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Woody was walking to his desk, just getting into the station when he heard a familiar female voice.

"I told your brother to stop beating you with the ugly stick. Damn, he must be hitting you like twice a day or something." Smiling while approaching him.

Instantly knowing that voice he turned around to see a familiar face. "Katlyn?! Who's the idiot that let you of your cage?" Giving her a hug.

As they hugged he noticed that it was tighter than usual. Like she did not want to ever be let go of him. He wondered what had gone on that led to a hug like this.

"So what are you up to Woods?" She asked finally letting him go.

"Well I just needed to get something off my desk, then I was meeting my partner for a case." Pointing towards his desk.

But before he can ask her anything else, she spoke up. "I'll wait for you outside ok? I am thirsty and there is a vendor outside I saw." Leaving without another word.

Ten minutes later Woody was leaving the precinct, his eyes scanning around in search of his old friend. Katlyn popped up on the left side of him with a surprise hug.

Watching her screw the cap back on from the spilled water from her hug. "What was that for? Are you ok?" He asked, bending over a little and putting his hand on her shoulder. Glaring at her to see if he could get an answer of any kind.

"I am so totally fine. The hug was the fact I am so stoked to see you and happy to be here." Placing one hand on her hip. "So where is this partner of yours? I'm starving, which means you need to hurry this up." Smiling at him as she tilted her head to the side a little.

Woody pointed across the street to a mom and pop place. There, sitting outside at a round table, was a middle-aged man. He was almost six foot tall, dirty blonde hair, brown eyes. He was slightly tan nothing too big and he looked like he gets to the gym occasionally. He introduced himself as detective Banks, but everyone calls him Jack.

Woody and Banks finished an hour later and everyone said their goodbyes before Banks left their company.

"So Woody, why did you meet detective Banks at the restaurant and not in the police station?" Katlyn questioned.

Getting up from the table after paying their half of the bill. "We were having trouble doing some paperwork at the station without being bothered. We kept getting interrupted, plus this was the only time we could do the paperwork and we were hungry."

Katlyn stopped Woody outside the station. "May I stay with you till I can get a place of my own?" Asking nervously.

Looking at her with concern. "Ya, just please tell me what is going on. You are starting to really worry me." Putting both hands on her shoulders.

Katlyn took a step back looking around to see if it was ok to talk. "Well, my stuff is by your desk. I…I have to pick something up." Starting to act weird. "I….I will be back in a like an hour or two." And with that Woody watched her take off without another word.

Woody was at the morgue talking with Dr. Macy and Nigel, checking up on a body for a case. He was talking to them when his cell rang, it was Katlyn asking where he was because she was at the station. Telling her he was at the corners office.

Katlyn walked through the doors with Lily trailing behind her twenty minutes later. Woody, Dr. Macy, and Nigel all look up towards them when they entered, their mouths hung open when they laid eyes on what was in front of them. Before Katlyn was wearing some faded blue jeans and some gray shirt with some writing on it. Her hair was brown and her eyes were a very lovely shade of emerald green.

Now she was in black sketchers with white stitching, white tights, short black leather mini skirt, a black short sleeved shirt that was a little baggy to show that there was a white shirt under it. On the shirt was the rolling stones lips. She was wearing hot pink bracelets. But what really was the reason the guys could not take their eyes off of was her hair, her hair was a dark purple. Her eye shadow was a light purple and sparkly. She looked liked she step out of the '80s.

Woody walked over to her with a smile. "Theirs the person I know. But the hair? It's more purple than normal."

She started to giggle and answered him with. "Don't worry it's a wig. I needed to get a new one anyway. My last purple one got destroyed. I got some more, as well as I need to get some new ones. I'm sorry it took so long to get to the precinct, I had to change." Grinned Katlyn looked over to the two strangers behind Woody...

Noticing where who she was looking. "Oh yeah, this is Dr. Garret Macy and Nigel Townsend." Pointing to them as he said their name. "This is my friend I was telling you two about. Katlyn Maxwell." Still looking at her hair as she went over to shake both their hands and say hi. Taking a little extra time when she was in front of Nigel.

Katlyn quickly turned to Woody. "Hey, I'll let everyone get back to whatever that is going on. Can I have the keys to your place and directions to it? Don't worry, you don't need to take me. I'll wait for you at your place and we can talk about why I am here when you get off work. Because I know that you have been wondering that and I haven't said why." Spilling that out really fast before he can get in a word edgewise as she held out her hand.

Woody grabbed his keys out of his pocket and took them off the key ring as he told her how to get to his place, which Woody was not happy that he got home later than he liked that night. He found Katlyn sprawled out on his couch watching the television. Her wig was off and it laid on the table. He was used to her in wigs, she was always changing her color with dye, he figured it was easier on her hair to do wigs instead of actually coloring her hair.

