Chapter 1 The Swap and New Life

Summary: After defeating Madara in the Fourth Shinobi War, Naruto was sent away via an unstable Kamui by a vengeful Zetsu. His body destroyed in the Dimensional Void, Naruto's soul and essence managed to escape as he entered the body of a dead pervert. Now reborn with a new chance at life, as a devil no less, Naruto will take advantage of this second chance and protect those who are precious to him.

AN: Hello everyone, it's me AZ23AJ and I'm back to keep on writing, kick ass and take names while doing it. I got a new story that is a bit of a AU take on my Red Dragon Emperor story. This time we will have a little more twist on it for our hero.

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Now enjoy the first chapter of the story.

"I never imagined that my life would turn out like this," A young man said as he looks at the mirror to see himself and think a good number of things over.

He was around late teens, 17 to precise; with spiky yellow-blonde hair and three whisker-marks on each cheek, while his eyes were blue. He wore a white shirt and black shorts, having changed his clothes after finding out he was sleeping in formal wear that had a hole in it from something that happened not too long ago, and that it was close to 6:00 AM in the morning. This was Naruto Uzumaki or Issei Hyoudou, it's hard to tell now, but let's go back a bit to explain a few things.

It started when Issei was killed by his date, the Fallen Angel named Raynare, and was left to die in the park. He would have died, but that was put on hold thanks to a soul entering his body and having a new person take over, power swap more like it. The soul belongs to one and only, Naruto Uzumaki, the Hero of the Fourth Ninja War.

Naruto had won the war, but Zetsu used unstable Kamui and transported the blonde into the Dimensional Void. It nearly killed the blonde as his body was destroyed, but not his soul and spirit. Because of that, his soul later exited out of the void and enter a new person, who was on death's door, which being in full circle now. He had entered the body of Issei and gained some things other things in the process; such as his perverted nature, though luckily, he was better at keeping it in check than Issei was. Oh, how shameful of this and death would come, but the blonde didn't give up and wanted to live. A wish that someone was more than willing to grant.

Naruto couldn't remember who but was thankful of the person that saved him and felt some great power within him that mixes with his Chakra. The only thing that he saw was the long beautiful red crimson hair of his savior and could guess that the person was a woman around his age. He will have to thank her when and if he sees her again.

But moving to the main point.

Naruto could still feel and sense his Chakra within him, but it was different, and he felt weak because of the body he has. He could guess that the swap and combined of two beings, have some upsides and downsides.

Like the upsides are: He can remember who he is from his past life and yes, the pervert/baka life as well that he is ashamed of, along with gaining his original appearance; most likely due to Naruto being the stronger of the two. Along with that, he could see from these memories that Issei had a good life with parents and some friends, especially one from childhood that he had a lot of fun with, causing a smile to form up on the young man's face. He also knows all about this world and has enough knowledge of it, to where Naruto won't have too worry about walking around and screaming when seeing something new. That will be bad and now the downsides.

The downsides are that Naruto can't use his full chakra due to her new body being weak ad will need to build himself up again after he finds out why his body feels different. Also, he must be careful around his new parents as one mistake could bring trouble and the people at school which is another big problem; the ninja must go to school again.

Oh boy, here we go again.

This is going to be interesting.

Time Skip

Naruto was right and lucky to avoid/dodge odd questions from the other students. They had asked some odd questions and they got simple quick answers as the blonde didn't want to deal with them. Unfortunately, they also took the change in hair color and hair style, as well as the whisker-marks on his face, as signs that he became a delinquent; which didn't help, given the reputation Issei gained as a member of the perverted trio.

Naruto was now walking down the street as it was late at night and decided to get some training in, as this pervert's body was WEAK AS HELL!

However, to Naruto's surprise, all the weapons he got from his old world came with him, so that's great news; and he also has the Eternal Mangekyo Sharingan that he somehow got from Madara as well. He had a long way in training due the new body and still wonder who saved from death. He will need thank that person who saved and get some answer.

Though, all of Naruto's thinking came to a stop as he spotted a man wearing a trench coat with a black fedora on his head; this person was giving off some bad vibes to him.

