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I Am No Hero

Chapter one: Awakening

Bardock's eyes flung open, immediately finding himself in a small white medical room. The saiyan allowed his eyes to roll across said room before he sat upright. He gazed down at his body, moving slightly attempting to alleviate any soreness. This definitely wasn't the tattered armor he'd remembered clutching his body. Eyes jolted upwards, zoning in on the woman standing to his left. She shook like a small dog caught in freezing rain.

What race was she?

"You're awake!" The woman said.

The smell of citrus hit his nostrils like a blaster. He groaned whilst his keen eyes fell to the half-peeled yellow fruit in her hand. The smell burned his nose and made him queasy, but nevertheless was hungry. In one swift motion, he grabbed the fruit and devoured it, peel and everything. "Where am I?" He said chewing fruit guts, as liquid dropped down his jaw.

The nurse gazed at him in horror.


"That was a lemon."


The warrior gulped the food down aggressively.

Her jaw detached to the floor. "You just ate it."

Bardock shook his head and glared. "Where the hell am I lady!"

"You're in the hospital."

"The what?"


He gazed at her dumbly, then "Of course I am."It was only like the third time he'd been in a similar situation. "I'm guessing you've been tasked with caring for my wounds? hmph."

She nodded her head rapidly.

The Saiyan sighed. "What planet is this?"


"What. Planet?"


Lips parted and then he gripped his bedsheets. How the hell did he end up on Earth? The same planet that Kakorat had been sent to. His son.

What the hell? The last thing he remembered was intense shaking. This wasn't normal shaking, no this was the type of shaking that only occurs when you no longer have the resolve to contain your fury. The type of shaking that occurs when all logic and reasoning have become null and void. Then, power. Deep strength, deeper than any of his cells, it felt like it emanated from his atoms. It poured out of him like an inner inferno. It felt as if he had become a completely different being. A Super Saiyan.

Why though? How did it escalate to that point? Frieza? Eyes narrowed. No, it had been the thought of Frieza, but not directly Frieza. No.

Chilled, someone completely different. His eyes widened and the sheets tore as his grip increased. He'd defeated the bastard, send the frost demon packing with his tail inside his ass. But, the battle came with a heavy price, Bardock had been severely injured, he felt it then and he felt it here.

"How did I get here?"

The nurse shook her head holding up her clipboard. "No idea, one moment you just appeared on the sidewalk, bloodied, battered and in a horrific state!"

That sounded about right, not that he remembered it.

"Okay, look here Earth—yyling? I'm part of a warrior race from another plan—" Eardrums jumped like a jackrabbit high on ecstasy. The ground shuddered almost simultaneously. Bardock gripped the metal of his bed, as he kept himself stable, the nurse also fell over and he caught her with one hand. "What. The. Hell. Was. That?"

The girl's eyes went out the window, then back to Bardock, her eyes dilating like balloons.

She clearly had no idea.

Another tremor shook the building. He didn't care if the planet was under attack or if a freak accident happened, honestly. He just needed answers. Maybe, there was someone worth fighting?

The Saiyan inhaled slowly. "Where are my clothes?"

She didn't reply.

Great. The man looked to the corner, finding his armor poking out of the closet.

Oh, how convenient. In one sudden movement, Bardock moved allowing the woman to fall on her ass, grabbed his armor and equipped his damaged attire, making sure to tie his headband extra tight.

"What're you doing!"

"Being nosey." He cracked his neck with his hands. "I'm leaving."

"WHAT? I cannot allow you to leave! You're injured, look at your arm!"

He rose an eyebrow. "What's wrong with it?"

"It's wrapped in a cast!"

Eyes fell to his arm wrapped in a hard Pearblossom colored shell.


"That's not a problem." Bardock shrugged, flexed a little and the cast snapped and fell to the floor. The nurse covered her face with her hands.

What a weirdo.

Wrapping his tail around his waist. Bardock tossed a fist through the glass window, sending shards of glass on the floor and into the street, hopped out and began flying in the direction of the tremors. His lungs cursed as black smoke infiltrated his nose.

A fire… multiple structures were in flames.

Feet finally hit the concrete, a crowd of people surrounded the area, he watched his chin rose and hand on it. A weird creature, sludge like in its simplistic composition. The creature thrashed, spewing fire from its hands and body. There were people at the scene, presumably defenders of Earth, attempting to take the beast on but none of them could manage to get close or land a decisive hit.

"Oh?" Bardock tilted his head. Resistant red eyes caught his own for only a million nanoseconds. He had someone. The sludge held someone in custody, making this quite the hostage situation. The Saiyan man crossed his arms, gazing down at the ground as he lost interest. Earth's mighty defenders had this in the bag, it was no business of his, curiosity had got the better of him is all. Sure he wouldn't might a fight, but that dude looked pretty nasty. Nope, he wasn't getting his hands dirty...literally.

The sky roared like a hundred lions and a small hole found itself in a far off building, the slime ravished the area, torching the ground and everything before it.

