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Blue Dragon AU - Crossover Doctor Who Version 1 Part 1.

They met her in the Library. The Vashta Nerada stalked the stacks and she looked up as the Doctor rounded a shelf with an expression of soft surprise on her face. Shadows pooled at her feet and her eyes reflected a deep red violet colour with flecks of amber gold.

The Doctor was astounded as she closed the book she was holding he asked, "How are you alive? Never mind, you need to step into the light."

With a look of curiosity on her face she returned the book to its shelf, "Hi, you're the first person I've seen here. Is something happening?"

"Yeah, the Vashta Nerada." The Doctor answered as she moved into the light. She tilted her head in inquiry and he continued as he eyed her cloak and deep-bluish?-shadow considering, "A race of tiny swarm-hunting shadow-like beings that eat flesh. They've infected the library. So how are you still alive? If you step out of the light, they kill you."

She gave a graceful shrug, the Doctor stepped back as her shadow spread deep wings across the floor, "My Shadow defends me." She gave the Doctor a half amused looked, "She won't hurt you, you know, as long as you don't try to harm me and I doubt that Phoenix would let any Vashta Nerada live in her."