"Well, what do we have here? A Stray wondering by itself," The fedora guy said.

"What the fuck are you talking about?" Naruto demand, getting ready for a fight.

"My name is Dohnaseek, but it won't matter since you're going to die anyway," The fedora guy or now Dohnaseek said, before making a light spear and release his black wings before charging at Naruto.

Naruto dodged Dohnaseek and used a chakra enhance kick. He kicked the crow towards a tree as the said tree broke on impact from the man.

"Hmm…not bad for a stray," Dohnaseek said with a groan, before noticing that Naruto was breathing heavy and charged at his target again with his light spear raised in the air.

Naruto mentally curse his luck.

Issei, that damn stupid boy never trained in his LIFE as he only thought of breasts, asses and harems. God, the boy would get along with his Godfather well.

Naruto needs to end this quick as he was low on energy and almost out of breath. He waited for the fool to come closer. When Dohnaseek did and went for a downward slash, the blonde made his move and summon one of his swords. A cloud of smoke blocks the man's vision, but he felt his light spear being block by something.

The smoke cleared and Dohnaseek saw a sword, but it wasn't any ordinary sword as this sword was large as it has downward-facing scales that ran along the entirety of its length, up to the hilt with the base of which having a small skull. This is Samehada, the sword that was once wielded by Kisame Hoshigaki. The Fallen Angel was surprise as he heard the sword making noises and the scales moving.

"That's impossible! I've never heard a sentient sword?" Dohnaseek shouted in disbelief.

"Oh, Samehada is a living sword alright and it doesn't slash…IT SHERDS!" Naruto stated with a savage smile.

Naruto knocked Dohnaseek's light spear away and slash diagonally, shredding the man's trench coat and removing some flesh. The Fallen Angel screamed in pain at being cut.

Naruto wasn't done as he delivered a left hook knocking out some teeth.

Dohnaseek glared at Naruto but knew he couldn't fight him as he had taken too much damage. He will make sure that the little brat pays for this.

"You'll regret this, you little shit."

With that said, Dohnaseek flew off in the night sky and left the area.

Naruto sighed at this and put Samehada away, before sitting down to catch his breath.

"Damn it, that took a lot out from me," Naruto grasped and took some deep breaths for air.

Naruto got right back up and went straight home, as he had school tomorrow. The first thing he will do on his day off is to get rid of ALL the Hentai stuff that Issei has by throwing them in the trash or burning them.

What Naruto didn't know, or notice, was that a little bat was in the sky, watching the events that took place. The bat flew back to report back to her master and what her newest member of her peerage has done.

Time Skip

Morning came, Naruto was back at Kuoh Academy and it was the same as always, but he pulled through. When school ended, he was about to leave, but he stopped and notice a girl around his age walking towards him.

The said girl has bluish gray eyes and long blonde hair that reaches down toward her plump bubbly rear as her breast were close to the same size as Rias's. She was wearing the female Kuoh uniform that all females wear, but she was wearing black high-thigh stockings with black garter straps connecting to them from inside of her skirt, this girl is Yumi Kiba and she goes by the title of "Princess Knight" in the school.

"Issei Hyoudou?" Yumi asked.

Naruto decided to play along and said, "Yes, that's me."

Yumi gave Naruto a beautiful smile, making him blush a little and spoke, "President Rias wants to meet you."

Naruto nodded his head and got up from his desk to go with her. They left the room with the other students thinking on what the hell just happen. As the two walked side by side, Naruto notices that everyone was looking at him and Yumi, but he also notices the boys staring at Yumi's ass and her swaying hips. This made him frown at them, sure he was a bit of a pervert in his past-life thanks to Jiraiya's influence, and it didn't help that he gained Issei's perversion on top of it due to the merger, but at least he wasn't open about it and knew how to control his impulses.

Soon enough, the pair finally made it to the ORC building and enter the office. Naruto immediately too notice of the other females in the room thanks to the pervert's memories. He also saw that Sona and Tsubaki were here, also. He noticed that Rias sitting down at her desk and was looking at him with interest, while Sona was looking at him with a raise eyebrow.

