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Chapter 44: Zen's Depression.

Yakito is driving his Yellow Supra at the another Osaka expressway. He was in no mood to talk. After what had happened at school and the chase that took place, his blue eyes clearly shows betrayal, hurt, anger and sadness. His face is stoic as he continues to drive on the highway.

"I should practice my drifting skills on the mountain of Osaka at one of these days." Yakito thought, "But now...there are two things that comes into my mind: How and Why?"

Koruki Hinakigu was Yakito's Math teacher when he was in high school. And he, like all the others, thought that she was the most sweetest Math teacher among them all and this helped to raise the average of the class but at that same time, a boy was found being hanged around his neck at the warehouse, which was also where the death of the couple was discovered in the same way before he entered high school. Now with the girl being one of the dead too, nobody dared to enter the warehouse cause they feared that the ghost of the dead will come to haunt them.

Yakito was always sure that the victims had too much going on or had faced too many problems and didn't want to confront them anymore which is why they did that in the warehouse since it's kinda empty unless special or important sport events coming up but recent findings and investigations had said otherwise and it turns out in fact, they had been murdered and their bodies were found in such that it was a suicide. And when the culprit was identified, that's what broke Yakito's heart as well as the principal's heart.

Yakito, at first, refused to believe it as well as the principal but it took a lot of information showing and analyzing to finally have Yakito and the principal believe the facts that had been presented to them. Yakito just simply couldn't believe it. How could a sweet teacher like her could be so capable of killing the victims? Everybody loved her and some even had a crush on her, including Zen.

It finally took the school assembly to expose her and show her true face as she had gone completely crazy and kidnapped the student council president. When Yakito took her down and rescued the student council president, he had finally seen her true colour and was so betrayed and angry that he vowed never to see her face again. The Chief and the detectives comforted the devastating Yakito by telling him that he had to do what he had to do and he did the right thing.

And as if that wasn't enough, some journalist came rushing towards Yakito to ask some question. They were picking up the warehouse incident at the newspaper and included the fact that one of the graduate was a police officer. Luckily for Yakito, the Chief stepped in and threatened to file a complaint to the newspaper company that they belong to. Soon the journalist backed off and asked no more questions.

After he called it for a day, he remained on his bed at home and refused to talk to anyone on how hurt he was. As a result, he had missed several phone calls and messages. He took a rest for a while before deciding to take his Yellow Supra for a spin to cool his head off after everything that had happened.

So here he was, driving at the another Osaka Expressway. While he was driving, he was thinking:

"Koruki's trial is coming soon and I'll definitely be called on the witness stand. What a crazy day it has been."

Suddenly he notices a Subaru BRZ from behind. The driver isn't flashing the lights nor horning the car. He's waving his hands.

"I've seen that BRZ before." Yakito thought before something instant hit his head, "Wait a second. Could it be?"

Pretty soon, Yakito also waved his hand outside before the instructing the driver to follow him as the two cars went to a safe parking place.

Later on:

"Yakito mate. I know what has been troubling you a lot lately." John said, "It's about that murder made to look like suicide case and the teacher's betrayal right?"

"So you have been following that eh?" Yakito asked as he drank a can of Fanta that he got from the vending machine, "Look John-san. If you are planning to cheer me up then it's gonna take a long time because the teacher whom I thought was the sweetest and the most kind teacher is actually a murderous psychopath!"

"I know that you have the right to be upset. I came here to talk about Zen."

Yakito got a bit concerned.

"Zen?" Yakito asked worriedly.

"Yeah mate." John said in also a worried tone, "He has become super depressed lately. He wouldn't talk and sometimes talk about some random stuffs. I tried and Cindy also tried but to no avail and sometimes he kept his mouth shut."

Yakito thought for a moment before he gasped in pure horror as soon as he realized it.

"Oh My God! Zen!" Yakito said in pure horror, "He had a crush on her since high school but confessed to her a few days ago but she said that she needed time and that she's not the same woman that he knows. There was a clue there! I should have...no zip that! Zen had a crush on her but now he must be crushed after seeing her true color on TV."

"I had a feeling that his reason of him being depressed is because of that." John sighed before saying, "I figured that since I couldn't get him out of it, you might be the one to help."

"Lead the way!"

John nodded as Yakito tossed the can to the bin before they both got inside their respective cars, started their engine and drove off. Yakito is really worried about Zen.

"Please don't do anything stupid Zen." Yakito thought and pleaded.

Many minutes later:

"You have got to stop this Zen." Cindy pleaded, "I know that you are hurt but drinking too much coffee and tea is not good for your health."

