"Mom! Harry's not up in the kitchen making breakfast!" a young, yet fatty voice rang out.

"Get in the kitchen and get to work boy! I'm starving!" A older, fattier voice yelled from the stairs as it was followed by stomping on the steps.

Those were the sounds which woke Harry Potter in the cupboard that he lived in since he could remember. He jerked up from his bed when someone stared pounding on his door. Quickly getting dressed, and putting on his glasses he shrugged on his house robe and went to the door, opening it to find that it was his cousin Dudley that had done the knocking. Said fat boy was running from the door and into the kitchen, where he started beating on the kitchen table with cries of hunger.

"Come on, boy! Get to cooking!" Vernon shouted as he picked Harry up by the scuff of his neck and his shirt. He walked toward the kitchen while still speaking, "I want eggs, bacon, and sausage. I'll have my usual cup of coffee, but with no sugar today. You know the doctor told me to watch my blood sugar levels. Make pancakes for Dudley, and get Petunia some hash and eggs, she's not feeling well today, boy."

Vernon dropped Harry right in front his station; the kitchen stove. Harry immediately went to work. At least today Vernon hadn't shouted much, or threatened to lock him away. He happily went about his task, cooking being one of the things he did that gave him some peace of mind.

It had been six years since Harry had been born, but only five since he had (unknowingly and unintentionally) killed Voldemort. Though Harry knew nothing of the latter. So at the age of four Harry had been made to do much of the housekeeping, cooking, cleaning and all around chores. It didn't bother him much, except when they yelled or locked him away without food.

Petunia came down to join her "happy and normal" family, a smile on her face as she kissed her large husband and her slightly smaller son. She patted Harry's head like a house pet. Just as she was about to take her seat at the table a knock came to the front door.

"Were you expecting someone, dear?" Petunia asked as she looked at her husband.

"No, not at all. You?" Vernon replied as she shook her head.

"I'll get-" Harry started, but Petunia shook her head.

"No, that's alright. I'll get it. You just have breakfast on the table, and quickly." She said as she made her way to the door. She peeked through the eyehole and spied only one person. He looked like a Lord the way he stood so regally. He had long silky blond hair, and wore black dress robes like those of wealth. She almost let out a cry of glee as she thought of the many reasons he could be at her door. He was obviously someone of great wealth and importance, so he had to be there on some form of business. Maybe her husband?

"Vernon, come quickly." Petunia said as she waved him over to look through the spy hole. He did so and gained the same happy expression that she wore, thinking of why someone like this man could be at his front step.

"Maybe he's here to speak to me personally about the drills?" Vernon said happily as he and his wife straightened themselves. Vernon opened the door as the regal man raised an elegant eyebrow at it finally opening.

"Hello good sir, I'm Vernon Dursley, and this is my lovely wife, Petunia. How may we help you?" Vernon asked as pleasantly as a suck-up could. The man in turn gave a short and almost nonexistent bow of grace as greets.

"I am Lord Lucius Malfoy, Head of the Ancient and Noble House of Malfoy. I'm here today to speak with you two about your future, and that of your… family." Lucius said as he gazed passed them at into the kitchen where he could see Harry serving Dudley, and the larger boy being ungrateful for it.

They had watched Harry for nearly three years to this day. Snape had long since got permission to know where the boy had lived. It was only because they had to save Bellatrix and themselves from raids and prison did it taken so long to get to this moment. Lucius and Snape had hidden everything they could in Gringotts vaults, knowing that the goblins would never allow anyone but the owners to see into them. Every dark artifact and item was stored away in frozen account vaults, which they had to reopen once they had informed their Lord of his new status.

Snape had started watching the boy, growing angrier and more displeased with each day. Imagine, a four year-old boy de-clogging the toilet, or repairing the car engine. Snape had never liked Petunia, but now he absolutely hated the woman for her treatment of his Lord and Lily's son. He had to admit though that Harry was rather good at just about everything he did, even if he shouldn't have to do them until at least his teen years.