"President, I brought him over like you asked," Yumi said, shutting the door and leaned against the wall.

"Thanks, Yumi, please have a seat Issei."" Rias said with a smile on her face and looked at Naruto.

"I would rather stand." Naruto stated, looking for a way out, especially since he felt that he didn't want to be here for some reason, which Sona took notice of.

"Very well then. Sona and I have some questions that we'd like to ask," Rias said.

"Very well ask away." Naruto said.

"Then who are you? Since you're not Issei as I can sense some chakra flowing through you," Sona questioned.

Naruto noticed Koneko stiffen when she heard Chakra, making him frown at this, this made him wonder on what happened to her, but he won't push it for now.

"Before I answer that. Were you the one that save me?" Naruto asked, seeing the same beautiful crimson hair that he saw before.

"Yes, I did. I brought you back to life with all eight of my pawns, known as Evil Pieces, to bring you back as a Devil," Rias answered, before she told her new Pawn about the Three Faction and what the Evil Pieces do; but to her surprise, he didn't look shock or surprise.

Naruto was taking this quiet well due to his old home and encounters he faced.

"You're not surprise at this at all I see?" Rias questioned.

Naruto shrugged his shoulders and spoke, "I'm not, since I've encountered demons, devils, demi-god/goddess and other such beings in my old world."

They looked at the teen like he grew a second head when he said, "my old world" and this made Naruto chuckled at this. The Fox was out of the bag now, and there was no point in hiding it.

"Well my real name is Naruto Uzumaki, and I've swapped places with Issei Hyoudou as his soul died and went to the afterlife and now, I take his place."

The Devils in the room were floored at this.

"And how can we tell that you're telling the truth?" Sona asked, which made sense given this was quite the bombshell, and the blonde had an idea to show his proof.

Naruto made a Shadow Clone shocking the Devils, as he can only make one for now, due to his new body and still need more training.

"You see, my people can use chakra, we're called Ninja, and we use Jutsus to help us to fight back," Naruto said, telling truth and saw no harm in explaining more to the Devils as he is now a Devil and had a feeling to trust them as they seem to be good people.

Naruto decided to tell them his story, the history when the Sage of Six Paths gave chakra to others, the wars, the Tailed Beasts, the villages, his life, the 4th Ninja War, fighting a crazy Goddess and how he got here. They all absorb the info that were giving to them.

To Rias, she was jumping with inner joy as she hit the jackpot. She found a way out of her marriage from the asshole named, Riser.

"That's a very interesting story Naruto, but I believe that you, being inside of Issei's body weakened you, as well?" Sona said, causing Naruto to nod at her, answering her question, leading to Sona thinking of a plan to keep her friend's new peerage member safe for the time being.

"Then I think that one of our peerage members should escort you home, just in case the Fallen came after you comes back with back-up," Sona informed.

"A very good idea Sona," Rias stated and looked at her Knight to say, "Yumi can you escort Naruto back home for me?"

"Of course, President," Yumi answered.

"Tsubaki, you go as well as having back-up is a good idea?" Sona asked her Queen.

"Very well Sona," Tsubaki agreed.

Naruto wanted to say something but didn't as they have a point. If he had his old body, then it would be no problem, but with him having a weak body he'll have some problems. Soon enough, the three Devils walked out of the room and building, heading toward his house where his 'parents' are at home.

Naruto thought on how did they get use to their 'son' Issei. He will never know.

When they got home his 'mom' saw him bringing in two girls, thinking that he's having a threesome. Naruto told them that their friends and he join a club that studies the supernatural, which made the two giggled at his reaction, but the two decided to stay for the night just in case the Fallen Angel or more attack his home.

Little did Naruto know, the two snuck in his room naked as the day they were born and slept with him. Nothing like that, but to use their healing magic to strengthen Naruto's body to help fast track him in regaining his strength. Granted they couldn't get it done right of the bat, in one night, given how powerful he was in his old life, and his new life just got a little more interesting in the next morning.

