~ You've Got Snabies (Snake Babies) ~

Aziraphale was not sure about being left alone to babysit Crowley's child, but Crowley had insisted that he couldn't have the little one underfoot while he was handing off the Antichrist, so here the little monster was, sitting on the couch in the back room of the angel's bookshop.

"So, um... uh... Sera..."

Oh, Heavens, this was so awkward. He never knew what to say to children. He couldn't even bring himself to call the child by her full name. (Which was Viscera, and he'd admit it sounded pretty if you didn't know what the word meant. But still...)

The child merely stared at him, with snakey eyes that bothered him in a way Crowley's didn't. Or perhaps it was the faint aura of demonic menace that surrounded the child which bothered him.

"Who's your friend there?" he asked, referring to the plush toy the child was cuddling.

"Stinky Bastard Plant."

"What? No! You can't call it that."

"That's his name."

"You can't just go around saying swear words."

The angel was clearly distressed, but the child seemed unfazed.

"I'm a demon."

Of course, there was no way for Aziraphale to know that the toy, which was a Vileplume Pokemon, had been given the name accidentally by Crowley - whose tendency to be mean to plants extended to stuffed toys of them - and Crowley had eventually just given up on trying to get her to stop repeating it.