Obey, I don't know the meaning of the word!

Summary- Harry has always been different then what the wizarding world wanted her to be. Never the delicate obedient young lady they wanted the only daughter of the Potter family to be like. Never the compliant little golden girl they thought she should be. Why would she be so after finally defeating the mad man that had been after he all her life? Obey, screw that, she didn't know the meaning of the word. But now the world has gone to hell, and the dead are waking up hungry, how will this effect Harry's wish for freedom? What will happen to her, alongside the woman she had long since called a sister? Will she be forced to learn to obey? Or will she be able to keep her freedom? Female Harry in a Harry Potter Walking dead Crossover.

Disclaimer- I do not own Harry Potter or walking dead or make any money off of it.

Chapter one

It had been a good several weeks since Harry had first begun to get her plans of escape in to place, and now she felt it was finally time to put them into action. That she had, after what seemed like forever on just jumping through hoops, gotten enough done that she now felt it was safe for her to attempt to leave.

Just in time really, as Harry could see that the Ministry, and in particularly the Minister, who was the one who had originally wrote the letter that had set this whole thing off, were starting get antsy. Mostly because of the fact that Harry hadn't done what they had suggested, and she knew that it was only a matter of time before they tried to order her to do so; with someone of their choice completely.

Something that Harry knew she wouldn't follow, and most likely would tell the one giving the order to her in the first place where to shove said order. Which was something that Harry knew would give those in charge a reason to either trying to arrest her. For not listening to whatever laws they attempted to make, in a failed attempt to gain control over her; as well as her property.

Or if not that, they would try to use try to use some type of spell, ritual or potion to ensure that Harry did what they wanted in one way or another. Both of which being something that Harry wasn't willing to risk in the least bit. And would really do anything in her power to avoid happening.

Though she did almost want to see them try to gain control over everything she owned and seeing, in person, their reactions to what she had done. Or to be more specific exactly what the goblins had done at her request.

As one of the first things Harry had done in her plans to escape, on the very first day of said planning it in fact, was going to Gringotts and arranging so that everything she owned was now with her. Taking everything that was in the bank out of it making it so it was now out of both the goblins, and more importantly the Ministry control in one single step.

Though when it came to the goblins Harry had made sure that they knew she wasn't doing it as a slight to them but a strike against the Ministry and their attempts to control her.

Which was what helped make the goblins go along with what she planned. Though that wasn't the only thing that had helped see as Harry had made sure to let the Goblins in question go through all the vaults she owned, and by that she meant every last single one of them, for any goblin made item to get back in their control.

Not only that but had offered to pay them at their extreme rates to help her get everything ready. Which considered just how much their rates were not many people were willing to do; no matter how good a job the Goblins did. But it was a combination of those reasons that made it so the goblins where only too willing to do what she asked and keep hidden from everyone else at the same time. Something Harry knew was worth all the gold, gems and goblin made items it had cost her.

Then again Harry was willing to spend that much, or even more if she had to, at least when her safety and potential freedom was involved. Though none the less the cost of everything she had gotten done had still made Harry immensely grateful that she was the head of four ancient, not to mention, ridiculously rich magical families.

As there was no other way, she would have been able to both pay the goblins what they wanted, and still get everything she wanted done, actually done if she hadn't been from said families.

Seeing as Harry had wanted a lot of things done and had wanted it done in such a way, she could happily say screw the wizarding world as she did so. Something, that at least were the last part was concerned, the Goblins in the bank where rather happy to help her do. Even if they did charge her through the nose for the opportunity in question.

In the end with a good deal of it being able to get done due to the help she had gotten from the Goblins, as well as the help of several ancient books from both the Black and Potter family libraries, Harry had figured out what she felt was the best way that she wanted done.

Even if at the same time what she decided to end up doing was a lot more basic and simpler then several other plans she had already discarded before deciding on the one she had. Which was she had simply gotten one of the magical made trunks, similar to the one Moody had during her fourth year; not to mention highly similar to the one as Harry had found out Newt Scamander had used during his travels.

