He couldn't stand it. He needed to see her. He wanted to see her. He only lived for her. He hadn't meant to leave her, but Ernesto poisoned him! How could he explain that to her? She would only become enraged by his excuses, he thought. He knew that because of him being dead that she would think that he abandoned her. But he didn't want to abandon her and little Coco. He hadn't meant to leave them alone. He hadn't meant to hurt Imelda as badly as he accidentally did. He felt bad because he had broken his promise to come back to them, to her.

He frowned as he gazed down at his skinny bones. He then sighed as he looked up into the sky. He couldn't bear for the day when he is forgotten and he didn't even know where he would even go when the Final Death happens. He shook the thought away. He still had time and he was wasting it by thinking about dying again. He grunted as he was slapped on the back by Chicarron. "Mi amigo, isn't it time you'd stop thinking about returning to her?" He calmly asked him. Hector defiantly shook his head, his skull violently shaking.

"No! I will never stop trying. I promised her. I promised Imelda that I would return!" Hector shouted in pure disdain for himself. He doesn't even understand how he even died in the first place. He didn't want Imelda to hate him because he loves her so very much. He haven't meant to die before he could see Coco grow up and grow old with Imelda. He hadn't meant to leave his amor. Hector hated himself even more. Chicarron didn't mean to upset Hector and it was obviously shown on his face.

"I didn't mean to upset you, mi amigo. I just want you to know that Imelda may respond in a way that you may not expect." He tells Hector. Hector laughed a cold laugh.

"I know how she is going to react. She will curse my name and she will never want to see me ever again. I can't blame her. I died before I even had the chance to return to her." Hector says, knowing that Imelda would hate him with every inch of fiber in her bones. Ernesto was going to pay for what he had done to Hector and Hector meant that.

It was Ernesto's fault that Imelda will hate him forever.

It was Ernesto's fault that Hector could never get the chance to his beloved family again.

It was Ernesto's fault that Hector missed Imelda to this day.

"I miss her." Hector wasn't afraid to admit those three words to himself.