Katlyn came to work singing Christmas carols. It was Christmas Eve and she was happy since she was throwing a Christmas party that night. It was agreed upon to do secret Santa's by everyone.

Finding everyone in the break room getting cups of caffeine in their systems. "MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE!" She shouted standing in the doorway. Katlyn was wearing black ankle-high book boots, zebra print tights, a Santa jacket dress, lined with fur at the bottom, the sleeves, and the collar. Her wig was at her chin and brown.

"Where did that outfit come from?" Bug sounding very dryly.

Dropping her arms as she went over to the break room table. "Rent, duh. Geez, see a musical." Taking a bite of the donut she had swiped off the table.

They were not that busy on a holiday. Nigel and Bug were at their desks debating about something in Lord of the Rings. Dr. Macy was in his office looking over some papers and listening to some blues. Lily and Jordan were in Jordan's office talking about a case and having some coffee. Katlyn, as usual, was doing something out there, she was loitering purposely under the mistletoe she hung up in the hallway.

The day had dwindled and Katlyn had Woody and Keiko help her set up for the Christmas party. As a funny joke, Katlyn had hung up three mistletoe around the apartment because she exclaimed one was not enough. People slowly showed up and Katlyn had a spot for everyone to place the secret Santa presents.

When the last person showed, she waited fifteen minutes before handing out the presents. Katlyn had gotten Jordan as a secret Santa and gotten her a few things for her to do on ways to hold your temper. Katlyn secret Santa was Woody, he had gotten her a Duckie bank.

Nigel who had been trying to talk with her all night had finally succeeded. "Katlyn I have been wanting to ask you this for a while. Where do we stand?" He blurted out.

Smiling. "Right under the mistletoe." When Nigel went in she moved to kiss her on the cheek. Whispering in his ear. "You're going to have to try harder, for something to come of this, if you want it at all." Walking away from him with a smirk.

The party was a success that everyone left extremely late that night. The next day Katlyn rushed down to Woody's apartment. She knocked and waited till Woody opened the door. "Merry Christmas Woody!" She called out when the door opened.

Groggily he moved to the side to let her in before the two of them parked it on his couch. She had gotten him a framed signed picture of the Kinks. "This is awesome. Thank you so much." He hugged her. "So what are you doing on this nice day? Because I was thinking we have a Christmas lunch and then dinner as we use to in Wisconsin." He asked her.

Before Katlyn could answer her cell went off. "I'm on call. But I'll stop by later today. I so want to have that Christmas food with you and we so will. But I better go, I have to stop by and say Hi to Keiko. I'll try and get off early." She gave him another hug before rushing off.

Getting to her floor she got to Keiko's when she saw her coming out of her apartment. "Hey girl Merry Christmas. So tell me again why you did not leave a few days ago to see your family?"

Setting her luggage down. "My stepfather left yesterday. I am not overly fond of him, so we share holidays. But I better get going I am running late." Grabbing her luggage.

"Let me grab my purse, I just got called into work. I'll help you out." Katlyn insisted.

Katlyn showed up a few moments later to work where she found Macy in his office. "Hey you, don't you have a family to be with?"

Looking up to her ."Well, I saw them this morning and everything was going fine when out of nowhere it went south, so here I am. What about you? I figured you and Woody would have something planned."

Shrugging. "Well, I figured it's a holiday when and if something bad happened someone needs a shoulder. It is Christmas, it's the day everyone should be extra nice to everyone. Which meant I'm on call. Plus Woody will live and so will I, other people need help first." She told him.

She helped Macy with things he had going since that day ended up being a busy Christmas. Finally getting a few minutes to herself Katlyn went to her office. When she walked in she found on her desk a beautiful vase was some Alstroemeria flowers and a note. Moving over to read what it said. All it had was


Confused Katlyn looked around her office. Grabbing the flowers and card she went to find Dr. Macy. Locating him in one of the autopsy rooms. "Hey did you by any chance call anyone besides me to come in today?"

