Chapter 5 Phenex and Training Part 1

ORC Building

Naruto, Satsuki, Rias, Yumi, and the rest of her peerage was in the ORC Building as Naruto notice Grayfia was in the room as he saw her looking at him with a small tint of pink on her cheeks as she looked at him, she was giving him was submission and lust as everyone sat down or lean against the wall.

"Um... Rias why are we here for?" Asia asked her King.

Rias was about to say something she saw an orange symbol of a bird on the floor which she frowns at.

"Phenex" Yumi growled as she hated this man.

Then a young man in his early 20's with short blonde hair and dark blue eyes was wearing a burgundy blazer with gold embroidery on the right with matching pants and black dress shoes. Underneath his open blazer is a white dress shirt that is not fully buttoned just one button short, giving a slight view to his chest. Both Naruto and Satsuki can tell this man was Riser as he was giving off an air of arrogance around him when he appeared in the room and they saw the look on the girls' faces as they can tell they despise the man as well.

"Ah, it's been a while I been in the human world." The man said then he saw Rias and smile.

"Rias my love."

Rias growled at this but before she can say anything a golden symbol of a bird on the floor as golden flames came out of it which Rias eyes widen at this while Riser growled at this as Cassandra Phenex came out of the portal.

"Lady Cassandra, what are you doing here?" Grayfia asked the Phenex heiress.

Cassandra looked at Grayfia with a stoic look.

"I'm here to make sure this meeting goes smoothly." She said as she looked at Riser.

"This is an order by OUR mother as well."

Riser just grunted as he curses his mother for this.

[Same as Canon]

'Now I can see why Rias and the others hate this man.' Naruto thought.

As both he and Satsuki watched both Rias and Riser arguing with each other that's when Riser threatens Rias' peerage but was stop by Cassandra as she released some of her killer intent to shut up Riser which works as the two notices the sweat that was coming out of him. The Riser notices Satsuki and gave her a lustful look which disgusts her as she notices him walking toward her.

"Now what's a lovely lady like you doing here," Riser said.

He then cupped her chin and slightly raised her head a little to stare into her eyes, but Satsuki looked at him with a boring look which Naruto mentally smirk at this.

'Oh, Riser you fucked up as Satsuki only wants me to touch her like that.' Naruto thought.

"This lovely lady will take something that makes you a man if you get your filthy hands off me," Satsuki told the prick.

"Oh, my your feisty I like girls that are feisty." Riser stated.

But then he felt the heat between his legs as he looked down and saw a light spear between his legs as he felt heat by his neck and his sides as Raynare and Mittelt were on his sides as Kalawarna was behind him as he saw the black wings on their backs as they were Fallen. Then he looked and saw Satsuki as his eyes widen as he saw her 12 black wings behind her back.

"Fallen? What are you doing here?" He asked.

"We go to school here is that a crime as the Devils and Fallen have a truce, so now get your ass back to your spot and be a good little boy." She said.

"Brother, do what she says, or I will force you to." Cassandra order.

Satsuki and the other Fallen moved their light spears away as Riser left and sat back down as he glares at her with hate. Satsuki was proud of Raynare, Mittelt, and Kalawarna actions as they came right in the door and saw Riser close to Satsuki, they quickly went into action but with everything over she decided to walk over to Naruto and sat on his lap as she is grinding her ass until she felt him member growing and now between her butt cheeks which got both Yumi and Koneko glare at her for taking their spot but Riser snort at this.

"A Fallen loving a Devil, how disgusting." Riser said.

Satsuki rolled her eyes at this.

"Please we were once human before we turn, and I know Naruto when we were kids and on his 16th birthday and I was his present. And you can guess where that leads to which was all day long," Satsuki said

Then she put her thumb between her fingers which every woman in the room blush at this meaning as they rub their legs at the thought of Naruto fucking them like that but now, he's a devil that upped his stamina greatly, but they heard Satsuki spoke that made them get a nosebleed.

"Oh, and he's packing as well as it is 14 inches with a 2 and a half grith that will make you feel that you're breaking in half in a good way," Satsuki said.

That made Yumi blush more as she saw Naruto's member a LOT as she plays with herself in the shower thinking of Naruto's "sword" piercing her with Tsubaki joining in on the fun in the shower. The meeting wasn't going anywhere as Rias kept saying she won't marry Riser as to Riser kept on saying that pure devils need to keep their numbers up as they were a dying race after the Great War and Civil War that they had but this made Naruto scoffed at this which got everyone's attention.

"Is there something you want to say lower-class?" Riser demanded.

