Authors Notes:
This chapter will be dedicated to presenting new takes of the Naruto worlds various romances and dramatic themes.

1. Hanabi's Mother
In this story, Hinata is the biological mother of Hanabi. This could have been due to rape at the age of 7 or 8. This event could have been performed by the cloud Shinobi kidnapping her, a main or branch member of the Huega, a Konoha Shinobi, or random citizen. Hanabi is 3 or 4 years old, and causes a strain within the family. Hinata is troubled by her past, but ultimately loves Hanabi and cares for her. Secretly, Hanabi is displayed as the second daughter of Hiashi Huega. A final gift of his late wife after her untimely death from a terminal disease. This secret could be discovered by other rookies with her awkward schedule in having to care fore and raise Hanabi. Perhaps Hanabi slips and calls Hinata mommy in public or around other rookies. Though, her Tsundere personality around others, but is a Moe when she's alone with Hinata.

2. Team 7's Drunken Night
In a drunken night party, Naruto (drinks pure industrial alcohol) and applies a seal on Sasuke and turns him into a real girl. Naruto, Suki (Sasuke), and Sakura spend the night together. Ultimately, they all partake in a three-way. Surprised in the morning, they try to comprehend the situation. After coming to terms with the events, they try to remove the seal on Sasuke. It fails as Naruto's seal was done incorrectly while drunk. If they try to remove it, it will lead to detrimental and possibly lethal physical consequences. Due to the interaction, both Sakura and Suki becomes pregnant. They try to live with the issue, and ultimately come to live with each other. After some time, they come to accept their feelings and love for each other.

In the beginning, Naruto loves Sakura, Sakura Loves Sasuke, and Sasuke secretly loves Naruto. Now Sakura must learn to accept Sasuke as a female and Naruto's feelings. Sasuke recognizes the opportunity she now has to be with Naruto and needs to accept Sakura, but her personality and prideful nature hinders it. Naruto learns to accept his mistake with Sasuke and pieces together her feelings for him and comes to accept it.