword as she tried to instinctively douse the flames all over her. Distracted with this, she then got another black fireball.

"You whore!" Yelled Karla as she glared at the named woman as she was being engulfed in black flame, causing everyone to look at Karla in a witch outfit. Before anyone could do anything, Karla slammed her palms to the ground. Then, before everyone's eyes, the floor began to glow red before pillars of hot magma erupted from floor engulfing everyone with magma. Seeing this, Helen tried to shield dash but it was too late. The magma engulfed her and Dash along with everyone else on the room. To her complete shock, the magma didn't even hurt her. She couldn't even feel the hot intensity that came with magma as it touched her skin, only a warmness, but the warmness of magma, no, it was more akin to that of a warm fireplace with family. Kind and forthcoming.

This was in complete contrast to the Darkwraiths and the men in church garb began to burn up. The magma treating them completely differently from Helen and Dash. Their death screams were so loud that, despite Helen covering Dash's ears, he could still hear them as they were being burned alive by the magma. Though she covered her son's eyes, she knew that he would be scarred for life with what he just witnessed.

Eventually, all the magma went away, disappearing in an instant. Once they went away, Karla saw that the corpses of the enemy were dissipating into white particles, leaving her, her husband, and the Parrs as the only ones left of the carnage. That and the destruction from the battle that took place in the Happy Platter.

Seeing no more enemies left, Karla went towards her husband, her knight, as he laid on the ground, bleeding from all over his body, wounds from his battle with the enemy. Most of them were in his chest, but some were on his knees, where his armor was the weakest, and one on his right arm. Kneeling before him, Karla placed his head on her lap as she began to place her hands on his torso. Then her palms began to glow white. Soon circles of white light appeared before them, inscriptions on them of a strange language. They stayed for a brief moment before they disappeared. And with them, all of the Ashen one's wounds were completely healed. Once they were gone, the Ashen one looked up at his wife and smiled.

"And you say miracles are for fools." Said the Ashen one. "And yet you're here, using miracles to save me." Karla just glared at her husband.

"I may hate miracles and those that worship the gods that made them, but that doesn't mean I won't use them when the situation calls for it." Said Karla before placing her hands on his helmet, stroking it. "We need to tell the truth to the Parrs. The whole truth." The Ashen one just nodded, knowing she was right. With him fully recovered, the Ashen one got up and saw Bob going to Helen and Dash, who were recovering from the near death experiences they just had. Walking over to them, he asked if they were alright.

"Yeah, we're fine." Said Bob as he looked at the knight that saved Tony as well as his daughter. That alone made him eternally grateful to him. "Thanks for saving my daughter and her boyfriend, by the way. I'm in your debt." The Ashen one just nodded before speaking.

"Well, I can't let my son die, right? Nor his future wife." Said the Ashen one. Upon hearing that they all looked at the Ashen one in shock. Did he just say…

Chuckling a bit at their reaction, the Ashen one then lifted his helmet off of his head, revealing his face to them, causing them to widen their eyes in shock. Before them, was Tony's father, wearing ancient knight armor.

"What?" Asked Helen as she blinked in shock. Looking over at both Karla and Mr. Ryder, Helen began to form so many questions. Why they were wearing such archaic clothes? Who those people were? Who that woman was and why she hated Tony's father? And how Karla created magma from the ground. These questions swarmed her head until eventually they stopped when she saw Violet and Tony walking in, Jak-Jak in Violet's hands.

"Dad?" Asked Tony in shock at seeing his father in knight armor. Upon hearing his son's voice, the Ashen one sighed before looking at his son, a sad smile on his face.

"Hello son, I'd wanted to keep this secret for your whole life, but it seems that you must know now." Said the Ashen one as he went over to his son and hugged him. After a minute, he hugged back, hugging his father tightly with his mother walking up, a sad smile on her face as well. After another minute, the Ashen one and his son let go of each other and they, along with Karla, looked at the Parrs.

"I'm sorry that this all happened." Started Karla, an apologetic expression on her face. "Forgive me for all this." Seeing the sincerity in her apology, the Parrs looked at each other before Bob spoke up.

"We accept your apology, Mrs. Ryder." Said Bob, looking at the Ryders. The past events of the last few hours were shocking, but it wasn't enough for him to not think things through a bit. So long as they were easy and simple to do. "These…events were beyond your control. We're just glad that none of us were hurt much or worse."

