I Am No Hero

Chapter Seven: Universal Leaping

Grass lightly pressed into her face.

Ryuko, aka Pixiebob, blinked her eyes awake, finding herself face down in the filthy dirty dirt.

"Bleh!" Grass shot from her mouth, she rose to her knees and spat. "Nasty! Shit—gross!"

The wind kissed her, making her skin suddenly sensitive, tickling her before passing off never to return. The noise around her was surprisingly foreign and grabbed herself to stop the slight tremble.

She blinked, feeling like a lone ant, small, isolated, and lost.

One moment, Bardock and Mandalay, there and in front of her, clear as day—then the next—

She choked, some water that had to be invisible splashed in the background, then she swallowed whatever lodged itself in her throat, the girl pushed up her visor "There's—THREE SUNS?"

The sky wasn't even blue!

The factories in her brain stopped working. So many people must've gone blind staring at them all day. But why in cat heaven—it had to have been a dream!

Ryuko pinched herself, boy it felt real, so Ryuko tried her comlink, but of course, after speaking, all she received was a sizzling static on the other end.

Her brain was feeling like the sky on some Sumidagawa firework festival—but only the smoke after the finale.

An explosion rang from beside her, a small boy shot down into the ground like a bullet, the ground erupting like a super volcano as a bowl formed on the planet.

She cursed, ducked, and covered her eyes as debris fell like rain. Thankfully, her visor provided some type of protection, she was happy for that much.

As a hero Ryuko's instincts kicked in, immediately rushing over, not so much as worrying about herself she slid down into the crater and swiftly to the kid.

To her surprise a small child with a bowl cut rose his head, rubbing red from his face it dripped from everywhere, yet his eyes still sparkled with pure determination. He gave her a side glance, his face changing a bit "You look human...You're from Earth! What're you doing here?" the child sounded like he was about to scold her, but the anger on his face was in no way directed at her.

But how did he know she was from Earth, must've meant that maybe the kid was from Earth too?

"I—I don't know, I was—I"

"This is no place for you, it's dangerous you shouldn't be here. How did you even—wait, he's coming!"

"If you could tell me where this place is—um, he?" All her senses were on high alert, her training coming back to her, keen eyes glossing over the empty horizon. She felt woefully underprepared.

Veins popped from his temple "He's already beaten Vegeta, Piccolo, Krillin, eh—even my dad!"

"What?" A sort of dreaded feeling overtook her, she shook herself. "I'm not familiar with a single one of those names! But, here, you're hurt, lemme—"

"My friends and family, all dead!" he was ignoring her at this point.

She thought of the Pussycats, her team, and the night outs and the countless times they had to save mudslide victims or civilians who had strayed to far off the trail. They were her family—and it hit her.

She frowned "Oh, poor boy, I'm so sorry. Is there anything I can do?"

What could you say, and when she reached for —maybe to embrace him, he didn't even so much as look her way. Yes, something far off behind her had stolen his interest.

The boy pushed himself to his feet, stumbling but finally finding his footing, his face fell into a low glower, and Pixiebob could only follow his gaze

She probably should've just run.

A dot at first in the horizon at first. Then, it grew into an alien, some sort of creature was in the sky, flying. Its skin was sleek, a Pearblossom white with violet on top of his head and around other areas.

It was littered in what she had to assume was purple blood, honestly, it looked like it'd seen better days.

She turned to the armored child, who seemed to be in worse shape. Though she wondered, had a child done that to that creature?

There was something about his eyes, just the way he stared at them—his hatred, it was something she'd never witnessed, never felt before.

The alien held its hands out almost as if it were about to embrace the air with the most potent hug.

"It's him!"

Her heart jumped "HIM?"

The creature moved, pointing a single finger as purple light converged in its fingertip. It lifted its face revealing one good eye, the other swollen and forcefully closed, it frowned—or maybe that was just how it looked?

"I'll go out like a warrior, just like them!" the boy became fire, or so it seemed to her, blue aura surrounded him expelling towards the heavens almost like a giant stovetop on the highest setting.

The alien slightly adjusted...his finger?




There was enough time to watch the clouds part, though not enough to react, all she found herself able to do was let out a pathetic yelp. The high pitched sound ripped her ears apart and lit the sky brighter than any noonday on Earth. Her ears rang, and the world around became slightly distorted, she had to fight to stay on her feet and all of this couldn't have happened in more than a second.

Ryuko didn't see it, but somehow the kid jumped in front of her, the attack ripping and cooking his chest.

The boy dropped his head to the ground immediately a river of red dripped from his mouth.

