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Chapter 1


"Again," an elderly woman demanded.

Armed with a sword a seventeen-year-old teenager with black hair, and amethyst eyes wearing a white dirtied shirt with black shorts and matching shoes was facing an older woman in her late fifties or early sixties. She possessed grey hair and purple eyes dressed in tattered purple robes and matching cloth wrapped around her head holding a dagger in one hand while her other hand was covered in an armored gauntlet.

Lelouch Lamperouge studied his older foe before looking for an opportunity to slip in an attack, but when he found none, he charged her in the hopes of creating one.

The two began a fierce exchange with Babara Oarburgh defending herself against Lelouch's sword strikes using her dagger.

"Don't simply swing your sword," Babara scolded, "be more creative!"

To illustrate her point, Babara fought back striking Lelouch's sword with a powerful blow forcing the young man back. Despite her age, it was apparent Babara was a powerful foe, and each blow from her dagger was staggering.

Observing the pair spar was an older man in his early thirties with slick black hair and brown eyes with a fair skin complexion wearing a black dress shirt with matching pants and boots.

"His physical strength and endurance still needs work," Lucien Lachance said while thinking to himself.

Lucien Lachance was an ally and tutor for Lelouch Lamperouge, formerly Prince Lelouch vi Britannia, for the past seven years since the young man and his sister were abandoned in Japan. Originally they were to serve as political hostages in the Sakuradite conflict between Japan and the Holy Britannian Empire, but Britannia invaded Japan on August 10th after an attempt to apply economic pressure on the superpower with the aid of the Chinese Federation, and the United Republic of Europia failed causing tensions between the two nations to reach their breaking point.

The Emperor of Britannia disregarded Lelouch and his younger sister Nunnally's safety as they invaded the nation quickly overwhelming the nation's small military and forcing a surrender merely one month after the invasion began.

Lucien was the sole survivor of a secretive order of assassin loyal to the Emperor once known as the Black Hand; they were assassins who not only protected the Emperor they carried out assassinations for him as well including one other duty. However, because the current Emperor, Charles zi Britannia, had murdered and overthrown his own father to seize the throne years before the invasion, the Black Hand had attempted to avenge him and kill the usurper. Yet shockingly the entire Black Hand, minus Lucien, was wiped out. Knowing he could bring down Charles on his own Lucien quietly bide his time while amassing resources and looking for someone among the royal family with a grudge who could help carry out his revenge upon the Emperor for the betrayal of his order.

"Better," Babara complimented dodging Lelouch's attack as the blade swung close to her robes, "but…"

Babara returned the favor by swiftly kicking Lelouch in the stomach with enough force to send him flying.

"Not good enough."

Lelouch was hurting, but he forced himself through the pain as he quickly recovered by scrambling to his feet. Unfortunately, Babara was already upon him, and Lelouch had to stop when he realized the older woman had her blade leveled near his throat.

"That's enough for the evening," Babara said before redrawing her dagger, "clearly we must do something about your strength and endurance."

Lelouch took some deep breaths but accepted Babara's hand to help him back onto his feet.

"I'll consider bringing my own student to serve as a sparring partner. She is about your age," Babara contemplated, but was met with protest by Lucien.

"We're supposed to keep this secret."

"I know, but you don't have to worry. You can trust my student, but perhaps I should bring Chelsea as well," Babara mused.

"Involving two other people I don't know," Lelouch said as he agreed with Lucien, he was reluctant to trust anyone else.

Considering how he was abandoned by his father and the Empire when the latter declared war on Japan disregarding his and sister's lives, and that was not even considering how they were cast away to Japan when Lelouch had confronted his father over the death of his mother, Marianne vi Britannia. Her demise led to not only their banishment to Japan when Lelouch confronted the Emperor and accused him of letting his mother die, but Nunnally was left blind from the trauma of their mother's demise having been shielded by her when their mother was gunned down.

Nunnally lived but was paralyzed from the waist down due to her legs being riddled by bullets.

"You have my word they can be trusted, besides as you are now a better-trained assassin could easily kill you," Babara pointed out much to Lelouch's annoyance.

"I see," Lucien began recognizing an ulterior motive for Babara wishing to involve her students, "to provide Lelouch with potential bodyguards?"

"Yes, although he has the skill his body isn't suitable for assassin work even though he has carried out several assassinations successfully."

Lelouch's expression displayed his frustration, although he was in better shape compared to what he was seven years ago when he first met Lucien. The problem lay with the fact that Lelouch wasn't at the level of the seemingly superhuman speed and strength assassins of Babara's caliber were capable of.

"Still I suppose training with your student could help him, especially since if you are having a hard time holding back," Lucien noted. "At least we shouldn't have to worry about you accidentally killing him."

Babara merely chuckled in amusement.

If anything I learned from sparring with Babara is to never assume someone isn't dangerous because of their age, Lelouch thought.

He didn't doubt Babara was a capable assassin, but rather Lelouch just didn't expect her to be so strong given how one kick from her sent him flying off his feet.

"I have my reservations about this, but…" Lelouch said as he was understandably concerned, although he and his sister were declared dead after the war should the pair be discovered to be alive it could lead to them being used as political pawns or worse.

"I gave my word as a member of the Oarburgh Clan to train, assist and to protect you as per our agreement," Babara noted. "My students will not dare to do anything to taint my honor as an assassin."

Lelouch wasn't wholly convinced, but he relented for now.