Naruto just ignores Riser's trash talk which pisses him off a little.

"You say that the Devils number are getting lower, but I call bullshit as you have the evil piece system which increase your numbers a lot and still is going up and what is this part where both yours and Rias child that will inherit both the Power of Destruction and the Phenex Flames? That won't happen as the said child will be born with one of the two and not both." Naruto explains/stated.

Both Cassandra and Grayfia both smile at this as he was right about everything he said as Riser was about to say something but a look from his twin sister shut him up as he knows that she is powerful than him and their older brother but Grayfia knew that this wasn't going anywhere so she has another idea to solve this problem.

"Then the only way to solve this problem is through a Rating Game," Grayfia told the two.

This made Riser smirk at this but when he saw Rias smirking right back at him which made him confuse at this as well.

"Tell me Rias, is this your entire peerage?" Riser asked her.

"Yes, why?" Rias told him.

"So, you only have 5 pieces in your peerage." He said.

Then Riser snapped his fingers as his clan symbol appeared and out came 15 women came out of it which surprise everyone san for Naruto and Satsuki as they can tell that they were weak, but they notice a girl with the same hair color and eye color, and they decide that that young girl is both Riser and Cassandra sister as they can tell the look of disappointment in her eyes when they saw her looking at the young girl.

"A complete set." Yumi mutter as she knew that wasn't good.

"But I have a complete set Rias." He said.

Both Naruto and Satsuki laugh at this which got the others confuse about why they are laughing.

"Oh god, they're weak as fuck." Naruto told Satsuki

This made Riser, the younger blonde and Riser peerage glare at the pawn while Cassandra smirk at this as he was right about Riser peerage.

"No kidding Naruto," Satsuki replied to him in her giggles.

Now Riser and his peerage glared at her and having enough as Riser look at his pawn that was a young girl with blue hair and light brown eyes as she was wearing a white haori with a red obi which is worn under a red happi coat she wore bandages on her forearms and shins as she has black guards over her hands as her footwear was a pair of zoris; this is Mira and was she was a pawn in Riser peerage.

"Mira silences these two." He orders her.

"Yes, Master," Mira said.

Then she got her Bo Staff ready as she charges the two, but Cassandra was way ahead of this.

"Kakouen Myousai" Cassandra said.

Then a golden portal appeared as a woman around 18 years old as she has long black jet-black hair, crystal blue eyes, as she was wearing an all-white tunic as well as a white no lace high heeled boots as she was red gloves as she has a wire in her hands, this was Kakouen Myousai and Cassandra pawn. Kakouen intercepted Mira as she kicked the young girl in her gut making Mira lost the wind in her gut as she dropped her Bo Staff but Kakouen wasn't done as she used her wire and strangle the young girl surprising everyone sans for Naruto and Satsuki as they were impressed by Kakouen speed and reaction time.

"My dear brother this will stop at once and stand down or your pawn will lose her head," Cassandra demanded.

Riser growl at this but nodded his head which Cassandra looked at Kakouen which the said blacked haired woman let her wire loose making Mira gasping for air but Kakouen grabbed Mira happi and threw her to her peerage which a girl wearing a navy-blue qipao with blue accents, a white sash around her stomach and as black low-heeled shoes as she has black hair and blue-green eyes as she has two buns; this is Xuelan and Riser Rook. The said girl glare at Kakouen which Kakouen ignore as she walked toward her King and stood behind her with a blank look on her face which got both Naruto and Satsuki to look at her.

'Child Soldier' the two thought.

"You have ten days Rias to train you peerage." Riser said.

"Actually, my dear brother let's add something more interesting to the Rating Game," Cassandra said.

"Oh, and what is that?" Riser asked her.

"If you win you still marry Rias, but if you lose you give your peerage to our younger sister Ravel." She explained told him.

"Huh," Ravel said.

Riser growled at this but nodded his head at this.

"Fine it's a deal, but I won't lose." Riser said.

With that, he and his peerage left making Cassandra sigh at this as she stood up and walked to the area where Riser left as Kakouen followed.

"I wish you luck Rias," Cassandra said.

The two left as well as Rias release a sigh she held in for a long time.

"I will tell Lady Lucifer about this," Grayfia told Rias.

With that Grayfia left as well.

"Well now that went well," Naruto said.

"Yeah, no kidding," Satsuki said.

"We will use the Gremory's Mansion that is in the mountains to train tomorrow," Rias told them.

Satsuki stretches her arms a bit but sighed in disappointment as she got up from Naruto's lap.

