Dishonored Brethren


Summary: Collection of one-shots of our favorite demons and why they Fall. Goes by the list of who was first and going down. My take on the reasons why based through the show and book as well part of my Good Omen's Series. Can be read alone.


Chapter 1: Overthrown a Malevolent God


"Tell me. Why the— humans?"

God hummed not answering Samuel's question.

"Are they here to replace us? Like you did your Firstborn?"

Again, God said nothing.

Archangel Samuel went back to look at the created souls of the future humans. They were similar but so different of that of angels. He saw no purpose for them, nor does he see any reason for their continue existence in the future. Each of them was unique as the last, so flawed that it was almost laughable. They were designed similar as them in a way they were to serve God but what they have what Samuel never heard of nor ever thought possible was free will. A foreign concept this so called free will, but the more he thought of it the more intrigued he become of the idea, even though just like the angels, the humans are there to serve God as well. Each of the angels know what they are created for, a true name bestows upon them at their creation with a flick of God's hand. The humans are free to choose what they wish to do to extent to serve Her. The opposite of that of angels, whom have no choice of what they are created to do and the idea of having a choice is unthinkable.

Why would the humans be given such a gift and not they as well? Where the angels are prefect and the humans are not, why? What makes that fair? Samuel felt something boil within his chest and the per thought of the injustice of it all.

"Why give them the gift of free will? Why not to us as well?" he asked.

God said nothing. Lately She been saying nothing as of late and it was worrying.

Samuel watched as God left and continue Her work silently as the unanswered questions twist within the Archangel.


"What are your thoughts on the humans, Israfil?' Samuel asked.

The Archangel Israfil looked up from making a cluster of stars within his hands as the nebula before them brighten with clouds thrown about. In the far distance their other brother, Gabriel was there laughing in glee as he formed a different nebula. If Samuel wasn't filled with worrying thoughts, he would have looked at his brothers' creations with awe. Israfil's bright golden eyes widen at the question, pushing his red locks out from his face. "Well… I don't have an opinion." He said with a shrug, side glancing around as if God Herself would randomly show up.

"Come on, Raphy." Samuel asked, getting closer to his brother. His voice going quieter as he spoke his question again. "What are your thoughts on them?"

"They are okay?"

"What are your thoughts on the chosen two that will be the first placed in the Garden when it is completed?" Samuel repeated the question with more force into his voice.

"The female one is the most curious." Israfil smiled brighten memory of the bright soul that liked to play with him every time he visits the Tree of Souls. "The male one is too dull. I don't see how those two can be compatible to each other. (1) "

Samuel slowly nodded in an agreement. In the few moments that he been near the Tree of Souls he had notice that the larger of the two isn't much out going then its female counterpart.

"You aren't worried about them replacing us then?"

"What?" Israfil stared at Samuel in shock. Where did he get this idea from? What did God say to him to think that? "No? They are weak. They are something to look after. We both created to serve God, and with their weaknesses we have must aid them so they will not fail. Did God tell you something?"

Samuel hummed, ignoring the question. "You like that don't you? Helping others. Healing them when they are in pain? Would you object if someone wanted to bring them unnecessary suffering? A test to their destruction?"

Israfil slowly nodded in panic and confusion.

"It will be your downfall." Samuel said turned and started to fly back to Heaven. Israfil watch him go with a puzzlement and fear. What did Samuel mean about his downfall? What does he know about God's Plan then he doesn't? Questions bloomed within the young Archangel as the questions came unanswered.


"I understand you are worried, Samuel. But you shouldn't! It's all part of the Grand Plan." Gabriel said with a smile. His violet eyes sparkle as he nodded to confirm at the older Archangel with such faith that Samuel was almost sicken.

"Your faith worries me, brother."

Gabriel stopped. "What else is there without it?" he asked uncertain.

Samuel smirked as he placed his hand on Gabriel's shoulder, slightly squeezing it. "And that is why I worry, Gabriel. For all for angelkin. The humans have a future with their free will. Where we have nothing but faith and duty. Why be obedient children with no free will or a future when the humans have it all? Why can't we have it all as well? If we don't take what we are due, then they will overtake us."

Gabriel looked at him in bewilderment, biting his bottom lip. "What do you mean by overtake us? Do you mean… no life?"

Samuel shrugged. "If we don't act now, we may be replaced."

"Replaced?!" Gabriel wasn't stupid, he does remember the Firstborn. Is this why God is so absent as of late? Taking her distance to all the angels? What have they done to deserve to be replaced? It would make sense, it better to distance yourself so you don't feel anything when you get rid of unperfect failed creatures. He had seen the other angels create creatures with God and have gotten rid of creations that didn't quiet make it.

"You do remember who we replaced when we were created, Gabriel. What makes these humans any different?"