"I suppose I'll have to wait until tomorrow then," Lelouch said while showing fatigue from an evening of intense training.

Once Lelouch left the waterworks, which were being used as a training site that was private and away from anyone who could stumble upon them Lucien and Babara began a conversation.

"That boy is our only hope of destroying the Ultimate Teigu possessed by the Empire," Babara began, "yet I am concerned about his physical limitations."

"I know, but compared to how he was seven years ago, he is much better off."

"Maybe, but he still has a long way to go." Babara pointed out before adding, "However, in terms of development and education as a military leader, he has been exceeding expectations in that regard."

"Yes, he has," Lucien replied in agreement. "Lelouch has all of the makings of a brilliant strategist and a leader, but he needs some real experience to truly refine those traits."

"Most important of all he has the Imperial Signet," Babara added.

"Indeed and that shall be our trump card."

"And he is the only one who could use it," Lucien noted, although technically Nunnally could use it, however, the pair agreed Lelouch was far more suitable.

Nunnally, despite the trauma and hardships she endured because of her disabilities she was too kindhearted for the path Lelouch sought to walk. Even so, Nunnally was also too much of an easy target, which only further convinced Lucien and Babara that Lelouch was their best choice to possess the ring and groom into a leader who could raise an army to bring down Britannia.

It was what Lelouch vowed he would do on the day Japan surrendered and became just the person Lucien sought to present the ring to as Lucien recalled the vow Lelouch made he had overheard.

"One day I swear I'll obliterate Britannia!"

"The boy has the anger and drive needed, but he still needs refinement," Babara pointed out.

"I agree, but he is better prepared at least for what the Path of Blood will demand of him."

"I hope you are not dotting on him too much," Babara cautioned. "I know you had followed Lelouch after you heard what happened to his mother and how he was banished to Japan by his own father before the war to find someone within the Royal Family who would have enough of a grudge to seek their destruction."

Lucien seemed amused, "maybe, but I suppose I am taking the utmost care to ensure he is properly trained and will not disappoint me when the time comes for him to act."

"I suppose…"

Meanwhile, Lelouch had used the service elevator to slip back into Ashford Academy above ground. It didn't take long for Lelouch to reach his room located on the second floor of the Student Council Clubhouse, which was initially a ballroom for special functions. Lelouch didn't live in the dorms like other students due to the clubhouse being more accessible for his disabled sister than the girl's dorm enabling the siblings to live together. Lelouch cared for Nunnally but was assisted by their maid who acted as Nunnally's primary caretaker. Arriving at his room, Lelouch quickly collapsed onto the bed, letting sleep take him.

The memory came in the form of a dream but is only fueled Lelouch's resolve to fulfill the oath he had made that day seven years ago. However, shortly afterward he and his sister were brought to a safe house on their way to the Ashford Family after landing with the colonial settlers following Britannia properly securing Japan and renaming it Area 11.

"Greetings your majesty I am Lucien Lachance. From this moment on I will be your legal guardian," Lucien said, introducing himself.

Lucien was wearing an all-black suit while a ten-year-old Lelouch sat behind a metal table wearing a grey shirt and black shorts while eyeing the older man with apparent distrust.

"I rather not have one," Lelouch muttered defiantly under his breath.

Following the conclusion of the war Lelouch and his sister had little choice, but to seek the aid of his mother's old allies and supporters the Ashford Family. Since the death of his mother Marianne, Lelouch had learned the Ashford Family had lost their positions of nobility, and their business ventures had collapsed into ruin. However, thanks to gathering what remaining assets the Ashfords had they managed to arrange for themselves to establish themselves in Area 11.

"True, but even you must understand it's merely for your convenience," Lucien pointed out. "The Ashfords are sheltering you for now, which we both know is only for using you and your sister as liability insurance if the situation for them in Area 11 becomes unfavorable to them. Yet to ensure no one realizes your true identity, a proper cover story is required."

"I know, and we have been declared dead already."

"Then let's get down to business then," Lucien said before taking a seat across from Lelouch at the table. "In public, you will refer to me as Lucien Lamperouge, and I am your uncle who has taken you and your sister in following the demise of your parents where they were killed in an accident. Your sister survived, but was rendered paralyzed from the waist down and the trauma of the incident robbed her of her eyesight."

"Sounds easy enough," Lelouch replied dismissively.

"However, in private I'll be training you."

"Huh," Lelouch said actually caught off guard by that.

"I overheard the vow you made to your friend, Suzaku was it?"

Lelouch was concerned by the worried expression on his face, but Lucien merely smiled before waving a hand dismissively.

"Worry not about it," Lucien offered assumingly, "in fact I have a proposition for you."

"What are you suggesting?"

Lelouch was suspicious of Lucien's motives, but recognizing he probably couldn't outright refuse without likely some unspoken repercussions, Lelouch decided to let him make his offer.

"First let me ask you, how do you plan to obliterate Britannia?"

"I can't do it now, but in time I'll gather resources."

"Good and what else?"

"Well," Lelouch began; although he had some general ideas on how to proceed, he hadn't time to truly give it any serious thought.

"I see," Lucien said before saying what he recognized what Lelouch was thinking. "You hadn't had much time to plan it out yet, which is why you will like what I can offer you."

"Go on..."

"I can train you in everything you need to know and obtain the skills you'll need. I can even assist you when you begin gathering followers as an adviser."

"In exchange for what?"

"Revenge upon the Emperor," Lucien answered.

"Revenge, what did he do to you?"