Bellatrix wanted to simply go to the house and kill the people who were with her new Lord. They never allowed Bellatrix to watch the Dursleys, knowing that she would simply do just that. So they all kept Bella from finding out until just the right moment. Narcissa and Draco always took watch when Lucius wanted to see if the boy's conditions had changed. Draco would question why his "Master", as his parents told him to refer to Harry as, was being treated like a rutty House Elf. Narcissa could never give an answer, and Lucius said that it wouldn't be for much longer.

Snape would often, while watching Harry, be caught by that damnable Squib woman, Arabella Figg. The first time he had to tell her it was Dumbledore's orders. More times after that, she would watch him and the others closely, being sure they never interacted with Harry. Narcissa tried to get the woman on the emotion appeal, saying that young Harry and Draco would have a fine time playing together, but the woman would always threaten to summon that old codger Dumbledore. Snape wished he could have simply killed, but he knew Dumbledore visited her monthly to receive reports from her.

They had also gained a few more followers to add under Harry's command once the boy knew everything. The first was Antonin Dolohov, who had come to them not four hours after they had all taken an Unbreakable Vow to serve, guide, and teach Harry Potter. Dolohov's reason for join was simply to stay out of Azkaban and far away from Bellatrix. It was only after his vow that he found out Bellatrix was with them, and would torture him as well. The next follower was Bella's own husband; Rodolphus Lestrange, but shortly after his vow he was imprisoned in Azkaban when several people identified him as one of the three to drive the Frank and Alice Longbottom into insanity. The last of them was the strangest of them all. It was a man that Snape had hated almost as much as James Potter; Sirius Black. The man had been searching for Peter Pettigrew when he came across Lucius. Lucius, in a rare moment of interest, followed Sirius after remembering Snape say something about the man being Harry's godfather. So imagine Lucius' face went Peter killed at least 15 people, blamed Sirius, cut off his finger and then fled. Right before Sirius was captured and carted off to Azkaban; Lucius had got to him and told him everything. Sirius took his vow and allowed them to take him without a fight, knowing that someday the truth would be out and he would be a free man.

But all that aside, Lucius turned his cool gaze back to the creatures that called themselves Harry's guardians. He gave them a seemingly charming smile as he pulled off his glove to shake the large man's hand, "A pleasure to meet you face-to-face at least, Vernon." Lucius said as he shook Vernon's chubby hand.

"And a pleasure it is to meet you, Lord Malfoy." Vernon said with barely contained excitement.

"Might I come in? It's a dreadfully hot summer morning, and these robes aren't helping much." Lucius said, though he looked as cool as a cucumber. Vernon gave a large smile at being requested to enter his home, though his thoughts on it were wrong.

"Of course, of course! Do come in, Lord Malfoy!" Vernon said as Petunia stepped away for him to enter. Lucius gave them another smile as he kissed Petunia's hand.

"Please, call me Lucius. I do hope that we can do much… profitable business, Vernon." Lucius said as he stepped inside.

"Yes, of course, Lucius! Would you care to join us for breakfast? Boy! Make extra for our guest and then back to your room!" Vernon said as Lucius wanted to frown deeply and hex the man, but knew that him being welcomed into their home was a big part of things.

"But Uncle Vernon, I've to go to school." Harry remind the man as Dudley nodded from where he was inhaling pancakes like a black hole.

"Oh that's right, he and Dudley need to attend that summer school." Petunia said as she shook her head. The boy she could understand, but her Dudders? Never! He must have just been trying to be nice to the boy by going. It's was such a shame…

Lucius thought about it and could tell it was the fat boy that actually needed the schooling. Severus had gone to the Muggle school and seen many thing concerning Harry. Like Harry's grades compared to that of one Dudley Dursley. The pig-like boy was so stupid, and also unruly. Apparently the teachers complained about the fat boy regularly, but his parents would hear none of it. The only times Harry got in trouble were when accidental magic was involved. The boy had transfigured his teacher's desk into a snake, and then started talking to it in Parseltongue. They could tell the boy was exceedingly powerful.

