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I hope you all enjoy Dust and Memories.

Elizabeth Corday looked around the house that she and her husband Mark Greene had once shared. It'd been almost six months since her husband had died from the brain cancer that had ruined both their lives. Six months and this place still seemed like their home. Like any moment now Mark would walk back through those door if she willed it hard enough. He'd walk through those door with a story of some trauma that had come into the ER that day and how he'd made the diagnosis that saved the day. But that wasn't going to happen she knew that much.

"Mama," came the voice of their daughter Ella who was standing with her sister Rachel at the door.

Ella and Rachel were also in their own ways reminders of what she'd lost too. There was so much of Mark in them that it was hard to miss that they were his daughters.

"Do you need any help with the boxes, Elizabeth?" Rachel asks trying to the hide the fact that this house holds memories in it for her too. Not all of them good ones.

"Yes, please," Elizabeth finds herself saying as she blinks back the tears in her own eyes. That in and of itself was such a Mark thing to do. She wants to tell both girls how much they remind them of their father but the words stick in her throat and all she can do is nod.

Rachel picks up a light box scattering a thin cloud of dust as she does, that looks like it's jewelry box, and hands it to Ella so she can help too. The box looks like the one Mark had given her for their first Valentines day after they'd been married. There'd been a necklace inside at the time a locket with a picture of the two of them on side and the other blank. She touches the locket which she wears now as she watches the girls leave the house with their boxes to put them on the moving van.

Surveying the house once more before picking up the last of the boxes she leaves the home she's known for years now for one of her own making. A new start for her. Something she knows Mark would approve of.

I hope you all enjoyed Dust and Memories. I do not own any of the characters of ER they belong to the wonderful genius that brought us that fabulous show and NBC.