"The Emperor murdered his father and usurped the throne before slaughtering the order I belong to."

"Wait I thought the previous Emperor died of old age?"

"No, but that was the cover story they put forth," Lucien answered before proceeding to explain. "The truth was that Charles, aided by members of the Knights of the Round overthrew and murdered the Emperor. My order, the Black Hand, was an order of assassins charged with the protection of the Emperor while occasionally eliminating threats to his safety. When we learned of what happened, my order intended to punish the traitors until we were attacked and systematically wiped out by those who swore loyalty to Charles until I remained."

"How did you survive?"

"I owe it to my position," Lucien replied before adding. "I was the Keeper of the Imperial Signet, a secret Imperial Arm created under the order of the first Britannian Emperor."

"The Imperial Signet?"

"What do you know about Imperial Arms?"

"When Britannia was founded the first Emperor had commissioned the very best smiths and minds to create special weapons and tools for the Empire, each of them had different abilities, and many of them are still used today despite the advancements in technology."

When Britannia was founded following the Age of Revolution, a time when various monarchies in Europe were overthrown with the French Revolution was the most noteworthy among them, but the isles of Great Britain aside from Russia did not. Eventually, however; Napoleon Bonaparte launched a successful invasion of the British Isles, although its reigning ruler Queen Elizabeth III had successfully retreated to Edinburgh she was captured by a revolutionary militia and forced to abdicate the throne ending her reign.

Yet Sir Ricardo von Britannia, Duke of Britannia, and his friend Sir Richard Hector rescued Queen Elizabeth. They and other loyalists and their supports fled the British Isles to the North American colonies where they established a new capital. When Queen Elizabeth died childless, she named her lover Ricardo as her successor beginning the long line of Britannian Emperors. Yet wanting to prevent their remnants of a beaten Empire from collapsing Ricardo gathered together the finest minds available and commissioned them to create powerful weapons to help ensure not only the Empire's survival but its expansion to crawl back from the brink.

Using the finest materials and components gathered from Danger Beasts the Emperor created forty-eight unique weapons and tools dubbed Imperial Arms or referred to as Teigu by some, especially those in Japan.

Thanks to these new weapons and tools Britannia rose from the ashes and soon conquered the entire American Continent and soon began aggressively expanding beyond forging the Holy Britannian Empire.

"Yes officially forty-eight Imperial Arms were created, but outside of the Emperor, myself and the leader of my order a forty-ninth Imperial Arm was crafted in secret."

"The Imperial Signet?"

Lucien nodded before beginning to explain, "The First Emperor realized the possibility that the Imperial Arms could be wielded by our enemies or a member of the Royal Family could misuse it leading to potential destruction for the Empire. So as a fail-safe a special ring was made which could allow the user to disable the special abilities of any Imperial Arm forged by the Empire for a full day, or compel it to self-destruct which can only be done once a week."

Lelouch was surprised that Lucien had such a ring in his possession, but this quickly prompted him to ask.

"I assume the ring can only be used by a member of the Royal Family?"

"Correct, and if you were wondering only the previous Emperor, myself and the leader of the Black Hand knew of the ring's existence. The Emperor usually informs his heir to be on his deathbed, but Charles murdered his own father, so he was never told of its existence."

"I see, and some of the Emperor's finest like the Knights of the Round use Imperial Arms," Lelouch said realizing the advantage he had just been given.

"Yes, but this alone will not help you topple Britannia."

"I know, and that is why you wish to train me, right?"

"Correct, so my offer is that I will help you become someone who can gather and lead followers to bring down Britannia, thus allowing me to achieve my revenge and yours."

Lelouch smiled deviously, "so when do we get started."

Lucien, in turn, smiled as a thought came to mind.

Kill a boy's mother, and vengeance festers in the son!

Around the same time in another corner of Japan, but it was a forest area located in the northern regions far from most towns and cities.

What had been once a calm night wherein an opening clearing a campsite had been established with a dozen tents. It was now the site of a massacre, but those who had built the campground were not completely helpless, yet their opposition was anything but ordinary.

One of them, while mindful of her surroundings, was wielding a pair of handguns. She was young around sixteen or seventeen, yet she was the shortest of the group standing at four feet and eleven inches despite her age having shoulder-length brown hair and amber eyes. Her attire consisted of a form-fitting white mini-dress with brown trim around the collar, the ends of her short sleeves, lower torso and parts of her lower dress combined with brown boots and light ran gloves.

Tsukushi took aim at an armed gunman dressed in casual attire attempting to shoot them while hiding behind a damaged truck designed for off-road travel.

She fired her gun, but after passing the van, the bullet changed course and went through the target's head.

"I got him!"

"Well done, Tsukushi."

Next to her was her best friend, although taller than her by about five inches. She wore a one-piece white combat unit lined with red ending in a skirt, a red belt around the waist, wearing matching gloves and thigh-high forming fitting boots. She had waist-length black hair and red eyes with a fair skin complexion armed with a katana without its hilt-guard.

"I'll take care of the rest," Akame declared before rushing out to cut down another armed resistance fighter while trying to quickly reload his weapon.

The resistance fighter saw Akame coming, but he couldn't reload his weapon fast enough.

"Rest in pieces," Akame declared before slashing open the man's throat ending his life.

Meanwhile, the rest of their friends were finishing up with the mop up.


That was the last sound of a man who was kicked in the face with such force his skull imploded, and the one responsible was another young girl with long auburn styled into a top-knot ponytail with lime eyes. Poney wore a black tank top with matching form-fitting trousers and matching ankle bracelets. She also didn't wear any shoes.