The girl fell to her knees and without even giving their attacker a gaze, she fought to get up and ran to him checking his pulse and frantically thinking of what to do.

If by sheer willpower the boy moved again, in one final, gesture his moist eyes were alive again, he lightly smeared a bloodied finger over her nose. His lips moving but she couldn't read it, she inched closed putting her ear closer.


His body went motionless.

It sounded like gibberish.



Ryuko heard it way after it hit her, but at the time what she only knew was that she immediately lost the ability to stand.

The world went white and black, just for that single tick in time.

It speared right through her chest, her smoldering and cauterizing the wound instantly like she'd been impaled with a flaming sword.

Ryuko dropped like an anchor.

Not much air came, her lungs barely worked. She was amazed that she was still conscious.

She coughed blood, the alien dashed forward, flying with what seemed to be only half a tail neatly behind it, it landed directly in front of her.


"Ah, another Earthling—wonderful. It seems your numbers are equivalent to your annoyance!" It said, it's voice high in pitch, but she could hear some masculine tone from him "If it's any consolation to you, I'll have you know—you won't be the last Earthling to fall, I hear there's billions of them." It smiled.

She turned to the boy's body, her mind racing as she went through a list of questions jumping in her head.

Questions, pain, regret.

No last words, just questions!

Somehow...someway, this was all connected to Bardock.

Her eyes widened, maybe she was learning something.

Ryuko found another laser through her chest, no screaming, no her words didn't work. No matter how much her throat burned, or her vocals tried it didn't matter her eyes became stationary, she stopped breathing and that's when the abyss hit.

A choir of birds chirped and the other beasts of the forest made their presence known through their distinct voices.

Ryuko gasped awake, removing her gloves grabbing at her chest and feeling for any wounds, thankfully, all she found were boobs.

Her breathing became controlled, but not the shaking. Pixiebob's hair was free, unrestricted, her head feeling empty...that wasn't right. She searched around her, surveying the trees and the mesh of roots and forest growth.

Her comlink and her visor were both gone.

The wind blew.

She touched her nose and then gazed at her wet red fingers. There was no way, her heart wanted to freak out but she kept it from jumping to her throat.

She sat up.

The hero stared up at the sky, cursing when she realized the clouds hid the Sun. She hugged herself as she went over the events in her head, still catching hold of her breathing.

It was just a dream.

Images of a young, possibly a toddler-sized child falling right before, even being the one to save it, it left a scar.

It was just a dream though right?

Ryuko shivered, her fingers curled into fists as she slowly calmed herself.

What had the child said? What were the words? What had he said? Why couldn't she remember that?

It sounded like dream-gibberish, something her brain made up, but for the life of her, she couldn't remember what it was!

But if that were true then why did it feel like she had actually been standing there, surrounded by miles of blue grass and water made green by the sky? Huh.

No wounds meant it was a dream, right?

Footsteps alerted her, and nobody was getting the 1up on her.

Pixiebob rolled forward heading straight for the noise rustling of leaves, a figure popped out and she immediately attacked, but hit nothing, instead finding her wrists caught as she looked up to the calm gaze of Bardock in all his might.

"Bardock, oh I'm so, sorry! I—I just, I think I was hallucinating or something." She felt less like a kitty and more like a frantic bunny. "I don't feel so good, hold me!"

—He never did.

The alien looked at the surrounding area then her "You weren't here a moment ago."

Her wrist was freed and Ryuko had to register his words, she was quiet. "I—where was I?"

"Your friend wanted to search together, so I found you by my lonesome." He ignored her question.

"This is Earth," she said completely ignoring him, causing the man to look at her like she was stupid.

The woman had to reiterate herself, she cleared her throat.

"I'm on Earth NOW, but...listen I wasn't! One moment, darkness and everything, the next—I'm on another planet, with three freaking stars and these weird looking mountains and blue grass and the sky was green—"

"That...can be anywhere, nothing special."

"That's not the problem, the problem is that there was there was this kid, who just got hit then BLASTED into a crater and I mean, this boy took a hit—"

"Stop. Don't waste my time with some trivial bull—"

Pixie interrupted "It's NOT bullshit! I'm trying to see if this has any relation to YOU!"

"No, he doesn't."

"No, the kid had armor like yours—no, more like that monster! You're all somehow related!"

"I could've been on a raid with a saiyan and still not speak a word or see a lick of him, there's millions—"

"Bardock, I felt everything there! For me, that experience was—petrifying. I felt—he killed me he basically killed me" she laughed. "This kid this kid saved me, threw away his life just for me to fall right after—"

"Universe's a cruel place. All I can tell you is to get stronger, tsk."