Using this trunk Harry began to prepare for everything else she had wanted to get done before she left. First by taking all the gold, jewelry weapons and books that that remained in her vaults after she everything she had wanted had been paid for. Before packing all that she now owned into certain parts of said trunk.

Knowing that after she did so, that there was no way the Ministry, or anyone else that was attempting to do so, were going to get anything that belonged to Harry or her family lines.

As there would simply be nothing left in the banks that they could take in the first place. And if they tried to take this fact out on the goblins, for allowing Harry to do as she did, the magical law was actually on the goblins side in that matter; including the contract between the goblins and the Ministry.

Not to mention Harry, had made sure to discreetly sale of any houses that were in her family names and that were anywhere near the lands the British wizarding world had any say in. With her keeping, not to mention buying a few more, house that weren't in the British magicals control; some of which weren't even known about by anyone but her some cases.

As for the trunk she was using, it was one that could shrink or unshrink on a verbal command, programmed to her voice and magic only. Not only that, but in its shrunken state it transformed into a single onyx stone earring that Harry had placed in the top of her right ear. With the stone in question actually being small enough that it could easily be mistaken as tiny beauty mark or freckle on the inner side of her ear; something Harry took full advantage of.

While being thankful that most of the wizards and witches around her really weren't that observant when it came to recognizing things that were out of the ordinary. As she was sure she would have been caught in the beginning of her plans otherwise.

Hermione certainly would have noticed several of the changes that Harry had undergone or had done to the things around her in preparation for what she was planning. Then again Hermione most likely would have been right at her side helping her escape all of this; if she hadn't died in the finally battle from an attack from behind her that is.

When it came to what was inside the trunk in question, that was a different thing altogether. Not to mention it was the main reason why Harry had taken so long when it came to leaving to begin with.

As she wanted to be prepared as much as possible, both because she wanted to explore the world around her. Like she had always dreamed of doing growing up before she ever had found out she was a witch; a dream she refused to let go of no matter what.

As well as the fact, at the same time, Harry knew her luck, or to be more specific she knew the fact she seemed to attract danger of any sort to herself wherever she went. Meaning sooner or later, no matter how she attempted to avoid it otherwise, something that was bound to happen in one way or another. Something she had long since learned to be ready for and wanted to make sure she could survive through whatever it maybe that happened.

Because of this, what was in her trunk was, several different rooms, each one geared towards something different. And all made just as Harry had wanted them to be. After all, if she was spending as much money as she was on them, they had better be exactly how she wished for them to be.

To be more specific there were nine different compartments in her trunk, well ten if you counted the false top as a compartment. A false top that looked remarkably similar to how a normal trunks base would have looked like, and something that would be used in case anyone decided to try to do something like check inside the trunk in question; like say at an airport if she did decide to travel in a more mundane like fashion.

As for the other compartments they would only be accessible by either Harry or anyone she gave permission to go into; and no one else but that. Which at the moment meant that only she had access to them all. But if things continued the way she had planned, that would hopeful change soon. Allowing a single other person to have access alongside of her or at least Harry hoped so.

When it came to the first magical compartment, which was a full sized, fully decked out two-bedroom apartment. It was believed to be one of the best apartments offered in the wizarding world, and unlike what may purebloods may think, was actually designed by a Muggleborn. Because of this, the apartment was a lot more modern than it would have been otherwise.

Even if at the same time, it didn't have any electronics inside of it, as even while being designed by a muggleborn, the wizarding world has a whole still hadn't been able to figure out how to have electronics around magic. At least not without the electronic in question being completely fried by the magic in the area.

Despite not being able to have electronic in the apartment, something Harry really didn't care about as she never got to really use electronics all that much to begin with, it wasn't wanting in anyway.

As it had two fully furnished bedrooms of equal size, with two large bathrooms in each room; making each room in question seem like a master's bedroom of its own. Not only that but this apartment also included a fully stock and functional kitchen, that had two gas stoves and a near overflowing pantry loaded down with preservation spell on the side.

Next to that was the Living room which Harry had transformed into more of a library like setting. as she felt more comfortable with it like that then the more meeting like room it had been before. It now had large couches set in front of a fireplace and shelve upon shelve of full of all her family's books set behind her.