"I got another one!" Poney cheered before quickly dodging another resistance fighter trying to shoot her, but her trousers called Yocto-bottoms increased leg strength allowing her to run much faster than an average human.

Enough to narrowly evade the bullets fired at her.

Poney leaped into the air before delivering a skull break roundhouse kick to the man's head killing him.

"That's four for me!"

Suddenly a resistance member's body was thrown into the path of bullets fired at Poney from another resistance fighter having hidden behind some tents waiting for an opportunity to shoot her.

"Poney, pay attention to your surroundings!"

The young man who had saved her by using his own weapon Sidewinder, a whip that can move according to the user's will, wore glasses as his most defining feature and has short black hair, green eyes wearing a matching jacket over a black shirt with brown pants and black boots.

"Uh yeah…sure thanks, Green."

"Stay on your guard, people!"

Nearby two armed resistance fighters had been cut down by another young man wearing a white uniform trimmed with yellow possessing spiky blond hair and golden eyes. Najasho's own weapon Water-Dragon Sword was covered in the blood of those he had just cut down.

"Cornelia get that one before he can escape," Najasho ordered.

"Yes Chief," replied a young woman with waist-length blonde hair and blue eyes wearing black boots, green pants, and long sleeve white dress shirt while her right arm had a grey gauntlet upon it.

Cornelia caught up with her fleeing quarry and punched the man in the stomach causing blood to erupt from the man's mouth before he was sent flying and impacting into one of the parked off-road vehicles he was trying to flee towards.

The impact left a noticeable dent on the vehicle.

"That should be the last of them," Najasho said before tapping an electronic earpiece concealed in his left ear. "Did you find it, Guy? We have finished up here."

"Yeah, I found it."

Inside a cave, a distance away laid three dead men who were part of the resistance group that had been wiped out. Besides them and the one who had killed them the cave had a large gas-powered generator set up which provided power for the lights hanging from the ceiling and the various workbenches set up around the wide cavern.

Guy was the oldest of the group by a year, yet he was muscular with a scar on his cheek, but the rest of him was covered by the armor he wore known as Rare Armor. The Armor allows the wielder to move through soil thanks to the suit's ability to manipulate soil yet it cannot create soil on its own. The armor was black with a red gem on the chest and belt and a mask covering the face while coming with large claw-like hands for burrowing.

"It looks like the intel we got was spot on," Guy replied before adding, "they were trying to create Imperial Arms…well key word being trying."

"Understood, take anything of use then destroy the rest," Najasho answered before noticing someone else had arrived on the scene.

"Well done all of you."

The new arrival was the oldest by far being in his mid-thirties with shoulder-length blonde hair and green eyes with a small beard dressed in a white shirt, black pants and a red scarf carrying a red hilted katana by his side.

"This is your first time taking on a fully armed group of terrorists, but you all performed splendidly," Gozuki, their mentor and leader, complimented.

"Thank you, father," Najasho replied politely.

"So did Guy find it?"

"He did, and they were attempting to create their own Imperial Arms, so as per ordered he is taking any documents or anything of use to us before using the bomb he brought to destroy the rest," Najasho answered.

"Good work, but I suppose while we wait we should take a look around and see if there is anything that could help us identify where they got their equipment from."

"Hey Daddy, I killed five of them," Poney announced happily.

"Nicely done," Gozuki complimented before adding with a harsh expression and voice to match, "but I saw you were getting a little too cocky so Green had to bail you out. Don't let it happen again or you'll end up dead."

Poney gazed down upon the ground, deeply disappointed.

"On that note good job on that save Green," Gozuki said, giving another compliment to his children.

Akame, Green, Poney, Cornelia, Guy, Najasho, and Tsukushi were not Gozuki's actual children. They were all children sold to the Holy Britannian Empire and so they each came from different corners of the Empire. Those like Akame and Tsukushi came from outside the Empire having been sold by their parents who served as spies on the Empire's behalf yet had no desire to possess children who were born as a result of their duties.

Eight years ago a hundred children who had been sold to the Emperor was gathered and released into a forest in the most remote and dangerous part of the Alaskan Wilderness filled with deadly plants and ravenous Danger Beasts. Most of them were killed by the harsh conditions, but those who survived were inducted into Britannia's new assassin training program. The top seven who survived were adopted by Gozuki becoming both his children and students while the rest were given to another to begin training them.

Together they formed the Elite Seven; an elite unit of assassins to eliminate enemies of the Holy Britannian Empire.

Each member was given a Vassal Arm, or like the Imperial Arms referred to as Shingu by the Japanese, were created by Britannian Emperor William who sought to develop new weapons and tools to surpass the Imperial Arms, but instead, his creations while still better than most weapons failed to surpass the Imperial Arms. Out of shame at his failure, they were sealed away in a vault for decades until the vault was opened and the weapons within offered to Gozuki's children.

Minutes later an explosion was heard in the distance followed by Guy with his armor now inactive wearing causal attire consisting of white pants, a matching collared shirt, and a brown vest while revealed to have brown hair and matching eyes.

"Here is what I managed to find," Guy said, offering a bundle of papers he had collected from the cave.

Gozuki accepted the documents before beginning to glance over them, "hmmm I don't see any indication they were receiving help from anyone. I'll give these to intelligence and have them look them over along with anything else we find here."

"Should we go about disposing of the campsite father?" Green inquired while adjusting his glasses.