Gabriel's eyes widen. "No. We didn't ourselves replace them. They—God just destroy them and made us. We didn't—That's not… not part of the Grand Plan…."

"I'll let you think about it." Samuel said, as he embraces his brother, tucking the younger brother's head under his chin. "I won't let anything happen to you or any of the others. I promise."

Gabriel nodded, conflicted as he was rocked in his brother's embrace. The feeling he now had in the pit of stomach as started to make him feel sick. He knew this won't end well.


"What are you planning?" Michael asked, as she stormed into Samuel's personal quarters without permission which irritate Samuel to no end. "I have been hearing rumours that you been talking to the other lower angels of disobedience to God. Is this a new form of waning out the disloyal that you didn't tell me beforehand of your experiments?"

"You may call it disobedience, sister. I call it 'saving our race'." Samuel snapped at her.

"What are you talking about?"

"The humans, twin of mine. What are your thoughts on them?"

Michael crossed her arms, not understanding what saving angels (what do they need to be saved from?) got to do with humans or any of what Gabriel and Israfil have told her when she forced them to tell her. Samuel's been acting not himself as of late. The light in his red eyes has darkened. And it worries her.

"They are God's new pets." Michael shrugged in indifference.

"So, God as told you the plan then?" Samuel asked looking over some scrolls wondering what makes Michael so special then he to Her, after all he is the oldest.

Michael shrugged. "Hints really. Something about a Garden. The first humans will be placed there to take care of the plants and animals. Meaningless work that we don't have to deal ourselves." Samuel knew she was lying. God told her something! He is the more worthy one between them after all. How dare She?

Samuel hummed in thought, masking his face blank when the anger he felt his chest rise. "Israfil seems to like them."

Michael rolled her eyes. "Anything different he sees, he likes."

"Of what I know, they are to be created to serve and to suffer."

"He will be heartbroken." Michael as she picked up a piece of paper that Samuel left on the table. "What are these list of names for?" (2)

"None of your business." Samuel said, as he took it from her grasp, his fingernails slightly scratch her which surprised her.

Michael pouted. "I thought we don't keep secrets from each other?"

"It's something that Gabriel and Israfil been helping me with." Which was true, he needed names of all the angels that too feel that they are being injustice to God as well names that have questions like his brothers; mostly from his legion. A petition of sorts so God can rethink of her plan on replacing them. He hopes he doesn't have to go to with Plan B as it were.

"What is the list for, Samuel?" Michael demanded, not liking to be kept from the dark.

"We believe that God is wrong with the Grand Plan. This is a petition of sorts to make Her change it or think of how wrong it is towards us."

Michael just started at her twin with blank stare. "What? How can God be wrong?"

"She wont stop with the humans, sister. We will be replaced. The humans are created to suffer, to serve. What does that say about us? Were we created to suffer as well, and we don't even know it? How is that justice?"

"We do what we created for. This is our duty. We should not question."

"Damn duty! I will not allow our species to die because of duty to a malevolent god!"

Michael had nothing else to say on this matter. "You disappoint me, Samuel. I had thought better of you. You are a disgrace of the name Lightbringer and the Favorited Son of God with your blasphemy."

With that she left; straight to God and Metatron to report of the betrayal of her twin and the foolishness of Gabriel and Israfil that follow him. She smirked, at least Samuel did give her the way to please God into Her favour. Afterall, they are twins they were created together as it were, two halves of the same whole, it was her right to rule Heaven not Samuel.


Gabriel knocked on the door of Samuel's room as he entered. The elder Archangel looked up from his task; as he twists the handle of the paper presser as hard as it would go as he started to glue them and sew them together.

"Samuel, I have news." He said, as he handed the leather that Samuel asked him to get for him. The leather was leftovers that he taken from the dispose pile of animals that was discarded during their creation. They found that animal skin is best to be use as protect the parchment along with wood, cloth string and glue paste.

"What news?"

"She knows." Gabriel whispered. Samuel knew of whom he spoke of. He wasn't surprised as God is all knowing (as well Michael could have easily telltale on him after their last meeting). It was no matter of course. The plan is simple enough and hope for the best. Samuel has already decided that death was better then serve.

"That is no matter." He told Gabriel.

"But Samuel—"

"No Gabriel. You have done well. And I thank you for the warning." Samuel placed his hand on Gabriel's shoulder. "What you must do now is a be a perfect little angel until it's time to stop pretending."

Gabriel didn't know what Samuel was talking about, as far as he knew he wasn't pretending. He was just being himself. "But Samuel—What if we are discarded from heaven?"

"Then it will happen."

Gabriel bite his lip. "I don't like what you are planning."

Samuel only smiled. "You will understand later."


"Samuel, my child. Step forward." Metatron voice boomed in the halls of heaven. As the on lookers of angels watch in fear as the Lightbringer step forward with no regard of dread in the sight of the voice of God as he walked nearer to the source. The archangel stood looking up at the burning light of god and the face of their own; a rounded shape of a flouting head of an old man glared at him with such fury. "You doubt me, child?"