All of which had their own spells to make them not only fireproof, but waterproof, extremely damage resistant and were impossible to remove unless you had her permission; something she had done as she knew exactly how valuable a lot of those books really where. Even if it was impossible to enter her trunk without her invite to begin with; better safe than sorry after all.

With the reason that she had a two-bedroom apartment in the first place being because Harry had was planning on bringing someone else with her; if she was willing to go in the first place. As Harry knew that she only had one true friend left from after the war.

With all the others, whom she thought she could call her friends, actually agreeing with the Ministry about what she should be doing and expecting her to start following the demands that she was being given without question. Making Harry wonder if those so-called friends even really knew her, or had they just been picturing how they had wanted her to be in their heads all along.

But at least she did still have one friend that she could count on, that she could trust, and that lived through the utter hell that had been Voldemort's final battle. Which was why she had made sure to have a two-bedroom apartment as there was no way she was leaving her friend behind. As Harry could never leave the one, she happily called her little sister, to the very life Harry herself was trying to flee from. She'd never forgive herself if she did.

Even if Luna might forgive her for it. But it wasn't like Harry was actually planning on leaving her behind to begin with. As all she had to do now was ask her to come.

And considering the fact that Harry was planning on going around the world exploring she was sure Luna would love to go with her. In fact, knowing Luna, like Harry did, she was likely already ready waiting for Harry to ask her to come in the first place.

As unknown to others Luna did have quite a bit of seer blood in her and just seemed to know things were going to happen before they did; even if sometimes it was only by just. Or sometimes something happen so suddenly it changes what she saw to being with.

Which was why Luna tried her best to not become dependent on the seer abilities she did have; as the future wasn't written in stone. Unlike what some Seers or those that utterly believe in prophecies seemed to believe.

When it came to the remaining eight compartments, these were also ones Harry felt that she, and if she decided to join her as well, Luna would need during their cross the world trip. With addition room to add more if they needed to while out on said trip.

With the Second compartment of the nine she trunk had, being another one she had been another compartment she had been determined to make part of her trunk since the beginning. No matter the difficulty it may have been when it came to putting said compartment to begin with.

In the end she had gotten the compartment she had wanted, and it ending up being classified as a room geared purely for training. It was the same size as her apartment above it had been and was one of the compartments that had the most obvious magical nature in it.

This was because this compartment was similar to the come and go room in Hogwarts but instead of letting you have everything you wished this one was geared to training only. As that was as far as Hyacinth could figure out when it came to the magic that made up the come and go room in Hogwarts; or the goblins combined with her could figure about the room in question.

Though when you consider the fact the goblins where a purely warrior nation, and never really stopped being a warrior nation despite now running the only banks in the wizarding world, there was a lot that could classify as training. Meaning there was a lot Harry could learn and practice with when it came to the compartment.

Harry had wanted this compartment like this, as there was no way she was going to let all the hard-earned skills she had gotten from the war go to waste. Not when they had saved her life, and the lives of those she cared about, too many times to count before.

Not to mention not when those skills were also so helpful in scaring away the idiots that were trying to get a date with her only because of her family name, the fortune she had, or worse just to say they got into her pants before anyone else. No, the fact they usually ran screaming because of those skills was just to amusing to lose anytime soon. Not to mention to good a deterrent for her to want to lose either.

Besides Harry always loved a good fight and the idea of being able to learn more skills when it came to fighting. Or anything the goblin nation deemed important enough for her to learn, was something she was interested in.

Especially when she found out that the goblins had made it so the room in question could teach her how to best survive off the land with things like how to best hunt animals down, and not only that but how to prepare the animals she hunted down.

That did fascinate her to a high degree, even if she wasn't so sure how Luna would react to it. As she was rather big on protecting animals, even bigger the Hermione had been at times when it came to her idea on house elves.

Though on the other hand Luna, unlike a lot of others in the wizarding world, did understand survival of the fittest; not to mention understood how the animal kingdom worked. So perhaps she would like to learn to hunt as well?