"No a cleanup crew is on the way here along with our ride back home, so we'll leave it to them," Gozuki answered. "I am disappointed we didn't find any leads, but I suppose it shouldn't come as a surprise that others would attempt to make their own Imperial Arms after Japan's successful attempt years ago."

Aside from deteriorating relations between Japan and Britannia combined with the fact Japan Sakuradite mines provided the world with over seventy percent of their total supply; Japan was discovered to have been successful in producing their own Imperial Arms, or Meihou as they called them. This was the origin behind the Japanese and some others to call Britannia's creations Teigu and Shingu respectively offending most Britannians.

Japan producing something that could match their Imperial Arms was the last straw that ignited the conflict between the two nations resulting in Japan being conquered and the Empire systematically destroying anyone or any place in Japan capable of producing a Meihou. Out of stubborn pride Britannians still classify Japan's creations as Imperial Arms because some were refusing to accept a smaller nation had created their own Imperial Arms thus accusing Japan of stealing the means from them.

"Still this place is more of a hotbed for terrorist activity than I had heard," Gozuki said as he walked around the ruined campsite taking note of the assault rifles and other equipment the terrorists his children had put down had. "On the one hand this means more field experience for all of you, but on the other wiping out the terrorist problem in Area 11 will take some time."

"Don't worry father, we'll help clear this place out of trouble so the people can be cheerful again," Tsukushi offered.

Gozuki laughed, "I am sure you will in time, but it will take a while, so be ready for the long haul."

Although a change in leadership would likely help things along, Gozuki contemplated internally.

The following morning Lelouch dressed in his school uniform exited the elevator of a lavish skyscraper, but he wasn't alone. Following him wearing the black and gold-trimmed uniform of Ashford Academy was a young man with a tanned complexion, silver eyes, and spiky blue hair.

With a confident stride, Lelouch approached a pair of double doors where a man wearing a black suit saw him before pushing a button to open the doors allowing him to walk inside.

"Oh thank heavens I am saved," an older man with a balding head wearing a dress shirt, black pants and vest with glasses exclaimed happily leaving his seat to greet Lelouch. "Is everything going well at school?"

"Nothing much to speak of," Lelouch replied.

"What is this," a new voice asked, "school boys?"

Lelouch smirked akin to a predator who spotted some easy prey.

Inside the room, the pair had just entered where the older man had vigorously greeted Lelouch a chess game was still in progress with the old man as his foe while his opponent was a younger Nobleman with brown hair, blue eyes and a mustache wearing Victorian inspired outfit.

"Well look at this a nobleman," Lelouch replied his smile never fading.

"I envy you kids today. You all have so much time on your hands, so any time for regrets?" The nobleman remarked with a sinister smile. "What's your name?"

"Lelouch Lamperouge."

"Whoa," Rivalz Cardemonde exclaimed upon examining the chessboard, "there is no way you could win this?"

Lelouch quietly examined the board, but contrary to what Rivalz believed Lelouch saw he could turn the game around. It was the reason he was here after all since Lelouch would take time to engage in underground chess matches for extra money and the older man was a fairly wealthy businessman Lelouch has indebted to him for bailing him out of chess games, such as these, going very badly for him.

How he hasn't been checkmated yet is beyond me, but this is still salvageable.

"Rivalz," Lelouch began calmly, "when would we have to leave to make our next class?"

"Twenty minutes if we bust our humps."

"Then to be sure to drive safely on the way back," Lelouch answered with a confident smile before sitting down where the old man was taking control of the black pieces. "I'll only need nine minutes, by the way, about what we had talked about yesterday?"

"Understood, we'll talk about it later," The old man replied.

"Nine minutes, but you have twenty seconds per move?"

"Plenty of time…"

"You start with the king?" The noble asked upon witness Lelouch picking up the king chess piece before laughing at him but only smiled.

Amidst the Nobleman's laughter, a news report was playing upon a wall-mounted television screen.

"In other news, authorities are still baffled over the demise of the notorious serial killer and rapist known as Champ," the female newscaster reported while a picture of a man wearing clown makeup was shown. "No one knows he was poisoned, but the coroner has confirmed poison was used in his murder while in police custody. However, he was to be released due to being found not guilty of the crime of murdering and raping a classroom of children within the Satimama Ghetto due to a lack of evidence. Until it came to light following the demise of his lawyer, who was found to have died of similar poison, that witnesses and the jury were paid off along with investigators leading to the case to be reexamined."

Lelouch was pleased with himself, although his physical limitations did limit his ability as an assassin there were still other means Lelouch could take out his targets.

Thanks to his training Lelouch, and with Lucien's help, has managed to carry out some contact assassinations for additional money to help finance his future goals. At first, Lelouch kept to small contacts, and most of his targets deaths' were left unsolved or written off as accidents. Assassinating Champ was his first big contract with a generous reward for fulfilling it, although initially protected from the law by his lawyer even though Lelouch suspected someone else was helping cover him there a large number of vengeful parents and teachers who wanted him dead since the law was unwilling to punish him.

Probably a lot of additional corruption within the justice system in Area 11 probably helped him avoid any serious sentencing and the fact he targeted Japanese children, Lelouch recalled.

Its likely Champ didn't actually care if his victims were Britannian, Japanese or otherwise which probably meant his Britannian victims probably went unnoticed by the authorities and blamed on the Japanese living in the ghettos.

Regardless Lelouch was pleased with ending that monster's life, and the poison he used was an appropriate method of punishment.

