Obey, I don't know the meaning of the word!

Summary- Harry has always been different then what the wizarding world wanted her to be. Never the delicate obedient young lady they wanted the only daughter of the Potter family to be like. Never the compliant little golden girl they thought she should be. Why would she be so after finally defeating the mad man that had been after he all her life? Obey, screw that, she didn't know the meaning of the word. But now the world has gone to hell, and the dead are waking up hungry, how will this effect Harry's wish for freedom? What will happen to her, alongside the woman she had long since called a sister? Will she be forced to learn to obey? Or will she be able to keep her freedom? Female Harry in a Harry Potter Walking dead Crossover.

Disclaimer- I do not own Harry Potter or the walking dead or make any money off of it.

Chapter four

Harry and Luna had been with the group they had found a lot longer than Harry had ever wanted to be. What's more, in Harry's mind it seemed to have been months that slowly dragged by at an agonizing snail's pace. When in reality she knew that it had really only been about two weeks at most.

But given everything that had happened in those two weeks, all of which seemed to have done everything to all but tap dance on her last nerve. Harry figured that it was a given that it seemed to have been much longer than that.

Especially given the fact that for the last year the only person Harry had to really deal with was Luna. And her sister, unlike all the others in this camp, seemed to understand when she wanted to be left the hell alone.

Hell, Luna seemed to notice everything about Harry, more so than she had before they had spent the year together. As it seemed lately, they were so in sync could mistake them for twins. Which was probably why no one in the camp questioned the fact they called each other siblings; despite not looking alike in the least bit.

But in in all honest, right now Harry was ready to knock Luna out and hightail it out of that area as fast as she could. Just so she could finally get away from it all. She could work on gaining Luna's forgiveness on another day.

As Harry felt that her sister couldn't be angry at her forever. Not when Luna herself looked seconds from exploding on several different occasion; more often than not at the same person. Which just so happened to be the same people Harry herself wanted to get way from; so perhaps Luna would understand?

Though if she did do that Harry would have to leave some supplies behind for the group in question; to at least appease Luna a little, before she left. The supplies in question would be, canned good, dried food, a couple gallons of water, sanitary items, a flint, some medical supplies and of course several rolls of toilet paper; so Lori could wipe up all the bullshit that constantly came out her mouth.

Sighing, and knowing that she really couldn't knock out Luna and get away from all of these people as fast as possible. No matter how much she wished she could at times, as one she doubted she'd be able to surprise Luna enough to be able to knock her out in the first place; considering how aware Luna usually was.

And two Harry knew her conscious really wouldn't allow her to do so; at least not yet. So instead, Harry tried to focus on what she did know about the group they were sharing the camping ground with. A group Harry and Luna really weren't part of as Harry refused to say she, or her sister where part of the group in question in the first place.

Not when it had the leaders it did. And yes, she meant leaders, as it seemed that Shane was the head man in charge, while Lori seemed to be only what Harry could consider the queen bee of the group.

And surprising unlike what she had thought earlier they weren't married, but from what she could see, and smell from the two of them due to the enhanced sense she had, they were certainly together.

More to them for finding something to comfort with each other during so horrible times or at least she would have thought so if they hadn't annoyed her so much. Or if it didn't look like they were trying to hide what was going on in the first place

But as it was both of them had done more than enough for Harry to utter loath them, and both of the being the main reason Harry wanted to leave in the first place. As in Harry's eyes the two of them continued to lord their position over the group in everyone's faces. Or that is how it seemed to Harry as an outsider's point of view; which she would freely admit was biased due to her dislike of the two in question.

When it came to the rest of the group, some of them were better than Lori and Shane. Where Harry could see herself possible getting along with them. If they ever got out from under the previously mentioned two thumbs that is.

While there were others that Harry knew without a shadow of doubt in her head, that she would never get along with. And that if she had the opportunity, she would have shot them in the head long ago. Sadly, Luna seemed to realize what she was going to do, or at least wanted to do, and gave her a look that warned Harry from doing what she wished.

The ones she felt that she could get along with if they ever broke out of the sheep mentality they seemed to have fallen into. Well the first was Glenn Rhee, a Koran man who was only a few years older than Luna and Harry were. He was someone who seemed to be a person who looked out for the best in everyone and was willing to go into the city, that was currently overrun with Walkers, just to get supplies for others. Putting his very life on the line every single time he did so.

Meaning to Harry he was a brave man, but at the same time Harry noticed he seemed to stop himself from voicing things out when he didn't agree with something. Not to mention seemed to follow orders, even when he didn't want to; even if they went against what he felt was right or not.

