Chapter 1:

I awake in the same dark, cold, old-smelling room that has no windows. My little girl grabs onto me and whimpers. I hug her to calm her down when a door opens above me. I gently push my little girl towards her corner and she scrambles to her corner as a man comes down. I sit up as he unlocks the cage. He pulls something from his pocket and then I hear a loud bang and everything goes black.

Did I hear Rubi scream?

I faintly hear the man walking back up the stairs and the door slamming. Rubi scrambles to me and I try to reach up to her face.

My arms feel so heavy. What happened? Where is that pain coming from?


I try to talk but all I hear are gurgles. Rubi starts pushing on my stomach and I groan. She keeps crying and puts more pressure on my stomach. I start fading and everything starts going black again. I force my eyes open and look over at Rubi.

"MOMMY!" Rubi looks terrified.

I manage to reach up and rub her face. I wipe her tears away and she grabs my hand.

"I-I-I l-love you" I gurgle out and everything goes black.

I faintly hear Rubi screaming "MOMMY! WAKE UP!" but I can't force myself to wake up. I start seeing images of my life and my husband comes into my view.

*five days before I ended up in that room*

"Hurry up! Take the test!" my husband, Heath gently pushes me towards the bathroom.

I walk in the bathroom and take the test then wait two minutes then look at it.

"Baby!" I call out and he comes rushing in.

I just hold the pregnancy test and he smiles. He grabs me and picks me up. I drop the test and hug him. He kisses me and tears fall from both our eyes.

"Mommy? Daddy?" our two year old daughter walks into the bathroom rubbing her eyes.

"How do you feel about a little brother or sister?" Heath puts me down and kneels by our daughter, Samantha.

She gasps and looks at us. "Reawwy?!"

I smile and hug her. "I love you Sammy"

"I love you mommy" she hugs me tightly and kisses my cheek.

"Ready for breakfast ladies?" Samantha giggles and grabs onto Heath.

"Let's go daddy!"

"Who's daddy's princess?"

"ME!" Samantha raises her hand and points at herself.

"Who's daddy's Queen?"

"Mommy!" she points at me.

I smile and he kisses her cheek.

"Right baby. Now lets get breakfast."