Katlyn pulled Nigel into an empty room. "Ok here is what's going up. Keiko is not pregnant we're all happy. Even though she is not pregnant she is still going to tell Bug because he has a right to know. Keiko's sister is nice and her name is Shannon. Though I don't think she cares for the way I dress. But after everything that has happened I need some fun which includes me, you and your apartment. Oh, and I am riding with you to your place." She quickly told him in one breath.

"Umm, ok that is awesome news," Nigel said still trying to process it all.

Katlyn was feeling good about everything. "Good I'll go home with you from here." Kissing him on the cheek and walking off. As Katlyn predicted they were swamped with work, no time to breath. They had a massive amount of paperwork and grieving families. Finally, after what seemed like forever everything slowed down. As Katlyn was exiting her office she was stopped by someone telling her that she had someone waiting up front for here.

Smiling at the sight of an old friend when she reached the front desk. "Shorty?" She asked running up and giving him a big hug.

He chimed in when they took a step back. "Well isn't it Glinda the rich witch." He said with a broad smile.

Punching him in the arm. "Shut up, that's not funny you." They both shared a laugh. "So what are you doing here? Your note said that you were not coming till much later."

"Well, you said if I was ever in town look you up. So I did and the guy across the hall of your building told me where you worked plus I lied. So here I am." Pinching her cheeks. "Checking up my little good witch with money." Laughing now as Katlyn pushed him away from her.

Nigel saw from down the hall Katlyn laughing and giggling with some guy. To him, it looked like they were flirting. So he walked over to find out who he was. "Hey love who is this chap?"

"This is my friend Xavier, Xavier this my boyfriend, Nigel. When I was in the hospital in Wisconsin he gave me some blood when I needed it. Which we ended up becoming fast friends, which was nice after Woody left for Boston." Katlyn told Nigel.

"Well I was passing through and I am here till tomorrow night and I was wondering if you would like to have dinner tonight? Catch up on old times." Xavier asked.

Making a sad face. "I just made plans, but tomorrow. I think I can get the day off since I worked on Christmas. I'll just tell Lily if she needs me she can call me. Then we can spend all day together." Katlyn told him with excitement like a little kid in a candy store.

Nigel found Katlyn in her office with some paperwork later that day. "Hey so are you finished? I figured we can go and get something to eat before we head home."

"Ya, I would love to, I am starving. I just need to sign this last page. Where were you thinking of going?" She asked as she signed the last page. Placing the paper in the folder, she filed it away before grabbing her stuff.

"I was thinking of Tony's. In the mood for something Italian." He said while helping her with her jacket.

Smiling she turned to him. "That sounds great, let's go."

Nigel and Katlyn did not even make it to dessert, they couldn't wait to get back to his place. Katlyn was leaning against the door while Nigel leaned towards her kissing her. Still kissing her Nigel pulled the keys from his pocket to unlock his door to his apartment. They rolled in their dropping the leftover food on the floor by the door. Nigel kicked it closed, as they slowly made their way to his bed.

As the sun shined through the apartment Katlyn's eyes fluttered open. She looked at the time 7:30, good she thought as she wrapped a sheet around her and went to get her cell off the floor in the living room. She called Lily to ask if it was ok she be on call today. Katlyn promised Lily if she can do this today that any two days Lily wants off Katlyn will cover for her. Lily agreed to let her be on call and only call her if she needed her.

Before walking back into the bedroom Katlyn called Xavier. "Hey you, meet you in a few?" She asked Katlyn gave him directions to a nice restaurant they would like for brunch.

She walked in. "You get the day off?" Nigel asked as he propped himself up a little, the covers resting dangerously low on his waist.

Hopping into bed. "Ya, I'm on call. I told Lily if she let me do this she will get two of any days she likes off."

"So when are you suppose to be meeting him today?" He asked not sounding too thrilled about the thought of her meeting this guy.

Her jaw dropped. "Awww, I never had a guy jealous over me. That is so sweet" Leaning over to kiss him. "I'm meeting Xavier in a few." Smiling now.

"I just want to know who this guy is. I just get the feeling that you two were more than just friends." Nigel said as he played with a piece of her hair.

"Ya were more than just friends, we're really good friends. He gave me blood when I needed it. And he didn't even have to." Giggling now.

"Now really tell me the truth. Were there ever more between you two?" Looking at her now. He wanted an answer.

Tilting her head a little. "Listen paranoid Perry, we're good friends and nothing more. Trust me, if you still don't believe me call Woody." She said crossing her arms.

"Ya, I trust you." Looking off to the side as he said it

Shaking her head. "So there is nothing to worry about." She straddled him.

Smiling he kissed her. "I'm glad, you are a tiring person to be jealous over and worried and all the other emotions. I just like to be one emotion for a while." He told her as they both laughed.

"I wish we had some time for a little fun but I told Xavier that I would meet him in a few." She said making a sad face.

Xavier was already there when Katlyn arrived at the restaurant. When he saw her he was stunned, she came in purple converses, dark green tights, a purple skirt, dark green shirt, and last but not least a dark yellow wig that was a little past her shoulders.

"Hey so how are you doing? Like the restaurant?" Hugging him and taking a seat as she asked him.

Looking around then back at her. "Ya, it's a nice kind of place. I'm glad you found a place that serves my kind of sushi, every kind." They laughed it was a stupid joke and Xavier was known for making something that shouldn't be funny, funny. "So what's with the outfit, I mean you're colorful." He asked

They ordered before she answered, looking back at him after the server left. "It's fun seeing people's faces when I wear something like this. This is one of my more quieter ones, I figured I save you the shock. But at work I am a grief counselor and a lot of people said that they enjoyed all the colors, it was kind of comforting." Sounding all proud when she told him.

The two of them spent the day together laughing and enjoying each other's company as they caught up. Katlyn had not laughed this hard since she and Woody hung out awhile back, she wished she got to laugh like this more often.

Xavier and Katlyn made their way to the airport together when it got close for him to go. They said their good-bye's as she saw him off. Looking at the time Katlyn noticed she could meet Nigel at work, make it a surprise.

She went to get some ice cream since they missed dessert last night, thinking it would be fun to meet him at his motorcycle. As Nigel was leaving he saw someone sitting at his bike, quickly registering who it was he smiled.

Holding up the bag. "Dessert? We did skip it last night." They both laughed.

"I would love some dessert." Nigel leaned over to kiss her. "Have you checked your phone messages?" She shook her head no. "You will never believe what just went on today. It was a good day not to miss work. Bug took the not pregnancy like any other man did, a little shocked but he got over it. Then they somehow concluded and decided they should move in together, it's what they want. But like getting from the part where he was shocked took with the not being pregnant to moving in was crazy. They had a big shouting match at the morgue."

"No way!" Katlyn pulled her phone and looked at it. "Shit it died I would have not gotten anything today." Looking back up at him. "We need to pick up a few things and throw them a congratulations party or something for this." Nigel agreed to get on the bike to get the things they needed.

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