"Fine, but you better make yourself scarce once you return." Vernon relied as Harry nodded and turned to Lucius.

"What would you like, Mr. …?" Harry trailed off as Lucius gazed at him intently.

He was in the presence of his new Lord and Master. The boy seemed so many things. He was extremely small for his age. He looked just like James, but he could see so many of Lily's features on him. The most obvious being his emerald green eyes like that of Slytherin, though they held a lot more love and warmth than his old Hogwarts' house. His voice was small, kind, and almost girlish as he could tell his Lord didn't speak much. Lucius blinked as he realized he had been addressed.

"Malfoy, Lucius Malfoy. Lord and Head of the Ancient and Noble House of Malfoy." Lucius said as he held out his hand, to which Harry shook limply, "And you are?"

"Oh don't worry with him, Lucius. He's just a delinquent that we're caring for." Vernon said as Lucius raised a brow.

"Really now? First tell me your name, b-boy, and then perhaps Vernon here can tell me your story while you and… he are off at school." Lucius said regally as Vernon shot Harry a dark look.

"My name is Harry Potter, Lord Malfoy." Harry said as Lucius smiled at him. He was so genuinely polite, friendly, and formal. It was refreshing as opposed to the fakes Lucius had to deal with almost all his life.

"Well that's enough of staining Lord Malfoy's time, boy. Get your things and get off to school. Dudley, you as well, be sure to learn lots and make even more friends. Boy, you had best stay out of trouble." Vernon said, though he spoke kinder and more gently to Dudley than he did to Harry, and Lucius noted it. After all, they could only watch from across the street or from the windows through telescopes. Never had they been this close to the family, or heard such things.

Harry and Dudley ran off to get ready for school while Lucius was granted a seat at the table and a plate of everything before Harry had left. The three adults sat and had breakfast while Vernon told Lucius "all about the juvenile criminal named Harry Potter". He told Lucius that the boy's parents "a lazy drunken and a tramp" that had "died in a car accident" a year after Harry was born. Lucius nearly spit out his excellently made coffee at both blatant lies. Vernon and Petunia went on to say how Harry had been a troubled child, which they were "working on and caring for as if his own parents". They continued on to say how they were trying to make him as good a child as their Dudley, to which they played up as if the fat boy could do no wrong. Right before Harry and Dudley left, Lucius had called them in, and wanted a few quick words with Harry.

"Off to school then, Mr. Potter?" Lucius said as he fixed up the sagging clothes that Harry wore. It was obvious that the rags were hand-me-downs from Dudley, but Lucius won't say anything… yet. He did the best he could with wandless magic, shrinking the clothes a bit to fit him better, and cleaning them a little so that the boy didn't look homeless.

"Yes, sir. I hope you enjoyed the meal." Harry said with a smile, revealing perfectly white and straight teeth. Lucius smile back upon seeing that at least the boy's dental hygiene was not neglected like every other aspect of his life. Harry had really hoped that Lord Malfoy enjoyed everything, especially since he had made it all.

"Yes, it was one of the best I've had in years my Lo-… boy." Lucius said as his mind nearly subconsciously let his Unbreakable Vow take hold of his words. Harry didn't seem to notice the slip-up as his smile became one of embarrassment and relief.

"Well, off with you two. Lord Malfoy and we have business to discuss." Vernon said as Harry flinched, having forgotten that his family had been there. He knew that he'd be receiving a beating once he got home for having taken time away from his uncle's sell tactics.

Harry and Dudley walked all the way to school, meeting up with Dudley's friends, and a strange woman who walked with them all. She held her son's hand as she and he walked beside Harry all the way to school. Dudley looked furious since he and his friends didn't get to bully and beat the crap out of Harry like their normal schedule consisted of. Their timetable was screwed up now, so they'd have to make up for it with their three o'clock beating. The woman stopped her son as they waited for their summer school teacher to open the school.

