James Received an e-mail from Meryl to meet her and Zara in her office overlooking the athletics track. James wondered what it could be, he hadn't done something wrong recently, could be a range of things. But, he couldn't know.

James knocked tentatively on the door and warm and welcoming voice answered

"Come on in."

James opened the door to see Meryl and Zara on the sofa will a small selection of files laid on the table.

"Hey, wasn't expecting a meeting today." Said James

"Sorry to spring this on you, something surfaced, and we thought we had ought to speak to you about it." Zara said.

"Is it about my bank robbery mission? I thought it all went well." James inquired as he sat.

"No, nothing about the mission, look. We're going to be blunt, what do you think to becoming a father?" Meryl asked. James was stunned, did he hear that correctly? Or was Meryl actually asking him to be a Dad?

"I... we...Uh, I jus...well, wh-what do you mean?" James stuttered

"A recent mission carried out by two agents, forced a gang into a violent shootout with police in Cambodia, and a mother was arrested and is currently 7 and 1/2 months pregnant with a daughter. She doesn't want to put her child up for Cambodian adoption and has agreed to work with MI5 in exchange for a free and good life for her baby, the two agents suggested that an older agent adpot the child, and the first person we thought of was you." Meryl explained.

"You have always been excellent with children. Joshua and Tiffany absolutely adore you and Ewart tells me you got along very well with Gregory Dunn on your first mission."

James was gobsmacked, he was actually being asked to father a child! His mind was rushing and he almost couldn't believe it. Part of him was saying he had too many commitments and couldn't ever be a good Dad. But a bigger part of him fell in love with the idea.

"Well, yeah, yeah. I would love, just love to be the father of the little girl. But what about lessons, missions and money and other things like that?" James probed.

"Ok, we can give you 500 month for supplies, we can give you 2000 here and now, so you can stock up an apartment on the 5th floor. Plus an extra 10,000 grant for furniture and othe bits and pieces like that." Zara offered.

"As for lessons and missions, you can still attend both, you already have Spanish, Russian, and Maths A-levels. So you can take a further two over the next two years. And missions, we will definitely be keeping you listed for missions. A day care is being set up so when you're away at school, you can check her in. You can take her away on Low and Medium risk missions. High Risk, perhaps she can stay with Zara or other staff." Meryl added.

With that James couldn't refuse, he wanted this so badly. He could see his daughter taking her first steps and speak her first words, it would be a struggle, but a struggle he would treasure.

Zara asked "So what are you thinking for names?

"Liza" He smiled " Yeah, Liza is nice name"