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Peter's P.O.V.

The world around me keeps changing, the hits keep coming. I can hear Mysterio's faint cackle coming at me from all directions, but I can't see him anywhere. We've been fighting for a while now, in the illusion he created. He wants to kill me. And, in this illusion, he probably could. Nobody's coming to help, to rescue me. And why should they? I'm a superhero, after all. Superheroes don't need saving.

The fight continues, Mysterio having the upper hand against me. I can't even fight back against him. After all, you can't fight what you can't see. Just as I was beginning to give up, the illusion around me fades away as Mysterio shoves me backwards. For a moment, I had hope that I could retaliate against his attacks, when everything goes black.

Third Person P.O.V.

Mysterio smirked to himself. Shutting down his illusion, he took a step toward Spiderman and pushed him backwards. The young hero immediately got hit by an oncoming bullet train, the impact of which should've killed him instantly. Mysterio, satisfied with his work, flew back to Prague to meet with his team.


Happy Hogan was having a regular day. Actually, it was a rather nice day, as he had gotten to hang out with May earlier. But the nice day he had been having was completely shattered by just one little notification:

Spiderman: Critical condition. Location: Currently in motion, heading towards Broek Op Langedijk, Netherlands.

Happy dropped his phone in shock, before coming to his senses. Moving quickly, he grabbed his phone, headed to the private jet, and entered Peter's location into the computer. Soon enough, he was off.

After about an hour of flying, and a short nap, Happy had reached Peter's location. He had stopped moving, so Happy had hope of finding him. Using Peter's tracker to find his location, Happy followed the little blip on the map until he came across a large field of tulips. The location tracker had said Peter was here, so Happy sighed heavily and began searching among the flowers.

Eventually, Happy found a patch of tulips that were rather trampled, and decided to check it out. And what he found would change his life forever.

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