Princess's P.O.V

Hi,my name is Princess!

I'm the luckiest yorkie in the world!

I live in a rich and fancy mansion in London with my owner, Honey. Our life has always been fabulous and grand.I was always lucky to have Honey in my life. My life. was lonely that's when Honey found me and gave me a lot of what she had! Yes, you can say,I was spoiled.

Honey helped me get back on my paws, get it?

Anyways my life is all about the money and luxury and nothing's going to change that...

2 Months Later~

"Bye Princess I'll be back..."waved", Honey.

She shut the door to the rusty apartment. they now call home in New York City. It turned out the life Princess and Honey once had changed.

Someone hacked into their bank account and lost all their money. London no longer seemed like it was the right thing for them.

They moved to New York City so Honey could get a job and to get more money.

They did not know how their old money got stolen. They did not question it.

They still wanted to go back to the old life. that leaves Princess to solve the mystery on her own

"Oh you'll be back,you'll be back ! How proud you will be as I will soon solve the case." Says Princess to herself as she ran to the window to get on the rails down below and that's how her adventure began.