He sighed turning his back on the drama unfolding. There was nothing for him there, it was just one dude playing villain while the others played hero, such things were childish to the scarred warrior.

Ears turned and the crowd yelled.

"What is he doing?"

"Is that a kid!"

"Stay back, kid—whoa. WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING?"


Green spiky hair and small legs moved rapidly and without practice. His body movements frantic and eyes bulged like round starships. Desperation, that was the only word that could describe the boy's situation. Did he know the hostage? What did he plan on doing, unlike the ones holding people back and pouring out fires, he didn't seem to have or be anything special. He just ran, swung his book bag like a rock on a stick and tossed it at the enemy.

The monster cried like a heartbroken banshee.

"The idiot." He murmured to himself. The kid had a death wish.

What was he doing? Arms clawed at the sludge monster, desperately attempting to free the blond hostage. Tears streamed down his face as he clawed his heart out, grabbing at the being getting slime all over his clothing, in his hair and on his face.

No one came to his aid. All they did was sit and watch.

A shadow loomed over the boy, green moss-colored slime towered like a small house, dwarfing him. It was the creature's hand!

The Earth's defenders all came together all yelling simultaneously. "HE'LL BE KILLED!"

None of them moved. None of the heroes had moved. One of these adults would help, correct? They were the Earth protectors, enforcers, saviors even. Yet, here they were… not protecting and not saving a defenseless boy. He could see everyone's movements as if the world was in slow motion. His eyes were blank and his arms crossed, he closed his eyes. What would Gine do?

Someone would help, he was sure of it.

The clock winded, the sun twinkled and he did another glance at the crowd.

No one?

Someone had to

His mind flashed to Gine, her innocent smile and delicate features illuminating his psyche. He released a puff of air.

"Damn it."

Bardock took initiative, faster than an instant he dashed forward, appearing mere milliseconds before the hand made contact, he blocked the attack with ease, his arm holding the force back from the monster.

The hostage, who was also a boy gave him a look of perplexity

The green-haired boy's mouth was agape, drool leaked down his lips.

"...That's disgusting kid, have some dignity."

"You saved me…"

"Yeah, I've been doing that thing, a whole lot lately."

The villain's eyes dropped and he frowned. "Who the hell are you?"

A wind brought his attention to his side. "I was a second too late. But thankfully, you were here my friend! And for that I thank you. Everything's okay now, because I'm here, leave it to me!"


Bardock looked at the green-haired boy, his smile and eyes screamed fanboy.

A large, tall and muscular man stood. His teeth white and polished aiding to his amazing smile. His hair was tall and blond standing as if held by some immaculate hair gel.

"All-Might?" Bardock scratched his head, still holding the monster back with minimal effort.

"ALLLL MIIIGHT!" The villain's voice was like venom. What did that guy do to him, kill his puppy? The villain released it's hold on Bardcok and immediately switched to the All-Might dude. Two flaming hands came down like a hammer… a hammer that was on fire.

The Saiyan prepared himself, ready to devastate the pile sludge with one punch.

"Texas smash!" BAM! All-Might's heavy fist slammed into the sludge monster, spewing the being everywhere and successfully killing it in one-shot. Bardock evaded the sludge by sidestepping but watched as green mud splashed everyone in close proximity The wind from the punch blew like a small hurricane, though creating a small tornado in its wake. The big guy caught the two boys with his other hand.

"Huh. Nice punch."

The man stood there, wiped some random blood off his face. He hadn't been injured. Or had he? Turned to him, smiled and put a thumbs up.

The whole entire crowd cheered. And Bardock felt the need to fly away. But, they never gave him the chance.

Another heavy built man stepped beside Bardock, their eyes met.

"Who are you?"

It was a good question.

"Who's asking?"

"The name's Death-arms and I'm just a fellow hero pal."

Lips separated and one eyebrow curled. "Hero?" He shook his head from side to side. "I'm no hero. That title means nothing to me."

A line of these heroes began to gather beside Death arms. The crowd began to increase in concentration, but that other man with the wicked punch seemed to have everyone else's attention.

"But what you did was quite heroic." A giant foot landed beside him, causing his feet to leave the floor for a short moment.

"What that kid did was heroic. I just ran off of his momentum. Something of which none of you seemed to have the physical or mental capability of doing...huh." The Saiyan shrugged then pointed at All Might. "He was the only one to react properly in that situation. The rest of you just stood there helplessly yelling and waiting for that big shot to come." He paused, his memories falling back go those visions of Kakarot. Kakarot and Frieza, the visions of his son defeating Frieza. "Heroes? Psst, please. I've seen true heroics. And I've seen true tyranny —tyranny of which I guarantee none of you could even fathom. So what was that about heroics?"

Silence followed, each of the heroes looking at one another, possibly waiting for one of them to come up with a retort. The crowd was still cheering and everyone else running off of the hype of All Might. The Saiyan spat on the floor crossed his arms and shot into the sky. He'd spent enough time there and had a good amount of exploring to do. He didn't know if he was in the same timeline as Kakarot, but if it was so he had to make an attempt to find him.


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