But, at the same time Harry couldn't shake the feeling that there was something about Glenn that reminded Harry strongly of Neville; oddly enough. And if that was true, if Glenn was anything like her once godbrother had been, she wanted to get to know him; just to help ensure he didn't die the same way her brother had. No one deserved to die like Neville had.

Luna, Harry noted seemed to feel the same way about Glenn as Harry herself did, as she often hovered around him and spoke to him in a lot more friendly way then she did others. Not to mention she seemed more eager to share their supplies with him, if only to stop Glenn from having to go to the city as much as Shane wanted him to go.

Something Harry didn't stop as she too would be a lot happier if Glenn wasn't the only one putting himself in danger all the times. Besides she was rather amused by the look on Lori or Shane's faces when Lune, or herself, would hand over several supplies to Glenn or the others but not them.

She was just waiting for them to say something about it, or try and demand the supplies in question from either her or the one she had handed it over to. She was ready to react if they did. Perhaps it'd be what was needed to kick some of the people out of the follow the leader like mindset they were in as well.

Some of the other people in the group she felt that she could like, if she ever got to know them more, was a pair of sisters. Both where blond and both rather friendly and open to all the others around them. But at the same time seemed to avoid Harry as they believed she was male. Something that amused Harry slightly as she never said she was male. Nor did Luna call her brother, sticking to calling her by either Harry, the name she went by, or if not that calling Harry her sibling; you'd think someone would get the hint that was obviously there.

Not only that but the two sisters seemed to fear Harry; at least by a small amount if the way they looked at her meant anything. Something that really started happening after how she had reacted to Shane.

But even with this fear, and the fact the avoided her, Harry did notice they were kind to Luna and did help her when she looked like she needed it. So, for that reason alone Harry felt that she might get along with both Amy and her older sister Andrea.

Even if at times they both got on her nerves when they both went silent whenever they saw her in their hearing distance. Though oddly enough she swore she heard Amy giggle at her back once she had passed by them. Not to mention the highly amused look in Luna's eyes when ever this seemed to happen really made the hair on the back of Harry's neck stand up for some reason.

After those two, were others in the group that she felt she could get along with if she knew more about them. Something that wasn't happening, as the majority of the group seemed to stay away from her, and even Luna for the most part. Because of this she couldn't get the best read on them. So, she wasn't completely sure if she'd like any of them or not.

These People where, Carl Grimes, who was around ten years old and the only child of Lori. Which was one of the main reasons why Harry couldn't get a good read on him, as she usually tried to avoid going anywhere near Lori; not wanted the headache she gained by just being near her.

Though at the same time she did find it rather amuse that it really was only because of her son, and the way he introduced himself, that Harry ever found out that Lori's last name was Grimes in the first place; as she hadn't really cared to find out before then.

Next person she could possible get along with, would-be Carol Peletier. Who Harry knew nothing about as she was often kept away from Harry by her husband. Who was one of the People Harry loathed in the camp, and was one of the main persons that Harry wanted to shoot in the first place. But it was him along with Carol had a daughter named, Sophia Peletier. A very quiet but adorable girl that from what Harry observed reminded Harry a bit of herself when she had been a lot younger. Before she had decided to hell with the world and what they thought of her.

After that would be the ones Harry hadn't formed any opinion on whatsoever as they hadn't left any impression on Harry whatsoever. Or for that matter made her want to learn anything about them but their names.

Mostly because they were often on the other side of the camp and had no reason to cross paths; at least so far. These people where Dale Horvath, Morales his wife, daughter and son, Jacqui, T-Dog and lastly Jim.

And then there where the members of the group that she would have happily gutted if given half the chance. These where the ones that usually gave her the biggest of headaches, and the main reason why she wanted to be as far from this camp as she could get. These people where Lori grimes, Shane Walsh and Ed Peletier.

With Lori being the usual queen bee Harry thought she was. Always telling others how things should be, while doing none of the work herself. Telling Luna that as a woman she shouldn't be doing the things she was, and all other kinds of things that basically boiled down to what a wife in the fifties, or in the higher society of the wizarding world, would have been like. Which made Harry's hackles rise, and her wanting to bare her teeth in a snarl, every time she heard it as Harry had honestly fled the entire contrary to avoid here things just like that.

