"What did you just say?" Harry asked in little more than a growl as the Auror in front of him made an unconscious step back. Harry's glare bore into his mind like an acidic drill as he felt the room spin and his breath hitch for a second.

Harry stood at the height of six feet. His black hair controlled, wavy, and silky as it framed his regal and fair face. His dark brown eyes narrowed at the man before him as Severus but a hand on his black robed shoulder. He was there as Thanatos, and Severus as himself.

"Please calm yourself, Lord Black. I'm sure the man has a very good excuse as to why you can't see your own nephew here in Azkaban, especially when you've been doing it for every month in the past four years." Severus said with his own dark tunnel eyes on the man.

"Y-yes, well… He's been b-behaving strangely for awhile now, and the D-Director doesn't want you to see him like t-this. The d-dementors have had to be c-called in for him a few t-times, and we just don't feel it's s-safe for you to visit." the Auror said as calmly as he could, but with the weight of Harry's magic increasing on them it was very hard to keep the stutter out of his voice.

"I think I should be the judge of that, Auror Donin. Now, lead me to young Sirius's ceil, or I shall pull every last Knut of my house's percentage in Azkaban from it." Harry said as the Auror nearly doubled over in shock. The House of Black nearly owned Azkaban since they owned 98% of the shares and money that went into running and having created the prison.

"Y-yes, of course, S-sir! Please, just let me contact the Director first." Auror Donin said as he moved from behind the check-desk and practically ran down the hall.

"I'm amused at just how many mice are truly around here, Severus. I've yet to find one real man in this place; prisoner or otherwise." Harry said, both of them knowing that he wasn't including Sirius in his observation. He was biased, so sue him…

"Yes, it does seem a bit off-putting, doesn't it?" Severus questioned without humor as they waited.

"I wonder what that old fool Dumbledore is doing right now." Harry said as he put a finger to his chin.

"I believe he is still in preparation for your birthday. He seems to rather frantic about the whole thing, as if it were the end of the world coming." Severus said as Harry chuckled lightly.

"Well , I am prophesized to defeat him on his return. Either I or Neville, that is. Personally, I think it'll be Neville rather than myself, but who really knows, ya know." Harry said with a shrug of his shoulders.

"About the Longbottom boy; did you manage to get him to your side?" Severus asked as Harry glanced at him.

"Like a dragon to a buffet. The boy and his family were so hero-worshipped and worried about him becoming a Squid that they practically threw him to me for training. He's with Amelia last time I checked." Harry said as Snape raised a brow.

"Oh, and how goes his training. He only started it two weeks ago." Severus commented as Harry smiled brightly.

"Wonderfully. The boy's only problem is his confidence, and once he became comfortable around us, Amelia was able to get him doing wandless magic like breathing air. He's very powerful, and she's swaying his favor to be loyal to me." Harry said as Snape looked slightly surprised.

"I thought you said you wouldn't do anything but train him?" Severus said with slight concern for the boy.

"I did, and am, but I can't stop Amelia from what she does when she trains him. You know how much she likes to talk about me as if I were her son." Harry said as Severus narrowed his eyes.

"You could have ordered her not to." Severus hissed out as Harry cut his eyes toward Snape.

"Yes, but I don't like ordering any of you around when I can help it. Free will is a very important thing, Severus, and I would trust you, of all people, to remember that. How would you like me to take your free will, if only to hold that thoughtless tongue of yours." Harry said, slightly harsher than he wanted to. Severus bowed formally to him as he remembered it wasn't his place to make comments and accusations like he was.

"I am sorry, my Lord. Please, forgive my slip. I was merely concerned for the boy's future." Snape said in his usual monotone, though Harry smiled.

"It's alright, Severus. And do not worry for Neville. I have never forced anyone to serve me. In fact, if I could I'd go back to being a normal kid and free all of you. Unfortunately, I can't because someonehad to swear an unbreakable and eternal vow of servitude under me and my family." Harry said, though his last words held more amusement.

"Yes, and now you're stuck with each and every one of us; even in the afterlife." Severus said, a ghost of a smile on his face.

"Yes, and what a torture that is." Harry sighed out as the Director and Auror Donin came walking up to them.

"Please, follow me, Lord Black. We have moved young Sirius to a… different location as with his unusual behavior." the Director said as Harry nodded.

"I'm bored!" Draco whined as he flopped back on his bed while Blaise and Theo gave him a look. Pansy and Daphne didn't even bother looking up at him since he had done it at least seven times already.

