~ You've Got Snabies (Snake Babies) ~

"Crowley? What are you doing with that child?"

"Oh, this? This is my daughter."

"You... had a child..."

"Yeah. Cute little monster, right?"

At this point the child turned her head and hissed at Aziraphale. The angel wasn't sure whether she was some kind of snake, or if hissing was just a general demon thing.

"Oh, and, actually she's adopted," Crowley added. "Demons don't usually, you know, procreate." When the angel just stared at him, he continued, "Not that we're forbidden, it's just that it takes them so long to mature, and who wants to spend two millennia raising a little monster when there's all kinds of other evil things to be done..."

He trailed off. The answer to his question was, of course, Crowley. Crowley would rather spend two millennia raising a demon child than doing various other evil things.

"Oh," Aziraphale said, finally managing to find his voice. "What, uh... what's her name, then?"


"You can't call her that!"

"Why not? It's a very evil name, perfect for a demon."