And when she wasn't bothering Luna about the way she was behaving she had finally gathered to courage to try and take on Harry herself. Telling Harry as a man that he had a duty to the camp, and that instead of being such a self-serving obviously jealous greedy young man that he should respect his elders and do what he is told. Starting with apologizing the Shane and following the orders that he was given. And if not that he could leave the camp. Something she had said multiple times; each time worded in a different yet still insulting way.

Each time she did so, she got the same reaction from Harry, as she gave the woman in question a frozen emerald glare, while telling her as bluntly, just as Harry had told Shane the first day they had arrived, that they didn't own the land everyone was on. That she wasn't part of the group, and that she was sharing the supplies she had with those that asked. And that if they didn't like it, then they could shove it where the sun doesn't shine because she wasn't going to change who she was to make some queen bitch wanna be happy. And despite saying the exact same thing, in those exact same way Lori still continued to try.

And each time Harry did this she ended up with the same reaction. With the first time being the most memorable, as Lori hadn't been happy at what Harry had said to her. Not in the least bit, as she stormed off to Shane complaining to him about what Harry had said.

Which in turn, had set Shane of on Harry, who tried to attack Harry once she had exited her RV. Only for Harry' s war horned instincts to realize just what he was trying before he could get too close and the blades, she had on her back at that time, out and at the throat of Shane before he could grab Harry.

With Shane being lucky enough that Harry had realized just who he was in time enough to stop herself from cutting through his throat. Though Shane had earned a slightly bleeding cut on his throat from where Harry's blade had rested before she could stop it fully. Making him just that much more wary of Harry and attempting to attack her from behind than he already was.

Speaking of Shane, the reason Harry couldn't get along with him in the least bit. Wasn't because of the fact he attacked her, several different times now, or the fact he seemed to be Lori's attack dog for whenever things didn't go her way.

No, those where only part of the reasons why Harry didn't like the man in question. With the main reason being because Shane was so utterly controlling of pretty much everything. That if things didn't go the way he wanted he would lash out and attack, or even arrange things to happen to make sure it went his way. Often times playing off the fear the others had of Walkers or being attacked to ensure that they all followed what he said.

To her Shane was bully, the same way her cousin had been to her when she was younger, the same was Draco had been during Hogwarts. Only unlike those two, Shane took pleasure in fighting his own battles and using the fact that others needed him to get them to do things the way Shane wanted it to go. No matter who or what ended up being hurt for that to happen.

And boy did it drive Shane utterly insane that he couldn't do the same for Luna and Harry. What with the fact that they both out armed him, had more supplies they were willing to share with the others. And the fact that he was sure Harry could kick is ass, as shown whenever he attempted to attack Harry.

All of this, and the fact he wanted their supplies including the RV, keep Shane from trying to get the others from driving the two out. Well that, and the fact he wasn't sure the others would want to drive them out as Harry and Luna did share the supplies they had with the rest of the group; even if Lori and Shane had yet to get a single thing from either one of them.

Lastly when it came to Ed Peletier, the reason Harry utterly loathed him, and this was something that was shared by Luna, was because that man was an abusive son of a bitch. Who was constantly hitting his wife and verbally as well as on some occasions, physically putting his own daughter Sophia down.

Like he had to constantly needed to be reminded that he was man of the group, like he had to be reminding of how much stronger he was then either his wife or daughter. Even if he had to make it so said daughter and wife were weaker than him to begin with.

To put it in the bluntest terms possible Ed Peletier reminded Harry vividly of her so-called uncle Vernon. Who used to do the same to Harry in the past. At least he had until Harry had shattered her uncles jaw and broke his arm over her knee when he tried to discipline her over something the Order had done when her 'family' had gone to pick her up after her fourth year.

And though while Harry couldn't gut the three of them like she really wanted to at times, this hadn't stopped Harry from have a little 'word' with Ed Peletier. As, at least at the moment, he was the one Harry hated the most. And by word Harry meant that once she got the disgusting man alone, she beat the utter crap out of him and threatened him with a slow painful death if he laid a hand on either his wife or daughter again.

Which for the time being seemed to work as now Ed stay out of everyone's way; including both his wife and daughter. And better yet, it seemed that neither Lori or Shane cared what she had done, or in a much more likely scenario didn't know of what she had done.

As Harry honestly felt that either one of them, if they had known what she had done, they would have attempted, a failed attempt at that, to try and use what she had done to Ed as a way to boot her out of the camp. Siting that she was simply too violent to allow there any longer.

Honestly, they acted like Harry wanted to be in the camp in the first place. She was just staying as she knew Luna wouldn't leave yet, and there was no way Harry was going to leave her sister behind.

