Hi everyone, this is just a short little scene I had floating around in my documents. I wrote it years ago. It's kinda silly and I just thought I'd share.

Disclaimer: I own nothing.


"That..you're... That's stupid, Hardison, " Eliot Spencer, ground out through clenched teeth, his nose scrunching up like it usually did when he was irritated.

Completely, unphased by the shorter man's glare and tone, Hardison assured, "Nah, nah, it makes sense."

Scowl growing, The Hitter folded his arms over his chest and stared. "Organic beer.. You're gonna start brewing organic beer?"

"Yeah, I mean, organic sells, man, " Hardison said, eyes trained on the research information, spread out across the table they used for team meetings.

The throbbing in Eliot's temples picked up. "We're not talking chickens here, Hardison. You're gonna double the cost of production."

Hardison finally looked up, but only for a second. "Come on man, you just don't got no vision.."

"I don't.. What..You.." He began, tripping over each word, before he settled on, "maybe you should learn to brew the other stuff first."

"Wha...Nope... Nevermind. That's just cruel, man. Just cruel."