"Remember what you must do while here, Draco. Failure is not an option, alright?" the boy's mother said as she kissed his forehead. The boy, Draco, nodded as he glanced over at Harry.

"Yes, mother, but do I have to be here? It's a you-know-what school." Draco said as Narcissa sighed.

"Yes, I know, but it must be done. Plus, you'll probably make a… friend here." Narcissa said, though the word "friend" came out more like she wanted to say either lord or servant. She gave a quick glance at Harry, who this time noticed as he smiled shyly and waved a bit, though Dudley smacked him in the back of his head for doing such. Couldn't have Harry thinking of making friends, now could he?

"Like maybe this young man here." Narcissa said as she gestured toward Harry. She strolled over with Draco and stood directly in front of Harry, hand out like Lord Malfoy had done before, "Hello, young man. I'm Narcissa, and this is my son Draco. Pleased to meet you."

Harry shook her hand as he gazed between her and Draco. Something was oddly familiar about them… he just couldn't place it though. "I'm Harry Potter, ma'am. I hope Draco and I could become good friends." Harry said, and meant it too. Dudley would always ruin any changes he had to make friends with the other children in their neighborhood. Maybe Draco wouldn't be intimidated by Dudley, or maybe he wouldn't believe the lies Dudley told.

"Oh I'm sure you'll become more than so… much more." Narcissa said as Harry raised a brow at her. She chuckled to herself as she turned slightly, watching two men strolling toward them. They both wore black suits and stopped beside Narcissa, exchanging pleasantries as they stole glances at Harry.

The one with long greasy hair stepped up the steps so he could be heard as the other summer school children gathered around to listen.

"I am Severus Snape, but you shall address me and my colleague as Professor Snape and Professor Dolohov. We will be the only two instructors of this "summer school" so there shall be no foolish bickering, insipid tomfoolery, or nagging annoyances while I am here. You shall learn the lessons in which you are here for, or be cast out for being troublesome." Snape said, casting a pointed and strict look at Dudley and his friends as they shrunk back from it, "Though, I hope while here I can at least get to know some of you better than others." At this Snape cast a pointed look at Harry with a ghost of a smile on his face. Snape turned from the crowd and opened the doors, the fifty-some children forming two lines as they marched in. Draco stood behind Harry while Dudley and his friends were in the other line. Once in the classroom it seemed that Snape would be the one teaching them.

"Let us begin. Turn your mathematic books to page 374. We will start with the basic principles of fraction work and then move from there." Snape said as Harry was sure the man was looking straight at him.

The Dursleys enjoyed a pleasant hour of discussing Harry before moving onto "the wonders and uses of drills". In the second hour of talking about the blasted Muggle tools Lucius decided that he couldn't take the crap anymore.

"Excuse me, would you mind if I called some friends. They'd be very interested in this… business deal we are discussing. I'm sure that once I tell them all the… important information, they'll be just dying to get their hands on you, Vernon." Lucius said with a smirk as Vernon nodded animatedly along with Petunia.

Lucius went into the other room while he pulled out a mirror. He took his wand from his cane and tapped the mirror twice. Bellatrix answered at once, and Lucius noted her impatience.

"Well, what are they like? What have they done to my Lord?" Bella demanded as Lucius sighed.

"Far worse than we told you of this morning. Contact Narcissa and the others while I keep these foul muggles busy. Be here soon, I can't take much more of them torturing me." Lucius said as Bella howled in laughter at his predicament.

Lucius sighed deeply as the mirror faded back to just that. He reentered the living room and sat with a pleasant, yet fake, smile on his face.

"Everything alright, Lucius?" Petunia inquired at seeing his smile falter a bit.

"Oh yes, everything is fine. It's just that my friends won't be here for some time. Perhaps we can talk about your family instead of… business?" Lucius asked as Vernon nodded with a smile. The man was obviously impressed with his family, so he started the tales of delinquent Potter and Saint Dudley once more.