"Well what did you expect? Best friend gone off somewhere with Snape of all people, and all of us stuck in here for no reason other than our parents meeting about something." Theo sneered as Draco lazily hit him with a pillow.

"None of that, Theo. I need entertainment, or else I'll die." Draco said dramatically as Blaise chuckled.

"Which kind of entertainment are you looking for; girl or boy variety?" Blaise said with a wiggle of his eyebrows. Draco shot up from his spot on his bed, a blush on his pale face as he stared wide-eyed at Blaise.

"We're eleven! What in the name of Merlin are you talking about?" Draco shouted as Blaise and Pansy laughed at him.

"Aww, does wittle Drakie have a boyfriend?" Pansy cooed as Draco sputtered.

"He is not my boyfriend! … I mean I don't have a boyfriend, and I don't like boys!" Draco said as the others went silent, right before they burst into laughter at Draco's cherry red face.

"Aww, does our wittle Draco fancy someone?" Theo said, pulling at Draco's cheek as Daphne did the same to his other one.


"Yeah you do! Who is he?" Blaise said as Draco glared at him.

"Who says it's a boy… and I don't fancy anyone!"

"Yes, yes you do. Now tell us. Is it that best friend of yours. What was his name?" Pansy said, putting her finger to her chin as she tried to remember the kid's name.

"Harrison! Harrison… um… something!" Blaise said, but couldn't remember the last name of the guy.

"His name is Harrison Draconic, and I do not love him!" Draco all but shouted, but slapped his hands over his mouth with a gasp as the others stared at him in silence. Draco wasn't sure why, but he could feel his heart sting and his stomach drop at his exclamation. It was like he was denying a part of himself when he denied his liking Harry.

"De-nial isn't just some river I pissed in while in Egypt, Draco. It's a serious condition which you seem to have." Blaise said as he and Theo slung their arms around Draco's shoulders.

"I am not in denial. I just don't like Harry." Draco said as Daphne raised an elegant brow.

"Harry, is it?" Daphne said as Draco narrowed his eyes at the way she purred out Harry's name.

"Only I can call him Harry, and you had best stay far away from him, you-"

"Whoa there, wand-slinger Johan Hex. I was just thinking of Harry Potter, ya know. Though I suppose so are you." Daphne said with a wink at Draco while the Draco's face turned bright red.

"Wait… Draco thinks Harrison what's-his-name is Harry Potter, or at least like him?" Theo asked, somewhat confused by what Daphne said.

"You'll find out at some point, so don't worry about it." Daphne said as Pansy sat down next to her, both giggling while Draco gave them his best glare. Theo and Blaise exchanged looks before shrugging. Three girls (they included Draco since he always acted like one) and the two of them.

So unfair…

"I'll say it once more; will you join us?" Lucius said as the other adults looked at each other and hesitated to speak.

"Lucius, do you know what you're getting into? The Dark Lord was very powerful-"

"Yes, was, but now we have an even more powerful Lord, and younger as well. He was among those that defied the Dark Lord, and he was an instrument in the Dark Lord's defeat." Lucius said calmly, but his excitement was easily translated and that was what had them all nervous.

Lucius Malfoy was only known to associate with the best in the best of circles, whether they be light or dark. He was known to hang off the coattails of the greatest while kissing the robes of the most feared. If Lucius got excited over a person, they'd all bet their last Galleon that the person was far worst than Voldemort and exceedingly more powerful. The real question was; did they want to get involved with this fearsome unknown.

Unlike with Voldemort, they knew nothing of why Lucius was pushing for this person. They didn't even know a name yet! But, that had been the same way with Voldemort in the beginning. The secrecy and the double-meanings that Narcissa, Bellatrix, and Dolohov were hiding by simply being there weren't lost on any of them. Each of their families weren't nearly as powerful as the Royal Seven.

The Potters (even with the famous Harry Potter being the last of them), the Malfoys (light of dark, they were powerful, rich, and dangerous to cross all the same), the Weasleys (even if money didn't count, connections to so many industries and families did), the Blacks (especially under the iron fist of the newly discovered Thanatos Black), the Princes (although Severus Snape was the last of them), the Lestranges (though crazy and dark, the whole lot of them), and the Bones (each as pure and noble, also somewhat sadistic and light-sided, as the last). They made up the biggest most untouched family names in all of the Wizarding world.