That poison wasn't easy to get, but anything else wouldn't be enough.

The poison Lelouch used was a cholinesterase inhibitor. It works by stopping the brain from sending nerve messages down the spinal cord within thirty seconds of exposure, which could be inhaled or consumed. Then the victim will feel a cramp at the small of their back as the poison seizes their nervous system causing the muscles to freeze. At that point, the victim can no longer breathe before you spasming so hard they break their own back before vomiting out their liquefied internal organs.

That was provided they were still alive after their skin melted off before that.

I don't know how such a vile monster escaped the law for so long, but he didn't elude the death sentence I gave him, Lelouch thought as he felt satisfied.

The money was nice, but putting down such a monster was its own reward.

Around the same time, another problem was beginning to brew as Lelouch focused on the chess game before him. Somewhere in the Toyko Settle on one of the highways that ran through the city, a truck was speeding down the highway, but following it from the sky was a Britannian Police VTOL.

The driver of the truck gazed at the VTOL through one of the mirrors on the side, causing to snap in anger.

"PERFECT! Just when we finally steal this thing, but because Tamaki couldn't follow Naoto's plan now we have a problem!"

"What do we do?" A young woman sitting next to him in the passenger seat.

"We got no choice, but to keep going and hope we can make it to the ghetto before they sent the whole police force after us," Nagata replied.

Ten minutes later, Lelouch and Rivalz were leaving the elevator as it arrived on the ground floor.

"I love playing against the Nobility because when they lose, they always pay out of pride. By the way, eight minutes and twenty-two seconds is a new record."

"He didn't have much time to move either. Besides as far as opponents go the nobles are tepid, they are nothing but over-privileged parasites that's all."

"Then how about you challenge one of the Elevens they are nothing like us Britannians," Rivalz suggested, but before Lelouch could answer a tone from one of the large monitors mounted on the side of a nearby building interrupted them.

"We apologize for interrupting your scheduled program, but Clovis la Britannia, third prince of the empire and Viceroy of Area 11, wishes to address the nation."

"To all of my imperial subjects, and of course the many Honorary Britannians and Elevens who cooperate with the Empire."

Using a television remote Gozuki mute the broadcast.

"I wonder why someone like Princess Cornelia wasn't appointed to be Viceroy," Gozuki commented with a sigh before turning his attention back to his chess game.

"I know I shouldn't say anything ill about the Royal Family, but…" Green began sitting opposite of his adoptive father.

"It's alright, Green, you don't have to worry about holding back your opinions. I would be shocked if you didn't notice how much of a terrible job Clovis is doing as Viceroy," Gozuki answered with a dismissive wave of his hand. "The amount of terrorism active in Area 11 alone is the worse by far when compared to the other Areas, and from what we have seen from the last terrorist cells we have taken out probably got several crooked officers trying to make a quick buck by selling weapons to them."

"Right, but just the same I do apologize if I am speaking out of turn yet Area 11 is a mess."

Gozuki merely smiled before moving a knight, "you'll hear no argument from me."

Green and Gozuki were currently inside a mansion the group had purchased to use as both their base of operations and living quarters. Before their arrival in Area 11, the estate was remodeled to fit their needs while providing a large enough backyard for training and sparring between Gozuki's children while the latest in security systems and defensive measures were installed to ensure their privacy and to provide the first layer of defense.

At the moment, Green and Gozuki were on the second floor in the study while the others were left to their own devices.

"The resistance groups we eliminated didn't appear to be working together, yet they all had access to military grade weapons and supplies."

Gozuki paused before moving a chess piece.

"One of them we discovered were buying them from a military officer who wanted to fatten his wallet, so we can likely assume he may not be the only one. Identifying black market traders will be one of our tasks as we begin to eliminate terrorist groups around Area 11 so we can cut off their flow of weapons then identifying and putting a stop to any corrupt officials selling weapons to the enemy can be dealt with more effectively."

"Of course once their source of weapons is cut off, it should become easier to eliminate them, and without weapons, no new terrorist groups will be able to form," Green said understanding their overall plan for systematically wiping out terrorism in Area 11 resulting in receiving a nod from Gozuki.

"Its easier said than done, but replacing Clovis with someone more competent would speed things up otherwise it's going to take a while getting this place cleaned up."

"That issue aside what about the Japan Liberation Front? They are the biggest terrorist organization in Area 11, aren't they?"

"Yes and we are going to take them down, but being that they are made up of the remains of Japan's former military will make taking them down a little problematic. We'll likely need the support of the army once we find their headquarters provided Clovis doesn't make it difficult."

Suddenly Gozuki's phone began vibrating signaling a text message had been received prompting the older man to examine it.

"Something wrong?"

"That's odd Clovis just deployed the Royal Guard to chase down a truck that has stolen some medical equipment," Gozuki replied while raising an eyebrow.

When Gozuki brought the Elite Seven to Area 11 to begin wiping out terrorism, the Homeland had given him command over an intelligence unit and included an informant to help Gozuki remain apprised of events within the Military Command center already suspecting the terrorists were likely receiving weapons from corrupt officers.

What is really on that truck for Clovis to deploy the Royal Guard like that? He hasn't been conducting any kind of secret projects I was made aware of…

Around the same time on a highway heading back to Ashford Academy were Lelouch and Rivalz with the steering his motorbike while Lelouch sat in the sidecar reading a book.

"So that first move you made, why did you move the king?"

