Chapter 4: Normal Days and Familiar Forest

One Week Later

ORC Building

It has been one week since the whole rouge group events and Fallen Angels joining Kuoh with an old friend showing up. And to say, things have gotten interesting for our blonde hero as he and Satsuki were catching up. Satsuki met both Yumi and Tsubaki and she knew that they were dating Naruto and living with him so she decided to move with them with Asia and the fallen Angels and moved into his room. Naruto got along with the three female Fallens that were living with him as he has gotten to know each one of them.

Naruto is also spoken with Kuroka as to why she was a Stray, to begin with. She told her side of the story as her King was jealous of her as she surpassed him in power and he wanted to have that power as well so he targeted her younger sister Shirone or he knew of her Koneko, Rias Rook. This made Naruto believe why Koneko asked why he was carefree and calm when he has Charka and Senjutsu. Her king wanted to take the Charka out of her younger sister and the process would have killed her but she had no other choice to kill him marking her an SS Stray Devil.

She couldn't take her little sister with her as she to be a criminal as well and Naruto knew that Itachi did the same thing in his world protecting his little sister as his clan was about to do a coup so he killed off his whole clan. But he got piss at the Devil Elders as they order to wipe out the entire Nekomata race out of fear but he wouldn't talk as his Clan was wiped out due to fear but that was thanks to Danzo and his two stooges that had a hand in it. Maybe both Naruto and Satsuki can help the two bond back again.

Satsuki got along with the others sans for Akeno as she glared at Satsuki and the three fallen when they visit the ORC Building. Now here they were as it was after school with Naruto sitting down on the couch with Koneko sitting down on his lap as he was petting her head with Yumi sitting down by his left and Satsuki on his right. Raynare, Mittelt, and Kalawarner were in the room as both Raynare and Mittelt doing homework with Asia while Kalawarner doing paperwork.

Rias was acting strangely but Naruto couldn't figure out why. Akeno was behind her slightly glaring at the four fallen in the room. Sona, Tsubaki, and her peerage enter the room and Naruto gave a two-finger salute as the female members shyly waved at him making Satsuki smirking at them knowing they have feelings for him as well.

"Sona what are you doing here?" Rias asked

"Did you forgotten that it's was time to head to the Familiar Forest," Sona said.

"Oh, right I have forgotten that," Rias said.

"Um, what's the Familiar Forest?" Asia questioned in confusion.

"It's a place where we get our Familiars," Yumi said.

"Yes and I was going to make both you and Naruto there," Rias said.

"Actually I was going to take my peerage there," Sona said.

"Then why don't you take both peerages?" Naruto said.

"He can only take one at a time Naruto," Sona said.

"Can you just ask him to take two?" he replied.

"Well, he's kind of a… pervert," Tsubaki said.

"We now I might have something for him," Naruto said

They looked at him with raise eyebrows and Satsuki sighing at this knowing what Naruto is going to do. But she notices a blonde-haired boy with grey eyes approaching her.

"Hey there Satsuki do you want to hang out." The boy said.

"No!" Satsuki stated as she denied him. "And I already have a boyfriend."

"What?! And who is he." He said as she pointed at Naruto. "HIM?"

"Yes, his brat as I date strong people." She said.

"Oh come on he might take like 1 pawn as it took 4 to turn me into a devil." He said but Sona slapped him in the back of his head.

"Enough Saji Genshirou as Naruto took 8 pawns to be brought back. And both he and Satsuki are even more powerful," Sona said.

The now boy name Saji looked at Naruto and then at Satsuki but Sona looked at Naruto in question as he might get the Familiar Master to get all of them.

"Naruto you said you might get the Familiar Master to take all of us?" she said

"Oh yeah if he's a pervert then I got the perfect thing for him." He said as he was smirking.

Both Rias and Sona looked at each other than at him and nodded their heads and made a patrol to the forest as they walked in the patrol and enter the Familiar Forest as the sky was red and the tree was bare.

"You gotta catch them all." A male voice said.

They all turn and saw the Familiar Master up in a tree looking at them as he jumped down. "I'm the Familiar Master of the Familiar Forest."

"It's nice to meet you as we're here to have our new members to get their familiars," Rias said.

"You know that I only allow one at a time?" he said.

"Actually my pawn has something that might let this slide for once," Rias said.

Naruto summons some orange books saying 'Icha Icha' on them making Satsuki sighing at this as the Master took one book and flip through the pages and he started to giggle like a pervert.

"Okay, I'll take you both." He said as he put the books away.

The group was walking through the forest as their new members looking for their Familiars which they got as Asia got a Sprite Dragon as she calls it Rassei as it killed a smil that was eating the girl's clothing off but both Naruto and Satsuki notices that they were being watched from afar.

"You three can come out now as we know that you're following us," Naruto said as he and Satsuki looked at the forest.

On queue a yellow bipedal fox along with three bipedal cats one was white, the other was black and the other looks like an Egyptian Cat and a woman that looked like a human hybrid and another looking like a human wearing a reveling outfit with Fairy Wings on her back and the others look like plant-like hybrid girls as they came out of the tree line.

"Is there a reason why you were following us and staring at me and Satsuki so much?" he said.

"Well for one I, Ranamon, Lillymon, and Kazemon are interested in you while these four are interested in the girl next to you." The fox said as it was female.

"It's strange that you eight will appear right now as you eight never wanted masters in the first place." The Familiar Master said.

