Again, thank you everyone for voting! Here are the poll results:

What should I do with Hermione?

(Result: Lots of Hermione bashing, but since the votes for Join Harry and Hermione bashing are tied, I'll mix both of them together)

Make her bad. Give us lots of Hermione bashing. (19 votes)


Make her good. Have her see the fact that books aren't everything. (9 votes)

Join Harry (19 votes)

Tolerable and neutral (4 votes)

Harry's new wand combination (Core, Core, Wood)

(Result: Basilisk venom, Phoenix tears, Blackthorn won by a landslide with 16 votes)

Dementor cloak Thestral tail hair, Yew (8 votes)

Basilisk venom, Phoenix tears, Blackthorn (16 votes)

Vampire fang, Acromantual Silk, Ash (6 votes)

Dementor Cloak, Dragon Hearstring, Acacia (1 vote)

Thunderbird feather, Root of Wormwood, Acacia (4 votes)

Familiar(s) (Max pick 5)

(Results: I chose to pick 3 more familiars for Harry, and I might have him adopt some more creatures [Cuz he's such a softie when it comes to animals] but here are the results for 3 familiars: Dark Phoenix with 15 votes, Dragon with 115 votes and Shadow Hound with 10 votes)

Blackbird (2 votes)

Bloodhound (2 votes)

Ceberus (4 votes)

Thunderbird (8 votes)

Dark Phoenix (15 votes)

Shadowhound (10 votes)

Dragon (15 votes)

Runespoor (5 votes)

Thestral (9 votes)

Owl (Specify what type of owl if you want) (6 votes)

Cat (2 votes)

Lynx (9 votes)

What Harry is acquainted with

(Results: I chose to take the top 4 results for this question. Vampires - Ally, Snakes - Ruling, Dragons - Friends, Demons - Ruling)

Vampires (17 votes)

Werewolves (9 votes)

Demons (13 votes)

Centaurs (6 votes)

Druids (5 votes)

Pixies (4 votes)

Acromantula (1 vote)

Snakes (17 votes)

Dragons (19 votes)

Forbidden Forest Creatures (6 votes)


(Results: I chose the top 3 results for this question. The results are: Shadowmancing took first place by a landslide with 21 votes. Second goes to Dismancing with 18 votes, and then Astromancing with 11 votes)

Shadowmancer (Darkness and shadows) (21 votes)

Pyromancer (Fire) (5 votes)

Aeromancer (Air) (8 votes)

Astromancer (Stars) (11 votes)

Solimancer (Sun) (1 vote)

Lunamancer (Moon) (9 votes)

Dismancer (Chaos, manipulate the mind and create illusions) (18 votes(

Hygeomancer (Water and Earth) (6 votes)

Cryomancer (Ice) (9 votes)

Titles that Harry have (Can choose up to 4 max)

(Results: I chose the top 4 titles for seats and also took the idea for the Kings of – something -. King of Atlantis was a good idea, but I couldn't quite find a way to fit it in the story with all the elements in it right now, but I will consider. Results are Lord Black, Lord Slytherin, Lord Hogwarts, Lord Shade)

King of _(specify)_ (Creatures, Atlantis, Snakes)

Lord Black (13 votes)

Lord Nautica (3 votes)

Lord Frost (6 votes)

Lord Slytherin (14 votes)

Lord Gryffindor (5 votes)

Lord Hufflepuff (3 votes)

Lord Ravenclaw (6 votes)

Lord Hogwarts (12 votes)

Lord Shade (12 votes)

Lord Dragonis (11 votes)

Others (Need suggestions) (Lord Emerald, Lord Ternan)

Extra 7) What should I do with Ron? Suggestions:

(Results: I've separated them into 3 main categories, slave Ron and Good Ron are the more popular of the choices.)

Slave Ron

Tolerable/Good Ron

Lots of Ron Bashing

No opinion

I'm opening the poll for this question 7, since choice a and b are tied. Though you are welcome to choose c if you want. Or d. Your choice.