While some families had fallen, others had either stayed the same or risen even higher. For the Malfoys it had been getting in comfy with the Minister of Magic. For the Prince's it was Snape's distain for nearly everything that caused his family name to suffer some. The Weasley's were simply out of money, and the Bones' were far behind. Ironically, the killing of Lord and Lady Potter had risen their House's status, mostly for defying Voldemort and giving birth to the defeater of said Dark Lord. Harry being the new Lord Potter meant that the boy would have a lot on his shoulders when he made his return to the Wizarding world. It was simply sad for them all that they didn't know he had returned years ago…

"Lucius, tell us something, anything, about this new-comer to the scene! I refuse to follow anyone who cannot amass his own followers ever again. Voldemort used our prestige and power only to turn around and torture us for his own amusement and plans. He didn't do a damn thing aside from killing and taking over. No real change, no Muggle-salves to be had. It was all a bloody waste of time and effort when we could have simply been manipulating the Wizarding world from behind the scenes." Lord Greengrass said as he sneered at the table.

"And I understand that, but unlike our last Lord death will not lurk over your every word or move. He does not like killing, instead he prefers to strike at emotions and the mind rather than the physical form." Lucius said as they all saw a shiver go across him and even Bellatrix.

"What kind of plans does this new-comer have, is what we're get at, Lucius! We can't simply follow someone because they say that by taking over the Ministry they'll "bring about the proper change". I don't really care that much for Mud-bloods, and the like, but we of the top-breed Purebloods need something to fall back on." Madam Zabini said as she circled her finger over the rim of her wine glass.

"Yes, I understand. Then allow me to give you all a glimpse of the future. Our Lord will take over Hogwarts from the inside, and then he'll convert the children to his beliefs. I will tell you now though, my Lord has no aspirations of controlling the world. He merely wishes to see those that wronged him and those that are too one-sided converted.: Lucius said as each of them could still tell they weren't even getting ice off the tip of the glacier.

"Say we decide to come to him if only to find out his plans; what then? Can we just leave if we don't agree, or will be have to set our affairs in order because we expected the Killing curse to the back while we're walking out?" Lord Nott said as Lady Parkinson beside him nodded with a tentative frown.

"You most certainly can walk free. My Lord would punish us greatly if we broke our word or by some slip forced him to break his." Lucius said as Bellatrix snarled at him and all the others in the room.

"I'm tried of all this double-talk and skirting around the issue! Will you be joining us or not? Our first order of business is to undermine Dumbledore's control over both Hogwarts and the Ministry. From there our Lord will watch things in Hogwarts personally while we of the Noble Houses do so for the Ministry. That's all I can say, and now I ask you; will you be joining us or not? Our Lord entrusted us to get you to his side. He has no prejudice or bias when it comes to things. He only believes that one can't walk a path that is all Light or all Dark. He feels that both are too extreme and that for one to be truly successful they must walk in Nothing." Bellatrix sneered out as she slumped back in her chair and crossed her arms. Everyone was now interested in this new-comer with even more radical ideas than Voldemort had. Though radical didn't always apply to killing and the like…

"Nothing? So he wishes us to end up poor after this?" Lord Nott sneered out as Narcissa scoffed at his foolishness.

"By Nothing he means the Grey, but with a twist. He says that people are either born with something or they are born with nothing. He feels that those that are born with nothing will stride ten times harder to achieve something. He says that those born with prestige and power will do nothing to gain more unless they feel a hunger. That Nothingness that he talks about is the hunger of both those with nothing and those with something. They all wish to have more than they had at first, but they realize that it takes work. Our Lord is interested in individuals of the Nothing. He feels that they will do anything in their power to gain not only for themselves, but those close to them as well." Narcissa spoke for the first time the meeting had been going on.

"He feels as though he was born with nothing, and yet something. He was raised in nothing for the first half of his life, but then came into his something. Yet and still he hungers for more, he drives to succeed and improve what he has. He doesn't wish to waste time with slackers or those who don't want change. No, he wants the truly ambitious and daring." Narcissa said with a grin on her face as she remembered how passionate Harry was when he sat on his throne and told them all about his "Nothingness" for the first time.

"So he wants Slytherins and Gryffindors?" Madam Zabini said as she sipped at her wine, but watched Narcissa like a hawk from over the top of the rim.

"Yes, but he also wants those of loyalty and the intelligent. As we said before, he doesn't have a bias opinion on the houses, he simply wants the best and most useful of all of them. We've been made to recruit many people who Voldemort would not." Narcissa casually as the gathered nobles flinched at her causal use of Dark Lord's chosen name. They glanced over at Bellatrix and saw that she didn't even seem to notice the use of her former Master's name, "Muggle-borns, Half-bloods, Pure-bloods, magical creatures and all the in-between. Our Master doesn't care if they're different or of low standing. He only cares if their useful." Narcissa said as she checked her nails while jaws dropped. Mud-bloods would working alongside as they equals under the banner of this new Master?