It was almost an agonizing and extremely temper controlled hour before a knock was heard at the door.

"That must be my… friends. As I've said before; once they learn what I have, they won't be able to keep their hands off of you two and your son." Lucius said with a grin as Vernon and Petunia exchanged looks of excitement.

More rich people who were willing to do business.

Petunia went to answer the door with Vernon close behind as Lucius leaned against the stairway with his sadistic grin growing. Petunia opened the door to reveal Snape and Narcissa next to each other with Bellatrix right behind them.

"Vernon, Petunia, I'd like you to meet my wife Narcissa, her sister Bellatrix, and my friend Severus." Lucius said as Snape pushed passed the two muggles and into the house. Petunia had gone pale white as Snape moved pass her. She shook off her thoughts as they all moved into the sitting room.

"Severus Snape…?" Petunia finally said once they were seated. Her hands shaking in her lap as she met his impassive gaze.

"Hello Petunia, it's been awhile." Snape said simply in his bored drawl as she nodded.

"Still doing those… things?" Petunia said as Vernon watched her and Snape with confusion and interest.

"Naturally…" Snape replied just as bored while she gulped a bit and nodded.

"Enough! We came here with a purpose, not for you to talk to this one. What have you filthy muggles done to my Lord?" Bellatrix shouted as she stood from her seat.

"What the devil are you talking about, woman? We've done nothing to Lucius. He's been quite comfortable in our-" Vernon countered as she let out a scream.

"Not that idiot, you filth! Our Lord and Master, Harry Potter! What have you filthy muggles done to him?" Bellatrix raged as Petunia went pale again, though Lucius raised a brow at being called an idiot.

"Vernon, they're those types. Severus, and even Lord Malfoy. They're freaks, just like my sis-." Petunia was saying until Snape stood up, his wand in hand as he conjured ropes with a flick of it. The ropes her and Vernon fast and gags went over their mouths as Snape scowled at the darkly.

"You will not speak one word against her in my presence ever again, nor her child." Snape sneered as he glared down at the two.

"I still want to know the full extent of what they've done against my Master!" Bellatrix yelled out as Snape turned to her.

"Fine, just give me a minute. Then you can have fun." Snape said as he stalked out the door and Apparated away in the middle of the street. He returned, though this time with a fat boy.

"This is Dudley Dursley. He is the son of those two." Lucius said as Snape dragged the bound and gagged boy into the house and dropped him next to his parents.

"Lucius, you will tell me everything." Bellatrix said, her voice little more than a low and dangerous whisper.

"I can only tell what these two have said about our Lord's life. The fabrication of this story astounds even me." Lucius said as he began to retell everything Petunia and Vernon had told him.

Even though Bellatrix had held no love or admiration for the Potters, she still respected them as worthy foes to Voldemort. So when she and Snape heard things like them being drunks, tramps, and lazy good-for-nothings, the fury coming off the two was nearly tangible as glass objects around the house exploded from their anger. Though Bellatrix's fury really kicked off when Lucius started the retelling of Harry's "delinquency" and "mental problems".

"I've heard enough of that crap, Lucius, thank you! Now I want to know everything I can about his real life, and what they have done to him." Bellatrix said as Narcissa had clawed marks in the chair she was sitting in. To treat and tell of a child in such a way was… revolting in any society. No wonder her mother had always wanted her and her sisters to stay away from Muggles.

"They wouldn't share with me any of their… disciple methods, but I can guess it was everything that one would see from abusive and neglectful parents. Maybe more…" Lucius said as he looked into the hallway where they had put the Dursleys. Bellatrix got back up from her seat and grabbed Vernon and Dudley, throwing them to Lucius and Snape. Snape was brought out of his furious thoughts about his own childhood when Vernon's body landed at his feet.

"Lock those two in the garden shed." She said as she turned on Petunia and gave a furious sneer. She slowly walked up to the woman and got in her face, cutting the ropes so that the woman could shake and stand in terror of her, "I'm gone have a little chat with this one; girl to girl."

