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Warning for passing mention of rape and murder.

Category: Dragon Age

Title: Freedom from Templars 101

Summary: In which Anders gives a short lecture to his fellow Circle Mages on the correct way to flee from Templars and the Circle.

"Right." Anders said clapping his hands together, "Freedom from Templars 101." he grinned. "First thing. There are couple of rules I will teach you about being an escaping Circle Mage but the main activity we will be doing today is swimming."

Some of the other Mages gave him strange looks and one scoffed quietly. Anders just arched an eyebrow. "Who is the expert here with seven escapes from the Circle under their belt? Me, I Anders, escapee from Kinlock Hold Circle Seven times running. So, you want to be free? Learn to swim."

He paced in front of the sceptical but interested Mages. "Why? A lot of reasons; just consider it." He waved his arms to emphasis his point. "Firstly, with all that heavy armour and stuff? Templars generally can't swim, they suck at it and sink. Two, have you noticed that a lot of Circles are surrounded by water? They are and trust me, it's bloody difficult to steal or hide away on a boat without being caught."

He paused and grinned, "My first escape was by swimming across the lake that surrounds Kinlock Hold. Of course they found and brought me back within a week which leads onto the first of my rules. Never, ever, fight the Templars who come for you. You fight them and they will kill you and claim you were a danger to them all. If you fight them then only do so if you truly intend to never, ever return to the Circle and spend the rest of your life on the run as an Apostate. If you do ever fight the Templars, do it with no witness around and try and make it seem like they were killed by something other than Magic. Also it is best to be caught in public by Templars, with lots of sympathetic people around so they can't rough you up too badly without causing a stir."

"That leads me onto another point." He stilled looking solemnly at the Mages around him. "Learn about the Templars. Learn their abilities and learn about each of them and what they are like. If you're going to get caught it's best to know what Templars you absolutely must avoid and which won't be too fussed by catching a runaway Mage. Find out their attitudes, about their pasts and relationships, why are they a Templar?

Some Templars hate mages, perhaps they met a blood-mage or perhaps they just enjoy having someone to use and abuse. Some Templars see mages as people and understand you want to be out even if they don't approve. Make sure the Templars you're caught by won't beat, rape and kill you. Make sure that all they will do is return you to the Circle for punishment."

"Another thing, don't become a Blood Mage." Anders gave them a really serious look. "Templars will kill a mage soon as they get so much as a hint of you being a Blood Mage. Blood Magic and demon pacts are stupid things to do. Become a Healer if you can or something else equally harmless and useful. On that note make sure to pass your Harrowing before you do more than two or three escapes. They can't Tranquil a Harrowed Mage without raising a fuss and it also means you have access to more specialised magics.

Try and make sure that all the Templars 'know' you're not dangerous. A little weird is fine, maybe even good, but never dangerous. Being a Healer is good for avoiding being branded a Blood Mage, after all every Templar knows that you can't be a Healer and a Blood Mage, which isn't quite true, only mostly."

Cheerfully he added, "Also while it might make the Templars really angry; if you hide well enough in the Tower you might be able to convince the Templars to knock on the walls looking for secret passages, it's rather funny."

So this was just an idea I had that doesn't quite fit in with a Dragon Age Crossover idea I've had. Decided this stood alone well enough so I might as well post it. Not quite sure how Anders ending up teaching escape from the Templars classes nor how he managed to get enough Mages together to count as a class but let's assume Mages are a tad more proactive about their freedom in this.