No! He didn't really believe her or he didn't care.

"You see what's happening to me, Bardock? I'm teleporting beyond my will like I'm not even sure how or why or even when! I just, mere moments ago had a hot laser shot through me—and now my wounds are fine. If there's any information I should know, tell me! News flash, I'm in this now too, you understand? Pixiebob's in this, whether we like it or not!" after she was done, the blonde had to try and control her breathing.

"Having the same armor doesn't mean we've ever so much as locked eyes."

Getting answers from him was like pulling toenails, but they were moving.

"He saved my life, the boy! And he said, UH, something! Something I know was important! But, I can't figure out the significance or what he said for that matter."

When he began walking away, she frowned.

He just walked off where the tree leaves were the shortest and began a set of quick stretches, her eyes laid on his back the entire time.

Pixiebob could only count the times she felt so in the dark and helpless. She blinked went over the events in her head— the boy's eyes coming right back to life and his dry lips parting and the kid built enough strength to gargle—

"F-frieza!" It slipped out of her mouth.

Bardock didn't react at first.

But a pulse radiated from him, silent in sound but she felt its ripple through the air, like when an explosion goes off and you can feel the force in the bottom of your stomach, it caused the forest to immediately go night-night, like everything in the general vicinity all fell asleep.

Had she said something wrong? Her stature didn't falter, even from his glare, she stared back.

"What was that?" He turned, cracking his hands demanding she explains.

"Frieza." It all came back to Ryuko, like what happened the morning after an intoxicated night in town "That's what the kid whispered, that's the name of the alien who murdered him!"

He walked over to her, his body consumed in white flames dancing around him harmlessly. "You're not bullshitting..." She felt like cowering looking up at him, his scowl deepening then Bardock finally stopped in front of her "Woman, you have my attention."

The corner of a building finally crumbled somewhere in the distance, it looked like a missile had hit it.

"...you're going to kill him." Yu said.

Zarbon rose a green eyebrow then frowned "He's a great threat."

"I—" she didn't know what to say, truthfully she didn't have a clue who this Bardock was. "don't believe it."

Still, she didn't see it.

Zarbon didn't seem to care, he shrugged, turning towards the sky as Endeavour hailed one of the helicopters in the air.

"I fail to see how you could become a hero. It'd be foolish to trust any alien." the pyromancer shrugged "I want nothing to do with your force."

"Wait, we should at least consider—" Yu never finished

"I refuse!"

Zarbon just nodded and flicked his hair analyzing them with a keen eye "Please...Endeavor, allow me to—"

"No. We will not willingly be subjected to your Fruhzo force."

Frieza force

Yu felt like she had to stop this, despite his skepticism maybe it was bet they not make assumptions of the other parties.

"That's a joke? Ha! Please, our intentions are anything but malicious."

"You're assuming they're a threat, you're not too familiar with the art of diplomacy."

Neither was she, but he didn't know that.

"You're making a mistake siding with him over your home."

"I'm not siding with anyone!"

He looked at her and gave this degrading star like he'd seen her as some sort of disappointment.

"I'm just asking for us to join hands! If you don't want our help, I'll take my leave. But funny, I'm a bit stranded and lacking any proper ship. Hm, I'm sure you guys have a spare intergalactic space shuttle I could borrow."

"Yes, now leave. We'll handle this Bardock, ourselves—your appearance here coinciding with that of those things makes my skin crawl when talking to you."

Yu poked her chin "No, I'm interested in what he has to say. We don't actually have any intergalactic—"

The helicopter touched down and sent dust everywhere, kicking the wind up and forcing her hair to follow the flow.

"Just because it says it has good intentions, doesn't mean it actually does. How do we know you're not with the cabbage heads."

She was aware of that...maybe he was. A single mind tracked alien...

"I hear what you're saying and I don't make any mistakes" she turned to Zarbon, glaring into his blue eyes, he tilted his head again which made her wonder if that thing he did was just a twitch or something. "Okay, Zarbon, " tell us everything you know about Bardock."

And, so Zarbon told them the absolute truth about the Frieza-force being protectors and the deeds of Bardock & the evil Saiyans.

The forest's silence was quite unorthodox and it was all due in part to Bardock. His ki came out like a white ghost.

The wind could be heard, bark crunched against one another and Pixiebob bit her lip.

"Frieza." her voice was soft like a flute "Who is he?"

Frieza, come out and fight me!

He clenched a fist until it bled "A coward. Someone worth killing." he stopped and then whispered, "And for all the wrong reasons."

"He's a villain," she said

"A tyrant."

