Obey, I don't know the meaning of the word!

Summary- Harry has always been different then what the wizarding world wanted her to be. Never the delicate obedient young lady they wanted the only daughter of the Potter family to be like. Never the compliant little golden girl they thought she should be. Why would she be so after finally defeating the mad man that had been after he all her life? Obey, screw that, she didn't know the meaning of the word. But now the world has gone to hell, and the dead are waking up hungry, how will this effect Harry's wish for freedom? What will happen to her, alongside the woman she had long since called a sister? Will she be forced to learn to obey? Or will she be able to keep her freedom? Female Harry in a Harry Potter Walking dead Crossover.

Disclaimer- I do not own Harry Potter or the walking dead or make any money off of it.

Chapter five

Harry was trying her best to nurse the growing headache she had, while trying not to show she had a headache in the first place. All the while wishing she could slip out a headache reliever potion and take it. More so then ever as she continued to listen to the argument that was still going on in front of her.

An argument that while being directed at her, she wasn't really part of as it. As truly, to Harry eyes and anyone else listening it, it was just two people trying to shout over each other; doing their best to make sure their opinion got heard over the other. Sort of like children in that regard.

What had started this whole thing was when Harry had questioned just who would be going on the supply run Lori had all but demand he go on. Because as it turns out the supply run in question, that Shane had wanted her on, and the one Lori had been so eager to push her into, was one that was supposed to have been done completely solo.

Something Lori had been rather smug in telling her so, and in letting Harry know that they just couldn't spare anyone else. Not to mention Glenn regularly went on supply runs by himself should Harry be able to do so as well.

Ignoring the fact Glenn knew the city in question he went to like the back of his hands, and Harry had never been there before. Also ignoring the fact as far as Shane and Lori knew Harry had never been on a supply run before. Making it supposedly all the more dangerous for Harry; or so many believed.

But Harry upon hearing this, knew immediately just what was going on, it was a plan to get rid of her; not a well thought out one but a plan none the less. As she knew Shane didn't think she'd be able to get into the town by herself let alone get supplies and get back unharmed. As Glenn had come back from his last supply run rather pale faced and let everyone know that the city, they were going to had gotten even worse and he really didn't want to go back there without someone to guard his back.

Knowing this and knowing that if she refused that both Lori and Shane would make a huge scene out of it and use it for further fuel against both Luna and her, did the thing she knew Shane hadn't been expecting. As she agreed to go on the supply run, but stated she was going to be taking her RV and Luna with her.

As she just couldn't leave her sister here alone, playing up on the big 'brother' act the camp seemed to think she had. Which she kind of did but it was more of a big sister who would protect her little sister if she had to but at the same time knew the little sister could also protect herself as well.

But it was saying this, which was what seemed to set Shane and Lori off. Proving to Harry that on top of trying to do get rid of her, however unlikely that plan would have worked in the first place. They had also been planning on trying to 'liberate' everything they could get their hand on in both Luna's and her RV while Harry would have been away.

This was why the screaming match was going on and why Harry was so desperately wishing she could take one of her headache potions. As both Shane and Lori were demanding that 'he' leave the RV and Luna at the camp trying to say that it wasn't safe, and for the safety for the camp the RV had to stay where it was.

Something that had Harry raising her eyebrow, seeing as they stopped saying Luna needed to stay yet continued to say the RV needed to stay. But before she could react the way she wanted, Luna spoke up, her voice soft but carrying over the camp better than either Shane or Loris' had making sure everyone could clearly hear what she was saying.

"I don't see why we both cannot go on the supply run. The RV will help us carry more if we bring it. Not to mention two will always be able to bring more than one will; so I'd be better if I went with Harry. Plus, we well have someone to watch our back when we both go. Besides, it isn't like you like either me more my sibling all that much. So why are you arguing so much about us going? Why are you trying to get Harry to go alone? And why do you want us to leave the RV here if we do go?"

With the way she asked the question at the end having heavy hints in them that let everyone know just what Lori and Shane and planned. Something that got the both of them blushing in both embarrassment as well as rage before Shane bellowed out.