Katlyn sat up when he took a seat by her. "Katlyn, what is troubling you? Why are you here and acting strangely? I get the outfits and the hair, but I know you. We've been friends for a way too long for you to fool me that easily."

Woody watched Katlyn get up off the couch and take to pacing. After about a minute or two she stopped and faced him. "Well after talking to you when you moved here, you sounded like you were having fun. And you liked it here." Pausing for a second, and then sticking her hands in her pockets. She looked to the floor and kind of twisted her left foot back and forth. "So I decided I needed a change. I packed my things and left. A few days later I was here." Finally lifting her head to look at Woody.

Scratching at his head as he stood, he placed his hands on his hips. Looking at Katlyn. "I have known you a long time and know that's not the story at all." Walking towards her. "What is it? You know you can tell me anything."

"I said why I came, why don't you believe me?" Sounding hurt as she took a step away from him.

Looking at her he was feeling very concerned and confused. "You of all people should know I am able to read you like a book. I can tell that there is something wrong with you. So spill it girl. Or maybe…" Smiling, bringing his hands to her sides. "I have to find a way to get it out of you." Going in to tickle her.

She back up really quick and slamming against the wall, slowly sinking to the floor. She brought her knees to her chest wrapping her arms firmly around them. Tears start to stream down her face. Woody stood there stunned wondering what just happened. He slowly approached her, getting down on his knees in front of her.

Woody was scared and wasn't quite sure what to think. He started to call her by the nickname he used when he was in Wisconsin with her. "Attie, what happened to you? Please tell me. Attie please let me help you."

Katlyn starts to tremble a little when she began to cry. Woody moved to the side of her putting his arm around her. He brought her close when he went in for a hug, which caused her to cry on him. After about ten minutes she finally was able to explain.

Sitting up straight. "You remember the guy I told you about?" Woody nodded yes, afraid that if he spoke right now she'd stop. "Well, we had begun to date. Time flew by and before I knew it, it had been maybe like a year since we had been dating. He told…." Pausing for a few moments as she let more tears go down her face, she sniffled and took a deep breath. "He told me that he loved me." Pausing for a moment or two again.

Rubbing her arms Woody asks. "What did you tell him in return?" Giving her a little hug.

"I said…" Sniffling again. "Thank you. And he asked if I felt the same way. I…I…I told him that I liked him a lot. But saying that I love you is a very big step for me, and I am not ready for that yet. Next thing…" Katlyn got really shaky and white. She started to cry again and really, really hard this time.

"It's ok Attie. If you want to we can stop this. There is no need to carry this on." Woody told her very softly between sobs.

Nothing was said for a while. The only thing that was heard in the apartment was the television and Katlyn sobbing. Finally wiping some stray tears from her face with the back of her left hand she continues her story. "He did something I have never known him to do. He started to hit…hit me." Turning her entire body towards Woody. He saw in her face and knew right then and there, how frightened she was. She got back up and to pace again, shaking harder now.

Woody got up from the floor to walk after her. Reaching her he took a hold of her hand. "I'm going to kill him." Looking over at her. "Please tell me I am not the only one that knows this." Sounding angry and concerned.

"There is more." Stepping back from Woody and looking into his eyes. "He beat me so bad that I ended up in the hospital in a coma for a month. And then four months of recuperation. I had to relearn how to walk." Making it sound like she had a hard time saying that because remembering that was the lowest she had ever been.

"Shit Attie why did you not tell me sooner? Do you need me to do anything?" Then he paused and looked at Katlyn remembering something "What happened to that guy?" Tilting his head to the right.

"He was arrested and was killed the night he went in jail. He pissed off his cellmate." Not looking or sounding too happy about the outcome.

Woody and Katlyn had spent the whole night talking about the trauma. Katlyn had no one to talk to about it with because there was no one around Wisconsin who cared. Her parent were never too fond of her, and she never really had any friends. At least till Woody came along. He was the best friend she desperately needed, the older brother she never had. It was about 10:30/11:00 in the morning when there was a knock on the door. Woody was in the kitchen making breakfast. When he went to answer it, he found on the other side Jordan holding coffee and a bag of doughnuts with a big smile.

Looking startled. "Jordan?! What…what are you doing here?"

Walking in. "Well, I figured we can go to work together. We don't get to see each other much. I thought it would be fun." Taking a few steps inside and turning towards Woody.

He starts to say something. "Well, I'm…."

Katlyn came out of the bathroom wearing one of Woody's shirts and a pair of those cotton yellow shorts. The one's cheerleaders have with the words CHEER on the butt. This one had the word WEREWOLF with some scratches on the right butt cheek. She came out scratching her head and looking at the floor. "Hey, Woody thanks for last…." Suddenly stopping taking notice to Jordan "Night." Finishing her sentence.

"Well, this is awkward. Um….here Woody." Handing him the food and coffee. "Guess you need this more than I do." Waving good-bye to them as she left.

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