"Thank you." Said the Ashen one. "And if you want to know more about what's going. Want the truth. Tell us now and we'll meet you at your home to discuss what is going on. And I promise you, we'll give you all the knowledge you need to know about those people and my past. Along with Karlas'." Upon hearing that Helen and Bob looked at each other. Knowing that they needed to know what was going on with the Ryders and who those people were, they agreed. Telling them to come to their home tomorrow night. Agreeing to that, the Ryders then allowed the Parrs to leave, promising to call the authorities about this. After the Parrs got in the car and left, Karla looked at the destruction of her family restaurant.

"This will cost a pretty penny to repair. All of it." Said Karla, looking at all the destruction with a sad expression on her face. "I thought our past wouldn't come to haunt us again. *Sighs* Wishful thinking on my part." Tony, wondering what was going on, looked at his mother and father, confusion on his face.

"Dad. Mom. What is going on!? Who were those people!?" Yelled Tony, scared. Sighing, the Ashen one hugged his son again and spoke.

"We'll explain tomorrow night. I promise son. For now, let's go home and contact the authorities." Said the Ashen one. Karla, sighing at that, then yelled out.

"Irina!" Yelled Karla. "Where are you!?" After a minute, Irina went out of the girl's restroom, holding her pregnant belly.

"Are they all gone?" Asked Irina, looking around at all the destruction. Having heard the first sounds of battle, Irina stayed in the woman's restroom, to fearful for her baby to do anything of note. Upon seeing Karla nod, she sighed in relief. "Good. My apologies for not helping, but my baby."

"It's fine Irina." Said the Ashen one. "You did the right thing. I just wish Eygon was here."

"He's here right now!" Yelled Eygon as he barged right in with a bunch of other knights, similarly dressed like him, giant hammer in his hands. Upon seeing the destruction and that it was just the Ashen one's family and Irina, he growled. Cursing himself for missing the action. "Damnit! I knew I should just come alone." Placing his hammer on his back, Eygon looked at the Ashen one and asked who it was.

"Someone from our past." Said the Ashen one, serious. "Someone we thought dead."



"*Screams* We had him right in our palms!" Yelled Liliane as she screamed out her frustrations, fully recovered from her failed assault, towards several men in church garbs. Their stances showcasing their unease with their leader's anger. "I shed his blood and was about to finish him off, but then that whore stopped me!" Slamming her fist at a nearby wall, Liliane remembered Karla and how much she wanted to tear that woman in two. "Yuria should have killed her the second she saw that little witch." Taking a deep breath, Liliane looked at her men and ordered them to leave her alone, which they did eagerly. Once they were gone, she pondered on what to do now that the Ashen one knows of her existence. And now that he knew, his entire organization will try to find her and destroy her. She needed to lay low with the church for awhile.



Parr residence

"Well, today is the day we get our answers." Said Helen as she waited for the Ryders, particular Karla and Alex, to arrive and tell them the truth. After eating their dinner, they all assembled in the living room and waited for the Ryders to tell them everything. About those men that attacked them last night. What they were. And their past. Much as a part of Helen wanted to blame them for what happened to her family on them, especially Dash, she knew that was wrong. At least for now. She didn't know anything about their pasts and what they did to deserve something like this. Once she heard everything she needed to hear, she'll judge if they're a family worth being around.

"Indeed." Said Bob, thinking the same thing as Helen, wondering if the Ryders are what he initially thought of them.

"I just hope Tony won't be affected too much with what revelations they're going to give." Said Violet as she waited with her parents and siblings. Thought given what they all witnessed last night, she doubted it'll be anything small.

"Yeah." Mumbled Dash, uncharacteristically silent. It was due to the screams he heard when Karla finished their attackers. The screams of the men as they were being burned to a crisp. It kept him up at night to the point he slept until it was noon. Because of it, Helen allowed Dash to not go to school today. Normally it would be something that Dash would celebrate, but after what happened last night, he didn't care, much to Helen's and Bob's worry. Jak-Jak just starred curiously at his mother, wondering if everything will be alright after all this.

They waited for a few more minutes until the Ryders arrived. With them was Irina and a man in knight armor, but was different from the one that Alex wore and the ones that the men that attacked them last night.

After sitting on one of the coaches, Alex Ryder looked at the Parrs and spoke.

"Let's get straight to business." Said the Ashen one as he spoke, looking at the Parrs. "About everything." He then sighed. "We'll tell you the story of our past. How we met each other. How we meet those people that attacked us last night. And why they did so." The Ashen one then sighed before telling them the whole story.