Looking up from the body. "No, why?" He asked looking at her and the flowers.

Katlyn handed him the note telling him what just happened. "Who is this? And who puts 'I'M' on a note anyway?" He asked

Katlyn had spent half an hour checking the floor thoroughly asking everyone she saw. She couldn't figure it out. Jordan had gone to spend the day with her dad. Bug and Lily were going to a local church to hand out food to the homeless. Nigel said he had some plans to go out of town for the day, something to do with a cousin or something. Katlyn had a hard time remembering what he said. She walked over to Dr. Macy's office, finding him behind his desk thrown into some paperwork. Knocking as she walked in. "I found out nothing. I also finished everything that is required of me. If you don't need me for anything else I am going." Macy told her he was good and to go home. "Hey, Dr. Macy come join Woody and I. Were doing a Christmas tradition. We go out to eat somewhere and then go find a karaoke bar and have a little too much fun. Getting a little too toasted but still have fun. Then we end up at someone's place getting a little more wasted and wake up the next day wishing we never had done that in the first place. I know why would we do it if we're going to get a nasty hangover? It's kind of hard to explain, it's one of those things you have to go through it to understand how much fun it is."

"I am good. I am going to go back in an awhile and try to finish the rest of the day out with my family or at least try with Abby." She wished him a Merry Christmas and good luck.

Katlyn went back to her office to get her purse when she heard. "I'm sorry, I am totally and completely in love with you."

Confused, she turned around to see the voice was indeed belonging to Nigel. "Huh?!"

He pulled her close to kiss her, Katlyn fell back getting pin against the desk. After the kiss, he backed away from Katlyn still a little confused. "What the hell? Nigel what…..I mean….you said…." Throwing her hands up. "What just happened?"

"I'm in love with you. But you kind of killing the moment, you don't feel the same anymore?" Nigel said getting all panicky that he might be a little too late.

She finally regrouped and realized what just happened. "Oh my, you just said…you told me. I need to talk…I need to call…tell. I'll call you in like an hour." Rushing to her desk to grab her stuff she rushed out. But before leaving she kissed Nigel on the cheek.

Showing up to Woody's door she ran in without even a knock, looking furiously around for Woody. She heard the shower going, she rushed in pulling the shower curtain back. Woody screamed. "Katlyn I'm taking a shower! Get out!" Trying to pull the curtain back.

She held it open. "He told me he loved me." Bouncing up and down.

Woody got out of the shower throwing a towel on. "Really that is awesome." Getting excited with her, before pausing. "Who told you that?"

"You are so stupid, Nigel." Katlyn started to glow.

In the middle of their joyful moment, Jordan called Woody and asked if he was busy. Katlyn told him to tell her no since she was going to go see Nigel.

Woody and Jordan were going to go have dinner and hang out since Jordan's dad had gotten tired. Jordan was still in the mood to go and do something.

Katlyn left Woody's apartment going to hers, calling Nigel to come over. When he rang the doorbell she immediately opened the door pulling him into her place by his shirt.

Nigel and Katlyn were laying in bed completely naked, wrapped in each other's arms when the doorbell rang. Moaning Katlyn got out of bed as she was opening the door. "Someone better be fucking dea…" Katlyn stopped immediately when she saw Keiko at her front door as white as a ghost.

Keiko walked in and before Katlyn asked anything. "I might be pregnant." Her friend blurted out.

"What is making us think that you are pregnant?" Katlyn asked shutting her door behind her to lean against it.

Keiko sat on the corner of the coffee table. "I haven't had my period for a while and I craved fruit."

Katlyn's jaw dropped when Nigel walked it. "Who might be pregnant?"

"Keiko," Katlyn said pointing at her friend.

For a second Nigel thought he heard things then asked. "Keiko, your friend Keiko. Does Bug know?"