Time Skip

The sun was over Kuoh and showing a nice day. In the Hyoudou house, Naruto was sleeping peacefully. He gripped something warm and soft thinking it was his pillow, but that's when he heard a feminine moan. His eyes snapped open as he jolted up from the bed and pulled the covers off as he notices both Yumi and Tsubaki were in his bed naked as the day they were born.

'How the fuck did they sneak in?' Naruto thought, but he notices that he was naked as well and remembers he was wearing shorts before bed.

'And when did they undress me?' The young man thought with a questionable look on his face and knew that nothing had happen last night as he didn't smell anything off.

Naruto then heard them groaning and saw their eyes opening due to the light of the sun. They smile at Naruto and caused him blush.

"Morning Naruto," Yumi greeted, getting up and stretched her arms over her head which made her breasts jiggled.

"Morning and what are you two down in my bed? And naked?" Naruto greeted/asked, while trying, and failing, to not looking at the naked girls in his bed.

"Oh, the reason that we are naked as we need skin contact to use our healing magic. Given your special circumstances, we can use it to strengthen your body to better handle your power," Tsubaki informed, and then thought of an idea to tease the blonde.

She grabbed Yumi's head and the two started to make out in front of Naruto.

Naruto's eyebrow twitched at this; while under normal circumstances he would appreciate the sight before him, the last thing he needed was for his 'parents' to walk in on this sight. Coughing into his hand to get their attention, which it worked as the two were looking at him, but with lust and hunger. Tsubaki licking her lips slowly and the two girls liked the reaction. The blonde saw what they were looking at, being Naruto Jr. at full attention. He just figured out that he was getting his figure from his old world.

Naruto covered himself up with a blanket, making the two girls pout, and said with a groan, "Not funny."

The two giggled at his reaction, but they heard someone coming up the stairs and had no time to explain themselves.

"Issei it's time to get up," Mrs. Hyoudou said as she opens her son's door, but notices the two girls are in her son's bed naked with him naked as well.

"I let you three be," She quickly said, closing the door and ran downstairs.

The three Devils then heard her screamed at her husband, "Honey, honey something happen!"

"What's wrong dear?" Mr. Hyoudou asked his wife.

"Issei was in bed with those two girls and they were all naked!" She shouted.

"A…a threesome!" He said in shock.

Naruto sigh at this, while both Yumi and Tsubaki were giggling at this as the three started to get dress for school. Breakfast was something as both parents were looking at them, but nothing was said as breakfast was short and the three left for Kuoh Academy. All while Naruto discretely made a Shadow clone and ordered it to go back home to rewrite his 'parents' memories of this morning with the Sharingan. Naruto remembered their reaction to Issei just announcing that he had a girlfriend, so he really didn't want to deal with them thinking he had sex, much less a threesome.

The three walked through the gates of the academy and Naruto heard the other students were talking about the three walking in together.

"I have to get back to Sona as she needs me to help her out with paperwork," Tsubaki said as she walked away.

"I'll pick you up after school to go to the ORC building," Yumi said as she to walked away.

"Alright," Naruto said before looking up in the sky, he will need to ask his King a favor to avoid any more problems or future problems with his new life.

This was his home and new life. He started to wonder how the others are doing. He also hopes that Kurama was alright as he never heard from the fox, but he still can feel his powers flowing through him and something else deep within him. The blonde will have to investigate that later, but now the first hour class was starting and here we go.

Look out world, a New Devil has come and will show everyone why he is the greatest ninja.

Naruto's Harem:

Rias Gremory

Akeno Himejima

Asia Argento

Yumi Kiba (female Kiba)

Female Gasper

Koneko Toujou

Sona Sitri

Tsubaki Shinra

Serafall Leviathan

Kuroka Toujou

Aine Lucifer (She will look like Chidorigafuchi Aine from HXH and is Vali's twin sister)


Xenovia Quarta

Irina Shidou



Ravel Phenex

Ingvild Leviathan


Elmenhilde Karnstein

Grayfia Lucifuge

Serena Lucifer (Female Sirzechs and she's a carbon copy of Venelana Gremory but with long red hair)

Le Fay Pendragon