Zen didn't say anything. He just simply and gently pushed the koala away as he continues to drink another coffee. Cindy sighed. Suddenly there is a key sound and the door opens. It's John and Yakito.

"Yakito!" Cindy said happily, "We need ya help desperately."

"How's Zen?" Yakito asked worriedly.

"Not good. Tried to convince him but he's drinking another coffee."

"Ah good riddance mate." John said as he picks up Cindy.

Yakito soon approaches Zen and asked:

"What happen to you Zen?"

"Gone!" Zen suddenly said which startled Yakito and others, "It's all gone! All is gone! Bye Bye Woo See ya mates and ladies!"

"Zen I..."

"When you are destined to be with your crush or lover forever and suddenly *looks at the cup* all is gone in one fell scoop! Yakito, I would like you to meet my mates. John and the talking koala name Cindy!"

John and Cindy are extremely worried now.

"I think the session of tea and coffee is over now." Yakito said as he gently takes the cup away from Zen, "Let's talk about it..."

"Don't you get it?! You see the cap?!" Zen asked furiously, "I'm the Drift King from Australia and my name is Zen Rogers!"

And then Zen begins to laugh in an unusual way which led to Yakito saying angrily:

"Snap out of it Zen!"

And then he slapped Zen. Yes people, ladies and gentlemen! He literally slapped Zen! John and Cindy gasped and prepares to intervene should they start fighting about it.

Amazingly, Zen shook his head for a while before he slowly said this as he walks towards the TV:

"I'm...I'm sorry mate. You're right. I'm just a little depressed. I...I can get through this..."

And then Zen turns on the TV and on the screen shows the news about Koruki Hinakigu's murder crimes, the victims and the trial that will take place. John and Cindy immediately facepalmed.

"What a wrong time to turn on the TV." John thought.

"I can't believe it!" Zen finally cries and laments.

"Zen." Yakito said worriedly.

"I can't believe that all this time, this so called sweet teacher whom I had a crush on for so many years is actually a crazy psychopath! I thought she was sweet! I thought she was kind! I even confessed my feelings to her and she said that she will wait for her time to accept my feelings and I was even ready for that! But now...what did the victims do to deserve this?! What did I do to deserve this?! Was she gonna kill me as well?! No No No NOOOOOOO!"

Zen then finally started crying on the ground. Yakito, John and Cindy are very sad. Especially Yakito because he can relate to Zen's problem although it was on different circumstances.

"Years of holding back my love for her..." Zen cried before he finally screamed, "WASTED!"

And finally Zen cries on the floor and gently banging his head on the ground. Yakito gently picks him up and sits with him on the bed before comforting Zen as he understands how devastated Zen is because he knew that he loved her very much and even avoided confessing to her at high school due to the consequences and now all the wait was for nothing.

John and Cindy are very sad too.

"I'm really sorry to hear about this." Cindy said as she cried.

"You two are going to need some serious therapy and counseling about this." John said with a sigh, "I think Yakito will go pass it alright because he, although he felt really betrayed, didn't have much connection to her after he graduated but my nephew Zen. He's now a mate with a broken heart."

"I know what you mean." Yakito said as he comforts the crying Zen.

Few days of therapy later:

"Are you feeling better?" Yakito asked.

"Somewhat mate." Zen sighed, "It still hurts though."

"I know. It really hurts that that a teacher would go and backstab all of us in such a cruel and psychopath way."

"She's officially dead to me mate. I know that I can still remember her but I don't wanna anymore."

"A few more therapies will help you completely forget about her. I heard that she's gonna be executed or get locked up permanently with no parole."

"Thanks. You are really the best Japanese childhood mate I ever have."

"What are best buddies for?"

Yakito and Zen smiled as they did brofist.

"How about we take a night trip around the Hanshin Line Expressway and see if we can go somewhere far and beyond?" Yakito suggested, "Or a touge ride at one of the mountains at Osaka? Maybe this can help us keep cool on our heads and remove her from our minds."

"Tonight? Sure mate." Zen said happily, "This time I'm gonna beat ya for sure in the Osaka Night Endurance race!"

"Oh we'll see about that!"

Both Zen and Yakito laughed as Yakito is glad that Zen is slowly getting back to his good mood. Suddenly, Yakito's mobile phone started ringing. Zen got a bit curious as Yakito started talking on the mobile phone and after a while, Yakito cancels the call.

"What is it mate?" Zen asked.

"I think we're going to have to change the date." Yakito said, "Koruki's trial starts tomorrow and I will be called to the witness stand."

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