"If a king doesn't lead, then how can his subordinates follow?"

"What's with that?"

"With what," Lelouch asked without taking his eyes off his book.

"Do you fantasize yourself running some kind of major corporation?"

"No way ambitions like that are bad for your health?"

Suddenly a truck's horn drew their attention.

Rivalz panicked and steered the bike hard to the right trying to get out of the truck's way, but its driver likely annoyed with the bike and its rider tried to turn off the highway unknowingly speeding off the onramp before colliding into an unfinished building.

"Uh, was that our fault?" Rivalz asked, stopping the bike on the side of the highway.

"I don't think so," Lelouch answered before noticing a crowd of people gathering around the crash site, but Lelouch saw something coming from the truck's trailer that drew his attention.

"Oh man the bike's power line got cut," Rivalz remarked, realizing something was wrong with his bike.

Lelouch wasn't paying too much attention because he was intrigued by whatever odd phenomenon he saw coming from the trailer.

"Uh hey Rivalz are you seeing this?"

Rivalz ignored him leaving Lelouch's attention to be attracted by the crowd that has gathered, but much to both his annoyance and disgust they were more interested in looking at the scene and placing blame than doing something about it.

Those idiots!

Lelouch deposited his helmet and gloves into the sidecar before making his way to the crashed truck to see if he could provide assistance to the driver.

"Hey is anyone alright," Lelouch called upon approaching the truck, but when he received no response, Lelouch began climbing up the side of the trailer hoping to access the driver's cab from an alternate way because the debris around the truck blocked off access to the driver's cab.

Suddenly a voice echoed within Lelouch's mind as he climbed up to the top of the truck's trailer and found an open panel on the roof.

Finally, I found my-

Huh, what was that?

Without warning, Lelouch fell forward into the open panel on the roof when the truck suddenly reserved and began speeding away unknowingly taking Lelouch with them.

"Wait, I am in here!"

Before Lelouch could knock on the door leading into the driver's cab, he heard something outside that caused him to pause.

"STOP THE VEHICLE," the pilot of a military VTOL gunship shouted from his craft while two more gunships flanked him as they leveled their guns at the speeding truck. "Surrender now, and you might have a chance to defend yourselves in court! Stop, or we will shoot to kill!"

Of all the trucks, Lelouch thought now realizing his situation.

When Lelouch heard the door connecting to the driver cab about to open Lelouch quickly took cover behind a large machine, the truck was hauling. Safely concealed Lelouch observed a young woman about his age removing a blue coat and hat she had been wearing revealing more attire underneath. She possessed spiky red hair and blue eyes, but something about her was familiar.

That girl looks familiar somehow?

"Can you enter the subway via the Azabu route," Kallen Kozuki asked as she started ascending up some stairs leading into the cockpit of a kneeling red painted RPI-11 Glasgow Knightmare Frame.

"Kallen let's use it here!" Nagata called from the driver's cab.

"That would lead to a bloodbath!" Kallen said obviously against the idea before boarding the Glasgow.

"Ugh, you're right," Nagata replied reluctantly.

The Glasgow launched from the back of the truck after initiating a surprise attack on the VTOL gunships using a slash harken.

"Damn it these guys are real terrorists," Lelouch said, recognizing he had no way of escaping the truck for the time being.

Right, I better take that communicator with me for now, Lelouch thought before picking up the communication Kallen had been carrying in her coat pocket, which Lelouch saw sticking out the discarded article of clothing. Then better make sure I am armed.

Once he had secured the communicator in his coat, Lelouch made sure a ceramic pistol he carried, which wouldn't be picked up by metal detectors was loaded and ready for use.

Aside from the gun, Lelouch carried three hidden ceramic knives on his person along with a second gun.

I'll hide for now and wait for an opportunity to get away, and if need be, I could offer this terrorist communicator to the military as a last resort.

Hiding behind the large machine the truck was carrying Lelouch waited, but suspected they were traveling through the old subway tunnels taking into account the rough terrain and the lack of cell phone reception.

Waiting for what seemed like an eternity, the truck came to a stop, but after it hit something yet, this was Lelouch's best chance to escape.

Now I just need to-

At that moment, the side door of the trailer began to open, giving Lelouch a chance to flee the truck and get far away before the military comes looking for it.

"Perfect this is just what I needed now-"

Before finishing that sentence, a Britannian soldier came spinning through the air before hitting Lelouch with a spin kick, although Lelouch blocked it with his arms he was knocked to the ground by the force behind it.

"What the-"

Lelouch tried to recover quickly, but the Britannian Soldier was already upon him using one hand to hold him down as part of his mask detached from his helmet that concealed his face.

"Are you Britannian?"

"That's enough mindless murder!" The soldier shouted in return.

"Wait I am not-"

"Planning to use poison gas, don't play dumb with me!"

"GET OFF!" Lelouch said managing to use one of his legs to kick the soldier who quickly leaped off of him assuming a fighting stance. "I am not here by choice, and if that poison gas, then it was made by 't it?"

"My god," the soldier replied, realizing the apparent truth made clear by the fact that no resistance group in Area 11 could've produced poison gas on their own.

"Mindless murder, then why don't you just destroy Britannia?!"

"Lelouch," the soldier replied before removing his helmet to reveal the face of a seventeen-year Japanese boy with brown hair and green eyes. "It's me, Suzaku."