"It's because I said so. That boy is going to go on the supply run by himself and he is going to leave the RV here where it can be put to good use. And you, you will know you place- "

As he said this Shane got closer and closer to Luna until he was quite literally looming over her, looking for all the world as if he was about to hit her, and seeing this Harry felt the last string of patience he had for this man, and the group he was leading, snap.

Then whatever Shane was going to say next was cut off as Harrys' fist slammed into his face and her foot was on the man's throat before he could do anything. Managing to pin him down right after he hit the ground; giving Shane no time to react before it had all happened.

After what he had just done to her sister, Harry really wasn't going to accept, nor was she willing to hear what else the egotistic man was going to say next. Not after she had reached the end of her patience when it came to the man in question, and certainly not when Luna had that slightly fearful look in her eye; most likely trying to suppress memories of their time in Malfoy Manor like Harry had been forced to do earlier.

But at the same time Harry knew that there were going to be consequences for what she had just done. Something that, at the moment, she couldn't bring herself to care too much about considering just what could have happened otherwise. This showed when with icy green eyes she looked down at the slightly choking man beneath her foot and in front of a stunned, utterly silent camp all but hissed out.

"I've already told you; we are not part of your group. You are not in charge of me, and you certainly aren't in charge of my sister. I was willing to go on a supply run to help the rest of your group. But I wasn't going to leave my things behind so you could rob it all of everything you please; like you so obviously planned to do." Here Harry gave a slight sneer and resisted the urge to dig her heel in deeper before continuing on, ignoring the punches the man she was speaking to was giving her leg as he did so. Not feeling them due to the pure rage, and magic, that was currently circling though her body.

"Nor am I going to allow you to threaten my sister. So, let this message sink into you head. If you ever get it out from that far up Lori's ass that is. Leave me and mine alone, and I will not string you up in a tree and leave you for walker bait. Also, if it isn't clear, I'm not going on the supply run, you not getting my RV or the supplies in it." Here Harry paused once more and looked at all the others who were still staring stunned at what was playing out in front of them before finally spitting out.

"Fuck if I had it my way, we wouldn't even be here any longer, but no my sister, the one you were just threatening, she wants to help this group for some reason foreign to me!" After saying this and ignoring the screams from Lori Harry lifted her foot from Shane's throat.

Then knowing, even as she released him, that Shane was going to get up and immediately charged at her, Harry quickly moved into a spinning kick. Something that ended up knocking Shane straight back on his back and out right unconscious. All because he started charging at her screaming in rage as the very second her foot had been removed from his throat.

Seeing this, not to mention seeing how quickly Lori then preceded to run over to the knocked-out Shane screaming at Harry that he was a brute and she wanted him out of the camp, as well as seeing the shocked looks on everyone else's face Harry spun around; suddenly feeling too exhausted to deal with them.

Then noticing the lack of real reaction, for or against her, Harry gently began to pull Luna into the RV before shutting and locking the door. Once this happened Harry just looked at Luna wondering what they should do next. As she knew that they really needed to make a choice and make it soon; especially after what had just happened.

At the same time Harry was starting to feel a bit bad she had let her temper get the best of her for the moment. Not about what she had done to Shane as he had been asking for something like that to happen for a while, but she did feel a bit regretful what she had snapped out at the rest of the camp as she had done it; as they honestly hadn't done much to deserve it.

Not that it hadn't been completely true none the less, as Harry really didn't want to be with this group any longer. Or really in this place any longer, as being so out in the open like they currently were, what with only one side really protected and no real safety nets, or even a watchout system in place, was seriously tap dancing on her nerves.

Not only that, but after what she had just done, she really wouldn't put it past Shane to try and attack them with a gun when their back was turned; or perhaps even when they were sleeping. No neither of those option where things that Harry would put past Shane attempting to do; he certainly was spiteful enough to at least try.

Something Luna seemed to agree to as well, as without any prompting from Harry, she went over to start the RV; getting ready to leave. Even as she gave Harry a look that all but screamed to her sister that she wanted to speak to later. Most likely about keeping an eye out for this group, as Harry knew there were several in the group in question that Luna did like; and most likely wanted to bring back to their home.

