So I'm sure all of you who have followed and favourited this story are wondering where I've been.

Or perhaps not, but you're getting an explanation anyways.

I started this story when I had only seen the anime. I thought I knew what I was doing for the story and believed I had a good grasp of how things are meant to go, and planned things accordingly.

Then I joined the Shield Hero Discord and learned that much of what I thought I knew was actually wrong, read the LNs, and vowed to myself that I'd rewrite the story to work properly within the setting of canon.

Then COVID-19 hit, and much of my motivation went down the window.

It took me much time and effort, but I've finally finished rewriting chapter one of the story. I'll post it as a separate work and continue updating from there.

All of you who have favourited and followed, thank you, and I hope you'll enjoy the changes I've made.