~ You've Got Snabies (Snake Babies) ~

With a demon toddler around the shop part-time, Aziraphale was starting to notice that he ran out of snacks at an alarming pace.

The angel was starting to get grumbly in the tummy and Crowley wasn't due back for another few hours, so there was only thing to be done. He would just have to take the child with him to the grocery store to pick up a few things.

For being a demon, little Query was surprisingly well-behaved. She toddled along beside Aziraphale with one little hand fisted in the fabric of his pant leg, as the angel wandered the aisles gathering snacks.

She didn't so much as make a peep... until they passed by a display of stuffed toy unicorns, at which time she abruptly stopped walking and stared wide-eyed at the toys.

Aziraphale had only walked a few steps away before be he realized that the child was no longer hanging onto him, and turned around to see where she'd gone.

Once she noticed that Aziraphale was looking at her, Query pointed at the stack of plus unicorns and made vague desirous noises. While the child could actually speak in words (and sometimes did), she had learned her communication skills from Crowley... which often involved making awkward noises instead of enunciating things properly.

"Do you want a unicorn?" Aziraphale asked, reaching out to pluck one from the shelf as he said it.

Query nodded emphatically and Aziraphale handed her the toy.

"Cornycorn," the child cooed, hugging the toy and rubbing her face against its fluffy mane.

The next time they went shopping, a rubber snake came home with them. The time after that, it was a rabbit Beanie Baby.

And then, once Query had learned that Aziraphale would buy whatever she asked for, entire armloads of toy animals came home with them on every shopping trip.

Most of these toy remained at the bookshop, since Aziraphale wasn't sure Crowley would appreciate so many toys cluttering up his apartment. Little did the angel know, Query's bedroom at her father's apartment had so many toys in it that the piles of them Aziraphale had bought weren't likely to fit inside.