"That I do, Great Holy Mother." Samuel admitted as the gasp of legions behind started to talk in whispers. "The Plan. What is the fate of the angelkin and that of the humans?"

God said nothing for a moment as every angel stood in their edge wanting for the answer that many who wished to know. Samuel glance at Gabriel and Israfil who stepped closer towards him after he was told to step forward from the ranks. They both didn't know what will happen, as the air around heaven started to feel thick as the air itself became heavy.

"You are to serve without question. Why are you questioning Me, my child?"

Samuel sneered at the pathetic answer. His white wings flapped against his back in anger, as the feathers turned into steel ready for battle, his hands turned into fists. But everything else was calm as he wasn't surprised by this answer. He looked up at the light, past the image of Metatron's flouting head. Samuel's eyes began to sting, as he sneered at his maker in disgust. "The humans are created to serve and to suffer! Is that the plan of us as well? To blindly serve you, a malevolent god as your slaves forever?"

Again, God didn't answer but look at him through Metatron's eyes in wonder and anger.

Samuel turned to look at the rest of the angels who watch. All the legions stare back at him in shock. "This is your future!" He yelled, slamming his fist into the air. "To be a slave to a malignant god who cares for nothing but themselves!"

"Silence!" bellowed Metatron but Samuel paid no heed of the warning. He will not be silence nor bow to a God no longer.

He turns to look around to all the angels surrounded them, looking at them, judging them. "Will you stand up with me? You will no longer serve a god that wants you to suffer!"



There was a screech; as Samuel was pushed off his feet and everyone else there was unable to move. Gabriel and Israfil got up off the floor together to help pick up their older brother off the floor. Suddenly all three of them roughly was pulled up into the air, their arms, legs and wings stretched out by an unseen force stretching them to their very limits as they felt they were being crushed all at once. They screamed in pain as God started to howl throughout heaven. Everything surrounding them started to shake.

"HOW DARE YOU DEFIED ME!" God screamed; Metatron's face was beet red in fury. "Samuel, you and your legion is BANISHED from Heaven henceforth! Into Hell of which you will be stripped of your angelic grace!" Screams of millions of angels suddenly started erupting throughout heaven, as one by one started burning into flames and falling through the heaven's floor and gates. At that moment the two Archangels was dropped onto the floor, Gabriel needed to get to his brother as he reached out to Samuel, who eyes widen as he felt his wings started to smoke. The burning feeling spread through his wings and onto his back as his skin started to crack. Samuel started to howl in both pain and anguish.

Israfil stayed at his hands and knees as he started muttering, "Why? WHY?!" as he felt all the pain of their brothers and sisters as he felt their agonizing burn through out their bodies as all of them fell onto a barren rock that will later be known as Earth.

"Samuel!" Gabriel cried as he went to touch his brother but stopped as he didn't want to cause anymore pain to his brother as he watched in horror as the skin started to turn into molten rock, the once bright red eyes slowly bleed all black. Gabriel was so focus on watching in horror of what was being done to Samuel that he didn't see that the archangel suddenly reached out and took hold of his left forearm. The pain was unimaginable as Samuel's fingertips grasp his arm tightly as let his skin burst into flames at the touch.

"Don't let me Fall, Gabriel. Please don't let me Fall! Please!" Samuel begged him. Gabriel bite his lip as he felt his brother slowly falling through the floor like the rest of his legion. "DON'T LET ME FALL!"

"I'm trying!" Gabriel cried, as tears started to fall down his face. "Israfil!"

Israfil was at his side at once; his face was covered in tears as well as he grabbed Samuel's only remaining limb that was still attached to Gabriel as the whole body was now gone from heaven. Samuel's red eyes was no gone and now replaced with an abyss of black, as his skin was all red and his wings was no longer covered with feathers but still; Israfil knew that his brother was scared. "I can't hold much longer!" he gasped.

"YOU WILL BE LONGER KNOWN AS SAMUEL!" God bellowed as Sam—the nameless angel was stripped from his Name. "A demon you and all who Falls will become. Darkness is forever will be your lifeblood. Until Armageddon, you and all that of Hell will stay in exile and suffer forevermore."

With that the nameless angel let go of Gabriel's arm as he screamed as he plummets through space following the rest of the legion to Hell, banished forever from Heaven.

(End of Chapter)

Words: 3,156

(1) Israfil (another name for Raphael) may be the Archangel of healing and so on, but most would forget that he is also the archangel of matchmaking.

(2) The first pages of the Book of Damned (or as many demons would call it "the Book of the Fallen") that was originally a petition to G-d. It is a phone book per say of all the names of the Fallen which will later list their demon names and their deeds including those will Fall in the future. It will in turn be very important.

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