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Neela Rasgostra sees her perfect life every night in her dreams as lays in the bed her and Micheal would have shared. It's been months since his armored truck was hit with an explosive. Been months since she'd watched the video he'd made for her in case he died in Iraq but it still feels like yesterday to her.

But in her dreams Micheal didn't go back for another tour of Iraq. He took her advice and stayed home and they began little family together. In her dreams they have three perfect children that all look like their father with a bit of her thrown in to prove that they were their children. Two boys, called Micheal Jr., and John, and girl named Lili.

"She's the spitting image of her mother," Micheal would have said as he'd have joined her in the garden.

Because in her dreams they moved into a nice big house were the children could all have their own rooms. There was even rooms left over for more than one set of guest to stay for a while. There was also a spacious garden like her mother used to keep back in India which is where she's kneel in a patch of fresh summer strawberries picking them for the tart she's making for desert that night.

"No she's not," Neela would laugh. "She's the spitting image of her father and you know it Micheal Gallant."

He'd laugh at this comment because he knows she's right about that. Then one of the boy's would come and pull him away to show Micheal something they'd found while in the side yard.

Neela would sit and watch them all laugh and joke and have fun together thinking they had the perfect life. Sometimes Ray even joined them in their antics. Or one of their other friends from work would come over for a picnic. But this was her own little world and she found it perfect. Just her and her family and friends in her little garden castle in the air.

But not all dreams can last as she finds out upon waking up the next day. Sitting up she looks around her to find Micheal's side of the bed as empty and cold as it had been when she went to sleep last night. The reminder of his sacrifice for her and their country. The dream had seemed perfect in her head but it was only a dream. Now was time for reality. Now she had get ready for work and screw on a happy smile until she could return to her dream world again.

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