Lucius and Snape exchanged looks and shivered at what Bellatrix might do to the woman. Then both gave a grin as they moved toward the backdoor with Narcissa close behind.

"Good luck, Petunia. I told you my friend wouldn't be able to keep her hands off you when she found out. Again, good luck." Lucius said as Snape nodded.

"You'll need it, 'tuney." Snape said with an undertone of amusement. As Narcissa simply laughed the whole way out the backdoor.

"Let's talk, girlfriend." Bellatrix said sweetly as she whipped out her wand. After that the only noise that could be heard inside the house were the screams of one and the laughter of another.

"So, do you like sports?" Harry asked as he sat beside Draco in front of Professor Dolohov.

"Yes, I do, but I like a… different type of sport. IT's sort of like mug- I mean, normal basketball, but it's not as well. It's hard to explain, but once you play it you'll have fun." Draco said with a shrug as Harry smiled. He and Draco had gotten along greatly the whole day. Harry then turned to his instructor, Professor Dolohov, as he and Draco sat in another comfortable silence.

"Um, sir… Why can't Draco and I go home like everyone else did?" Harry asked politely as Dolohov looked up from his work. Muggle work was so easy; it should be a crime…

School had let out nearly an hour ago, but Harry and Draco were made to stay while all the other children had gone home. Dudley had apparently been sent home early because Vernon and Petunia were leaving on a vacation that Vernon had won out of nowhere. Though Draco assured him that he could stay with him and his family while they were on the vacation. Draco may not have liked muggle school, but it was better than Malfoy Manor where Crabbe and Goyle would come by with their brand of pure stupidity. It was very refreshing have a person with an actual IQ to talk to. Hmm… he'd have to get his dad to talk to Mr. Zabini to see if they could join. That way he could be around Blaise too.

"Draco's mother and father will come to pick him up, and once they do, you will accompany us- I mean them, young Lor- Mr. Potter." Dolohov said as he gave Harry a smile. The boy was a pleasure to teach, even if it was muggle subjects. Snape had left and so they had nearly half the school day with him. Harry had been a rather bright boy, grasping the subjects and even the more advanced ones with little to no problem as Draco did the same. Dolohov sorely wanted to give his young Lord a wand and teach him dueling, but he fought back the urge. There would be plenty of time for that later in the coming days or weeks…

"Alright, but it's just that I'm surprised that my aunt and uncle would allow me to go with complete strangers, especially since strange things always happen around me." Harry said as Dolohov nearly threw his lesson plan aside when he heard that. He knew the "strange things" were accidental magic. Maybe, just maybe, he could get all their plans for their young Lord started a little earlier than later…

"Really now? Weird things, you say? Do tell?" Dolohov asked the six year-old in interest as he laced his hands together.

"Aunt Petunia says I'm not really supposed to talk about it. She says that it's freakiness and that I'm an ungrateful wrenched thing for it." Harry said in a low solemn tone as Dolohov almost growled upon hearing that.

"Everything that woman has told you is a blatant lie, young sir. Now, tell me of these accounts. I am a teacher after all." Dolohov said as Harry raised a brow at him.

"My teacher just this year had her hair turn blue in the middle of class." Harry admitted with a shy smile. Dolohov smiled and Draco turned his full attention to Harry. He had never done accidental magic before, so he wanted to hear all about what it was like.

"Do tell us, please Harry… do tell…" Dolohov said as he moved from behind his desk, sitting on the front edge to listen to Harry as Draco leaned in his desk.

"Please… stop… I'm sorry… I'm so sorry…" Petunia cried out pitifully. Her skin felt like fire and her body coursed with pain. She felt like she had just survived being burned alive, but she knew it wasn't over yet.

"Then tell me everything, wench! How dare you harm my Lord as you have said, you filthy muggle!" Bellatrix bellowed as she stood in front of Petunia twitching body.