No matter how much she got irritated at those that were in the camp. As in one way or another all the members did annoy her with how unprepared they were for the world they were living on.

Made just that much worse by the fact that they didn't even seem to be trying to prepare for what was going on. As they all seemed to be only living in the now, and not thinking on what could happen in the future.

Not putting up any kinds of shelter, or protection around the camp not even really have a sort of look out either; at least not one that was taken seriously at any rate. Which given how deadly the world was at the moment wasn't the best idea to do.

Hell, the military had bombed the cities earlier should have at least had some of them questioning just why that was and if things really were that bad. But none of them seemed to be doing that; much to Harry's sheer frustration.

Or to be more precise none of them did but the two most recent members of the group. Or as Harry found out, just the two she hadn't meet when she had first come to the camp, as apparently, they had been the first ones at this location.

And as Harry found out these two were the ones in the group that she didn't know that well, but at the same time felt she would get along with them better than the majority of the group. As they at least displayed some apparently not so common, common sense.

At least more so than everyone else in the group in question seemed to display. And at the same time these were people that Harry herself felt she could relate to the most. These two being two brothers called Merle and Daryl Dixion.

These two brothers weren't the nicest people around, and they were prejudiced as hell in the case of the oldest brother Merle. Or extremely antisocial when it came to the youngest; Daryl.

But at the same time, they were survivalist. They knew how to hunt, they knew how the world was, and best yet they knew what they needed to do to make sure they lived through the hell the world had turned into.

They were the sort of people Harry knew that this group would need if they wanted to survive. Hell, they were the type of people Harry knew they needed in their sanctuary if they wanted to keep it up and running as smoothly as possibly.

Sadly, it seemed that she and Luna were the only ones who noticed this. As the rest of the group seemed to isolate the Dixion brothers; just like they had Harry herself. Even though it was the Bothers and Harry that was supplying them with the majority of the supplies they had; with Glenn being the one who gave them the rest.

What with the brothers doing hunting, and always being able to bring back some sort of meat back with them from said hunt. Something that had made it so Harry hadn't seen the two brothers until she had been at the camping grounds for over a week; as they had been on a long hunt bring back some deer.

Which, as she found the usually did, they shared with the others. Even as the others in the group never thanked them for doing so. And even with several of members of said group continued making slurs about prejudices rednecks behind their backs; which Harry knew both brothers could hear.

As they slung equally slurs right back at the group not taking any of their crap and giving back just as much as they got. Though the brothers did do it in a louder cruder fashion; especially the eldest on Merle.

Who seemed to take a bit of pleasure in insulting all the others and seeing their reaction to said insults. He really seemed to take pleasure is seeing the female's reaction in being called sugar tits as well; most likely because of the scandalized gasp Lori seemed to give each time she heard it.

Then when it came to Harry and Luna helping the group. They ended up giving either the supplies they had in the RV to the others, or if not that the food they had hunted down as well. Which while they were good at it, they weren't as successful as it as either Dixion Brother. Nor where they as fast at getting it prepared, often times getting help with it from said brothers to make it go faster.

Which did earn them some sarcastic remarks from the oldest one but both Luna and Harry had heard worse and let it slide of their back like water off a duck's. Something that seemed to have gotten both Luna and Harry some grudging respect from both brothers in return.

Though Harry did notice that the youngest, Daryl seemed to be looking at her oddly at times as if he was confused about something about her. Making Harry wonder if he had realized the truth about her gender unlike all the others in the group. As honestly, she had never said she was male to begin with they had just assumed from the way Harry had been dressed when they first met, and you know what they say about assuming.

Then there was Glenn, who ended up being the one who gave the group rest of the supplies they had. All from the supply runs he did. As the supplies most of the group had originally brought with them had ran out. Especially as the group had been there a lot longer than anyone in the group, besides Harry, Luna, Daryl or Merle had thought they were going to be.

Not that Glenn got much thanks for what he did, for how much he put his life on the line each and every time he went out. Shane even acted like it was expected of him, and due to this so did most of the others in the group.

Though Harry did notice that several others in the group where nicer to Glenn and did act grateful with what he did. And even volunteered to go with him to help get more supplies. So, it wasn't as bad with Glenn as it was with Her, her sister and the Dixion brothers.

But what stuck Harry the most, and if she was honest with herself that really bothered her the most or just nagged at the back of her mind the most. Was the fact that despite being the so-called leader of the group Shane never once volunteered or even mention himself going out for a supply run.