Lelouch was stunned, especially since this was the last place he had expected to encounter the first friend he made in Japan after a rough start between the two. Suzaku Kurugui was the only son of Japan's last Prime Minister, and since Lelouch and Nunnally were under Genbu Kurugui's care while they were being used as political hostages, they ended up becoming familiar with one another. The last time they had seen each other was seven years ago shortly after Japan became Area 11.

"You became a Britannian Soldier?"

"Yeah and what about you? Just why are you-"

"What are you implying," Lelouch snapped before the device next to them began activating as it began to open prompting Suzaku to dive forward and cover Lelouch's mouth with the gas mask attachment from his uniform.

Instead of poison gas, the capsule opened to reveal a young woman with green hair wearing a Britannian Prisoner jacket with her arms and legs bound.

"That's not poison gas," Suzaku commented before hurrying to attend to the girl, but he picked her up and laid her down outside of the truck where he and Lelouch could see better.

"Poison Gas, this girl? Tell me the truth, Suzaku?" Lelouch demanded climbing out of the truck as he began helping Suzaku undo her bindings around her legs, arms and there was one around her mouth.

"Hey its what they told us in the briefing."

Suddenly spotlights were shinned upon the crashed truck while standing in front of the source were soldiers, members of the Royal Guard dressed in red uniforms.

"Stinking monkey, being an Honorary Britannian will not excuse you," The leader of the royal guard snapped.

"Uh sir, but I thought this was poison gas," Suzaku asked hurrying to speak to his superior directly while leaving Lelouch with the girl who was slowly regaining consciousness.

"How dare you question orders?!" Suzaku's superiors snapped, but Lelouch already knew how this situation was going to potentially end.

If they told Suzaku this was poison gas, then I saw something I shouldn't have which means-

"However, in light of your service records and achievements I will be lenient," Suzaku's superior spoke before preparing to hand him a pistol. "Private Kurugui use this to execute the terrorist and recover the girl."

"Terrorist, but he's a civilian sir."

"Why you," the Royal Guard Commander said clearly losing patience with Suzaku, "that's an order. You have sworn your loyalty to Britannia haven't you?"

"Yes sir, but I…cannot follow that order I am afraid," Suzaku answered without hesitation, but his response earned him a bullet to the back, causing him to collapse upon the ground much to Lelouch's horror as he snapped to his feet ready to run.


"Now I'll kill the terrorist myself then we'll retrieve the girl," The Royal Guard Commander snapped leveling his gun at Lelouch, but as he pulled the trigger, the green haired girl rose to her feet and quickly shielded Lelouch from the bullet.


The green haired girl collapsed onto the ground after being shot in the head.

"You shot her!"

"It's unfortunate since our orders were to recover her alive if possible, but I'll tell my superiors we recovered her, but we were too late before the terrorists killed her. As for you…this time I won't miss." The Royal Guard commander said deviously unconcerned their target had been killed, but as Lelouch was desperately trying to devise how to escape this situation because he couldn't draw a weapon without getting shot first.

All hope seemed lost until Lelouch felt someone grab his leg.

Time seemingly came to a halt as Lelouch was pulled into a world different from the one he knew that was too surreal to put into words.

"You don't want it to end here, do you?" The girl who had died moments ago asked as her voice echoed all around Lelouch.

"Wait…how can that," Lelouch began, but the woman interrupted him.

"You appear to have a reason for living."

"That's impossible what is this place," Lelouch demanded, but he got no answer.

"If I grant you power, could you go on?" The girl offered. "I propose a deal; in exchange for this power, you must agree to make my one wish come true. Accept this contract, and you accept its conditions. While living in the world of humans, you will live unlike any other: a different providence, a different time, a different life. The Power of the King will condemn you to a life of solitude. Are you prepared for this?"

Suddenly a vision of the Britannian Emperor appeared before Lelouch.

"So there is a convergence with the Ragnarok Connection, so the myth is beginning once again."

Lelouch's resolve hardened at that moment, and he had no desire to die.

"Yes! I hereby accept the terms of your contract!"

Time returned to normal, but something had changed, and Lelouch could feel something was different.

"Before you kill me answer me this," Lelouch offered with one hand over his left eye. "Tell me how a Britannian who detests his own country should live his life?

"Are you some kind of radical?" The Royal Guard commander asked before noticing something was different as a red glow could be seen from Lelouch's left eye. "Huh?"

"What's wrong? Why not shoot? Your opponent is just a schoolboy," Lelouch asked before uncovering his left eye revealing the glowing emblem of a phoenix taking flight could be seen upon it. "Or have you finally realized…the only ones who should kill are those who are prepared to be killed?!"

"What's happening here?!" The commander of the royal guard replied about to shoot Lelouch, but on reflex and not entirely realizing what he was doing Lelouch spoke.

"I...Lelouch vi Britannia commands you," Lelouch said with an extravagant wave of his right arm. "Now, all of you: Die!

Ensnared by his new power, the Royal Guard commander began laughing madly while his men behind him were also smiling.

"Happily, Your Highness!" The commander replied as he and his men soon held pistols to their own necks. "Fire!"

In that instant, all of them dropped to the ground dead, which surprised Lelouch realizing what had happened or more appropriately what he had done.

"Did I just do that?"

Realization slowly dawned on Lelouch as he approached their bodies using a foot to nudge them, but he was sure they were dead.

Lelouch began to smile deviously now possessing a power that could be just as valuable as a trump card as the Imperial Signet.

"Now then," Lelouch replied before glancing at Suzaku's fallen form. "I swear you will be avenged Suzaku."

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