Maybe even learn how to use another weapon so that she wouldn't be so depended on her wand; like a lot of people Harry knew were. Because Harry knew they would run into a situation where they wouldn't be able to use magic; and it was something she want to be prepared for. Something she want Luna to be prepared for as well, again if she decided to come along in the first place.

The third compartment was one that Harry put in both because she thought it was necessary as well as the fact it had a hidden hobby of her in it as well. A hobby that only Hermione, before she had died, and Luna actually knew about.

It was also the compartment that was the most like what Newt's trunk had been said to have been like. And this was because this compartment was the most magical compartment she had in her trunk.

As it was like someone had taken a large piece the outdoors and somehow stuck it in her trunk. This compartment was also the largest of her compartments, with the expansion charms on it expanded to the max.

Currently it was split in half, with her Hobby on one side, which was a large garden area filled with different types of fruit and vegetables. As Harry had always loved the taste of the fruit and vegetables, she had gown herself.

And had gained this love during her childhood when one of the teachers at the school had their class grow their own fruits; something she had turned out to be really good at. Or at least she had until her cousin angry that he couldn't grow anything destroyed what she had grown.

But that small amount of joy she had gained during that time had blossomed into a real talent in gardening, something which Harry did her best to hide. One because if she did her family would destroy what she grew and two it was something Harry liked to do to get some peace.

Something she would lose if anyone found out she liked doing it in the first place. Either by it become a chore or becoming something that was expected of her to do and to constantly do her best at; making the things she once enjoyed doing eventual lose said joy.

Not to mention she really didn't want to hear about how it was finally time she took up a more lady like hobby. Which she knew several others would go on about if they found out she liked gardening; though they may try to get her growing flowers like rose instead of the fruit and vegetables she preferred growing.

That wasn't the only part of this compartment, as Harry had also kept Luna in mind with this. As the other half of this compartment, was what could be considered almost a magical zoo area with different types of territories all throughout it.

All pretty much empty at the moment but ready to be uses as Harry was sure that Luna would really love to collect several different animals on their trip around the world; maybe be able find those creatures she was always talking about so she could open up her own little zoo later on. Something Harry knew was one of Luna's dreams, and something she felt she could help her sister archive. Especially if the animals in question would be rescue ones like the ones Harry was sure Luna would be searching for.

After the third compartment was a compartment that was a cross between the Hogwarts medical wing and an actual hospital. As again, Harry knew her luck, knew how often she ended up getting hurt because of this luck and wanted to be prepared for the worst of it as much she possible could. Besides with the training she was going to be doing, not to mention the exploring, it was always best to have a way to keep herself, and anyone who maybe with her, as ready as they could get.

Because of this, what this medical based compartment had in it was, shelves filled to the brim with different potions all geared towards healing in one way or another. Meaning potions like fever reduces, blood potions, potions made to clear out infections, potions made to help regrow both bone and skin, potion to help relax muscles to, to heal torn muscles, plus so much more.

From what the goblins had told Harry once they helped her get this room all set up, she had enough potions stored in there to stock up the Hogwarts Medical wing for over a year at the very least; which meant that hopeful she wouldn't run out anytime soon.

That wasn't the only thing Harry had made sure was in that compartment either, as Harry knew she couldn't survive solely on or with magic, not with the majority of the world having no idea about it.

Not to mention the fact she had been raised in the muggle world her whole life so she couldn't just let go of all the things she had learned from said life. Which meant that Harry had also made sure that she had things that you would find in a mundane hospital as well as a magical one.

This meant that Harry had supplies that most wouldn't think she'd have on her. Such as, in case of emergency, she had hospital stretchers as well as beds. Though those were spelled to be as comfortable as possible as if Harry was going to spend a large amount of time in them, like she had before, she would rather they be comfortable as possible.

There were also sterilizers, as while she may not look it at times Harry was a neat freak, at least she was when it came to cleaning up injuries and getting rid of sickness; as she hadn't been able to do that a lot when she was younger and had really suffered for it.

Added to that there were also lots of blankets, and other things that could help keep someone warm. Both for comfort and again because of what she had dealt with when she was younger and hadn't been able to maintain the correct body temperature for when she was sick or injured.