"Well, we saw them worthier for us to be our master." The white cat said as it was female as well.

Both Naruto and Satsuki looked at each then at them and nodded their heads at this as this is the first for a Fallen to get four Familiars and a Devil getting four familiars.

"What are your names?" Naruto asks them.

The fox, the hybrids went toward Naruto and knelt before him and the fox spoke first. "My name is Renamon."

"The name is Kazemon." The fairy said.

"And I'm Lillymon." The other hybrid said.

"My name Ranamon suga and I hope we get to know each other a lot." The hybrid said as she winks at him.

"My name is Gatomon and these are my sisters; Black Gatomon and Mikemon." The white cat said.

"My name is Lilamon." The other hybrid said.

Both Naruto and Satsuki did the ritual as Naruto got Renamon, Ranamon, Kazemon, and Lillymon while Satsuki got Gatomon, her sisters, and Lilamon. They ended their day and they went back home and call it a night as Naruto was sleeping with both Yumi and Tsubaki sleeping by his sides and with his new roommate Satsuki laying on his chest naked as they were born. But their sleep was disturbed when the Gremory Clan symbol appeared on the floor as Rias appeared in her panties and her school shirt open.

"Naruto, I need you to take my virginity," Rias said as she jumped him.

Naruto pushes her off. "What the hell Rias? What is wrong with you?"

"Nothing's wrong Naruto as I want you to take my virginity." She said.

"No Rias as there is something wrong with you." He replied.

Before Rias said anything another Gremory symbol appeared and a maid appeared from it with silver hair and silver eyes; This is Grayfia Lucifuge and Serena's powerful Queen.

"Rias thank the Satan's that I've appeared in time as I can't believe that you will give your virginity to low life," Grayfia said.

"Low Life now wait a damn minute lady," Naruto said.

Grayfia looked at him with a blank look and spoke. "Be quiet low life."

This piss Naruto off and used his speed and appeared in front of Grayfia shocking her as he shoved his right fist in her gut making go wide eyes and knock her out cold. Naruto then looked at his bed as Rias, Yumi and Tsubaki's eyes were widen and their jaws were dropped.

"What?!" he said.

"You just knock out my older sister's strongest queen in ONE punch," Rias said.

"She doesn't look strong to me Rias." He said as he used his magic to take Grayfia back to the Underworld and he looked at Rias. "Okay, what is going on?"

He was confused at this and so was Satsuki as Rias didn't want to talk but Yumi had enough of this and decided to speak.

"Rias please tell him now as he needs to know." She said.

Rias sighed at this and told Naruto that she was put in a forced marriage with a sexist pig name Riser Phenex and both her father and Riser's father agreed to it. Naruto asked her that she tried to get off it and told them that she didn't like him which she told him that it was the good of the clan. Then he asked her if her older sister can try which she told her that Serena can't interfere as she was the leader and it will so favoritism and the Elder Devils mostly have all the power.

This made Naruto piss at these old fools as he remembers back in his world that the Elders in the Council and the Civilian Councils took all the power when his father died and the old man took the hat again, but when the third died his God Mother took the hat as she was trying to take the power back and when she woke up from her coma when Danzo died when Satsuki killed him and she took all the power away from them as she got ALL the evidence from the deceased war hawk and had them all arrested for all the dirt they did when the third was in power, his father when he died and when the third took the hat again.

Naruto sighs at this but decided to speak. "Well we can deal with this idiot tomorrow and since you're here you can stay here."

Rias smiled at this as there could be hope for her yet as Naruto got back into bed as she and Satsuki shared his chest for the next morning.

Meanwhile, Gilgamesh was watching from the distance as it will be her time to appear from the world again and to test this outsider in battle as he will be her future King like her friend/lover Enkidu told her. But she wasn't the only one was incredibly beautiful women with very long silk-like blonde hair that almost touches the floor, gold eyes, very large breasts, and a very buxom figure as she wore a black dress; This is Cassandra Phenex (Cassandra Aoi from Freezing) Riser twin sister, Ruval Phenex younger sister and Ravel big sister as she became interested in Rias new pawn and hates her twin but one thing is that she has golden flames as they were powerful than her parents and siblings as some say that they belong to the Phoenix Bird itself as they call her the 'Phoenix Queen' in the Underworld. Well, she will meet the boy tomorrow at the meeting as her mother told her to supervise the meeting.

Well, the next day will be very interesting tomorrow.


Naruto's Harem:

Rias, Akeno, Koneko, Yumi, Gasper (Female), Asia, Xenovia, Rossweisse, Kuroka, Irina, Sona, Tsubaki, The girls in Sona peerage, Riser's peerage (That means Ravel), Cassandra, Kuroka, Yasaka, female Gilgamesh, Serena, Grayfia, Ingvild, Ophis, Raynare, Mittelt, Kalawarner, Artoria (female Arthur lancer form), Gabriel, Serafall, Seekvaira, Vailan (Vail's twin sister), Kiyome, Lint Sellzen, Le Fay, Setsuna (Female Sesshoumaru), Kuisha, Katerea, Coriana, Renamon and her Mega Form, Gatomon's Ultimate form and Mega form, Black Gatomon Ultimate form and Mega form, Ranamon, Kazemon and her second form, Lillymon, Lilamon, Mikemon other forms like Beastmon, Minveramon and Mervamon, Medaka (from Medaka Box and a female Sairaorg) Satsuki, and the rest is TBA but they are rest of Naruto's female Peerage.