Only for both of them to freeze before the RV could really get started, when there was urgent knock on their RV door. Hearing this and knowing that it could be an attack of some sort, though she didn't think Shane had recovered so fast, Harry went to grab her shotgun before going to answer the door. Ready to fire the gun in her arms if she had to. After all, after what just happened there was no way she was going to drop her guard; everything that made Harry her wouldn't let her.

However, once she opened the door in question Harry was left feeling slightly awkward. As when as she opened to door, gun in hand, she saw Glenn, Daryl and Merle at the door each raising their hands slightly to show they meant no harm. Especially when they saw the shotgun that was currently being pointed at them More so then ever in Daryl and Merle's case as they knew just how accurate both Luna and Harry could be with said guns as they had seen them using them. Even if both siblings did seem to prefer different weapons rather than guns.

Seeing this and feeling embarrassed about her paranoia, Harry put the gun down, though still keep it on her as a just in case. Before asking the trio in front of her, who she could tell had come for a reason.

"Why are you here?"

Not adding the part that they were already leaving. As one, she felt that was already pretty obvious, and two she really didn't want to make it sound like they were being chased away when in reality they had just had enough. Or at least that was how Harry felt, but at the moment she was willing to listen to hear what these three had to say. As out of the group they were the ones she respected the most.

The fact both Harry and Luna, who had stopped starting up the car and was moving to stand beside her in front of the door, were willing to listen to them seemed to calm Glenn down. While on the other hand Daryl and Merle looked to be rather irritated at the whole situation in general.

Seeing this, Harry raised an eyebrow really wanting her question answered and Glenn seeing this tried his best to answer. Stammering, pausing and sound completely nervous as he did so, deeply reminding both Harry as well as Luna of Neville once more. Making them all the more willing to listen to what he had to say because of this.

"Look I know what happened was bad, really bad. But do you have to leave? Isn't it safer in numbers? I know there are some others who don't want you to go either it just…." Here Glenn gave an almost hopeless look as if he didn't know how to explain what he wanted to say.

Seeing this, and seeing that Glenn looked rathe determined, Harry sighed before she answered him. Wondering all the while, why the two brothers were there. As this didn't sound like something, they would take part in; not from what she had observed from them anyway.

"It's not safe for my sister to be here. Shane almost attacked her, and I don't care what anyone says he was going to hit her. No way, I wasn't going to accept that, so I reacted. Now I know Shane isn't going to take well to that, and I know that he's going to try and cook up another plan. One just like his previous one of sending me to the city on my own for a supply run; just more deadly. We've got enough trouble looking out for Walkers and honestly, I don't need to look for something like a gun point at our back by someone we are supposed to trust. So no, we're not stay here. As despite what you think it isn't safe."

This earned Harry various looks, a bit of respect form Daryl, a sort of amusement from Merle as then a look of defeat from Glenn; as if Glenn knew Harry was right. Seeing this look Harry got the feeling Glenn noticed a lot more than a lot of people thought, a feeling that was proven correct when Glenn straightens up his back before in a slightly pleading tone asked Harry.

"Then can you wait a little bit longer before you leave? Just enough for us to do one more supply run? It's going to be a bigger one, and well we're going to be taking a lot of the best fighters with us…. or at least the ones that are armed. Lori is taking Luna's idea about having more people being able to bring more supplies and running with it. She's chosen, Me, Merle, Andrea, T-dog, and Morales. While Daryl's found some deer tracks and wants to follow them to bring more meat to the group, so could you just stay until we get back? Shane will not be able to protect everyone…." Here Glenn trailed off a bit before shaking his head and looking back up and Harry before asking just one last question.

"Can you please just stay and protect the others in the group until we get back?" Harry hearing all of these and knowing that Glenn at least at a good reason for wanted her to stay still felt reluctant about doing so. She didn't want to be anyone's hero anymore and honestly just wanted to get away. But after seeing both Luna's as well as Glenn's pleading look reluctantly agreed though not without grumbling out.

"Alight I'll stay, but we're leaving right after you get back and I swear if Shane tries anything that'll hurt Luna, I'll gut him."