In fact, he rarely went outside the safety of the camping ground the group was on. The furthest she had seen him go was to the lake, or if not that off in the forest with Lori; for what they both thought was discreet bit of 'fun'. It wasn't discreet in the least bit, and in fact it was an open secret to the whole camping ground.

This was something that irritated Harry fierce, as she believed that when you were the leader of a group, any group, you didn't ask anyone to do something you weren't willing to do yourself. You put the group ahead of yourself. You were the protector, and you did you damn best to ensure that your group was safe; even if you had to put you own life on the line to ensure that this happened.

Something that not once had she seen Shane come even remotely close to doing. In fact, it seemed to be the exact opposite of that. Where he would happily put every last member of the group in harm, use them as shields if he had to, all to protect himself; even his so-called love Lori and her son seemed to come second to that.

It was like Shane loved to lord over the fact he was the Leader but not do any of the actual work for it, same for Lori. And that just drove Harry utterly insane and made her loathing of those two in particular all the stronger.

Those two, she swore, she would never let in their sanctuary, no matter what Luna may have to say to that matter. Though given the looks she had seen Luna give those two, Harry felt she really didn't have to worry about that too much. As even Luna seemed to not want them in their home as well.

Harry found herself torn from her thoughts, and the action of sharpen her blades, which she had been doing in the front of her RV while she collected her thoughts. When Lori came storming up to her.

Seeing this, Harry bit back a groan and tried to prepare herself for what she knew was going to be another headache inducing conversation. Made worse because of the fact it was with the one Harry honestly believed had to have some type of Banshee blood in her family tree.

Sure enough, the very second Lori saw that she had Harry's attention she marched up until she was standing right in front of him, opened her mouth and in tone that was both grating and holier than thou, she began to speak to Harry; all the while sounding as if she was looking down on Harry.

Causing Harry' eye to twitch and her hand to tighten on her sword she had just been sharping, as she told herself, just listen to her and not react. After all, sooner or later Luna will have had enough, and they could both leave. Just don't give them a reason to justify the feeling they already have of you, just don't. Just ignore it a little longer. Something that got increasingly more difficult as Lori continued to speak.

"Look, you need to start listening to Shane. He knows what to do when things go bad like they have. He is an officer of the law, that should tell you something. I know that you're tying to be big bad and tough. I know you sister is trying to be something a young lady like her shouldn't have to be. And I know that it's because of whatever is going on around us. But in all honesty, someone like you or your sister there, really don't know how bad things can get and you should honestly learn to obey those who know…."

But Harry didn't hear the rest of what Loir was trying to say to her, as it all faded out of Harry's hearing as the words, she had just said forced her to recall the hell she had endured when Hermione, Her and Luna had been captured by Voldemort's deatheaters. Couldn't help but bitter think, hadn't encountered anything bad, don't know how bad things can get, that's bullshit.

As Harry remembered relearning several different times just how little the deatheaters respected women in general. As the scars she had on her back, her arms, her side and her legs all began to tingle as she remembered everything that had happened during that particular stay.

And it was with that memory clear in mind that Harry was brought back to the present as she found herself catching the hand Lori had just attempted to slap her with. Seeing this and struggling with the memories she was trying to once more repress Harry couldn't help but tighten her grip on Loir's had slightly as she snarled out.

"Just what they hell was that for." As she said this Harry loosened the hold on Lori's hand while sending a small unnoticeable burst of her magic into said hand to ensure that it didn't bruise in the least bit.

As she really didn't want to hear either Lori or Shane's bitching that would occur if there was even the slightest bruise on Lori's hand due to Harry catching it the way she had. Even if she had only caught it to stop Lori from slapping her in the first place. Not that Lori noticed this as she glared and nursed her hand, before spitting out at Harry.

"You weren't listing to me. I was telling you that Shane wants you to actually pull some of your weight around here and stop lazing around. He wants you to go on a supply run. You know, to do something that would help others once in your miserable life. I know that may seem like a foreign idea to someone like you…"

Here Harry not wanting to listen to Lori anymore and honestly wanting to get away from both Shane and Lori for a while, even if it meant going to a Walker infested city, interrupted her before she could really get into what she was say.

"When is this supply run going, and who's in it." All the while mentally telling herself to make sure Luna stayed in the RV and to have it locked up as tightly as possible while she was gone. As she wouldn't put it past either Lori or Shane to try to 'liberate' supplies from there while she wasn't there to stop them from doing so.