Nothing changes.

Every day I wake up the same, the nagging feeling tugging at the back of my throat as my eyes fill with salty water.

Every day I dread leaving my bed and stepping onto the cold floor.

Every day I brush my hair and fasten it into a ponytail.

I act like nothing's wrong, but they can see it in my eyes as I blankly stare at the teacher. They see what's been done to me. The bandages wrapped around my head, my arms... The light in my eyes that grows dimmer still. My quivering form as they ask me to stay after class, only for me to turn around and walk away without a word. They know what I've done, and they praise me for it.

Days pass, weeks pass, and a month passes. I'm nothing but a shadow now, some type of bitter reflection of the girl who saved Unicorn Way all those months ago. I'm young, they say, but I feel older than the ancient books I used to bury myself in.

Walking past that edge where a school once stood makes me sick as I remember what became of it's owner. The lance in his heart, the rush I felt. It makes me sick.

I sleep less now, and I barely talk. She looks at my with concern, but any emotion I once felt is drained. I'm gray, fading away without a word. I've driven myself to half sanity, and in the sleepless state, I slip off the edge of the world.

But she's an angel, with wings whiter than clouds. She flew after me, grabbing me into a hug. I sob. She sobs.

I am a monster, I tell myself. I deserve nothing.

But I don't want to let go.