Hello everyone! I'm terribly sorry for not updating any of my stories these past days/weeks. Terribly terribly sorry.

Next chapter for all my stories will probably and hopefully come out in the span of this week to the next :)

The next chapter would be the poll results (full poll results with all your votes counted in, the reviewers on and my friends)

The chapter after the poll results would be an actual chapter. Sorry for the wait.

Now here are a few notes:

1) The poll closes at the end of this week, 15/9/2019, Sunday 12:00pm GMT+8. I understand that we might have different time zones, so 12:00pm GMT+8 would be the time the poll closes. Thank you everyone for voting!

2) Updates would not be the most consistent, exams are coming up for me :)

3) I AM still working on my other stories. I apologize for the 2 months delay, especially for Heir to the Alpha the Prince and the King (ugh I feel so ashamed and guilty). I also apologize for the delay for The Final Confrontation and Harry Potter: Lord of Nothing. Expect the Unexpected is on hiatus as of write now.

Till 15/9/2019,

Tempest out!