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Love life and child raising, other then that enjoy the chapter and Godzilla forever!


The king of queen of monsters and ancient alpha predator of its time while it's Walkers are the greatest or the most terrifying beings alive!

Signs of Walkers of Godzilla:

The first signs is their spiky hair not going down flat and stays spiky no matter what you or they do, their eyes are yellow and animal like (Luke seems to be an exception) you'll also see gills on their necks, but their fairly hidden so they'll be hard to find and they don't get sick or die near or in radiated area's, in fact you'll notice their hair glowing faintly blue or yellow for girls.

But cracks of orange will appear around glowing orange eyes and fingers as They enter burning state, if that happens exit the room or house and run as far away from the house cause they'll go off like a bomb.

They also can shoot atomic fire out their hands and mouth, but their hair and eyes glow (colours said above) before they let loose.

That also they have sharper scent of smell, good luck trying to hide delicious food from them.

Behaviour signs of the Walkers:

When their kids they are rather shy and sticks close to their parents or friends and learns from them and nearly depends on them (not their friends)

This Walker is quite friendly to those they consider friends and allies, but treats enemies ultimately with hostility and caution, when their hair glow that means you better leave them alone otherwise their gonna make you wish you did listen.

But you'll notice that they always leave the house to be in the garden or outside in general, like their respective titan they keep the balance, either within family, school, collage or the ecosystem in gardens or zoo's.

If anything disrupts the balance they'll try and sort it out and they'll watch carefully, so if you disrupt the balance their watching over, congratulations consider yourself under their watchful eyes.

But if they are disrespected or even someone disrespected their friends, family, lovers even their balance they or their Titans deliberately, they out to be prepared for a living hell beast, cause they won't stop until the person submits or their friends, lovers, family tells them otherwise.

Signs when Adults:

Okay, there isn't much difference besides they're physically stronger and live within the wild in cabins or other means for a home (caves, trees, etc) they watch and take care of animals but never intervene on the ecosystem and the apex animals like, lions, tigers, killer whales, sharks, they always stay away or just walk by or with them cause of their Godzilla walkers genes.

Love life:

The Walker of Godzilla treats their lovers with respect, love and care as long they get respect, love and care back that is, they can be protective, but only if these circumstances are met,

1) that their lover can't fend for themselves

2) their lover is human and they've encountered a very dangerous Walker or Titan

3) if their lover is harmed and can't fight back

Only under those circumstances shall they start defending their love.

Child raising:

They protect them and raise them like any parent, but when they reach the age of 7 or 8 that's when they start training them on how to use their powers and to be responsible of the balance and their lives.

History of Walkers of Godzilla:

Their not as ancient as Gojira's kin but they are an ancient line themselves, it shows they've been protecting the ecosystem with Godzilla and they were more nomads, and each village shows them protecting villages from other destructive Titans or Walkers.

But throughout their lives they've seemed to aid or aided by four Titans and Walkers,

Walkers of Kongs

Walkers of Anguirus

Walkers of Moths/Mosura/ Batora (rarely with Batora's)

And Walkers of Gameras.

They seemed to be the guardians of the ecosystem as well as Godzilla and it's Walkers, but a cave painting shows at one point of a three headed dragon and a Walker from the sky fought Godzilla and his walkers back then,

Presumably this was Monster zero and The Golden Alien.

But as the hieroglyphs started going broken our translated a odd wording,

but the Walkers of Godzilla and Godzilla himself encountered a apex Titan of an ancient past, where ever it went, death followed bellow it's wings as the demon stood like a beast from hell, the destroyer of the balance?

He also recovered a cave picture of a creature that has spread out red painted wings and body with a yellow spot on the top of the head, a horn possibly?

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