Then there where the things like surgical supplies, antibacterial cream, thermometers, stainless steel tools, gloves, medical bandages, wraps and even things like wheelchairs. As when Harry had told the goblins to get everything they could, that a hospital would have, and still have it functional around magic they had really gone all out. Mostly because the more they did for Harry the more they could charge her for it.

Below that was another compartment Harry had set up for potions. Something she was rather good and despite the effort of others and enjoyed doing. If only to spite those who attempted to make her fail at potions to begin with.

This was where Harry had set up things so he could both grow the plants needed for potions not to mention had a large surplus of different supplies for potions. Having actually gotten the goblins to empty a potion shop a couple of times to fill this room up.

This compartment would be used to make all types of potions including the one she was looking the most forward to make and using alongside of her sister, and that was the Animagus potion. Which was nearly complete and only need to set for two more weeks and it would be complete. Not to mention ready for use.

Next was an over large storage compartment filled with all the things she hadn't been using from her family vaults. As again she wasn't leaving any of it behind for anyone in the British ministry of magic to get their greedy hands when they made up some law that would allow them to do so. Something she really wouldn't put past them especially after she escaped from them, by not letting them marry her off to someone under their control likely they clearly wanted to.

This storage had spells on it that keep all the items in mint condition, and didn't let them weaken, rust or otherwise become damaged in any way. Not to mention had spells on it so everything that was similar to each other was sorted closer together and became organized so she could easily find what she was looking for. Something she was rather happy about as it was a rather large storage room, and she didn't want to get lost in it whenever she tried to find something in it.

This compartment was pretty much filled with large piles of gold, different types of gems and jewelry of all sort. And then there where things that where Harry's favorite out of all the other supplies in this compartment.

Which was all the weapons and books that all her families had collected over the year. Which considering the fact her family went back hundreds of years and there for went into the time were the majority families that were known for their skills in fighting, meant they had quite a number of weapons. Most of them being either blades of some sort, staffs, along with several sets of bow and arrows.

The seventh compartment was something Harry had added to on more of a whim, and in memory of Hermione who would have loved the compartment in question. This was because it was made for making different spells, rune stones as well as warding stones.

Harry also got the feeling that Luna would be in that particular compartment a lot, and she would also be spending more time in it then she had originally thought, as the idea of learning to make warding stones, and there for more powerful wards, did sound rather interesting.

The next to last compartment was one that Harry figured would be extremely helpful in the long run. Especially if they happened to get lost in some way, and where unable to use magic to find a way to getaway.

And this was because the eighth compartment was a food storage room. That unlike the storage room that held all of Harry's good, weapons, books were layered in so many freezing and preservation spells that the was no way that any of the food in it could ever spoil or go bad in it. Which was one of the reason Harry had taken to taking the food she had managed to grow into it to keep it safe until she wanted to eat it.

The final and Ninth compartment was the one that held all transportation good. Such as the cars she had purchased, the bikes, the motorcycles she had, with one of them being the one Sirius had given her.

Not to mention she also had several brooms and houseboat in their as well. So that in pretty much any situation she could travel in style if she wanted to. Be it on land, air or sea.

Not to mention this compartment also had everything that was needed to keep those things in the best care possible. Honestly when it came to this last compartment Harry had splurged quite a bit on this. One because she loved moving fast and two as she did all of this, she pictured the look on her uncles face if he ever saw her in some of the things that were in the compartment. Plus, having something that looked like mundane transportation would help them blend in better while they travel.

In fact, she was even thinking on getting an RV or something similar to that as a just in case. Maybe figure out how to make it make it so her trunk and the RV could be combined together so that the RV she got had everything her trunk did. She was sure with Luna's help she could figure out how to do that.

With all of this Harry felt that she was now ready to leave and get away from the control hold of the wizarding world once and for all. But first she really needed to do one more thing, and that was actually go over and ask Luna if she wanted to come with her.

Because while she thought Luna may already know what was going on, and what Harry was planning, she wasn't completely sure of that. So hopefully her little sister would want to go with her, as Harry knew she may say no but hoped that really wasn't the case.