"I'm going to the doctor's tomorrow and no. I will tell Bug everything then. But right now I am not going to tell him anything till I know for sure that my theory is correct." Keiko told him.

Keiko asked if Katlyn would go with her tomorrow. Even though her sister was coming she could use her friend there for some support too. "I am there for you if that is what you want."

"I do." Going over to hugging her. "Thanks, I….I see that you are busy. I'll leave you two alone." Keiko left before Katlyn could protest in any way.

Nigel looked at Katlyn "Well that was a mood killer wasn't it?" He said after Katlyn went to use the bathroom.

"It's ok. Awhile back before she was dating Bug we had a false alarm. We thought she was pregnant but the scary part was she did not know who the baby would belong to if she was. At least she knows who the father would be if she was." Katlyn said trying to make it sound more enjoyable.

"Ya, I just don't think that Bug is ready to be a father," Nigel told her.

Tilting her head. "Let's not worry about that till tomorrow when I go with Keiko and find out if she is having a kid or not," Katlyn said now standing a few feet from Nigel.

"After all this how can you stop thinking about something like this?" Running his hand through his hair.

Smiling. "I think we can figure something out." Katlyn untied her robe letting it drop to the floor revealing a red retro-inspired pin-up silhouette, mesh with a black satin ribbon trim silk V-String. That she slipped on when she was in the bathroom.

Nigel stared in awe, he couldn't utter a word. Walking over to him she pushed him on the couch before straddling. "You want to save this for another night?" Smiling, he shook his head no "Thought so."

The two were sleeping on the couch when Katlyn's cell went off. Unwrapping herself from Nigel's embrace. "Ya? Ok, I will be there."

Hanging her phone up Nigel asked. "Was that Keiko?"

"Ya, that was her, she leaves in an hour so I better get ready. Shit hold on a sec." Calling from her phone. "Dr. Macy's office, please. Macy? Hey, it's me, Katlyn, I'll be late to work today. I'll explain later, thanks bye." Katlyn rose from the bed, she kissed Nigel before leaving the room to get dressed.

Katlyn was wearing black knee-high boots, a pair of tie-dye tights of red and orange. A bright blue mini skirt, the black sparkly velvet gold mine shirt Nigel gave her and a wig that went to her shoulders that was a rainbow color of green and pink.

Walking out of her room. "Well, my little village of the Damn child you look very colorful today." Smiling at Nigel who was in the kitchen getting a cup of coffee.

Kissing him on the cheek. "I'll see you later. You coming over tonight?"

Pondering it. "Let's see how the results go. If she is she might need you, if not my place." Sipping at his coffee. "What if she is pregnant?" Nigel asked her.

"We will cross that bridge when it happens," Katlyn called back as she walked out of the house.

Keiko was coming out of her apartment the same time Katlyn was, but this time Keiko had her sister with her. "Hey, you two. How are you doing Keiko?"

Smiling. "All right. Shannon this is my best friend and neighbor Katlyn, Katlyn this is my sister Shannon." Keiko said introducing them.

They shook hands and headed to the elevator. "Do you always dress like that?" Shannon asked while she pressed the button to call the elevator.

Giggling as they all entered the elevator once the doors opened. "Ya, I do make things interesting. Plus I was dropped too many times on my head." They all laughed.

Shannon and Katlyn waited outside for Keiko and her answer. After what seemed like forever Keiko finally came out. She showed no emotion at first as both Shannon and Katlyn held their breath for the answer.

Shannon rose from the chair as her sister gotten close. "So what is the verdict?"

Smiling. "Not pregnant." Throwing her hands up so did the other two, they all screamed for joy.

Katlyn rushed to work and found Nigel in an autopsy room with Jordan and Dr. Macy. She went in and screamed. "It's a big fat negative." She cheered.

Nigel and Katlyn jumped in enjoyment, then went back to their business when they saw the look that Dr. Macy was giving them. Katlyn said that she would talk to him later before quickly leaving the room and the glare from Dr. Macy.

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