"I'm so sorry… please, don't kill me... don't kill my family…" Petunia cried as Bellatrix laughed manically.

"Don't worry filth, I won't. You and you're family are needed to help protect my Lord against fools that which to do him harm. Now tell me everything!" Bellatrix said as Petunia looked up and into the gleaming eyes of the twisted soul that was Bellatrix Lestrange.

"I have… I promise… Please stop…" Petunia sobbed out as Bellatrix huffed and crossed her arms, right before a wicked smile crossed her face.

"Hmm… fine, I believe you. Now onto the pain your whale of a husband. I'm sure he'll just love the attention of a… witch with magical hands." Bellatrix said sadistically, twirling her wand in hand as she opened the door of the cupboard while Petunia sunk back onto the old bed. When Bellatrix had discovered it was Harry's room she had called in Snape ad made him move all of Harry's things, which wasn't much at all, into the master bedroom while Vernon and Petunia got Dudley's room and Dudley himself was moved into his "second" room. Bellatrix had used the Torture curse on Petunia three times more just to cool off her fury on that.

"Get this disgusting thing out of the cupboard, Severus. Lucius, bring me the fat man." Bellatrix said to the two men sitting in the sitting room drinking coffee, "Where's Cissy?"

"She has gone to the school to retrieve our young Lord and Draco. They'll be going to the safe house we have here, so they wouldn't be far." Snape said as he flicked his wand, making Petunia's twitching and sobbing form float out of the cupboard and upstairs. Lucius rose from his seat to get Vernon from the shed while the front door opened. Bella and Snape held their wands at the ready, but lowered them only slightly when Dolohov came into sight, looking furious and ready to kill.

"That woman here has been telling the boy nothing of his magic. She and her husband have been telling our Lord that his magic is freakish and/or nothing more than coincidence. He's solely convinced that magic does not exist and anyone who says it does is loony. They've also starved him and locked him in a cupboard, which apparently is his room, if he uses accidental magic at all. Sometimes for weeks at a time. I won't have known the last two if it weren't for some mild Legilimency." Dolohov snarled out as Bellatrix twitched.

"That filthy muggle lied to me! I'll kill-"

"Do not." Snape finished as Bellatrix turned her fury to him, "We can't afford anymore than what we have done and what we have planned. Once the time is right, I'm sure our young Lord would love to reward you by giving you playtime with them." Snape said as Bellatrix thought it over and smiled creakily, an evil gleam in her eyes.

"Antonin, why don't you go and rectify the problem of our Lord's ignorance, while we finish up here?" Snape said as Bellatrix frowned.

"But I wanted to be the one to first teach our Lord." Bella whined as she pouted childishly, the action of such making her look far crazier. Lucius came in with a bounded and gagged Vernon as they continued their discussions.

"Oh, I've already started, Severus. He mentioned his accidental magic in class while we waited for Narcissa. Some of the acts were… powerful and rare." Dolohov said as if confused and amazed at once. Lucius and Snape causally raised a brow each as Bella's eyes glinted with excitement.

"Well out with it! How powerful is my Lord!" Bellatrix demanded as Dolohov frowned at her.

"Our Lord, Bella, and he is very powerful indeed. If his under-aged magic is anything to go by, then Severus was right; he is going to be, if not already, more powerful than Voldemort." Dolohov said as Bella grinned while Lucius gasped.

"Just what feats of magic could make you think that?" Lucius asked.

"He transfigured his teacher's hair color in the middle of class. Turned another's desk into a snake and began having a conversation with it. He apparated from inside a school to atop it, and then flew down completely unaided. He's also re-grown his hair overnight whenever he's received a haircut from the vile woman up there. He's turned leaves into fireworks, and he claims that just last week he made a choir out of the flowers in the garden after watching some Muggle cinema called Marry Poppins." Dolohov recounted as the others stood in shock.