"Well then, that's our day gone." Lucius drawled as he checked his golden pocket watch, "We'll contact you or you may contact us if you have anything else or wish to join us. We'll expect an answer by next week's meeting time."

"Lucius… What do you make of all this?" Lord Greengrass said as he rose from his chair. The house they were in wasn't anything special. In fact, it was fairly empty because it was only used for meeting and parties, but it was something that Madam Zabini had allowed them to use quite often.

"I don't much care for those my Master recruits, but he has made it quite clear that I should be able to put my feelings and bias aside in order to work with them and such. I have had to work with Goblins, Half-Giants, Centaurs, and even Mud-bloods, but even I must admit that if they were chosen by my Lord, they were done so expertly. Each AI have worked with has impeccable skill for the things they do, and if they were accepted by my Lord then I can't question it. They are the best of the best, and my Lord is not one to pick from anything less." Lucius said before he collected his staff while Narcissa went upstairs to collect Draco. The three Malfoys and Bellatrix walked out of the house briskly while the other nobles stared after their retreating forms.

They were all interested now, and they had Floo calls to make…

"… and so, that in a nut-shell is how things have been since last month, Sirius." Harry said as he and Sirius sat privately. Harry had never dropped his Thanatos appearance as he sat across from his chained Godfather. Sirius simply couldn't be made to know anything was a miss; not a thing.

"I see, Uncle… I must thank you for these visits; them and my determination to see Harry again are the only things keeping me sane. Though you have left one thing out of question, Uncle. What will happen once I'm free of this place?" Sirius said as Harry sighed, making his appearance look more elderly than before.

"Sirius, my lad, I'm getting old. No, I've been old, Sirius, and by the time you're anywhere near free of this place, I will have died. I'm leaving everything of the Black family to you, my lad; everything." Harry said as Sirius looked to have snapped into depression.

"Then no one will be there to claim it. I'm still in this prison, and that means that no one will have access to anything the Black family controls." Sirius said before he raised his tearful eyes to his Uncle, "You've thought this out, haven't you?"

"Yes, I have, but what will you do when free of this place, my lad?" Harry asked as he stroked his cleanly shaven chin.

"I won't lie to you, Uncle Thanatos. The first thing I'm gonna do out of this place is kill Peter Pettigrew. Then I'm gonna find Harry and tell him the truth of what happened. Afterward, my Will already says that everything will go to Harry, so I don't care what happens to me after that. I only hope that Harry can forgive me for not being there for him when he needed me most. If I can win said forgiveness, then everyday after will only be a greater blessing from Merlin."

"Ha, ha! Sirius, my lad, you are quite the emotionalist! I'm sure this Harry Potter lad will forgive you. It's not exactly your fault that you're in here."

"Thank you, Uncle. If you can, tell Harry that I'm sorry for-"

"Already Black, time's up. I'm sorry Lord Black, but the time limit has expired." an Auror said as they came through the door with Severus Snape not far behind. Snape and Sirius freely scowled (and growled) at each other like two dogs in the street fighting over a scrap of meat.

"I don't see why you keep that… trash in your company, Uncle. You'd do better with a monkey, or at the very least a toad. Both wouldn't be near as greasy or slime-balls like him." Sirius hissed out furiously as he glared openly at Snape, who returned it with just as much hate and anger.

"At least I'm not the one curled up in the corner of a cell while I watch all the other corners for stray Dementors to come at me." Snape hissed right back as Harry chuckled, not saying a word as he walked from the room, but merely waving a good-bye to Sirius. Snape was fast to catch up with him as he realized Harry had left.

"Must you insult and demean him at every chance you get!" Harry said, his voice a chilling tone since it was still that of a man's not his own.

"Yes! He made every day of my school life an inescapable hell along with your wretched father! He may not deserve his fate now, but I'm enjoying his pain none the less." Snape said as Harry turned to glare icily at him, his height over Snape's by a mere inch.

"That is cruel and unusual, even for you, Severus!" Harry roared in the deep manly voice of Thanatos, but sighed as he shook his head and began walking the path to a portkey out of Azkaban, "… However, given what I've seen them do to you, and them having no remorse for it, I can concede to see your point. However, it was neither of their faults that my mother was never yours."

Snape's inside froze and twisted at those last words. Harry was hitting low to get his point across, and Snape wanted nothing than to feel utter rage and hot anger.

However, all he felt was the cold dark blackhole of a tunnel that was where Lily's friendship should have been…