"Well Naruto we can put sex on hold as you need training with your eyes and I'm the one that can help you with and I might help you both out as well Yumi and Koneko," Satsuki said.

"What do you mean by that?" Yumi asked in confusion.

Even Koneko looked at Satsuki confused as well.

"Your eternal problems if you know what I mean," Satsuki explained.

This got Rias, Akeno, Koneko, and Yumi's eyes widen at this as Satsuki knew about their problems as they watched both her and Naruto leaving the room.

Time Skip

Gremory's Mansion

In the mountain area was the Gremory Mansion we see Rias and her peerage standing at the front of the mansion but both Satsuki and Tsubaki were with them as Tsubaki wanted to go as she wanted to be with her boyfriend and to train which Sona agreed with as Satsuki left Raynare, Mittelt and Kalawarna back a Kuoh to keep an eye on things.

"Okay everyone we'll take our rooms and will start our training today," Rias ordered.

They nodded their heads at this which they all went inside the mansion but when Naruto got to his room Satsuki, Yumi and Tsubaki put their stuff in his room as they were sharing his room together. When they started both Naruto and Satsuki were together as Satsuki needed to help him as they left clones to help the others with their training and problems.

Satsuki and Yumi

Satsuki was with Yumi as Satsuki was training the said blonde knight on her strength as her speed is useful, but her strength is lacking. Satsuki blocked one of Yumi's attacks and the Uchiha Heiress was right about Yumi problem as she felt a lot of hatred in her attacks, but it was faint, but it was there so she knocks Yumi sword out of her hand and Spartan Kicked the girl in the gut making Yumi landed on her ass as the said girl was breathing heavy.

"Your attacks are good but I sense hatred in you as well," Satsuki told the knight.

Yumi flinch at this and looked away.

"What are you talking about?" Yumi mutter quietly.

Satsuki narrow her eyes at Yumi.

"I know about the Holy Sword Project from Azazel," Satsuki said

Yumi stiffens at this.

"He told me all about how Valper Galilei took young kids and turn them into lab rats and see can use the pieces of the Excalibur and get rid of the others when the experiment failed on them." Satsuki explains to Yumi.

To her, this Valper is just like Orochimaru in her world for his sick experiments to find immortality and getting one's bloodlines as she heard Yumi growling at her.

"Don't you growl at me as destroying the Excalibur's won't bring your friends back?" Satsuki stated.

Yumi got up and glared at her.

"I won't stop until I destroy those swords," Yumi demanded.

"And want to become a Stray Devil to do it." Satsuki snapped.

"And what about you as you became a Missing Nin just to kill your older brother." Yumi counter.

Satsuki "tsk" at this.

"That was because I hated him and until the day, I killed him Obito found me and told me the truth about what happen to my clan, but I knew what he was doing as he wanted me to hate Konoha for the death of my clan, but I pretended to trick him as it was time for me to go after the man that was responsible for my and Naruto's Clans deaths and killed him and you can do the same to Valper as he was the cause of your suffering," Satsuki explained as she calms down a bit.

"But I had Naruto there for me and without him, I would have been lost in the darkness and you won't be lost in your own darkness as you have friends to help you to pull you out of your darkness... and if you don't believe me, you can ask your bi-sexual girlfriend."

Satsuki pointed behind Yumi which she turns around and saw Tsubaki standing by a tree watching the whole thing as she walked right up to Yumi and gave her a kiss on her lips and stop.

"She's right Yumi as you have me, Naruto, and everyone else to help you and she is right you should go after the man that did this to you and your friends," Tsubaki said.

Yumi sigh but smile.

"Thank you," Yumi said.

Then Yumi kissed Tsubaki on the lips again when it became a full-blown make-out session as Yumi push Tsubaki down on the ground as they started grinding against each other which Satsuki chuckled at this as she was getting turn on, but it had to stop as she coughed in her hand to get their attention which it helped as they looked at her.

"As much I want you two to continue your fun, but we have the training to do." She said.

"But can we stop the training for one day and go to you the real you and Naruto for fun as both me and Tsubaki want to take up to the next level," Yumi said.

"That's right Satsuki as we want the same experience that you felt," Tsubaki commented.

"No!" Satsuki said.

"PLEASE!" both Yumi and Tsubaki said together.

"You can have him fuck you both AFTER you defeat Mr. KFC agreed.: Satsuki told them.

Both Yumi and Tsubaki looked at each other and nodded their heads and looked back at Satsuki.

"Deal," the two said together

"Good but right now back to training," Satsuki said.

The two got up as they resume their training as Yumi wants to be stronger and has a new drive as she and the rest of her peerage has ten days to get ready.