"He said he was coming to Earth, shit... please tell me this is some sort of sick joke you space folk play."

Bardock's ears perked up like antennas and suddenly the prospect of revenge was right in his face, he stared at the floor for a moment "Frieza's coming here?!"

An opportunity presented itself, this just saved him the time and struggle of searching for the bastard.

"It's a joke right? What's happening to me and everything..." she looked away, almost as if the memory caused her physical pain "...tell me it was a joke, tell me the Earth isn't in real trouble. Tell me you're doing this!"

The puzzles weren't exactly piecing together. Why would Frieza ever waste his time coming to this pathetic rock?

It sounded like bullshit, but he couldn't deny something compelling was happening, his time on planet Plant, this, his vision of the Earth exploding all of it, it all was connected, it had to be.

So, maybe not bullshit.

Meaning he had to prepare for the event in which Frieza actually does arrive on Earth. He needed to figure out how to ascend again.


"Why?" she looked as if she wanted to say more or as if he had the answers he was looking for."

"It's no joke, I'm not interested in pulling your leg. If what you're saying is true, planet Earth's future is sealed."

"No! What!"

"Huh? You think someone like Frieza would come to a planet like this" he gestured around himself at the forest growth "and not destroy it?"


"Well, knowing him he'd subject you all into slavery and use your race to do his dirty work, the coward!" he turned, putting his hand on his chin in thought "Well, that is, if he finds use for your people."

"...I won't let him!"

The songs of birds returned, Bardock had long powered down and was going over all this information in his head.

Interestingly, for a split tick, he grinned and then stepped closer to her, noting that she didn't step back.

"He's supposedly the strongest being in the galaxy, talkin' massive galactic fleet and unbelievable power."

"I don't care." she was so sure.

"Millions of planets have fallen."

"This is my home, I'm not gonna just sit and let it! I'll do what I can! I have my team, we can get the military and—the hero association involved, yeah I can do this!"

"You sure?" He played with her.

"Yes!" She jumped.

There was a pause, they stared each other down. Maybe he could use this to his advantage?

"Huh, you're not as pathetic as I thought."

If she heard him she didn't act like it "You could help us!"

"No." He shut that down immediately.

But, she was persistent "It would be easier if we had you on our side or—if you could show us the way..."

"You're suggesting I train you." Bardock glared, pointing between her and himself with his index.

"If that's how you can help, then yes!"

Yeah, he wasn't too fond of training anyone who wasn't a saiyan, it just didn't feel right to him. Passing on ancient saiyan martial arts to some random Earthling who thought her planet's demise took priority over his own desired destiny.


The saiyan walked away, leaving her in the midst of the conversation making his way to fly off and find somewhere he could train and maybe make proper clothing.

Once he could go super saiyan at will, Frieza would be light work.

"What. Are. You. Doing?!" she sprang over to him.

"Leaving." What did she think?

He was definitely growing soft if he wasn't just taking off.

"You said I got your attention."

"And now it's gone!"

Just leave Bardock

"Frieza! What about, Frieza?!" Pixiebob yelled like Bardock had committed some terrible atrocity.

"What. About. Frieza?" He ground his teeth and turned his back "I'm gonna have his head as a trophy, nothing's changed!"

"But—yeah, but what about helping us? I—I fed you!"

The saiyan did admit that her food had hit the spot. However...

"And your friend ruined it." and he still felt some irritation towards that.

"I will cook for you for as long as you are on this planet! But, damn it, you have to help us."

He choked almost saying yes "Tempting…but, n—"

"WAIT! What do you like?" She put her two gloved fingers together. "Huh? Oh, I've never been with an alien before, but— if you insist!" she rose her head proudly, tint of red across her dimples—

He had no idea what she was talking about, but if she could make him food for as long as he stayed, that'd probably mean she could make him an appropriate figure of 15 meals a day.


"For as long as I'm on the planet, huh?"

Her lashes fluttered dumbly "Yes?"

"You've got yourself a deal."

And now he could go train until his brain could take no more m and then come back whenever he so wanted for a meal.

She visibly began to sweat "Huh, oh—y-you sure, like, are you positive? Because if it's for the fate of the world, I wouldn't mi—"

"Yes, now if we could please go back and get me some more chow."


That's the second time he's heard her say that.

He turned to her perplexed—like absolutely horrified, it was there and then that decided the next time she said whatever that was, he'd destroy their planet.

And it was in this moment, right there around the weird Earth trees and green vegetation that looked oddly edible, Bardock pointed his middle finger at whatever force was putting him through this and he liked to imagine that whatever the hell it was, did so back.

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