"Is it cooler here, or just me?" Kazooie asked while she was running on her talons around the snowy side of the Hailfire Peaks.

"Perhaps just you." Banjo said with his arms wrapped around the back of his head, enjoying the view as the duo were out collecting jigsaw pices and musical notes once again.

On the fire side, however, things weren't burning up in the way that the ice fairy Cirno was expecting, with her expecting to land on the glacier as she was instead at the volcano.

"This is so dumb! I wanted to be in the snow, not in the flames!" Cirno spouted as she farted some icy wind behind her at the flames bouncing around her, causing them to disappear in an instant. "How is it that I always end up in a place that's totally uncool?"

"Sounds like you got sent to the wrong place!" Boggy laughed as the polar bear was on the magma side to collect a delicate hot fish in the burning pond near the lava lakes.

Cirno tilted her head as she approached him. "Say, I take it that you come from a tundra yeah?"

"Oh, yeah my home is on the other side. I can take you, but first I want that fish." Boggy pointed out while pointing at the googly eyed fish just lying at the bottom of the boiling hot water.

Cirno thought about this as she had her arms folded, smirking as she snapped her fingers. "So if I get you dinner, you'll take me to your frosty abode? Consider it done!" She then placed her butt cheeks right above the water, unleashing a freezing blast of flatulence as her cold farts caused the water to no longer be boiling, with the fart bubbles Cirno was letting out being enough to lift the fish right up to the surface!