"He did make bring the flowers to life and sing with them about a woman who sells crumbs or something, and then again an hour later to sing about a spoon of sugar. Oh, dear Merlin…" Snape whispered out as he fell back into his seat. The others turned to him, having heard his every word in their silence. He couldn't believe the boy was already so powerful. But, that was a good thing since if not for the Unbreakable vows, then Bellatrix, Lucius, and Dolohov's loyalties were now completely assured. Luckily it didn't hurt to hear things like what they just had to be absolutely sure of their faith.

"My Master, already so powerful and doesn't even know! His potential is so great, and his powers will only grow under my tutelage!" Bellatrix exclaimed as Dolohov and Lucius shot her dark looks.

"Our Master, and our tutelage, Bellatrix. Do not forget that we service our Lord as well." Lucius corrected as Bellatrix merely rolled her eyes. Her Lord would never favor them as he would her. Just like Voldemort had…

"Right then, so if we wish to begin his tutelage in all things magic we must start earlier than I would have thought. I had, maybe in some fit of insanity, thought Petunia would at least tell our young Master about his parents and his world, but apparently not." Snape said as he stood up, regaining his cool and collected mind.

"No matter, because by starting now we shall accomplish so much more." Snape said as he flickered his cold gaze at Vernon. He knew they couldn't torture the worthless muggles much, but he also knew that the message of their intentions needed relying.

Snape stalked over to Vernon and grabbed the man, hoisting him up to eye level as he gave the fat tub of lard his best and coldest glare which he had reserved for only James Potter, who he used it on most frequently up until the man's death.

"You listen to me, and you listen good, you worthless piece of filth that is beneath my shoes. You will not harm our Lord again. You will never starve him again. You will not disrespect him. You shall not have him doing everything on his own. You will treat him like your muggle God. You will obey his every command, and if we hear of otherwise, then your deaths shall be so slow and painful that the world shall come to an end before your agony ever does. Do you understand me?" Snape sneered out as Vernon nodded vigorously. Snape dropped him as if he were something cleaned from the toilet and stalked out of the backdoor, most likely to scare the piggy boy with the same speech.

Bellatrix watched Snape go with the same expression as Lucius and Dolohov; slight fear and awe. They had always known Snape to be a dangerous and intimidating man, but never before had they seen him threaten someone. Even Bellatrix, for all her dislike of the man and his sneaky snake-like ways couldn't say that she didn't fear him a bit.

"Severus is certainly a frightening man, isn't he?" Lucius said with a shaky smirk as Dolohov nodded in the same manner.

"Yes he is. No wonder Voldemort held him in such regards." Dolohov said as Bellatrix's eyes flashed dangerously. She rounded on Dolohov, but then heard Vernon whimper in fear. Oh that was it. No one was more frightening than the Insane Queen of Pain, Bellatrix Lestrange! No one!

She quickly rounded back on Vernon as she magically knocked him into the cupboard, his body barely fitting through doorway. Her insane gleam in her eyes and her disarming smile were on her face as she slowly made her way toward the man while Lucius and Dolohov backed away carefully. The man was all but dead now...

"So you think old Snivilus scared you, do you? Well, let mummy quell those fears, because once I'm done with you even your parents will fear me from heaven… or hell. Whichever they're in really, but let's not keep them waiting, shall we." Bellatrix said as she entered the cupboard her wand pointed at the large man who was now trying desperately to call for help with the gag still in his mouth, though Bellatrix rid him of it just to enjoy his screams as the door slowly closed.

"Help! Somebody! Anybody! Harry, save us! Lucius, help us! Help!"

"Crucio! Hahaha! Crucio! Yes, scream for me, fat man!"

"Ahhh! Hel-! Ahhh!"

Lucius and Dolohov shivered as they put up even more silencing charms around the house and themselves. They couldn't tell who to fear more. The cold and calm Severus Snape, or the fiery and insane Bellatrix Lestrange. They just hoped that their young Lord didn't make any of their punishments with either of those two. Merlin knew they wouldn't survive…