While my tail glowed I heard Marlin asking Dory, "Dory do you see anything?" Dory screamed and she said that something's got her. Marlin said that was him and he's sorry. Dory then wanted to know who is that. Marlin got annoyed. While they were talking, my glow on my tail started to dim a bit.

It started to dim for a reason, another light. I had a funny feeling that something is not right.

Yeah something is not right after all. I tried to warn Marlin and Dory, but they somehow didn't listen to me and they were paying attention to that light. Then I got my eyes wide and became white as a sheet.

Marlin and Dory got their eyes wide. Marlin then said, "Good feelings gone." Then we finally saw something scary.

We came face to face with an anglerfish! We screamed and swam for our lives. My tail glowed brighter than ever before as we swam for our lives.

Then with that glow, something caught my eyes. The mask! I shouted, "Guys, I found something." Marlin asked me, "What do you see Christina?" I pointed and the mask caught his eye. Dory then said that she can't see, but the anglerfish came back. I panicked and asked, "What will we do now?" Dory then said that she can read the mask and I can help her. What?! That's not what I had in mind!

I wanted to read it, but I gave her a chance to read it and I will encourage her to read more. That's what I'll do. Dory read the first line and she said to Marlin about P. Sherman. Marlin and I said, "P. Sherman doesn't make any sense." She then continued reading, but Marlin was swallowed and then Dory needed more light.

My tail helped out. Then she finished after she read Sydney.

I then saw the anglerfish charging at us and I yelled out, "LOOK OUT!" Marlin added, "Duck!" He meant get down. Then Marlin kept saying that he's dead and I said to him, "Marlin, I think you might wanna see this." Marlin looked and he smiled. The anglerfish got caught in the mask. That made him happy. Then he sang something no eating here tonight. Dory joined in.

Then he turned to us. He asked Dory about the mask and she answered what she read. I then had a feeling that whoever owned the mask would want it back. Then my tail got the mask while Marlin and Dory swam up.

I caught up with them. I focused what I was doing and the mask disappeared.

That's unusual. Really is. Dory then kept on saying what she read on the mask and she said, "I can't believe that Christina's tail can glow." I hope she will memorize it in her brain, even though she said that she has short term memory loss.

This is going to be a while anyway.